10 Most Popular XBox One Games For Kids and Toddlers In 2019

Are you finally becoming more comfortable with the idea of a gaming console in your house? Good, you should be! While there are a lot of negative stigmas surrounding kids and video games, your little one can actually benefit from gaming. The Xbox One is a great console for the whole family. Parents love how they can set time limits to manage how much time their child spends in front of the screen. The privacy settings are also a huge hit among parents because you can easily control who is allowed to engage with your child. Furthermore, you can filter the websites and apps your child is permitted to play by putting in their age. Grasping the control and pressing the buttons will increase your little one’s fine-motor skills. Playing with your child will allow you both to bond. Their social skills will improve as they play with family and friends. Allowing your child to play video games they enjoy will help them to unwind from a stressful day. Now that we’ve sold you on the console, you’re going to need some games. We’ve created a list of the 10 best Xbox One games. Our list contains games with varying objectives that will appeal to children of all ages.

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This list was recently updated and a number of games that were no longer popular were deleted. Additionally, some product content was updated and all game information such as ratings, features, age ranges, skill levels, cost and availability, were verified for accuracy.

Our Top 3 Picks

Forza 5: Game of the Year Edition
  • Forza 5: Game of the Year Edition
  • 5 out of 5
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  • 10 Bonus Downloadable Cars
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Hasbro Family Fun Pack
  • Hasbro Family Fun Pack
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Four Classic Titles
  • Price: See Here
Just Dance 2017 Gold Edition
  • Just Dance 2017 Gold Edition
  • 4.3 out of 5
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  • Includes 3 Month Subscription
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Criteria Used to Evaluate the 10 Most Popular Xbox One Games

The games that make our 10 Most Popular Xbox One Games are selected by panels. Our panels are made up of parents, gaming experts, and child psychologists. The games are selected based on their entertainment level and features. While the entertainment level is one of the most important factors, we also consider features as well. Making sure the game is fun and provides an enjoyable experience is something that we focus on. We never want to suggest a game that would not result in a fun experience for a kid.

The next thing we consider is the features of the game. With new games hitting the market every day, we want to make sure we list the newest editions with the best improvements. Our panels also use this in the criteria when selecting the games on the list. We make sure all the video games on the list have been tested by our panels and are age appropriate as well.

Benefits of playing video games

The benefits of playing video games for kids are both cognitive and physical depending on the game and the gaming system. Some games offer more cognitive development skills while others really focus on physical development like gross- and fine-motor skills. Games that offer cognitive development benefits are usually focused on helping improve kid’s hand-eye coordination, building their memories, improving their problem-solving, improving the brain’s speed, and focusing on social development as well. Gaming systems have really changed over the years and focus more and more on developmental skills.

Gaming systems have developed over the years to also become completely interactive. With these developments, the gaming world has not only offered cognitive development skills but also gross-motor skills as well. Games like “Just Dance” and others on the market really get kids up and moving and interacting with the systems. This is an advantage because it offers not only a fun game but promotes physical activities as well. Together, all systems have their benefits and we try to highlight these in each of our reviews.

Encouraging multiplayer games

Encouraging kids to play multiplayer games is important for both social and cognitive development. Multiplayer games offer a level of social development and social skills that can be used in everyday life. These skills are important for a child to develop. Using video games allows kids to do something they like without realizing it is also a learning experience. Multiplayer games encourage problem-solving skills, improve their attention, and help with social skills development.

Playing multiplayer games is now easier than ever. With the use of online game playing you no longer have to have all the players in the same physical space. You can play with players that you have selected and also with players from around the world. This took multiplayer games to a whole new level and makes it fun and easy to improve social playing skills.

The advantage of using our list of the 10 Most Popular Xbox One Games to buy games for kids is to make sure you get the most entertaining games on the market. We carefully select each game on this list by having our panel (experts, child psychologist, and parents) review and play the games. Each game is played and selected making sure that it offers a fun and enjoyable experience.

We also make sure that the list includes games that are age-appropriate for kids. We would not list an adult-only game on the list of games for kids. We make sure that every game is tested and rated to make sure they offer the best experience for kids.

What factors determined the best Xbox One games

In choosing the games that will be included in our top 10, we had to consider several important factors. One of the most important is the entertainment each XBox One video game can provide us.

If a game does not make our experience enjoyable and fun, then it is not considered for the list. To determine whether or not each game is entertaining, we, of course, have to play them.

Advantages of the products

The products have all one common good point: the new advanced features. As you can see, many of the games are newer editions or versions. With that, the games have to offer more improvements and new features that can make playing them more interesting and exciting.

All of the video games on our list have satisfied this consideration. Related to this is the capability to allow the participation of multiple players.

The bottom line

Playing video games doesn’t have to be disadvantageous. It should be able to help kids develop their mental and other skills. In addition, they can conveniently achieve that while playing with parents and other family members.


Frequently asked questions
Q: Where can I find these games to buy online?

A: Buying video games online is pretty simple with the use of a search engine. Using a search engine, enter the name of the game you are looking for and press enter. The results should display several places you can purchase the game online. Prices always vary so don’t be afraid to shop around. Make sure the place you buy from is always a secure site and is legit.

Q: Who are the people that pick the games on the list?

A: We have a panel of experts, child psychologist, and parents that review all the toys and games on our lists. We chose the games based on an entertainment value. We want to select games that make playing the Xbox One an enjoyable and fun experience. Each game is played by our panels and then put on the list based on their evaluations.

Q: What developmental skills does it take to learn to play a video game?

A: Playing video games has many advantages for improving developmental skills for kids. Some of the key benefits of playing video games are both cognitive and physical. With the development of interactive gaming systems, it brought video games to a whole new level. Standard sit-down-and-play video games are great for improving child’s coordination and problem-solving skills, enhancing their memories, and encouraging the use of fine-motor skills, to name a few. Each of the games on our above list has a benefits section that outlines each game’s key developmental skill.

Q: Is playing video games at such an early age good for my kids?

A: Video games are a normal part of childhood and when played in moderation can help kids develop in physical, social and educational ways. Kids should engage with media as much as they do with the real world. Learning is important for young kids and video games allow kids to learn and practice different skills over and over in a fun, entertaining environment.

Q: How do I interact with my kids (during playtime) when I have no experience playing video games?

A: If you have no experience playing video games, the best way to learn is to ask your kids to help you. The learner’s sit is the best way to talk to your kids about their views, interests, and expertise in digital media. Watch your kids play and ask them to elaborate on what they are doing and why. This way you can interact with your little gamers and learn to play a game or two!

Q: Can video games teach my kids ethical lessons?

A: Video games present a fun way to teach kids ethical lessons since gamers have to live in the game world with the consequences of every decision they make. This sort of choice and consequences provided by video games will get your kids to think about their choices in the real world.

Q: How do I know if a game is an age-appropriate for the kid the game is bought for?

A: To make sure the game you have selected is age-appropriate you can locate the Video Game and Content Descriptors on the bottom left-hand corner of the video’s game front label.

The label will display the minimum age that the game is appropriate for and information on the content that is within the game. For example, a game labeled with an E is a game that is rated for everyone. That means that it is suitable for all ages while a T is for Teen. Teen games are suitable for ages 13 and up. Every game on the retail market must have this label included in the game by law.

Q: How do I know if the game I picked is for the gaming console that the child has?

A: You can determine if the game you have chosen to buy is the gaming system that the child has by checking the top label of the game. All video games have a large colored label at the top of them that clearly states the gaming system that the game it for. Xbox games are all green, while you will find PlayStation games to have a blue label. The thing to pay close attention to is the specific model of the gaming system, like making sure that the games are for the Xbox One and so on.


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