30 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms and What to Expect

30 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms and What to Expect

Your Growing Fetus at 30 Weeks Pregnant

You’ve been doing this for more than six months and are now just 10 weeks away from counting ten tiny toes! That’s plenty of time to get done whatever you still need to do but it’s not too long to wait.

Baby is 15.7” this week, that’s about the size of a lunch box.

Though he or she weighs only 3 lbs at the moment, your bundle of joy will gain about a half a pound each week and this fetus will be taking up more and more room out there in front of you before you are done. More weight, bigger baby, more pressure on your body parts. So glad you’ve been doing your kegels, aren’t you?

You’re also gaining some weight that’s not baby’s but yours and yours alone. These are extra pounds you will need for fuel when you start breastfeeding. You’ll use them up and the weight will go, as it came, a little here, a little there. Of course, as you already know, if you have a sudden, extreme jump in weight, that can signal trouble. So let your doctor know immediately if it’s much more than that half pound a week that you’re expecting.

Baby is developing better eyesight but that vision is going to be weak for a while. After they’re born, babies keep their eyes closed most of the time anyway but when they’re open they can only see a few inches in front of them. It takes a while for those muscles to develop and the first things baby is likely to really see are the hands that gently bathe this tiny body, stroke his face or the face that smiles lovingly at her while she’s nursing.

Right now the baby is still moving around comfortably in her private flotation room but the more he grows, the more you’ll be able to feel every stretch, every elbow jerk, roll and dance step this child performs. You can probably tell, as you are counting those kicks, that he or she is stronger now but you can’t see that her skin is also getting smoother.

Baby’s lungs are growing more powerful, too while that brain is wrinkling with wisdom (which is exactly what you want). Those little hands are strong enough now to grab onto your finger. Just ten more weeks left and you will be able to experience this amazing feat!

Pregnancy Superfood for Week 30

Coconut water is a delicious way to help prevent dehydration, heartburn, and constipation during pregnancy. And all three are probably very concerning just now.

Because of the antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties of coconut it also boosts your immunity helps ward off all kinds of infections and quells vomiting if that’s still a problem.

There’s some great nutritional value here, too. At only 46 calories per cup and 6.26 grams of totally natural sugars, coconut water provides calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, and fiber!

The potassium/magnesium balance helps with the exhaustion you might be feeling as these are electrolytes and necessary for strong heart function. Coconut water is also a mild diuretic so it works the kidneys and helps prevent urinary tract infections, too.

Despite popular myths, coconut water isn’t more hydrating than regular water. So a little bit of coconut water would not be a substitute for drinking 8 – 12 glasses of water a day. But a glass of coconut water is as good as regular water and the flavor makes for a refreshing change.

Fresh coconut water is great when you can get it. Make sure it’s a green coconut, cut open right in front of you. Pour the water into a glass to make sure it’s clear and colorless (not pink).

There are lots of canned and bottled coconut water products, too. They’re great but make sure there’s no added sugar because you probably won’t need it. If you’d like to try a refreshing twist on a lemon/lime drink try this:

Coconut Lemon Quench 2 glasses

  • 2 tbsp each fresh squeezed lemon and lime juices
  • 1 ½ c coconut water
  • ½ c water
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • ½ tsp grated ginger root
  • Sea salt (just a dash or not)

How to Prepare:

  • Toss it all in a blender and give it a spin.
  • Not too much just to mix. Pour into a glass and garnish with whatever you please (a cherry, sprig of mint, lemongrass, lime wedge… use your imagination).
  • Drink it with a straw.
  • Keeps for 2 weeks in the refrigerator. Unless you drink it all.
Top Tip for Week Thirty

Because you’re a little clumsy now with your center of balance shifting now and then you want to think about preventing accidents before they can happen. There’s a lot more of you than you’re used to and you just don’t move the way you have in the past. You can’t rely on having the coordination and reaction times you think you have and to makes things just a little more difficult hormonal changes have made your joints loser because your ligaments have a little more stretch.

That adds to the sense that center of gravity has changed. But, instead of reminding yourself that you are less than great, try thinking of it this way: you haven’t changed, gravity has.

And this is how you cope with that:

  • Take your time. Move more slowly than usual just to make sure your feet are where you think they are. Leave yourself more time than you think you’ll need to get where you’re going and you’ll never be in a hurry.
  • Climb nothing higher than the heel of a cowboy boot. Stay on the ground and leave the ladders to someone else. You don’t need to reach for anything, someone else can do that for you.
  • Comfortable shoes. They’re usually safer and not quite as pretty but a sturdy tennis shoe or a rubber soled bootie is less likely to trip you up than anything else.
    Watch where you walk.
  • Pay attention to the terrain and skip wet or icy walkways and broken sidewalks. Use handrails on the stairs and don’t hesitate to ask for an alternate route if you’re at all worried.
  • Get a maternity support belt. A “belly belt” will support your back and your ample abdomen by stabilizing your hips. It will improve your posture and give you a little more coordination so you’ll put less stress on all the moving parts.
  • Don’t bend over. There is almost no situation in which you absolutely have to bend over to pick something up so skip it whenever you can. If you really do have to and there’s no one around who can help then make sure you are holding onto something solid to steady yourself. Once you’re down you’ll need to pull yourself up again so figure that out, too before you start.
  • No heavy lifting. It’s already tricky to walk when you can’t see your feet so don’t add complications. Carry only small and light things, nothing heavier than your purse. Ask for help whenever you need it and accept help if necessary (unless, of course, it doesn’t feel safe. If that’s the case, walk away!)
  • A Bump. If you do fall or bump the bump give your doctor a call. It’s always best to make sure you’re okay. And, as always report symptoms like headaches, blurred vision and lightheadedness immediately.
Inspirational Message of the Week from Already Moms

“A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for.”
– Author Unknown

Big Efforts from your Co-Creator

If you’re getting the kinds of things you have to put together like a crib or a changing table now is the time to get out that toolkit you love and put it to work. Make sure there’s a comfortable place for a pregnant lady to sit like a rocking chair because you need an audience for this. Besides, you’ll need someone to verify that there really are more screws than places to put them but, hey, maybe we should take it apart and try it again. Relax, you’ve still got ten weeks.

Speaking of decor. Are you having trouble deciding on whether to paint or wallpaper? Can’t pick a color? Well, there may be a quick and easy solution to indecision. Did you know about Stick And Peel Wallpaper?

Almost any pattern or color you can think of can be applied to your wall and changed within a matter of minutes depending on how big the room is and how much you want to use. It takes a lot less time to change this wallpaper than it does to paint the wall so if you just can’t decide or you think you’d like to be able to transition out of the tiny baby room into child’s room more easily this could be a solution.

It’s easy to stick on and easy to wash. It’s also the kind of thing you can hand off to a friend for their baby room in the same way you would baby clothes. It’s incredibly versatile and allows you to use your own creativity.

If you’d like a soft grey wall but want to brighten it up you can use a stick and peel “tiles” or “murals” and take them down or move them around whenever you want. Sometimes indecision is fun!

This Art of Allowing

If you’re not sleeping well it can make you even more clumsy and this is something you really want to avoid. Sleeplessness will also make you crabby and tired and that’s no fun for anyone so let’s talk about sleep.

Baby is taking up a lot of room now and it’s inhibiting your ability to breathe as deeply as normal. This will change in a few weeks as the fetus drops further down into your pelvis but right now the lack of oxygen could be keeping you from getting a really good, restorative night’s sleep.

You might also be having strange dreams and waking up more anxious than usual. Many women report bizarre dreams around this time and think they might be triggered by anxiety but there is some evidence that the opposite is true. When we have trouble sleeping and wake too easily we only remember tiny bits of dreams which make them seem stranger than usual.

In either case, it’s important to get as much good sleep as possible. You’ll feel better, your body need sit and it could help the anxiety. Stress and discomfort might be defeated by trying some breathing techniques to calm your brain and body.

The recommended pattern is to breathe in through your nose while counting to 4, draw it down into your lungs as deeply as possible then relax and hold your breath while counting to 7.

Finally, exhale out of your mouth while counting to 8. Do this 3 times and smile, tell yourself to have sweet dreams and allow yourself to drift away.

Pregnancy Symptoms of Week Thirty

A lack of sleep and strange dreams appear around week 30 of pregnancy.

Mood swings: could be related to this lack of sleep but hormones aren’t helping at all. Avoid stress and have some fun whenever you can. It’s not you, it’s pregnancy.

Hard to breathe: Baby is still up near your rib cage and crowding your lungs but this will change in 3 – 4 weeks. Don’t push yourself.

Heartburn: is a common due to the fact that your uterus is growing and pushing your stomach into your throat. Smaller meals, no greasy foods and waiting to lie down for at least an hour after meals can help.

Body aches: Nothing is comfortable! Everything is stretched and aching. Floating in a pool or getting a massage, even a small informal neck rub can feel like a tiny luxury and make a huge difference. You need to feel pampered. Puffy, puffy, puffy. The swelling goes down when you put the feet up.

Our Recommended Remedy for Week 30

Some women get the Baby Blues during pregnancy. You must understand that there’s no shame at all in having depression. It might be the happiest time in your life and suddenly it’s the worst and you’re crying.

Well, this is all a very big deal so big emotions are required but your hormones are mostly to blame. If it’s really bad ask your doctor about talk therapy but there are some things that you can do on your own that seem to help. Add more B vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids to your diet. You might be experiencing a nutritional imbalance and this will help.

Exercise and sunshine are good for so many things and they are an absolute requirement for lifting your mood. Friends are good but only if they’re supportive and encourage good habits. Sometimes it’s nice to escape into someone else’s drama but you’ve got enough to handle right now.

Whether it’s a friend or family member you need to make your own health and well being a priority right now. Make it a thing: only good friends who are good for you right now.
Our Best Advice to Soothe The Uncomfortable

Life is all about breath and you’re not getting enough right now. Anxiety, anger, lack of sleep and exhaustion, even pain can all be traced to this. You can’t fill your lungs properly because the baby is crowding them but you can breathe more effectively.

  • Breathe in slowly through your nose, draw it deeply, down your spine and send it into the earth.
  • Now hold it down there.
  • Hold your breath: 1, 2, 3
  • Purse your lips and exhale slowly and completely, relaxing your face, neck and shoulders.
  • Push it all the way out.
  • Start again. Practice this throughout the day.
Preparation for Motherhood
  • If you’re having a homebirth make sure everything you need is here already or available at a moment’s notice.
  • Check in with everyone who is supposed to attend the birth. Make sure plans are made and confirmed. If people are coming in from out of town then you want airport pickups, hotels, etc. all arranged well in advance.
  • Go over your birth plan with your partner and work out any disagreements you’ve had about what treatment and methods you want. Also, make sure you’re being realistic about your preparation. Have you been doing the exercises you need to do? Are you confident in your breathing technique? There is some evidence that you are less likely to have a tear or to need an episiotomy if you begin massaging the perineum 5 weeks before you deliver. Talk this over with your partner and see if you can get some help with that.
  • If this is your first child go over the information for an emergency home birth. There. Now you’re prepared.

Now ready the baby’s room!

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