Aqua Sprayer
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Reviewed by Cindy
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Why we like it:
  • Fun and easy to use
  • Can shoot water up to 40 feet
  • Comes in assorted colors
  • Has soft foam handle
Why we don’t like it:
  • Parental guidance is advised
How it works

We know your kids love to play with water. But wait until you have b4Adventure’s Aqua Sprayer with you, and your kids won’t stop playing with it for a very long time.

It is so cool for your kids out there. With an assortment of colours to choose from, along with its soft foam handle and clear water chute, playing with water has never been this fun.

There are a lot of benefits playing with water, but this b4Adventure Aqua Sprayer intensifies the fun of water playing as it can shoot up to 40 feet without any leakage at all as it equipped with double gaskets.

So get this cool Aqua Sprayer today and let that equally cool water playing begin!

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