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Light Weight

Space Saver

JPMA Certified

Convenient for travel

Soft, comfy mattress

Easy to assemble and disassemble

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More expensive

Does not include sheets

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The BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light is a portable and versatile crib and or play area. It is so comfortable and easy to use, it comes with a carrying case for easy travel and a firm but still comfy mattress. This travel crib is the perfect option for the family that travels a lot and wants to make sure their baby is always comfy and safe. It is so easy to use it makes setup and teardown hassle free, it has a sturdy metal frame that keeps the crib stable when in use, and it is easy to clean. It is also made with environmentally friendly materials to keep your little one safe from any harsh chemicals.



Whether this is your first child or not as a parent who travels you know you’re going to have quite a bit of luggage for your baby. The Travel Crib Light has been designed with you and your baby’s needs in mind. The crib comes with a uniquely designed carrying bag that allows you to easily pack, lift, and store it in any space meant for baggage which makes it the perfect option for any type of adventure. It weighs 13 pounds so you can move it easily when set up or carry it hassle-free in the carrying bag. It was also designed to be quick and easy to setup and teardown in one easy motion, which makes this crib a great choice for any trip short or long. The mattress that is included was engineered with your little one in mind, it is soft on your babies body and very comfortable to sleep on. The pad was designed with a base plate built in that assists in making sure the crib stays upright and stable so you can feel at peace knowing your little one is sleeping safely. The walls of the crib are designed from an airy and breathable mesh material to make sure your baby stays cool and has plenty of fresh, breathable air. It also makes it possible for you to peek inside the crib at your little one and vice versa so they can always see you. This parent and baby-friendly designed travel crib is going to be the perfect way to make all of your trips so much more enjoyable for you and your little one.
<h2>Age Range</h2>

Age Range

This product was designed with the intended use for children aged between newborn and 3 years old, or until your little one has the ability to climb out of the play area. However, many moms who love this crib have reported using it safely for children older than 3 years old who are still unable to climb out of the play yard.


Traveling is fun and enjoyable, but sometimes it can be overwhelming and scary, especially for a child who is still adjusting to this great big world. It can be so beneficial for your child to be able to sleep somewhere they are familiar with when in a new place. The travel crib will give your little one a safe and comfy place to sleep anywhere they might go. It comes with a thick and dense mattress pad that is soft on your babies body but still firm, and it has a cozy and luxurious soft cover. A comfortable place to sleep leads to a well-rested and happy child that will enjoy all of the adventures the day has to offer. This crib is comfortable enough for your baby to sleep in during very long trips.


As a parent, you want to invest in a product that is going to meet your needs and be durable enough to withstand some use. The good news is that the Travel Crib Light is not just super comfy, but it is very durable which means it will last you years of traveling and use. The crib’s frame is made from a metal material to encourage a sturdy and long-lasting structure. All of the fabric, including the mesh, is made from soft and resistant materials. The fabric was also stitched very consistently which leaves most products with no stray or loose threads that could undermine the integrity of the fabric. The mattress pad is made from very dense and thick material with a soft but well-made cover to ensure your child can sleep on it for a long time. All in all this travel crib is made from quality materials and it is durable enough to last you many adventures.
<h2>Ease of Use</h2>

Ease of Use

The last thing a busy parent wants to do is spend a long time struggling to put together or take apart a crib or play yard for their child, but with the Travel Crib Light, you will not have to worry about a complicated design. The crib was designed with ease of use in mind, it takes just seconds to put together and take down. When you easily unfold the crib you will find that it does not take very much effort to lock in the legs to their place. Typical travel cribs use velcro to hold the mattress in place, but BabyBjorn uses a common sense mattress clip. The way the crib folds up is incredibly simple and intuitive, the entire crib and mattress easily fit back into the carrying bag in just a few moments which is not typical of travel cribs. The fabric and mattress cover are easily removed to make cleaning any accidents an absolute breeze and the frame has no cracks so you can easily disinfect the whole crib to keep your little one safe and healthy all the time. This travel crib really is intuitive and extremely easy to use, so it's no wonder so many parents seem to love it.


Babies make messes of all shapes, sizes, and types all of the time. As a parent, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of your trip worrying about a frustrating cleaning event. Well with the Travel Crib Light you will never have to worry about maintenance is difficult or time-consuming. This is because the crib fabric, including the mesh, easily unzips from the frame and can be machine washed or hand washed if a machine is not available. The mattress cover is also easily removable for washing. The entire frame of the crib is designed without cracks or crevices so you can quickly and easily clean the entire surface of your little one’s crib.


A travel crib needs to be portable, bottom line. This travel crib makes every stage of your travels super easy and convenient. It comes with a carrying bag that has comfortable handles to allow you to take it with you anywhere you need to. It is designed with a shape that is natural and easy to carry and only weighs around 13 pounds so anyone can carry it. It is also small enough when in the carrying bag to easily fit in an overhead compartment or to be checked as regular baggage. The easy setup and teardown makes packing a hassle free breeze. It is also smaller than a traditional pack n play which means it will easily fit in a hotel room or any place you are staying with your baby.


The Travel Crib Light already has so many great features as a travel crib, but it only gets more impressive. This travel crib can also be used as a play yard for your little one! Whether it is time for sleep or time for play this crib is the only thing you need to create a safe place for your little one to be out of the way and comfortable. Not only is it a great play yard and crib, but if your child has a lot of stuff that can take over a small room you can easily put everything inside while you are away or need the extra space for other activities. The Travel Crib Light is the perfect traveling companion for a parent who wants to make the most out of their space while not sacrificing anything for their child.


As a parent safety is a number one priority for your child. The Travel Crib Light is a great choice to ensure your child is not just comfortable but also safe. The crib stands very stable and firm on its own due to the built-in stable base and quality construction. The extra soft mattress keeps your little one comfortable and the mattress hooks keep everything in place so you do not have to worry. The airy mesh walls allow for plenty of air to get to your child and also allow you to easily see your baby while they are resting. This travel crib is JPMA certified so you can feel at ease knowing it has been tested and deemed safe. All of the fabrics on the travel crib were tested using the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and found to be in the 1st class for infant products. Basically, this means that all of the fabric materials used for the travel crib are made using hypoallergenic material and are not affected by any kind of harmful chemicals which means that you do not have to be worried about your child chewing on the fabric or sleeping on it.


The actual dimensions of this travel crib when fully assembled are: 32 x 44 x 24 in/82 x 112 x 64cm, when the crib is completely folded and in the bag: 19 x 23.5 x 5.5 in/49 x 60 x 14 cm. And the crib weighs just under 13 pounds. This travel crib is small enough to be perfect for traveling by plane, train, or car as when folded up and in its included carrying bag it fits easily into a typical storage area. It is also perfect when staying somewhere, where you and your child are sharing a space since it is smaller than a typical travel crib meaning it will fit so easily into a hotel room. Overall this crib would make a great travel option to give your child everything they need, without sacrificing anything you want.
<h2>Price Range</h2>

Price Range

Compared to other options for travel cribs, the BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light is a little more expensive but is worth every penny. You definitely get what you pay for with this crib, it is more comfortable than the typical pack N play, it has a more intuitive and easy to use design, and it is more ergonomic to carry than other options. The quality and durability of this crib make it absolutely worth every penny you spend. Using this crib is an investment worth making if you plan to travel with your baby a lot, it is so convenient for storing when traveling in a place with limited space.


The bottom line on the BabyBjorn Travel Crib Lite is that it is a worthy investment for the busy, on the go parent who plans to travel a lot with their little one. It has a unique, intuitive design that allows for extremely easy setup and teardown in just a few seconds. It comes with an ergonomic, quality carrying bag that keeps everything folded up in a comfortable shape for carrying. It is lightweight and a space saver making any and every trip you take easy and enjoyable. It is JPMA certified and the fabrics have all been tested to ensure your child is as safe as they can be as well as comfortable. All of the fabrics are also easily removed and machine washable so messes can finally be hassle-free to clean up. It also comes with a very thick and soft mattress pad to make sure your little one always gets a good night's rest so they can enjoy every day to the fullest. Overall this crib is a fantastic choice as a travel option.
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