BEABA Babycook PRO-Sorbet

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We like

Easy to use

Easy to clean

Incredibly fast in steaming and blending the food

Food tastes and looks good

Nutrients stay inside the food when it is steamed in Beaba Babycook

It is BPA free product

Saves you time and money

We don’t like

Not recommendable for cooking red meat because of the low temperature

The lid is not removable

The water reservoir is also not removable 

Mold might show up

How it works

Thе Beaba French brand has been known around the world for creating luxurious, innovative and well-designed baby products. Their first product was Babycook, a steam cooker, and blender for making baby food which later evolved into a multi-category assortment such as more advanced baby steamers and other eating accessories.

These are the most innovative brands when it comes to design and technology and the company has a history of creating the best products that serve the busy, healthy oriented and conscious parents. Their best selling product in the line of food makers is BEABA Babycook PRO – Sorbet. It definitely saves money and time as it can make many servings of baby food at once in a very short time.

Experts are of the same opinion that the best way to prepare baby’s food is cooking with steam. Why should we buy over-priced baby food full of additives and preservatives, anyway? Why don’t we make our own baby food and save some money? The steamer will preserve the nutrients inside the food and we all know how much this is important in the first two years for both brain development and future health. It is designed in a way to be easily managed. This user-friendly product turns every parent into a top chef.



This Babycook is made to be easy for use and simple for handling. It cooks fresh food items within 15 to 20 minutes. The design supports one hand use with a multi-functional system; steaming, blending, reheating and defrosting. The cook obtains double lock system. It is first locked when the basket is placed in a container and the container is placed on the base and again when the lid is closed. It is also equipped with an audible alert for baby safe auto shut off. The Steel Water Reservoir is static and cannot be removed. This is a BPA free product which makes up to 4.7 cups of food in a countertop appliance. At first, it steams the food and then, in 20 minutes or less, it blends and reheats it all-in-one. When the food is cooled it is ready to be served or it can be frozen for later use.
The Babycook can also reheat the food! You only need 1 measure of water for this purpose. The rest of the process is the same as explained above. When the reheating cycle ends, use the spatula to stir the contents in order to obtain even temperature.


When you cook the vegetables in the Beaba Babycook Pro you will be able to keep nutritious elements or in other words, you will be able to preserve the minerals and the vitamins in the natural juices of the fruits and vegetables. When you cook the food in a standard dish, the boiling water evaporates and a lot of minerals are lost. That is why cooking with steam is typically regarded as one of the best options. When cooking in the Beaba Babycook, the minerals cannot run away, but rather stay inside the reservoir while the hot steam slowly cooks the food.

According to many kinds of research, steam cooking is the healthiest way of cooking because it preserves the proteins as well. We all know that cooking at high temperatures can damage the proteins in meat which can produce dangerous oxidized cholesterol. This is not the case when cooking with steam. Another advantage when it comes to healthy food is that when cooking with Beaba Babycook Pro – Sorbet you don’t have to use vegetable oil, but you can add small portions of it later when the meal is served. The taste will be perfect, you will consume the food in its full quality and you will be able tosave some money.

Time for preparing different food:

Broccoli – 4-6 minutes
Gabbage – 5-8 minutes
Beans – 2-3 minutes
Carrots – 10 minutes
Kale – 12 minutes
Zucchini – 6-7 minutes
Green beans – 8-10 minutes
Cauliflower – 6-10 minutes
Chopped tomato – 5-6 minutes
Pepper– 2-4 minutes
Garlic – 10 minutes
Mushrooms – 4-5 minutes
Chopped potato - 10-12 minutes

You don’t have to go shopping every day anymore. You can freeze already prepared meals and defrost them for later use. The cook can be used to make a wide range of meals. It is great for preparing simple purees as the infant’s first meals or rice and steamed fish for the whole family so that everyone can take pleasure in it. A frozen meal is not always unhealthy. One should just be acquainted with the right way of freezing food. Meat should always be frozen fresh, but vegetables should be frozen after being steamed for a few minutes in advance.


This Babycook is very easy for cleaning. After cooking, you should just remove the food basket while the food remains are still soft. Throw away the remains and wash the basket. After that remove and wash the steamer and make sure the blade does not have food stains on it. Some people would say that it is not easy to be washed because the food is sometimes stuck on the blade and it stays after washing. It is definitely very easy if we use a very thick and rough brush. We all got this kind of brush that is too rough to use. It is definitely the right choice when it comes to cleaning the blade. The most important thing after washing the blade is to reattach the gasket and to seal it properly. The water container is the hardest to clean because it is not removable. Please make sure the lid is open after each use. This will help the small amount of water inside to evaporate. The basket, bowl, spatula, and chopper are all dishwasher safe. To ensure the accessories are not damaged by frequent use, you should hand wash them with warm, soapy water. While washing, you should also make sure the appliance is never submerged in water. The first step of cleaning the Babycook is always to unplug the machine, then remove any food remains on the outside and dry the surface using a towel. When the water container becomes dirty you will be signaled by the Babycook itself. The steam button light will turn red and it will not turn off until the container is cleaned and disinfected with white distilled vinegar.
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

It is all in one system Steam and Blend, Defrost, Reheat

Steam and blend

You should first steam the food in order to prepare it. The guide book can be a great reference to figure out how much water you need per item and how long it will take. You can make fruits and vegetables, meat or fish fully cooked within a short time. Everything is a one-handed operation. First, pour the water into the water bowl, fill the cooking basket with chopped food, place the basket into the clear bowl and then place the bowl on the base and lock it clockwise. Then close the lid until you hear a click. The next thing to do is to plug in and press the steam button on the front. The cooking cycle starts when you hear a sound signal. It is automatically turned off and you will know by the flashing light and the beep signal when it is done. Put the steamed food into the bowl and turn the button on the right to start blending. This is very simple and fun at the same time.


Your Babycook can also defrost food. Defrosting food in a microwave is not good for the food because it loses vitamins, therefore, it is not healthy for the baby. Defrosting with the Beaba Babycook is the best way to defrost your baby’s food and to make sure the healthy nutrients stay inside the food. For this purpose, you need two measures of water in the water reservoir. Place the food inside the basket and place the basket inside the container. Lock them both and start the steaming cycle. A pleasant sound will alert you when the cycle ends. Remove the basket with the spatula attached on the side to prevent burning your hands. This process is as fast as defrosting in a microwave but it is much healthier.


The Babycook can also reheat the food! You only need 1 measure of water for this purpose. The rest of the process is the same as explained above. When the reheating cycle ends use the spatula to stir the contents in order to obtain even temperature.


This cook has a capacity of 18 servings of baby food at a time and over. The size of the bowl holds up to 4.7 cups. Measured in milliliters, that is 1100ml.
You only need to turn on the Babycook and within 20 minutes you will have your fish and vegetables cooked and pureed. It can cook any type of baby food such as soups, fish, steamed vegetables, fruit juices and more for the rest of the family.


The blade is made of high-quality steel and it is designed to make the perfect puree for your child. The bowl is made of Tritan material. Tritan is a BPA-free copolyester which is made to be better than the other products. Products made with Tritan plastic such as this bowl are durable, clean, safe and stylish. Such products are usually well designed and decorated, which makes the product unique and stand out. The steam basket inside the bowl is made from transparent Polypropylene. It is considered as thermo-plastic which is a material that is very resistant to high heat. It's melting point is at 130 degrees Celsius which is the greatest attribute for this product. This material is perfect for heating, cooling and reheating without any changes or deformity. It is considered to be a tough material because it is able to deform without breaking. Polypropylene has a very high resistance to electricity so it makes the basket safe to be removed with the bare hand. Due to high heat, it is usually removed with the spatula.

Some of the most significant properties of polypropylene are the resistance to chemical agents. Polypropylene does not react with acids which makes it a great choice because you can wash it from time to time with stronger cleaning agents. This can be very useful in cases when the basket gets stained by the constant use of colored food.
Price Range

Price Range

Beaba Babycook pro-Sorbet is not expensive and not cheap as well. Our organic baby food costs a lot per jar. If we consider how many jars we would have to buy if we don’t cook at home we would quickly see that this device would pay off the investment within a month. Its design and material of its components definitely justifies the price. All accessories are of high quality and it will surely be in use for a long time. It is not very big so you can place it anywhere in the kitchen. Food is no longer issue when you are traveling with a baby. This Babycook is light and can easily be moved from one place to another. If you are planning on multiple children it is definitely worth the price.

Bottom Line

Steam cooking has always been considered useful. It is a fact that we don’t always prepare our food in the healthiest way. We often use other types of less healthy cooking, such as frying or baking. If you don’t have a habit to steam cook for yourself at least use this method to cook for your children. Here is one good advice: if you invest in this product don’t ever keep it in the box. It should absolutely be on the reach of your hands and you will find it very useful.

The Beaba Babycook can become a significant part of any kitchen as it can be used at least three times a day. The steamed food looks attractive to children because it preserves the original color of the fruit and vegetables, so the more children are interested in, feeding time can become less stressful for parents. With Beaba Babycook Pro-Sorbet cooking is no longer torture, it is an adventure for both children and parents.
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