Beauty Tips for the New Moms Fully Reviewed

Beauty Tips for the New Moms Fully Reviewed

Have you just welcomed a little bundle of joy in your family? If the answer is yes, then this automatically turns you into the queen of the family now with a little prince or princess who will soon start following in your footsteps! You’ve struggled for nine months to finally get to this blissful moment and perhaps the journey has left you pretty exhausted. Now with the new addition to the family, the whole household will be going through a period of adaptation as everyone gets used to everyone and routines get readjusted.

However, focusing your attention on the new baby shouldn’t mean that you allow yourself to be completely drained of energy, nor should it be an accidental way through which you end up neglecting your own needs and health!

Knowing that health means beauty and happiness, you should take a day off (or a couple of minutes, while the baby is napping) and declare it a self-care day! Use it to get back in touch with your needs and don’t shy away from spoiling yourself a bit either. Here are a few beauty tips you can use as a new mom, in order to progressively feel more like the queen you really are.

Face Masks

Whoever said that face masks are a hassle or are difficult to make had never felt the need to freshen up their whole face and get that smooth-like-a-baby’s-butt feeling when they pat their cheeks or forehead. Nothing is quite as satisfying and soothing as having a clear, well-hydrated skin and new moms need to take care of their skin now more than ever.

Homemade face masks are easy to prepare if you don’t want to try one from the store, and depending on the type of skin you have, you can find various recipes that will work wonders for you. What’s more is that you can use even the most boring ingredients to mix into a great face mask, at little or no expense. Whether you want the mask to help replenish your collagen (look into vitamin C rich masks) or to help exfoliate your skin, or even clear up your pores, you are guaranteed to find something effective.

Hands & Feet

Hydration shouldn’t happen only at your face’s level, you should keep your hands and feet moisturized and well taken care of as well. Soft hands make for happier babies when they’re cared for, after all, as nobody likes dry or raspy skin. You can even make it a little game for you and your baby when you apply hand cream, and show them how it’s done as well as put some on their tiny hand to smell if they like it. For your skin, use moisturizing hand creams or try to look into soaps with more skin-friendly pHs if you think the one you had before isn’t working so well anymore after all the hormonal change rollercoasters you’ve been through. For your feet, a warm bath with mineral salts can do wonders and it can help rejuvenate any dry skin.

Hair & Nail Treatments

With long hair, mistreating or neglecting your hair can be easily noticeable as it will start to fluctuate in one extreme or the other, either drying too much or getting too greasy, and you should take care of your scalp as well as your hair just as you take care of the rest of your body. A shampoo or conditioner change may be needed or maybe even a haircut could prove to be useful, as hair regenerates much better and faster when cut shorter. Besides, shorter hair also drains fewer vitamins from your body, as it isn’t as much of it as before for your body to maintain – the same goes for your nails! The shorter you keep them, the less calcium your body will use up, and you could really use a vitamin boost to recover from the pregnancy. Maybe it’s time to apply a treatment coat on the short nails and give them time to get stronger as well? You can still paint over most nail treatment coats if you don’t like the bare look of the nails.

Rest & Exercise

As a new mom, you’re expected to be able to take care of your child 24/7 (and to also still do most of the house chores, let’s be real) and somehow also have energy to spare for social interaction or any of the other momentarily irrelevant stuff that we know you’d gladly trade for an hour of sleep. So how can you be at the top of your game? By taking advantage of your baby’s nap time so you can get some sleep yourself, and by sneaking in a few exercises whenever possible, if your doctor says you’re ready for that. It’s easy to forget that you could nap alongside the baby when you see yourself finally surrounded by silence it feels like you’re finally free to do this and that which you’ve been postponing, but… you should really use that time for a nap instead. It’ll be better in the long run, and maybe you can ask for the help of a family member with other chores as well.


Not only should you fit in your diet plenty of fruits and vegetables (and if applicable, meat as well) to keep you energized and satiated, but you should really look into some vitamin supplements as well. Keep in mind that the healthier you are, the healthier your baby will grow up to be as well, especially if you’ve chosen to breastfeed them and your diet and lifestyle directly impacts their health and developing an immune system. Multivitamins, calcium, magnesium – those are only a few of the targets you should be aiming for when buying supplements. Remember to maintain a balanced diet and make sure you’re getting all the proteins, fibers, iron and vitamins you can take already, as supplements in the form of pills or tablets will not replace a full and healthy meal.

Stay Hydrated & Positive

From nutrition, to exercise and all that before-mentioned moisturizing – it all is greatly affected by how well you keep track of your level of hydration. What’s more, it’s even been scientifically proven that drinking more water can help prevent and even sometimes cure headaches and that keeping hydrated doesn’t only tie in with how clear and smooth our skin is, but also with how happy and energetic we are. So besides drinking all that water you should also enjoy the most of your time with the new baby and with your growing family and surround yourself with positive vibes as well!

After all, babies grow up too fast to miss out on all the joyful moments just because you were tired or cranky, so go take good care of yourself!