Best Advent Calendars for Kids & Toddlers in 2018

We approaching that time of year when kids are getting more and more excited about the day that Santa will arrive. The season is so very special and every day leading up to it is special so why not track the day and celebrate with a calendar that helps the little ones count down the days. An Advent calendar is a great way to celebrate each day of the season with a little something special for each day. The calendar is a countdown until the day Christmas morning arrives. Each day the kids are given a little “something” from the calendar. Some sets feature a toy, others have characters/ornaments that are placed on a tree, while others feature specially made chocolates just for the holiday season. No matter what kind of calendar works best for your family, all denote a special time of the year. December is such an exciting month. It is thrilling with decorations, Christmas trees, holiday parties, and the biggest celebration is left for last. The big day of the gift giving and receiving. Keeping track of the days leading up to Christmas can help children learn the number of days in the month, the days of the week, and even how to countdown. Whether you are using the calendar as a learning experience or something to help them control their excitement, the selection of Advent calendars sure has come a long way in the last 10 years.

These calendars are “next-level” Advent calendars. They each include an interactive experience that offers children a time to learn and explore along with receiving a little “gift” or a chance to place a decoration on a tree. Counting down the days will never be so fun. All of the calendars are kid-friendly and ready to go when received. All you have to do is decide which one of the Advent calendars on our top best list is best for your family.

Criteria Used In Evaluation of the Best Advent Calendars for Kids and Toddlers

Easy for Kids of All Ages to Understand and Use

The format of all calendars here is simply presented and easy to use. The individual pieces of the wall items are durable, simple to read and understand and well-printed.

The calendars with toy or activity pieces are made for the younger-aged children. With these objects, they will understand how to use Advent calendars and anticipate the countdown to Christmas Day.

None of these products are complicated or uninteresting.

Interesting and Engaging so Children Can Learn and Stay Involved

Every item has something that will appeal to kids of various ages. The younger children will love the Advent calendars with toy figures and objects and the regular calendars with the pictures of the seasons and weather.

They are colorful and engaging even for toddlers. Items like the dry-erase boards will appeal to older children who have activities and school activities to chart and look forward to. All ages will anticipate each day to mark the changes of each new day.

Quality Products that will Last the Whole Year or Time Period

Most of the regular calendars are perpetual and can be used for years because they are either the dry-erase type or the years are created from individual numbers.

The Advent calendars are all perpetual and can be used each year for the great countdown. Some like the LEGO City option can be added to each year with new sets.

Best-Rated, Most-Purchased items Online

We pride ourselves in choosing only the best-rated, most-purchased items for you to review on our site in this category. These products overwhelmingly pleased parents, buyers, and kids so much that they have the highest online feedback and ratings.

This means that you save time looking for the choicest items for your kids. We tell you the best qualities of each item as well as what people disliked most about it too.

Our summaries really narrow down the best features of each item to save you time in your search for that perfect product.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which calendars have a lot of pieces that would be harmful to very small kids?

A: The LEGO City, Fisher-Price Little People, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Barbie Careers Advent calendars all have small pieces that may be harmful to babies and toddlers.

Q: Which calendars can kids write in events and activities? Do they come with the markers or pens?

A: The Dry Erase Monthly Calendar provides large spaces to write things down for each day and it comes with six colorful markers with magnetic caps.

Q: Which calendars teach children a skill? Which ones have an activity or toy they can play with?

A: LEGO City Advent Calendar has 24 items to play with and the daily scenes to use them in, Crayola Christmas, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the Barbie Careers all have splendid activities for kids to do.

Q: Do any of the calendars mount or hang on the wall or a door?

A: The Kubla Crafts Christmas Tree and the Kurt Adler Advent calendars can both be hung on a wall or a door. 

Q: Which one is for very young kids or toddlers as a first calendar?

A: Best calendars for toddlers are the Fisher-Price Little People, the chocolate Advent product, Crayola Christmas, Kubla Crafts Christmas Tree and Dream Snow Pop-Up.

Q: Which calendars are perpetual and can be used every year?

A: They are all perpetual except the chocolate Advent calendar which will be eaten the first year.


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