Best Air Purifiers Reviewed & Rated in 2018

With all of the harmful substances that are in the air of household rooms today, an air purifier is a necessity to prevent breathing issues and health problems. For those with family members, especially kids, that have asthma, air purifiers can make all the difference in their air quality. Because most of us have houses that are closed most of the time, the air in our rooms can become harmful to our health. A purifier will filter the air in any room three to five times an hour and remove with 97% accuracy or above most of the bacteria and pollutants it contains. This means cleaner air for you and your family to breathe and fewer health problems that can develop.

Air purifiers remove such substances as dust mites, germs, dust, pollen, mold, pet dander, smoke, and allergens. It is best to have an air purifier in a child’s room because when they breathe, they take in more air than adults do. Therefore, if there are pollutants in the air, they will receive a bigger dose of those than grownups. These units can also filter out the smoke particles from wildfires if you live in areas that must deal with these problems near. Clean air is a necessity for healthy living, and we all deserve to have it in our homes.

Some of the top manufacturers, of course, have the best-rated purifiers online. These include Honeywell, Levoit, and Hamilton. These that we highlighted, have the best ratings and the highest reviews of all similar products in this category. The majority of customers are pleased with these and would purchase them again. We showcase them here for you to make your shopping for the perfect air purifier easy and enjoyable. Here are the best air purifiers in 2018.

10 Best Air Purifiers Reviewed 

1. Germ Guardian AC4825

The Germ Guardian has three speeds and circulates the air in a room four times in an hour. It reduces the odors from cooking, smoking, and pets with the charcoal filter, plus helps fight germs by killing airborne mold spores, viruses, and bacteria.
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This unit has a HEPA filter and UVC sanitizer and is available in three different styles. It will trap 99.97% of germs, dust, dust mites, mold, pollen, odors, pet dander, smoke, and allergens. Purifying a room of as much as 167 square feet, this product is perfect for medium and small-sized rooms. It has one filter that needs replacing each six to eight months varying with use and is AHAM and Energy Star certified. This lightweight purifier comes with a three-year warranty and includes an indicator to tell you when to change the filter.

Plenty of allergens and harmful substances will be trapped by this air purifier. It will eliminate these things from your room, so everyone can breathe better and healthier.

What We Like About It
The filter on this purifier does not have to be changed often, plus it has an indicator light that lets you know when this needs to be done.

Cost and Value
The value of this product is the huge number of harmful allergens and bacteria it can collect and the room size it handles. It is well below the calculated average price.


Traps 99.97% of germs, dust, mold, pollen, and odors

Has a HEPA filter and UVC sanitizer

Purifies a full room up to 167 square feet

Circulates the air in a room four times in an hour

AHAM and Energy Star certified


May increase in noise after a few months

Could have a plastic smell after a while

2. Honeywell 50250-S

Available in black or white, the Honeywell 50250-S has three levels of cleaning. It comes with or without a filter package and works the best in large and extra-large rooms. The efficiency is maximized with the 360-degree discharge and intake of air, plus air leaks are minimized with the Surround Seal Technology.
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t traps 99.97% of allergens that are microscopic from air going through the filters. This wonderful air purifier has a true HEPA filter and collects mold spores, pollen, tobacco smoke, bacteria, pet dander, household dust, viruses, and odors. The air changes with this unit five times in an extra-large room, twelve times in a medium room, and twenty-three times in a small room. It is doctor recommended and includes a filter light to let you know when to change the filter. Filters must be changed in this unit every three months.

This air purifier collects many things in the air that would bother the breathing of you and your family. Up to 99.97% of all bacteria and harmful pollutants are trapped in the filter.

What We Like About It
The number of air changes for this purifier is outstanding! Even in an extra-large room, the majority of the air will pass through the filter five times.

Cost and Value
With an average price, this is a great bargain because of the HEPA filter and the extra-large room capacity.


Has three levels of air cleaning

Works the best in large and extra-large rooms

Traps 99.97% of allergens that are microscopic

Has a true HEPA filter

Recommended by doctors


Has a blue light that stays on and may disturb sleep

Some complained about the noise

3. Hamilton Beach 04384

The Hamilton Beach Air Purifier traps 99% of allergens and bacteria and includes a permanent HEPA filter. Choose from a black or white model or one with a pet-specialized air cleaner. It has two carbon zeolite replaceable filters that get rid of pet odors and features triple-filtration technology.
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This fabulous system can filter the air in large rooms well and has a very quiet operation and three speeds. It is compact in size but not in performance. Use the high speed for fast air cleaning, medium for using all day, and low when you need the room very quiet. This terrific product can be used vertically or horizontally depending on the space you have in the room. It captures small particles from pollen, smoke, mildew and mold spores, and airborne debris of dust mites. The HEPA filter and the pre-filter are permanent, so they never need to be replaced.

Three speeds are possible on this unit to best suit your needs in the room. You can go from high to low depending on the amount of filtering needed at the time.

What We Like About It
The fact that this air purifier can be used both upright and sideways is remarkable. Depending on the space available and the room type, you can adjust how you use this flexible item.

Cost and Value
Because it has a compact size, this unit is less than half the average cost of most air purifiers. It can filter a large room, so it is a wonderful purchase.

Includes a permanent HEPA filter

Traps 99% of allergens and bacteria

Can filter the air in large rooms well

Is compact in size but not in performance

Can be used vertically or horizontally


Unit still made noise for some people

The replaceable filters confused some people


This terrific air purifier from Levoit includes a three-stage filtration system consisting of a true HEPA filter, pre-filter, and an activated carbon filter. It eliminates 99.97% of allergy particles and odors from mold, dust, smoke, and pet dander and is 100% ozone-free.
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This fantastic product with a true HEPA filter works great for wildfire ashes and smoke and has three settings of operation. It runs through the night quietly and includes a night light with a gentle glow with two settings for brightness. This remarkable air purifier fits well in smaller office spaces and rooms because of the compact design. The filters need replacing every six months depending on use, and the unit comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.

The night light on this unit has two settings for the brightness. You can adjust it to not disturb you when you sleep, as the light is on the top of the product.

What We Like About It
For those that live near the smoke trails of wildfires, this air purifier will eliminate these smoke particles from your home air. Any type of smoke is captured in this filtering system.

Cost and Value
Costing only half of the average price of air purifiers on the market, this unit is an outstanding purchase because of the ability to handle wildfire smoke and the three-stage filtration system.

Works great for wildfire ashes and smoke

Includes a three-stage filtration system

Traps 99.97% of harmful pollutants in the air

Has three settings of operation

Comes with a two-year warranty


Was noisy for some buyers

Did not seem to clean the air for a few people

5. Honeywell HFD-120-Q

The Quiet Clean Tower from Honeywell has permanent filters and only needs occasional washing to keep clean. Purchase this unit with or without the filter package, as you never have to purchase a replacement filter for this unit.
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t rotates and circulates room air, while it captures harmful airborne particles. Pre-filters that reduce odors can be added to this system that is very energy-efficient. It will filter air in a room five times per hour and provide you with air that contains fewer allergens and is cleaner and fresher. Having the capacity to clean the air in large rooms well, this remarkable purifier eliminates up to 99% of allergens in the air. With three levels of cleaning, it is one of the best filtering systems on the market.

Most purifiers filter the room air three times in an hour, but this one does it five times per hour. This allows you cleaner air to breathe and enjoy.

What We Like About It
The filters in this device are permanent, so you never have to purchase new filters every few months. Just wash these out and you are set for fresh, clean air.

Cost and Value
Having an average cost, this purifier is valuable because of the permanent filter and the room filtering of five times per hour.

Never have to purchase replacement filters

Is very energy-efficient

Will filter air in a room five times per hour

Has three levels of cleaning

Eliminated up to 99% of allergens


Lowers room temperature – not good in colder weather

Makes a good bit of noise when running

6. Coway AP-1512HH

Featuring an air quality indicator and a filter indicator, this wonderful purifier has a fan with three different speeds. Choose from four different styles that vary in room square footage of filtering. The air quality indicator will change in color to let you know the exact air quality at any time
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This terrific unit has a timer and a filtration system consisting of four stages. They are vital ion, true HEPA, carbon, and pre-filter. There is an auto mode plus an eco-mode in this purifier. The auto mode adjusts the speed of airflow according to the level of air quality. The fan will stop on its own in eco-mode when the unit does not detect pollutants for thirty minutes. The operation of this product is quiet and can accommodate a large room easily. It is Energy Star Certified and compact in design. This great unit features cutting-edge technology to filter air the best.

With four stages of filtering, this is one of the top units for filtering room air. Pollutants will have an almost impossible time trying to get through four layers of tough filters.

What We Like About It
This unit has an indicator light for the quality of the air in the room. This is fantastic because you will know at any given moment if the quality is good or bad.

Cost and Value
This is the second highest costing air purifier on this list. It has four stages of filters and indicators for air quality and filter status to make this price well worth it.

Features an air quality and a filter indicator

Includes a timer

Has a filtration system of four stages

Has an auto and eco mode

Is Energy Star Certified


Intake of air may be weak

Makes noise that bothered some people

7. PureZone PEAIRPLG

The PureZone Air Purifier rids rooms of household odors, mold, smoke, pet dander, pollen, and dust, plus it has three speeds. This marvelous device quickly traps 99.97% of these contaminants and sets up easily and quickly. It includes a UV-C light that destroys fungi, bacteria, viruses, and germs, plus it will silently sanitize room air for better breathing and sleeping.
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This terrific purifier has a timer that turns off the unit after two, four, or eight hours for energy efficiency. It features a 3-in-1 HEPA filter, pre-filter, and carbon filter and comes with a five-year warranty. The sleek modern design will look wonderful in any room, and it includes a filter changing indicator, so you know when to put in a new filter. This device superb device makes breathing indoors more comfortable for those with breathing issues, asthma, or allergies.

A UV-C light is a fantastic feature of this purifier that will wipe out harmful substances in the air beside the usual contaminants. This is why this unit can boast 99.97% accuracy in clean room air.

What We Like About It
You can set the included timer to shut off after running constantly for two, four, or eight hours to save on energy. This is a wonderful feature that will minimize your electricity usage

Cost and Value
Being well under the average price for air purifiers, this model will provide terrific value because of the three filters, timer, and filter change indicator.


Traps 99.97% of contaminants

Includes a timer that turns off the product

Comes with a five-year warranty

Has a modern sleek design

Includes a filter change indicator


Some said it had a plastic smell when on

Was too small to clean the air in a medium-sized room for a few buyers


We feature two Levoit products on this page because they are both high-quality products that customers loved and gave high ratings. This one cleans large rooms well of air pollutants and has a three-filter system of a HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter, and a pre-filter.
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It eliminates 99.97% of pet dander, mold spores, smoke, odor, pollen, and dust from rooms. This fantastic purifier is great for removing ashes and smoke particles in rooms from wildfires in the vicinity. It does not utilize ions or UV, so this item is 100% ozone-free. The auto mode has a LED display and suggests the speed of the fan according to the quality of the air going in it. This great air purifier has a sleep mode also that chooses the lowest setting for a quiet operation as you sleep. it meets stringent requirements and is quality-assured, eco-friendly, and energy-saving. This unit is CE-approved, FCC-approved, and Energy Star-certified. It comes with a two-year warranty and is easy to use and set up.

Having met some of the strictest requirements for quality, this purifier is one of the best when it comes to a sound purchase. It is good for the environment and will save you on energy bills.

What We Like About It
This model has an LED display that shows you in color the condition of the air quality in the room. While in the auto mode, the fan speed will be altered by the unit itself.

Cost and Value
With an average price but above average value, this unit is a great purchase. The auto and sleep modes alone set it apart from the other products in outstanding features.

Cleans large rooms well of air pollutants

Eliminates 99.97% of air contaminants

Auto mode has LED display

Meets stringent quality requirements

Comes with a two-year warranty


Some people received used units without instructions

Product did not work for a few buyers

9. Winix 5500-2

With a true HEPA filter, this remarkable air purifier model from Winix traps 99.97% of air pollutants with accuracy. It will eliminate allergens, pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and mold and includes a washable carbon filter.
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This terrific product has a permanent PlasmaWave filter that will operate without harmful ozone and break down chemical vapors, allergens, and odors. It features Smart Sensors that will determine air quality and adjust the fan to the speed best suited for the room. The sleep mode runs the unit in quiet so as not to disturb sleepers in the room. This purifier is wonderful for medium and large rooms.

In sleep mode, this product will run quietly, so sleeping people in the room will not be disturbed. This is very important, especially in a child or infant’s room.

What We Like About It
The advanced technology of this unit will adjust the fan speeds according to the quality of the air in the room. You can just enjoy the clean air and not worry about the settings.

Cost and Value
The price for this great product is average when compared with the others. The Smart Sensors and PlasmaWave filter are the key features that make this a high-value item.

Traps 99.97% of air pollutants

Includes a true HEPA filter

Has a permanent PlasmaWave filter

Features Smart Sensors to determine air quality

Great for medium and large rooms


Did not function properly for a few buyers

The replacement filters are a bit costly

10. VEVA 8000 Elite

The Elite Pro Series Air Purifier from Veva has a true HEPA filter and will trap 99.97% of allergens and air pollutants. It removes germs, bacteria, pollen, mold spores, pet dander, and household dust and is great for those with allergies or asthma.
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This fantastic product utilizes nano-technology of activated charcoal filters to make the air clean. It comes with four pre-filters and has the longest lasting filters of any air-filtering system. You just change the filter every six to twelve months for the best operation. It has a sleek innovative design that goes well in any room and includes three fan speeds. The safety features include an automatic shut-off when the front panel is removed.

From the sleek attractive design of this air purifier, no one would guess what it is. The unit looks like an artistic piece of technology used for decorative purposes, but it is so useful.

What We Like About It
The long-lasting filters are refreshing, as this is one of the problems with air purifiers. Having to pay for and change filters too often usually discourages people from getting these units.

Cost and Value
Costing less than the average price of these units, this product has the key qualities of long-lasting filters and a sleek design suitable for any room décor.

Has a true HEPA filter

Will trap 99.97% of allergens and air pollutants

Has the longest-lasting filters

Has a sleek innovative design

Includes three fan speeds


Some people did not notice a difference in air quality with this

It may make a loud noise during operation

11. hOmeLabs HME020020N

From hOmeLabs we highlight their Portable Quiet Mini Air Purifier that is just adorable. It removes up to 99% of air contaminants such as mold, bad smells, pet dander, smoke, pollen, and dust. This is a portable unit that can be used anywhere and has a 360-degree air inlet.
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It includes four heavy-duty rigorous filters and is wonderful for travel purposes. This great purifier is so small, it will fit in a suitcase and looks terrific on a desktop. This amazing unit is excellent for small rooms and uses activated carbon for filtering. It has an indicator light for filter changing and customizable settings for the fan.

Even though this is a small unit, it is still powerful enough to remove harmful substances from the air you breathe. It has four strong filters that work just as hard as a regular-sized air purifier.

What We Like About It
This is a travel-size air purifier that can be taken just about anywhere. It is perfect for small spaces and rooms and is wonderful for those that move around plenty.

Cost and Value
Priced very much below the average cost, this portable unit is so much worth the value. The small size and transport possibilities are its best features.

Removes up to 99% of air contaminants

Is a portable unit that can be used anywhere

Includes four heavy-duty rigorous filters

Has an indicator light for filter changing

Has customizable settings for the fan


Might have to change the filters frequently

Some disappointed in the size – too big

12. Rabbit Air BogGS 2.0 SPA-550AW

Including four levels of deodorization and purification, the Rabbit Air Quiet Air Purifier filters the air in a room twice in an hour. It can handle extra-large rooms and comes with a washable pre-filter and carbon filters that are charcoal-based.
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Featuring five different fan speeds, this amazing product is very quiet on the lowest speed making it perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. This is an Energy Star-certified unit that will trap plenty of harmful air pollutants. These include eliminating cooking odors, pet allergens and odors, tobacco smoke, greenhouse gases, VOCs, exhaust fumes, household odors, dander, bacteria, pollen, pet hair, dust particles, dust mites, and mold and fungi.

Having the highest number of fan speeds of all the featured products on this page, this unit has real flexibility in speed settings. The lowest speed is for quiet sleeping in bedrooms.

What We Like About It
This is an Energy Star-certified unit, so it will run quietly. Such certification of appliances like air purifiers guarantees the high-quality of the features that are trusted.

Cost and Value
Because of the five speeds levels and four stages of purification, this purifier is well worth commanding the highest price of all listed units and being more than twice the average cost.

Filters the air in a room twice in an hour

Can handle extra-large rooms

Includes four levels of deodorization and purification

Features five different fan speeds

Is very quiet on the lowest speed


Did not operate as expected for some buyers

A few received used items

Criteria Used in the Evaluation of the Best Air Purifiers 

Top-rated and most-purchased items

All items on this list are the best-rated and most-reviewed air purifiers online. Customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with their purchases of these and left highly positive feedback for future consumers. We read the feedback, ratings, and product descriptions from manufacturers to bring you all of the details and information on each top product, so you can make the most intelligent decision in purchasing an air purifier for yourself. Only the best items make any of our lists to enhance your shopping experience.

Cleans the room air at 97% accuracy or above

Each one of these air purifiers will clean the room air of at least 97% of all bacteria and pollutants. Because of the HEPA filters, this is possible with all of the featured products. You can be sure that the most air contaminants are being captured in the filters of these units because of the high success rate of these purifiers. They all clean the room air at least three times an hour to give you the purest air to breathe in your home.

Easy to operate, setup, and understand

Air purifiers are simple to operate and set up. The hardest thing is deciding which room to put them in and where to place them in the room. The room that has the most traffic will be the best room in the house to put the purifier, or if it was purchased for a certain person in the house because of breathing issues, then it should go in the room they are in most of the time. Setting up an air purifier is best done by following the instructions carefully. Just be sure to take note of any issues that can occur in operating the unit.

Have HEPA filters for best performance

Air purifiers with HEPA filter systems are the best units because these filters catch the most harmful particles in the air. Microscopic bacteria, mold, mildew, smoke, and pet dander, for example, are trapped in this filter much better than other filters. Most of the air purifiers we feature have these filters, making them the best products offered online. Most of these units have 97% or above capacity to trap these substances in room air to prevent you and your family from breathing them in.

Reasons to get an air purifier in your home or office:

  • Mildew or mold issues
  • A wood stove or fireplace
  • Cooking Odors
  • Dust in the home
  • Dorm or apartment living
  • A smoker in the home
  • Asthma, respiratory issues, or allergies
  • Have a pet
  • Risk or forest fires nearby
  • Home renovations
  • New apartment or house
  • Crafts and art materials nearby
  • Yard has flowers, grass, and/or trees

The Importance of Air Quality for Children’s Health

Because kids breathing functions are different from adults, they take in more air when they breathe than grown-ups. As most of us spend the majority of our time indoors, the air in our homes and offices matter significantly. Studies have shown that indoor air can be polluted more than 100 times than outdoor air. Some common signs of exposure to pollutants in the air are scratchy throat, itchy nose, nausea, dizziness, tiredness, and headaches. Breathing disorders, cancer, and asthma are serious effects from breathing unclean air.

Asthma affects over six million children in the U.S. alone and is a severe issue. Asthma causes other medical problems along with difficulty in breathing and participating in activities. Other medical problems that can result from asthma are anxiety, sleep apnea, and gastroesophageal reflux disease. Because there is no cure for asthma, parents can only care for the symptoms of the condition and eliminate the triggers that set off attacks. One great tool in helping asthma sufferers is a great air purifier.

Common triggers for asthmatic children are mold, pest droppings, secondhand smoke, dust mites and dust, mildew, outdoor allergens such as pollution and pollen, and volatile organic compounds such as cleaning materials, paints, or plastics. Asthma in infants can be linked to secondhand smoke, the presence of cockroaches or dust mites in the home, a mom with asthma, being born too early, and viral infections. Reactions to asthma for the child depends greatly on the exposure the mother has to pollutants when pregnant and the age of the child. Individual filtration units in separate rooms of the house work more effectively than a system that treats the air in the whole house. It is essential that air purifiers be turned off right after vacuuming in a room to catch all of the agitated particles in the air.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these air purifiers easy to install, understand, and use?

A: Each one of these comes with instructions for setup and operation to make using an air purifier simple and trouble-free. They all come with starter filters to help with the ease of operation, so all you need to do is remove all wrapping, plug it in, and choose your settings. It is best to familiarize yourself with the instructions fully before operating and setting up the unit.

Q: Which ones are best for large rooms? Best for small rooms?

A: For large rooms, the larger, more expensive units would be best, such as the Rabbit Air, Levoit LV-PUR131, and the Coway model. These can all handle the capacity of a large room well. For small rooms choose the Hamilton Beach product, the Germ Guardian item, and the Levoit LV-H132 purifier.

Q: Which ones are the least in noise?

A: Although some claim to be less noisy than others, each one of these does make some noise. For light sleepers, we would suggest keeping the purifier on a low setting and place it as far from the sleeping area in the room as possible. If there is a night light on the product, then face it away from the bed, so the light will not bother the sleeping person. None of these are truly noiseless in their operation because they do contain a motor.

Q: Are any of these portable that can be moved from room to room easily?

A: Yes, the product from hOmeLabs is a portable unit, but other smaller purifiers can also be moved from room to room because of their compact size. These would include the Hamilton Beach model, the Germ Guardian product, and the Levoit LV-H132 item. They are all small and easily transported.

Q: Does a person have to sit near one of these purifiers to receive the cleanest air in the room?

A: No, you do not have to sit near these systems to receive the cleanest air in the room. The air in a room is filtered many times an hour, so operating at a normal speed, all of the air in a room should be the same level of clean.

Q: When during the day and night does one of these need to be operating? Do they run all day and night?

A: The times of operation depend on the conditions of the room and the people that are in it. If you have a child with asthma or other breathing condition, then the purifier should at least run on low for the whole time the child is in the room. For just regular use in a room where no one is staying, the unit can be operated only in times when the room is occupied. If there is a pet in the room or in the house, it would be advantageous to have this filtering system on to pick up any floating pet dander and dust in the air.


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