The Best Baby & Nursery Dressers Reviewed in 2019

No matter if you are a new parent or experienced veteran, you probably know that with every baby comes lots and lots of baby clothes. Cute hats, sweet little overalls, darling shirts and pants combos, fluffy dresses, tiny shoes—the gifts are endless. It seems family and friends love to dress new infants up nearly as much as the parents! From hand-me-downs to outfit sets straight out of the sparkly new wrapping, you’ll have more clothes than you’ll know what to do with.

Couple that with baby diapers, favorite toys, sleep sacks, blankets, seasonal wear, and other infant care products, and you’ll need a system. Finding the right nursery dresser can be a huge help in keeping your little one’s world organized and easy to access for whoever might be there to look after them, whether it’s your family or the babysitter. Nursery dressers come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Whether you need something tall or short, compact or roomy, with shallow or deep drawers, we’ve got you covered.

Below, we’ve gathered our 10 favorite nursery dressers. These pieces are meant for durability, functionality, and aesthetics. Plenty of them come from parent companies with matching cribs for you to peruse, so your nursery can look as put together as it feels.

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Choosing furniture for a baby's nursery can but fun but also overwhelming as you want to ensure that your purchase will last a number of years, especially if the plan is for multiple children. We have recently updated our list of the 10 best dressers with a couple of new high-quality, durable, stylish options. We are sure that one will be right for your baby's nursery!

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Baby Dressers on Our List

Finding the perfect style for your little one is a fun and exciting step in the process of parenthood. In this room, you will spend countless sleepless hours, watch your baby grow and build lifelong memories with your family. That in mind, matching the perfect decor with the right colors and patterns helps to ensure a more restful and happy baby. While finding the proper furniture does not guarantee a perfect night every night, it can help with aesthetics and style as well as eliminating the loud overstimulating world outside a baby’s room.

These solid color options are elegant and gentle to prevent the frustration of overstimulation. Getting rid of your child’s first crib can be a little heartbreaking but the wonderful thing about these dressers is their style is timeless and they will match any room from the nursery to the dorm room–if you switch out the changing table, of course!

As time goes on, children crave new and exciting surroundings. This is where creativity and imagination come into play. You can explore color-stain options and spend a fun-filled afternoon as a family creating a personalized piece of art for a child’s room. Offering so much in durability, the well-crafted dressers are designed to last for years.

The beautifully constructed dressers on this list are made from reputable companies, well-known for crafting high-quality furniture. These companies are known for the care they put into their baby products which provide quality furniture for your family. They have years of experience under their belts and a desire to provide safe furniture and products for your baby.

Products these days are so rapidly manufactured it can be hard to sort through and find the good from the bad. There are so many chemicals and additives that are meant to prevent disaster. Unfortunately, these can cause long-term complications to health and development.

The dressers on this list are made by companies that use materials that are not damaging and are safe for the lungs and brain development of babies and children. You can have peace of mind knowing the furniture in your baby’s room is free of harsh chemicals such as lead and mercury.

So who hasn’t spent a night quietly stubbing their toes in the dark or walking into a door in an effort not to wake the angel you finally got to sleep? Parenthood is exhausting but having a solid organization system, such as a six-drawer dresser, will help make those nights feeling around for an extra blanket or new pjs in the dark so much easier. These dressers offer a range of space options to help keep you organized no matter how much space you have to work with.

Dressers provide a range of headache-free benefits, from storage to organization. During the first sleepless months, caring for a baby can be exhausting, it can be hard to keep everything together, and it’s quite a feat to be productive. A dresser is a wonderful way to help you keep your little one’s clothes and maybe even possessions in order.

The arrival of a new baby often brings countless visits by the members of the family and friends. The list below has some really great options for your nursery. They may help you feel a bit more organized, or offer a secret place to stash the mess when you have unexpected company.

As babies grow, they learn to crawl, walk and climb. A dresser provides ample climbing opportunities and endless possibilities for the imagination. Children love to climb so finding furniture for their room that has a solid stance is crucial.

Of course, it is not recommended these dressers be used as climbing toys but you can rest easy knowing they are strong and sturdy, designed to prevent injury. To be on the safe side, always supervise your baby in the nursery and buy an anti-tip kit that will secure the dresser to the wall to prevent tipping.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Do these dressers come with a warranty?

A: Yes, they offer things like a hassle-free return policy and a high-quality guarantee.

Q: Are they made without the use of harsh chemicals?

A: Most of the companies on this list pride themselves on providing children and family with the safest products available.

Q: What is the proper care regimen for these dressers?

A: Because they are made of high-quality woods, they do require a bit extra TLC than normal furniture. However no more excessive than the other wood pieces in your home.

Q: Do the drawers open and close easily?

A: The dressers are designed to be hassle free and easy for parents to maneuver. Additionally helpful, the drawers easily glide open and closed so as they grow, children can learn to do it themselves.

Q: Can a changing table be attached?

A: Not for all the options but some do come with a changing table already attached. Consider the flat top surface can provide space for a changing surface.

Q: Is assembly easily?

A: All of these products come with an instruction manual included.


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