Best Baby Socks in 2018 Reviewed in 2018

Baby socks are probably the cutest clothing items that you will ever see because of the designs, patterns, colors, and of course the adorable miniature size. There are tons of baby socks offered for sale online by manufacturers and the variety is astounding. We worked hard to pick the absolute best of these products for this buying guide for you, and we are sure that you will be pleased with the selections.

This assortment is widely-varied with socks in pure white, solid pastels, animal designs, ballet slipper shapes, shoe patterns, and many mixtures of dots, stripes, and picture patterns. Packs of six, eight, and twelve make up this wonderful list of baby socks with many choices for styles in each product. Most of these have traction on the soles in the form of tiny rubber beads to keep the infant safe when trying to crawl or walk. Babies will gain confidence in their movements because of this traction they need. Plenty of these fantastic socks have cuffs to help hold them on the feet and give extra warmth for the ankles and feet. All of them are amazingly cute and outstanding products that you will be glad you bought.

These are all the best-rated and the most-reviewed baby socks online that have customers raving about the great quality, fit, and overall appearance of the items. The majority of buyers would purchase these same baby socks again because they are completely satisfied and love the way they look on their infants. We highlight them here for you to make your shopping simple and enjoyable in searching for the perfect baby socks for your child. Here are the best baby socks offered online currently in 2018.

15 Best Baby Socks in 2018 Reviewed

1. Gerber Unisex Baby 6 Pack

Perfect for both boys and girls, these unisex socks from Gerber provide a great fit that is soft and comfortable. They are created to stay well on the feet and come six pairs to the pack.
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Choose from four amazing color scheme selections of these adorable socks made of cotton, nylon, polyester, and spandex. The cuffs are made to roll back and are elastic. These marvelous bootie socks will keep feet and ankles warm and snug.

These are thick and warm to keep the baby’s feet snug and cozy all day and night, even in the coldest weather. Babies will love how they feel on their precious little feet.

What We Like About It
You can roll back the cuffs on these terrific socks for a cute boot-style look. They look a little like the cute boot-shaped stockings you see around the holidays.

Cost and Value
Priced just under the average of all the sock packages on this page, these baby socks are worth the cost because of the thickness and quality materials from which they are made.

Choose from four color scheme selections

Made of cotton, nylon, polyester and spandex

Cuffs are made to roll back and are elastic

Created to stay well on the feet

Perfect for both boys and girls


Strings come out easy if caught on something

Troubles staying on the feet

2. Luvable Friends Unisex 8 Pack

Luvable Friends has two sock items at the top of our list because they are so magnificent. These have a fold-over cuff and are made for both girls and boys.
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Choose from thirty-five available bright colors and schemes that are made of the best cotton, nylon, and spandex fabrics. These can be machine washed and are stretchable for a perfect fit. There is even a wonderful fun variety of colors and patterns in the same package. Each pack contains eight pairs of durable and soft baby socks that are made to be gentle on the baby’s toes. Because of the great cuffs, these socks stay on the feet perfectly.

The fold-down cuffs of these great socks make them easily stay on the baby’s feet. Even though it is hard to keep socks on the feet of infants, these will remain on.

What We Like About It
The assortment of color scheme choices for both boys and girls is outstanding for this product. Parents will not be able to decide on just one package of these adorable socks.

Cost and Value
There is a price range for these sock packs depending on the ones you choose. The cost runs about average and these are worth the cost because of the color selection alone.

Available in thirty-five color and pattern choices

Are stretchable for a better fit

Stays on great because of the cuffs

Made to be gentle on the baby’s toes

Contains eight pairs of socks


Packaging is not the best

May have threads on the inside

3. Luvable Friends Unisex Basic

Also from Luvable Friends, we highlight these amazing white ankle socks that come six to the pack. There is no cuff to fuss with and these will stretch for a great fit.
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There are twenty-five other color choices offered in this style, but we chose the basic white socks to feature. These fit babies up to two-years-old and are easy to put on and take off. They are comfortable and very soft and can be machine washed for easy care. The materials used for these fantastic socks are cotton, polyester, nylon, and spandex.

The quality materials make these baby socks great, long-lasting, and comfortable. Only the best fabrics make a truly cozy sock that feels wonderful on the feet and keeps them warm.

What We Like About It
For a basic white all-purpose sock for girls and boys, these are fantastic. They will work with any baby outfit and complement any dress style you choose every day.

Cost and Value
Each different package of these marvelous socks has a different price, but they are all well below the average cost. The fit and high-quality materials make them very much a bargain.

Has twenty-five choices of color packs

Will stretch for a great fit

Comfortable and very soft

Easy to put on and take off

Fits babies up to two-years-old


Sizes may run small

Troubles with staying on the feet

4. Trumpette Baby Boys Set 6

Made just for baby boys, this six-pack of extraordinary socks was created to look like little shoes. The package contains six pairs with multiple colors in each set.
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There are over twenty color schemes and patterns to pick from in these contemporary art designs. The soft construction is of cotton and these great socks are sure to stay on the feet because of the secure elastic tops. Traction on the bottoms is provided by rubber grips on the soles. A beautiful box comes with this product making it just fantastic for giving as a gift to new parents.

If you have a problem with socks staying on your infant’s feet, then this brand may be the answer. They have high tops that can either be folded down or pulled up to give extra stay-on security.

What We Like About It
These remarkable socks for boys look just like little shoes! The design is quite unique, colorful, and so appealing on the feet of cute babies. There are many “shoe” colors in each package.

Cost and Value
This is the highest priced item on our list of baby socks and rightly so because of the stylish intricate design. The lovely gift box and rubber-grip soles add to the value.

Made to look like little shoes

Over twenty color schemes and patterns

Includes secure elastic tops

Has rubber grips on the soles

Comes in a beautiful box perfect for gift giving


Some parents said they do not stay up well

Sizing was a concern for a few

5. Unisex Baby Gellwhu 6 Pair

Made to look like the animals of a cat, cow, bear, fox, an elephant, and an owl, these are wonderful knee-high socks for babies and toddlers.
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They are constructed of spandex and cotton materials and are elastic, soft, and breathable. Use these for family or professional photos or for holidays, parties, and special occasions. They come six pairs to the pack and include a variety of colors in the package. These can be used all year long because they are not too thick to be hot in summer.

These are not so thick that they would be hot in the summer. They can be worn any time of the year no matter the temperature or weather conditions.

What We Like About It
The adorable animal designs are magnificent on these cute socks for babies! They get six different animal types in a variety of colors to match outfits in an amazing way.

Cost and Value
The cost of these cute socks is well below the average for all items considered, so with the quality materials and the fantastic design, they are quite a buy.

Are knee-high socks

Made in six animal designs

Great to use for pictures and photos

Perfect for holidays, parties, and special occasions

Can be used all year long


Sizing was an issue

For some babies the socks did not go to the knees

6. Jefferies Unisex Non Skid

These Jefferies Unisex Baby socks are great for both boys and girls because a separate package is offered for each in superb colors made for each. They are both a blend of solid basic colors to be used every day and go with any outfit.
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They are made of cotton, polyester, and spandex and can be machine washed. There is a higher than normal percentage of cotton for comfort in this six-pack of fantastic socks. These have a cuff and skid-proof traction dots on the soles, plus heels that have deep pockets to keep them on. The cuff helps keep the socks on the feet too and gives support for the feet and ankles. These wonderful baby socks are great for safe walking and crawling.

To help keep these socks on the feet of busy babies, the manufacturer made the heels deep and the cuffs thicker. Baby socks coming off easily is a huge problem for parents.

What We Like About It
These are great basic colors of socks for everyday wear and all during the year. They will go well with any outfit or wardrobe for babies and look great and cozy.

Cost and Value
With an average price and superior quality, these socks are well worth the cost. They are great basic socks that can be used all the time.

Has a higher than normal percentage of cotton

Have a cuff and skid-proof traction dots

Heels have deep pockets to keep them on

Cuff gives support for ankles and feet

Safe for walking and crawling


Sizing was a problem for a few babies

The cuff tops left marks on the ankles of some

7. YOHOOLYO Baby Non-Skid

The Baby Non-Skid Socks from this company are on the thin side and not too thick, plus they are lined with rubber grip dots for traction. There is a strap to hold these onto the feet and elastic that stretches easily.
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In a ballet-flat shoe delicate design, these fabulous socks for baby come in adorable pastel colors. They will add some sparkle and zip to your little girl’s everyday outfits or when she goes to special occasions or parties. There are six lovely pairs to this set made of cotton, polyester, and nylon. It is best to hand wash these socks for great care.

Rubber dots on the bottoms of these socks will protect your infant when he or she starts to crawl and walk. The extra traction will encourage them to move and give them confidence in their mobility.

What We Like About It
These are some of the cutest socks we have seen for babies with the ballet slipper design. The includes lace, buckle, and button make these super adorable for your little girl.

Cost and Value
Right at the average cost of these items, this product is certainly worth the price because of the style, colors, traction, and decorative design.

Lined with rubber grip dots for traction

Has a strap to hold onto the feet

A ballet-flat shoe delicate design

Will add some sparkle to outfits

Made of cotton, polyester, and nylon


Sizing of too big or little an issue

May shrink plenty after washing

8. Flanhiri Cotton Non Skid

The Flanhiri Baby Boys Socks are offered in packs of six or twelve pairs for different prices. They include an astounding assortment of colors and patterns and are made of cotton and spandex.
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These fit infants and toddlers and will suit the rapid growth of children because of the marvelous elasticity. These remarkable baby socks are warm and comfortable and feature beaded grip dots on the soles for great traction and safety. Choose from four color scheme selections made of this breathable and soft cotton fabric.

The elasticity of these socks is fantastic because they have wonderful stretchiness. This allows for the rapid growth of babies’ feet and will allow them to wear these for a longer period.

What We Like About It
As if the color and pattern choices were not enough in this package, the company offers four color scheme choices to increase your selection options. What a wonderful choice of amazing socks for the infant!

Cost and Value
For having the greatest number of socks in a pack, this is a wonderful buy for the price because of the colors, patterns, and design selections of a basic everyday sock for boys.

Includes twelve pairs of baby socks

Suits the rapid growth of children

Features beaded grip dots on the soles

Offered in four color scheme selections

Breathable and soft cotton fabric


May be tight around the ankles

Some buyers did not get the colors and patterns pictured

9. Lystaii 12 Pairs Anti-Slip

These soft baby socks are made of high-quality cotton that is breathable, warm, soft, and comfortable. Terrific for year-round wear, these are odor resistant and will absorb sweat quickly.
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The elasticity is great and there are rubber beads on the soles for traction and safety. The bright vivid colors and patterns include ballerina styles, shoe patterns, and others with cartoon pictures of cherries, strawberries, flowers, bunnies, ice cream cones, birthday cakes, stars, and polka-dots. Although the name states these are unisex, the colors and decorative designs are more suitable for girls. This set is wonderful to give to new parents as a special gift.

Being on the thinner side, these are wonderful to wear all year-long for comfort and foot protection. They are perfect for just being indoors and lounging around and naptime.

What We Like About It
The huge assortment of colors and patterns of these socks make them so adorable and sweet for babies. They are perfect for everyday wear or to dress up for special events and gatherings.

Cost and Value
Costing well below the average price for these items, this product is very much a bargain because of the pretty colors and cute patterns offered. It is also a large twelve-piece set.

Made of high-quality cotton

Great for year-round wear

Odor resistant and absorbs sweat

Has rubber beads on the soles

Makes a great gift for new parents


The elastic is not that strong

May shrink a bit after washing

10. Hudson Infant 8-Pack

From Hudson, we feature their infant socks that are offered in over thirty-five various color and pattern combination sets. This set is a nice blend of basic blue and gray socks most suitable for boys.
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Color sets are available for girls too, and they are just as adorable. Made of cotton, nylon, and spandex, these amazing socks for baby include a fold-over cuff to help keep the socks on the feet. They are stretchable and soft and include rubber traction on the soles. This is an eight-pair set that will match most outfits. The inside of the socks has terry cotton for warmth and comfort, so they are thick and cushiony.

These fabulous socks are thicker than most because they have a cotton terry material on the inside. This gives the baby extra cushion and warmth for a comfortable warm fit.

What We Like About It
For basic everyday socks for your infant, this is a perfect choice. There are several shades of blues and grays in this nice eight-pack of warm footwear.

Cost and Value
This product runs on average in cost with the others and is a good buy because of the versatility in the outfit selections they will match. The extra thickness gives them a great value.

Includes a fold-over cuff

Includes rubber traction on the soles

Will match most outfits

Has terry cotton for warmth and comfort

Thick and cushiony


Might be tight in the ankles

Some threads come off after washing

11. VWU 6 Pack with Grips

Made of cotton, polyester, and spandex, this nice assortment of socks in pastel colors for both boys and girls is marvelous. They have a toweling lining, so they are thick, soft, comfortable, and warm.
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The very stretchy material allows for growth and a good fit. Included is a rolled cuff on the ankle to help keep the socks on the feet. There are six pairs in this package, and they have anti-skid dots on the soles to prevent slipping on smooth surfaces.

With only one offering of a selection of colors, this set has great pastel colors for both sexes. Because they are the softest colors, they will be equally pleasing for both boys and girls.

What We Like About It
These are some of the thickest sock available for babies. They are perfect for the colder climates and winter months when the feet need extra protection from the elements.

Cost and Value
The cost for these terrific socks is about average compared to the others. The thickness and unisex pastel colors give them their great value.

Made of cotton, polyester, and spandex

Has toweling lining

Very stretchy to allow for growth

Includes a rolled cuff on the ankle

Includes anti-skid dots on the soles


Might be hard to wear with shoes because of the thickness

The traction spots came off after washing for a few people

12. Epeius Eyelet Frilly Lace

These Eyelet Frilly Lace Socks for girls can be purchased in packs of two, three, four, and six and in several color mixture selections.
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They are made of cotton, polyester, and spandex and have lace edgings around the ankles. Light and breathable, they come in the cutest pastel colors for girls and are great for everyday or special occasions. These are ankle socks that just cover the foot and have no cuff.

These do not have cuffs making them somewhat harder to keep on the feet but are easier to get on and take off. The elastic makes them stretchy to help grow with the baby.

What We Like About It
The sheer simplicity of these socks for girl infants makes them wonderful. The colors are the lightest of the pastel shades and the delicate lace around the ankles is just a perfect finishing touch.

Cost and Value
Depending on the pack size you choose, these run from well below average to slightly above the average sock pack cost. The value is high because of the adorable lace, pastel colors, and stretchy comfort.

Offered in packs of two, three, four, or six

Several color mixture selections are available

Has lace edgings around the ankles

Light and breathable

Great for everyday or special occasions


These may not stay on well because of the lack of a cuff

Sizing was a problem for some

13. LUXEHOME Anti-Slip Grip

Having a non-skid traction on the soles, these Grip Soles Cozy Cartoon Baby Socks come in an eight-pair package made of 90% cotton material. the design is seamless, breathable, odor-free, and sweat-absorbent.
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These are great for both boys and girls and will work well with almost any outfit or wardrobe. They include the cute cartoon animal designs of a walrus, bear, tiger, pig, duck, chick, monkey, and a cat. Some of them even have ears and beaks that stick out from the material.

All of the facial features of these socks are sewn on for safety reasons. The child will not be bothered with harmful eyes or small hard pieces of decorative items on these.

What We Like About It
The cartoon animal faces are outstanding on these simple colorful socks. They will look amazing combined with anything your child wears and even by themselves.

Cost and Value
With an average cost based on the other products in this list, this sock set is a high-value item because of the cute cartoon faces that have sewn-on features.

Has non-skid traction on the soles

Breathable, odor-free, and sweat-absorbent

Great for both boys and girls

Has cute cartoon animal designs

All decorations are sewn on for safety


May be too big or too small

Elastic could be loose

14. B&S Feel Assorted 12 Pair

Available in three choices of color schemes, this twelve-pair pair of assorted cotton socks includes anti-slip grips on the bottoms.
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Each pair in the pack has a different design and they include a wonderful mixture of colors and patterns including stripes, checkered designs, stars, and anchors. Made of cotton and spandex, these are good basic socks to wear every day for babies aged one to three-years-old. These are antibacterial, sweat-absorbent, comfortable, and soft.

These are for older babies over one-year-old. They will fit for a long time because of the stretchy spandex material in the fabric. This makes for long-time wear for your child.

What We Like About It
The assortment of designs and colors are fabulous because they can be matched with almost any outfit for boys. With twelve in the package, there is a different choice for every day for almost two weeks.

Cost and Value
Surprisingly this amazing set of baby socks is priced below the average cost of these items. Just the variety of colors and patterns makes them a fantastic value.

Is a wonderful mixture of colors and patterns

Made of cotton and spandex

Includes anti-slip grips on the bottoms

Good basic socks to wear every day

Antibacterial, sweat-absorbent, comfortable, and soft


Not unisex as stated

Grips on the bottom are thin

15. Deluxe RB-71317 Non Skid

Made of cotton and spandex materials, these baby socks form a super cute set for boys. The designs are not so much geared for boys as are the basic colors of blue and gray.
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These are offered in three different color scheme choices and come in packs of twelve pairs of socks. All pairs are different from each other and include faces of animals, trucks, cars, letters, stars, stripes, and anchors. Grip dots are on the bottoms of these for traction, and they are great for all year long wear. Made of cotton and spandex materials, these have a medium thickness.

Like most of the other socks for babies, these come with grip dots on the bottoms for good traction on smooth hard surface floors. Kids need these to have confidence in crawling and walking well.

What We Like About It
The adorable designs on these cute socks are remarkable! Both parents and children will love these colors and patterns because they are just too cute for words.

Cost and Value
Costing at and below average depending on the combo set you choose, these socks are worth it because of the thickness, colors, and excellent designs.

Offered in three different color schemes

Includes grip dots on the bottoms for traction

Made of cotton and spandex materials

Has a medium thickness

Great for all year long wear


Were too tight for some babies

May have loose threads on the inside of the socks

Criteria Used in the Evaluation of the Best Baby Socks

Top-rated and most-purchased items

These are the best-rated and most-reviewed online items in the category of baby socks. Customers overwhelmingly left positive feedback and gave great ratings for these products to show their satisfaction. We search through the comments, reviews, and product descriptions to highlight the best and the worst of each item. In addition, we provide you with a summary that is loaded with all of the details you need to make an informed selection for your family. We proudly showcase these best of the best products for your enhanced shopping experience.

Fits infants and babies well

The sizes for these socks vary from newborn to infant to toddler, but infants should be able to fit into all of them. A few products offer sizes up to two-years-old and a bit older, but most of them are just for babies. With or without cuffs, these should all fit the baby well and stay on the feet great. The ones with cuffs will provide extra protection in staying on the feet that the ones without cuffs. It is hard to keep children from pulling socks off the feet, but the elastic tops may deter them a bit.

Are stylish, adorable, and offered in many colors

The designs of these socks are adorable and amazing. There are many varieties here that go from the basic solids to animal prints, ballet slippers, and shoe prints. It will certainly be hard to choose just a few of these products because they all look so wonderful and stylish. The packs consist of several colors individually and then the manufacturer even offers different color schemes for various packages. The color selections are huge this way, so you should be able to find many choices that suit your needs and individual taste.

Made of quality material blends

All of these socks are made of different blends of mostly cotton, polyester, nylon, and spandex materials. The resulting fabrics are soft, comfortable, and warm for the infant to wear. Some of them are thicker than others and can be worn even in the coldest weather, while others are on the thinner side and can be enjoyed all year long. the majority of them have rubber grip beads on the soles to prevent slipping when the child begins to crawl or walk.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are any of these socks for wide feet?

A: No, none of them state that they are for wide feet, but getting a larger than regular size might be a suitable option. They seem to fit the average foot size of most infants.

Q: Do any of these have the grip dots on the bottoms for traction and safety when crawling and walking?

A: Almost all of these socks for babies have the little grip beads of rubber on the soles to give them traction. When they start to crawl or walk, these give the confidence and safety that babies need to get moving.

Q: Which of these are for girls? Which are for boys? Which are unisex?

A: The ones that are specifically for girls are the YOHOOLYO and Epeius socks. The ones just for boys are the Trumpette and Flanhiri. All of the rest are unisex in their colors or they have a different set of options for both sexes.

Q: Will all of these fit babies or are some of them for older kids such as toddlers?

A: All of these will fit newborns and infants, while some of them do come in sizes that will fit toddlers also.

Q: Are any of these for packs of solid colors where you can choose just one color for the whole package?

A: No, we feature two packs that are just solid white socks, and others come in solid colors that are mixed. However, none of them are just for a single solid color in multiple pairs in a package.

Q: Which one of these is the highest-rated and most-reviewed package of baby socks with online customers?

A: The Deluxe Non-Skid and Jefferies Socks are the highest rated products, and the Gerber Unisex Socks are the most reviewed item.


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