10 Best Bracelets for Kids Reviewed in 2019

Bracelets are one of the most fashionable, chic pieces of jewelry that anyone can wear, and kids simply love to sport them. Children as young as 3 years of age are interested in adorning themselves with jewelry of all kinds to mimic adults and act grown up. Playing dress-up would not be half as fun without the jewelry and some of the best bracelets.

Kids wear jewelry every day to match their outfits and be a part of the younger generation that loves to accessorize. Today, there is a huge assortment of children’s jewelry, namely bracelets for this page. It is hard to focus on any one type of bracelet, so we chose a nice assortment of various bracelet styles that are the most popular currently. Whether it is bangle bracelets worn in groups on the arm to jingle and clank together or charm bracelets that have an assortment of stones and ornaments hanging from the main chain, kids’ bracelets are a hot fashion statement. Friendship bracelets have been all the rage for years, but they are still worn today and given to best buddies around the world. Some children even make their own, but we feature some that are already assembled for immediate wear by girls and boys of diverse ages. Maybe even more popular are the slap bracelets that come as straight as a board, but when slapped on the wrist, ankle, or arm, they pop into a curly shape.

They are as trendy for their action as they are for their vibrant mix of colors. We also list link bracelets that have embellishments sure to excite the little ladies for that special occasion in their lives, and also leather cuff bracelets for boys or girls for that different look and feel on the wrist. Most of the items are appropriate for girls or boys and ages 3 years old and up. If your child is asking for or is interested in jewelry, then a bracelet is a great place to begin his or her collection of wonderful accessories. Here are our choices for the best kids bracelets for 2019.

Our Top 3 Picks

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PROSTEEL Cuff Bracelet
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Furuida Genuine Bracelet
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Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Bracelets for Kids

Appropriate Age of the Bracelets

Most of the items listed are for children who are 3 years old and older. Babies wear bracelets too, but they are not featured here. If your child has exhibited interest in jewelry, then it may be time to start looking at the popular trends being worn today. Our list is of the trendiest among buyers in this age group. For children in the younger ages of 3 to 6, make sure the clasps are closed properly and won’t come open easy. They will probably not try to get them off, but they may accidentally come off if not closed correctly and cause safety concerns. For older kids, they will most probably be able to put on their own bracelets and change them accordingly.

Materials Bracelets Are Made From

Various materials make up our assortment of bracelets. Of course, the leather cuffs are made of the highest quality of genuine leather mixed with rope materials for texture variety in the bracelet. Slap bracelets are constructed of a thin metal band covered with a colorful fabric. Friendship bracelets are intricately woven of threads to create a unique article in multitudes of pattern combinations. All of the other bracelets of metal are made of superior silver and gold with stones, charms, and ornaments attached for decoration.

Safety of the Bracelets for Kids (Toddlers)

All of the bracelets were created with children in mind and for children to wear. It will depend highly on the age and maturity of the wearer as to how safe the bracelet is for the individual. Toddlers may put their bracelets in their mouths, so it is best to keep a watchful eye on them when they are wearing jewelry. All manufacturers have their pieces tested for various harmful metals to ensure the safety of the items they sell. All of the pieces with clasps have the best fasteners that are easy to open, yet not easy to fall off or jiggle open when closed properly. These bracelets are not intended for teething purposes for toddlers, as those are in another group of bracelets. These wrist adornments are simply to decorate the arm and start or add to the accessory collection for the young one on your list.

The durability of the Bracelets

Made with high-quality materials, all of the bracelets featured here are durable and dependable. They should not come apart or come loose when worn by your child, and they should never wear down. The best leather, silver, gold, and decorations make up these bracelets for kids, so they can put them on and be assured that they are superior products. Even the charm bracelets are safe when the child wears them to bed or changes his or her clothes with them on. They will not come unfastened or be tangled together. The manufacturers of the products made certain that these items for kids were going to last for a long time to possibly be saved as a keepsake to remind them of their childhood years.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the youngest age appropriate for the slap bracelets?

A: Manufacturer states they are for 3 years old and up. A child any younger than that would not be able to appreciate the mechanics of these bracelets, which is the fun part about them.

Q: What are the slap bracelets made of?

A: They are made of fabric for the colored outer covering and a thin metal piece inside that allows the “slap” action when hitting against the wrist or arm.

Q: Can the slap bracelets be worn elsewhere on the body? Could they go on the arm or ankle too?

A: Yes, the slap bracelets are long enough to go around a child’s arm or ankle. They work equally well there. Some suggested that they could be used to hold down the ends of pants for kids, like jogging pants to make a sturdy cuff.

Q: Will the pendant charm bracelet break easily like when worn to bed or at play?

A: This bracelet is very durable and will not break with activities or when worn to bed.

Q: For the charm bracelet, are the charms removable and is the bracelet adjustable?

A: Yes, the charms are removable with a pair of sharp pliers. Other charms can be put on as well. The bracelet itself is not adjustable to different sizes.


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