6 Best Educational Apps for Kids!

best educational apps for kids

While you don’t always want to give in to the temptation of giving your kids various devices, having them spend some time online isn’t a bad thing. It especially isn’t a bad thing when they actually spend that time learning! Thankfully, we found some of the best educational apps for kids on the market. Set them up with one of our 7 learning apps for kids and you don’t have to feel guilty at all about handing over your tablet or phone! 

Limiting screen time is great for a variety of reasons, but given the world we live in today, there is no way to completely eliminate screens from your children’s’ lives. Whether they use them at school or over at a friend’s house, they are going to be introduced to these devices anyways. You might as well set them up with healthy screen habits – and part of that involves loading up their devices with fun, educational apps that will help them learn everything from math, to science, to different languages, and more!

Best of all, these educational apps aren’t just educational, they’re fun too! In fact, we think that your kids will even be excited to play with these apps, even after a long day at school!

Whether you are looking for apps to supplement their daily learning at school, or just want something better for your kids to play with over the summer, on the weekends or any time when they are stuck at home, here are our best learning apps for kids picks that we absolutely love.

1. ABCMouse 

ABCMouse best educational appsMore than likely you have heard of ABCMouse, even if you’ve just seen a commercial on TV for it. This is a great app that provides learning activities for just about every subject- including math, science topics, reading, social studies, and art. If you are looking for an app that is strictly educational and covers a wide range of topics, this is a great option.

What is also nice is that ABCMouse is both a website and an app. No matter what device your child has access to, they can have fun and learn with ABCMouse! Even though this is a strictly educational app, that doesn’t mean your kids won’t have fun with it. The activities are designed to be very engaging and fun so that even your most stubborn child can have fun with it. 

ABCMouse is a paid app, so that is something to keep in mind as well. You pay for this by the month or can make one big payment to cover the entire year. This payment will not just get you access to all of the material that they have, it will also allow you to track your child’s progress over time.

This is a great companion app to learning your child is doing at school. If you feel like they need some additional instruction in certain subjects, this is a great app to help them fill in any gaps. The suggested age range for this app is children from 3-8 years of age, meaning you will be able to use this app for several years and help your child grow and learn during a very critical time in their development!

2. Duolingo 

duolingoThis next app is one that is fun for the entire family. Anyone can learn a language easily and while having fun using Duolingo! This is consistently one of our favorite apps for so many reasons. Not only is it great for a wide range of people, but it also does a seriously great job of teaching you a language. Oh, and even better, it is completely free! You can’t beat that value! 

There are a lot of languages available on the app as well, with more being added all the time. You can also choose to study more than one language at a time, so for your kids who are overachievers, they can easily get started with several languages at once!

The recommended age for this app is 11 years and older. If you want to introduce multiple languages to your children when they are younger (which we highly recommend) there are certain educational apps for toddlers, like this Baby Einstein Octoplush, that can help introduce language to much younger children. The younger your children start learning a new language, the easier they will be able to pick it up. Once your kids are old enough to use Duolingo we highly recommend they give it a try. 

Duolingo makes it easy to learn language by creating fun activities that teach you how to read, write, and speak the given language. One lesson a day is all it takes and you and your kids will be well on your way towards learning a new language!

3. Quick Math Jr. 

quick math appMath tends to be a difficult subject for a lot of kids. If math is also not your strongest subject, you might also not be able to give them the help they need as their classes get harder. Thankfully, there are plenty of great math apps out there that will help your kids learn math while having fun. One of our favorites is this one, Quick Math Jr. It turns out that learning to count, as well as basic math like addition and subtraction can be fun!

Math toys are a great option for getting kids excited about math, and this app is one additional way to do that. Their games are incredibly fun and vibrant, sure to keep even your most distracted kids interested. What we really like is that the math problems adjust as your child plays, ensuring that they are always being challenged to improve their skills. But, it won’t even feel like learning, it just feels like playing games and having fun! 

This app is recommended for children who are 4 years old and up. This is a great time to get your child excited about math and to start building a solid math foundation that they will be able to build on as they get older. 

As far as price goes, parts of this app are free, while you can pay to access more content and games if you like. We think this is a great resource that you can start out with on a free level, and if your child really loves it, you can always pay to add more!

4. Civilisations AR 

civilisations ARMuseums are great educational resources for kids, but if you can’t always get to one, not to worry! This Civilisations AR will bring the museum to you! We absolutely love this app from BBC that doesn’t just bring a museum to you, it does so with the use of augmented reality (or AR). Truthfully, you will enjoy this app just as much as your kids, it is just so cool!

With this app, you can explore ancient civilizations through the ages through the lens of the art that has been created over time. It is such a cool way to interact and learn about ancient art and cultures all from home! Your kids can scan flat surfaces in order to view various sculptures and other art pieces in AR. The art pieces can rotate and get bigger or smaller, and there are even interactive elements that will lead to various activities and information! 

We think this is such a fun, unique educational app that your entire family can enjoy together. If you are worried about the AR not working, you can always turn that feature off and just enjoy the art on the screen. But trust us, you will want to try the AR, it is incredibly cool! Oh and best of all? The entire app is free. Enjoy!

5. Crayola Create and Play

crayola create and playArt and creativity is just as important when it comes to education, and this awesome app from Crayola will help your children express their creativity all within the confines of the app. While we also love crayola products when it comes to at-home art projects, we can all agree that sometimes you don’t want to deal with a big mess that you have to clean up. In those instances, turn to an app like this one! 

This app is made for children 3 years of age and up, so it’s a great resource for kids of almost any age. We also like that there is a mix of more guided activities that will help with things like color sorting or coloring in the lines, as well as more free activities that let your kids express their creativity and do whatever they want – both types of skills are important for development! 

Keep in mind that this is another subscription-based app, so we recommend starting out with their week free trial to see how your kids like it. If they do, you can then go onto a monthly subscription plan and have fun with art all year round!

6. Stack the States

Stack the StatesFinally, this Stack the States app is a great way to learn about, you guessed it, all of the states! It’s a great way to introduce geography to your children. Start with the states, and eventually you can get them more educational toys that will teach them about the entire globe, like this Smart Globe Discovery toy!

This app will teach your children about various facts about all of the states, as well as physical information about the states like what shape each state is, as well as where it is located on the map. As they progress in the game they can even learn more challenging information like each state’s capital. As they keep playing this game, they’ll likely end up knowing more about the 50 states than you do!

While this is a paid app, all you have to do is pay one set price of $2.99 and then you have access to the entire game. We think it is well worth the money to gain access to so much fun, educational content! 

Wrapping Up

We hope that your children will enjoy our list for the best educational apps for kids, and hey, we think you will also enjoy some of them as well! These apps will help your kids learn about math, science, geography, language, as well as express their creativity, and a lot more. 

Technology isn’t all bad, and these best learning apps for kids help to prove that! If your children are going to spend time on smartphones and tablets, make sure at least some of that time is spent on fun, educational apps like these ones.