Best Floor Seats for Babies Reviewed for Support in 2018

Floor seats are the ingenious products that aid infants in learning the balancing and coordination skills to sit upright as they build their muscles to hold them up naturally. These terrific products are created by well-known manufacturers such as Fisher-Price, Bumbo, and Ingenuity so they are the best. Infant floor seats completely surround the baby with soft foam or stuffed fabric to support the back, legs, and sides while the baby sits up. A harness holds them in, so they do not fall forward. Some of these floor seats can be adapted to grow with the child and used as booster chairs and high chairs at older ages. They simply strap to regular chairs to lift the child to a table. Most of these seats come with a removable tray that the baby can use to hold snack foods and toys to keep them busy and exploring. A few of them have rings where toys can be attached for the baby to play with also. The ideal age to begin using a floor seat for learning sitting up skills is three-months-old and older. Any younger of a child will not be able to hold their head up on their own, which is a must for using these seats properly and safely. We have selected the top products with the greatest positive reviews and the most purchasers online for your shopping experience. Let us now show you the best floor seats for babies reviewed in 2018.

Our Top 3 Picks

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up, Silver Platter
  • Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up, Silver Platter
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Offers maximum support
  • Price: See Here
Bumbo B10055
  • Bumbo B10055
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Highly portable
  • Price: See Here
Summer Infant 3-Stage Deluxe
  • Summer Infant 3-Stage Deluxe
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Grows with your child
  • Price: See Here

1. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up, Silver Platter

The Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat from Fisher-Price is available in two styles and has a supportive and soft seat pad. This pad is removable and machine-washable for easy care in cleaning. This seat provides an upright seat that is perfect for playing and sitting.
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The weight limit is twenty-five pounds, and it will keep babies entertained on the go or at home. The floor seat will fold compactly for the best storage and portability. It is best to use for a child that cannot walk or climb out on their own but can hold up their head themselves. Included are two linked toys that can detach, a flower teether and a butterfly that has soft wings for entertainment. This item encourages motor skills, grasping, reaching, and curiosity, as well as finger dexterity, head balance, and vertical coordination.

Infants will gain several skills with this floor seat from Fisher-Price. Motor skills, reaching, grasping, and curiosity will be exercised as the baby sits and plays in this item.

What We Like About It
This infant floor seat can be used anywhere and anytime because it can fold compactly and is easy to carry. Use it at home or pack it and go on the road or to relatives’ and friends’ homes.

Seat pad is machine-washable and removable

Will fold compactly for the best storage

Available in five designs

Includes two linked toys

Encourages many skills and abilities


The infant must come out an awkward angle

Some babies outgrow this seat quickly

2. Bumbo B10055

The Bumbo Floor Seat is one of the most popular floor seats for infants online. It helps the infant sit up during feeding time, playtime, and story time. This item is made of low-density, durable foam that is easy to clean and lightweight. It can be brought anywhere you need to travel with the baby such as picnics, vacations, play dates, or relatives’ houses.
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The seat is contoured and soft to give your infant comfort and support while in an upright position for activities on the floor. It includes a three-point harness to keep the baby from falling forward and safe and is available in nine various colors. The best-suited ages for this lovely floor seat are three- to nine-months-old, as it is the ideal first seat for babies. It gives the chance to see the world from a new view. The Bumbo Play Tray can be purchased separately and added to this floor seat. Some of the proceeds from purchases of this item help special needs and underprivileged children in the hometown of the company which is Pretoria, South Africa.

This is a highly portable item that can be brought almost anywhere you travel with your baby. Take it on road trips, outdoor events, and anywhere else you need a floor seat for your infant.

What We Like About It
This contoured, soft seat will conform to the shape of your child and provide them with a comfortable place to sit as they learn how to sit up. Because it is made of sturdy foam, the material gives with your child’s shape for a wonderful fit.

Made of low-density, durable foam

Seat is contoured and soft

Includes a three-point harness

Available in nine various colors

Is the ideal first seat for babies


Some parents did not like the buckle strap

Item was small for some infants

3. Summer Infant 3-Stage Deluxe

This Super Seat from Summer includes three stages of seating for kids. It is available in several models, such as the Island Giggles, Pink Island Giggles, and a neutral version. There is a booster seat with chair straps, activity seat, and support seat of soft durable foam. The foam insert helps the infant sit upright and adds to the comfort level. This insert also has a safety mechanism of a three-point harness.
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The activity tray can rotate 360-degrees and has a colorful mixture of activities to keep the infant engaged and busy. Included are a removable toy bar and six adorable toys. The snack tray is removable as well and has a couple of cup holders. This item is very colorful and bright and perfect for ages four-months-old to four-years-old. The Wild Safari Super Seat gives a comfortable and secure place for your baby to learn how to interact with its environment and to sit up. Stage one is the boost seat and inner foam support together to learn how to sit upright and gain stability in the harness. Stage two is adding the rotating activity tray with the toys, snack tray, and toy bar for interactive play and exploring. Finally, stage three is using the item as a booster seat for older kids as it has chair straps to secure it to regular seating.

Plenty of abilities can be developed and exercised with this lovely floor seat for infants. It will promote motor skills, sensory development, balancing, and coordination.

What We Like About It
This is a three-stage seat for kids that can accommodate them from four-months-old to four-years-old. With the three pieces of seating, kids can sit comfortably and securely for several years.

Includes three stages of seating

The activity tray can rotate 360-degrees

Snack tray is removable with cup holders

Gives a comfortable and secure place to sit

Promotes many skills and necessary talents


Giraffe toy gave some kids problems in using it

The tray was hard for a few parents to put on and take off

4. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up, Lion

From Fisher-Price this floor seat comes in a lion or happy hills model in a colorful, bright chair. It aids the infant in sitting upright with a portable seat that has wonderful support. The baby can kick the foot pads in the shape of the lion’s paws to activate the squeaker sounds, and also enjoy favorite foods when sitting comfortably.
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The snack tray is removable on this colorful, cute fabric seat that is supportive and relaxing. Included are two detachable toys of rings on a slider clacker and a lion rattle that has teether feet. This seat is easy to put together, and the seat pad is removable and machine-washable. the floor seat stimulates the senses and builds motor skills, plus strengthens the curiosity and promotes interaction with the surroundings. This item is easy to fold and transport and has a stable wide base.

As the child sits in this comfortable floor seat, he or she can stay active and intrigued for hours. Infants can play with the included toys or have snacks as they get used to a new view of their surroundings.

What We Like About It
The lion theme of this floor seat with the squeaking paw prints is a charming added feature. Kids will make the pads squeak as they practice their kicking and leg exercise.

Includes two detachable toys

Seat pad is machine-washable

Stimulates the senses and builds motor skills

Is easy to fold and transport

Has a stable wide base


Was hard for some parents to get kids in and out

The squeaking paws pads were not in the right positions for a few kids

5. Bumbo 3-in-1 Multi

Offered in five various colors, this floor seat from Bumbo has three functions. It can be a feeding seat, booster chair, or a floor seat. The seat is contoured and soft, plus gives the comfort and support needed by the infant learning to sit up. It includes a foam insert for extra comfort that is removable to give the child more seating room as they grow.
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The seat makes full contact with the floor because of its stable wide base. It is suitable for kids to the age of three-years-old and features a three-point harness to secure infants in the seat. The removable tray gives the child an ideal surface to play and eat, and it stores easily on the seat back. This floor seat will grow with your baby and has wide openings for the legs for the best comfort. The height of the base adjusts simply as you need to raise the child for feeding and sitting at a table. It has attachment straps to secure the seat to regular chairs to use as a feeding or booster seat. These chair straps are retractable and store in the seat base.

The base of this chair adjusts easily to accommodate the various growth stages of toddlers. This feature is best used when the chair is used as a feeding or booster chair in a regular chair.

What We Like About It
Bumbo donates part of its proceeds from these products to the needy children in their native country of South Africa. This helps the global humanitarian effort greatly.

Usable as three different seat types

Includes a foam insert for extra comfort

Seat makes full contact with the floor

Has wide opening for the legs

The tray stores on the seat back


Was too small for some babies

The tray may come off easily

6. Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1

This is a two-in-one infant seat that can be used as a floor seat for infants and as a booster chair for toddlers. It includes a soft foam insert used for babies to hold them securely that can be removed to accommodate older kids to have more room to sit. As a booster seat, it will attach safely to chairs with the included straps.
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It also has a three-point harness feature to use with the foam insert and babies. The harness will keep them from falling forward into the removable tray. The tray detaches easily and can be stored under the seat quickly. Both the tray and the foam insert can be cleaned by placing in the dishwasher. This floor seat is available in four fabulous colors.

The removable tray for playing and eating can be taken off and placed under the seat. Parents will not have to worry about losing this part and can always have it handy quickly.

What We Like About It
This floor seat can be used as a booster seat also attached securely to a regular chair. This gives the child years of use from this great little chair.

Will attach safely to chairs

Includes a soft foam insert for infants

Has a removable tray

The tray and insert can be put in the dishwasher

Includes a three-point harness to secure the infant


The crotch buckle was too short for some infants

Seat tipped over for a few babies

7. Prince Lionheart bebePOD Flex Plus

Adorable placemats are included with this floor seat that looks like a slice of watermelon and a slice of orange. They match the corresponding color of the seat and look so very cute. This seat is made of durable, long-lasting foam material and allows the infant great support as they learn how to sit upright. It can be used for travel, feeding, or playing and is easy to clean, durable, and lightweight.
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Removable tray upgrades are permitted with the removable pommel. This great floor seat has a safety harness to hold the child securely from leaning forward into the tray. Included is a colorful fun toy that attaches to the tray to keep it within the grasp of the infant. This wonderful seat helps the baby build balance and trunk muscles, and it has a weight limit of fifty pounds. The base of the seat is stable, rigid, and slip-resistant and includes straps to hold it to regular chairs to use as a booster seat at the table.

Different trays can be purchased and used as upgrades for this seat as your child grows and needs more room. This is just one way this seat accommodates the growth of the infant.

What We Like About It
The colors of these seats are matched with a super-cute placemat that is either a watermelon fruit slice or an orange fruit slice. There is even a green one with a slice of kiwi for the placemat pictured, but it was not available currently.

Made of durable foam material

Includes a watermelon or orange fruit placemat

Is easy to clean, durable, and lightweight

Helps baby build balance and trunk muscles

The base is stable, rigid, and slip-resistant


There is no place to store seat straps when not in use

Tray has holes in it where food can get trapped

8. Bumbo Play Tray

Bumbo created several infant floor seats that we highlight on this page, and this is just one of their terrific items. This item contains a play tray and the floor seat, which is easy to clean, comfortable, and soft. It is made of a soft foam material that has a contoured seat to aid the infant’s posture and allows them to sit upright.
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There is a three-point harness strap that goes across the front of the waist to keep the child in the seat. This harness also keeps them from leaning forward too much and pressing themselves up against the tray. Babies that already have a spit-up problem will have an increase with this issue if they pressed themselves up against a hard surface in the stomach. The included play tray helps keep snacks and toys within the grasp of the baby. Part of the proceeds of this product goes towards helping underprivileged kids in South Africa where the company began.

The soft foam of this seat fits your child snug, so they cannot wiggle out or stand up and get out of the seat. This material also makes a wonderfully comfortable place to sit while your child has a snack or plays with toys.

What We Like About It
Bumbo is a wonderful company with terrific products for kids, and what makes them even better is that they donate part of their proceeds of these seats to poor kids in South Africa.

Contains a play tray and the floor seat

Has a contoured seat

Is comfortable and soft

Has a three-point harness

Tray helps keep snack and toys near


Was small for the legs of some kids

The tray must be removed to get the child out

9. Hugaboo Infant Sitting

This Sitting Chair from Hugaboo is made of 100% polyester material. It provides an upright position for sitting while stabilizing the legs, back, and sides of the child as they build the skills of sitting up. This seat is comfortable, soft support that surrounds the baby on all sides while they explore and view their surroundings.
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It includes two hoops on the front for toys to hook on, as toys at this age will help develop motor and sensory abilities. A seat bottom is included to keep the infant from sitting directly on the floor, plus this item is portable and lightweight. The infant can be placed almost anywhere, indoors or outdoors, in this lovely little floor seat. It is available in eight adorable colors, including pattern schemes of a snow leopard, giraffe, and chevron designs. This item can be machine washed and dried easily.

This floor seat was created by a mom who was not satisfied with the available floor seats for infants. It completely surrounds the baby with softness, much like pillows all around to hold the child in the sitting position.

What We Like About It
If you are looking for a very soft seat to train your baby on sitting upright, then this one is perfect. The whole seat is comprised of soft fabric, so there is nothing to hurt the baby’s legs or be a hard place to sit.

Provides an upright position for sitting

Includes two hoops on the front for toys

Can be machine washed and dried

Includes a seat bottom

Is portable and lightweight


The back of the seat pushes the baby forward

Material is thin and tears easily

10. Mamas & Papas Baby Snug

The lovely floor seat from Mamas & Papas includes an activity tray with eight toy features to keep the infant entertained and busy. It is a perfect floor chair that will adjust with the growth of the child. The seat is ergonomically designed and has an extra-wide base for the best stability and back support. It works well indoors or outdoors and is lightweight and easy to clean. Included are two stages of seats with this one product.
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The first level is for babies three- to twelve-months-old to use with or without the tray. When the child is older than twelve months, it can be used as a booster chair with or without the tray attached by simply removing the soft foam insert in the seat. The interactive toys that come with this seat are a spinning flower, a roller bead ball, a reversible pad that squeaks, bendy twisty stalk with teether and rattle, beaded loop, and rotating lion. There are six various toy layouts possible.

This seat comes with an activity tray that is loaded with fun, colorful toys. Babies will sit for hours in this seat just looking at and interacting with the exciting shapes and textures of these playthings.

What We Like About It
This is one of those fabulous seats which grows with the child, so they can use it longer than just a few months. First, it is a seat with the insert for infants, and then without the insert, it becomes a booster seat for older babies.

Has a wide base for the most floor contact

Includes an activity tray with eight toy features

Is lightweight and easy to clean

Has two stages of seats with this one product

Can be used indoors or outdoors


Some said the tray will not stay on the seat

Babies can easily pull the toys off the tray

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Floor Seats for Babies

Made specifically for infants that can hold up their own heads

Each of these seats is intended for infants three-months-old and older because it is at this age that babies can generally hold up their own heads well. Kids younger than this that are put in these seats are not fully developed enough yet to use them safely. Most babies should fit in all of these products because the seat compartment and leg holes are big enough to accommodate this age of a child. Without the added booster or high chair options, these seats will last until the child is twelve-months-old. Then they will be too big to fit into them anymore. If the seat has the booster and high chair options, then the insert can be removed, and the child can use some of them until they are about four-years-old.

Supportive of essential body parts to sit comfortably

All of these seats support the baby’s back, sides, and legs with the sturdy, soft foam insert or the soft plush material of the Hugaboo Chair. This is why these seats are so special. They fully support the child while he or she develops and exercises the body muscles to sit upright. The child is also experiencing life in an upright position which is completely new to the usual horizontal position. This takes incredible balance as they abilities are developed, hence the need for the supportive, fun floor seats.

Includes a snack or play tray or toys or both for the baby

Most of the floor seats come with a detachable tray to hold snacks and toys within the baby’s reach. It can also be used to support the arms to relieve the back muscles. If there is no tray on the model of seat, then it comes with rings on the front where toys can be clipped on for the infant. some models come with both a tray and toys, which will keep them engaged in an activity for long periods of time.

Best-rated and most-bought items

Each of these floor seats has received the most positive reviews and feedback online for all items in this category. The large majority of customers who favored these products would buy them again for their kids. We only display and highlight the best of the floor seats here, so you can obtain the top products for your child as well. Each item has it good points and not-so-good points listed so you can quickly and easily shop for the perfect floor chair for your baby.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Does it matter if the child is left-handed or right-handed for these floor seats? Will they be able to use the toys and the tray equally as well?

A: No, either dominant hand is okay for all of these seats. The only time this would matter is in playing with the toys, but they attach to the tray or the edge of the seat. The toys can be accessed by either hand because they are generally in the middle of the tray.

Q: Are any of these specifically for boys or girls? Which ones are for both sexes?

A: No, these seats work equally as well for boys as they do for girls. Most of the patterns, colors, and designs are gender-neutral, such as the watermelon, elephant, and lion designs.

Q: How do you clean these seats and the accessories that come with them?

A: The hard seats and the ones made of soft foam or rubber can be wiped out easily with a damp cloth. The trays can be cleaned this way as well. We do feature the Hugaboo Chair which is 100% soft material, and it can be machine washed and dried when needed.

Q: Can these seats be tied to a regular chair and used as a high chair or booster chair like at restaurants and relatives’ houses?

A: Yes, several of them have two or three growth stages where the soft insert can be taken out to provide more leg and body room in the seat to use it as a high chair or booster seat. Most of these items include the long straps needed to tie the seat to regular chairs securely.

Q: Can these seats be used in the car on a regular car seat? Would they strap to the car seat safely?

A: Yes, they can be strapped in a car to the seat of the car, but it is best to use proper car seats specially made for infants to ride in the car. These seats do not have all of the safety features that regular car seat do with the straps and harnesses plus the hard shell to protect the baby’s body in case of a crash. It is best to just use these floor seats indoors or outdoors, such as at a picnic. Car seats are best for infants in the car.

Q: What is the correct age for infants in using these seats? Is there an age that is too young or too old?

A: The manufacturers recommend in general that infants three-months-old and older can use these seats. The baby must be able to hold its own head up by itself well before using one of these seats. There is no head or neck support in these chairs. Babies can stop using them when they don’t fit in them anymore or they become unsafe from the child getting out or tipping it over. This is usually at twelve-months-old for most of the models.


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