15 Best GPS Trackers for Kids in 2018

Going on a holiday overseas can be a great experience especially for kids. New sights. New food. New fun. New experiences. Unfortunately, you are still in a foreign land and it’s very easy to get lost in all that throngs of people. For kids, this can be a really frightening experience. And you clearly don’t want them to experience this. Good thing, we now have technology on our side to help us keep track of our kids’ and everyone else’s whereabouts. In this topic we’re going to share with you 6 of the most amazing and truly beneficial GPS trackers you can give to your kid or to anyone else in your family.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Top GPS Trackers

No parent wants to ever wonder where their kids are. Losing a child or not knowing they’re where about is a terrifying experience no one wants to ever go through. Kids are becoming more and more independent these days and with technology progressing at the level that does it is time to use it to a parent’s advantage. Having your child wear or carry a GPS enabled device is a great way to keep track of them.

We wanted to make a list of the 15 Best GPS Trackers for Kids to make it easier for parents to select one. Our panel of experts reviewed hundreds of devices and was able to pick the top 15 with the best features, best reviews, and the best tracking systems available. We reviewed the best products and came up with a list that of devices that can be easily worn by kids or placed in their bags. These are all great products that give parents the peace of mind we are all looking for.

Benefits of kids wearing and carrying GPS locating devices

Being a parent of a kid in the digital world can be tough, but it also offers its advantages as well. The benefits of kids wearing and carrying GPS location devices allow them to be tracked anywhere at any time giving parents more control over kids and also the ability to try and keep them safer. GPS enabled devices have grown hugely in popularity over the last ten years. They are now super discreet, track fast, and come all different types of designs. The most popular with kids are the smartwatches and tracking tags.
When you are able to track your child we find that you worry less and have less anxiety throughout the day allowing you to focus more on your activities. With GPS devices that track and also alert you when kids have left their safe zones parents to feel they are more in control of their movements without having to be right by their side. This also helps teach kids responsibility and accountability for their choices. GPS tracking enabled devices to offer features that benefit both parents and kids.

Devices that allow two-calling and remote voice controls

Devices are now on the market that allows kids to make two-way calls and also give parents the ability to remote into the device to listen to the environment around them. The devices usually limit who calls can be made to and how many people they can contact with parental controls on a smart device. Many smartphones and tracking tags have both of these technologies available. Most do require that the device have a micro-SIM card from a major US wireless carrier.

Devices that allow kids to make calls also have a feature for an SOS emergency call. This is a great feature that usually comes along with devices that are enabled to make and receive calls. Any parent that has ever watched the news and lives in the world today knows this feature can save lives. The call is made to someone who has been set up at their SOS contact with a simple click. The device then does not make any sounds and allows the caller to listen to the environment around the child. This features is designed for kids in school and can be very helpful.

Choosing the perfect GPS tracker for kids

When selecting a GPS track for your child you want to make sure you pick the one for them. The tech world offers a wide variety of devices that have many of the same features and then branch out into different specialties. When selecting a GPS tracker for your child you want to first make sure that they will wear or use it. That is the most important thing. If they are not wearing it then it will not do its job. Once you have established the device that they will wear or take along with him. Then it is time to decide on features.

Many smart devices on the market offer GPS tracking. One of the most popular is a smartwatch. They offer many features and look cool as well. If you decide on a smartwatch that is GPS enabled then look at the features of many of them. It is nice to great a device that tracks your child’s movements but also offers them some benefits too. Many smartwatches have features like fitness trackers, apps to play games, or even cameras. Whatever your child’s passion is there is a smart device out there that has a GPS tracker. Just do your research.

What Determined the Top GPS Trackers in Our List

How do you choose a GPS tracker especially for kids? We had to look at the portability of the device. Kids have very small frames. As such it is very important for us to choose satellite locators that are very convenient to carry. And if it can be worn by kids such that it becomes a rather inconspicuous device, then we took that into consideration. Additional features of the device were also examined closely. It would be more fun for kids to have a device if they have some additional use for it.

Power is a major consideration in the selection of these devices. It would be useless to get a geolocator that doesn’t last as long as you want it to. It is therefore, crucial for us to choose only those that have superb battery life, otherwise, it would simply be senseless having these electronic devices if you cannot even power it on when you need it the most.

We also considered what other consumers think about these geolocators. Those who already have a first-hand experience about the use of these products were taken into consideration. This gave us the guarantee that your kid will be much safer as you’ll know exactly where he or she is. Unfortunately, not everyone is happy about these products. But for those who do, we tried to determine what about the product that made them feel very satisfied. And for those who had negative experiences with the product, we tried to examine closely whether their reasons were justified or not. We do recognize that some have higher expectations than others. It is thus, crucial for us to determine whether those negative things about the product are deal breakers or not and whether these are isolated cases or a sign of a more pervasive problem.

Ensuring the Safety of Your Child when Going Out

Going out every weekend can have a lot of benefits to the family, especially children. However, going out to a place where no one is familiar can be a frightening experience. This is especially true if you are going to participate in certain activities where there are a lot of people. While adults can easily navigate their way out of the dilemma, children may not have the faculties to do so. As such, it is important to ensure the safety of your children whenever you are going out to a place that’s unfamiliar to you.

First, you need to strategize. You can easily discuss with your family things everyone needs to do in case they get separated from the family and get lost. You can decide on a meeting place with a particular time of day for meet-ups. Make sure that everyone truly understands the place where you are going to visit so that everyone knows where the meeting place is. For kids, it is important to teach them who to approach in case they get lost. Uniformed officers such as policemen will be their primary resource persons. The wearing of GPS trackers can also help; just make sure that all of these devices are functioning properly.

Going on a trip with your kids can be made more fun if you can avoid one of your family members getting lost. Planning and vigilance is needed to help make this happen.

The Bottom Line

Today’s technology now allows us to do a lot of things, even track the whereabouts of our loved ones. This is not because we’re suspicious or anything but we just want them to be safe. Our top 6 GPS trackers for kids can help you with this.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where do I find the micro-SIM cards that are required for some devices?

A: You are able to find the micro-SIM cards at any wireless carrier. Each of the carriers has their own terms service and require different agreements when using their service. Make sure to reach out to the carrier before purchasing the micro-SIM card to ensure that the device you have selected is supported by their service.

Q: Why are micro-SIM cards required for some device to work?

A: The micro-SIM cards are required for some devices to work because that is what gives them the ability to make calls, receive calls, and have location tracking services. Wireless carriers use SIM cards to communicate with devices and track their movements.

Q: Where can I find purchase the GPS trackers for kids listed on the above list?

A: You can purchase any of the GPS tracking devices found on our list by clicking the link located below the device picture. This will take you to Amazon where you can purchase the device and have it delivered to a location of your choice.

Q: Are these GPS trackers safe for kids?

A: All the GPS tracker tags and smartphones on our list are safe for kids.

Q: Can my child use the GPS tracker when in school?

A: The ability for your child to use a GPS enabled device when in school is up to the school’s policy. Each school is different and handles the policy different as well. The best thing to do is to communicate with the school about the device and see what the policy would be.

Q: Can I track my kid without them wearing a smartwatch with GPS tracking?

A: You can track anything that you want these days without people even knowing if you don’t want them to. If you would like to track your child without them having to wear a smartwatch then select a GPS tracking tag that can be placed in their bag or something they carry with them at all times. There are a couple of these devices on the list above.


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