The Best Harry Potter Books Reviewed in 2018

Growing up presents challenges that can be trying, often leaving behind a feeling of confusion or embarrassment. Learning to fit in and find yourself at the same time is a difficult balance to achieve and each person must find the path that pairs best with their own journey.

Every experience we encounter plays some part in molding the people we are meant to become and each scenario we encounter affects us differently. Out of control hormone levels paired with constant exposure to new information and environments can make life as an adolescent difficult to process. Having a source of guidance can be one of the most essential tools in making it through those hormone filled years. Harry potter is a fun and imaginative story line that offers children an underdog character they can easily relate to.

Harry Potter features stories for several of the phases we encounter in life, giving children a set of characters they can grow alongside. While magic is not a part of our everyday lives, these characters encounter scenarios that can be metaphorically and give children a sense of familiarity and companionship.

The story of Harry Potter begins with an orphaned boy who lives with his aunt, uncle and cousin. He lives a bleak life with little happiness, hope or adventure. On his eleventh birthday he finds out he has a secret gift and a big pretty big destiny attached. Along with his new found life comes the discovery of the existence of a whole world he never knew about. This world is full of forces, good and evil. Sprinkled through the story are beings never thought to exist, adding depth and dimension for an intriguing and adventurous story.

Harry encounters adventures, through which he discovers the importance of bravery, a strong sense friendship and the ability to overcome stereotypes. He is seen as an underdog by many. He proves with hard work, bravery and a little faith it’s possible to achieve anything. His friendships, while facing the occasional hiccup, are strong and solid reinforcing the value and importance of true friendship. Harry and his friends attend a school that offers guidance in the use and control of spells and potions.

Subtly this story line provides an exciting introduction to Chemistry, by putting a fun spin on the medieval practice of alchemy. Bringing light to these skills in an almost unnoticeable degree enhances children’s curiosity.This story illustrates the importance of proper measurements and correct ingredient combinations to reinforce skills and safety habits transferable in everyday life.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Harry Potter Books on Our List

We’re taught from a very young age the importance of reading. While many people hate to read, many find it to be a beloved hobby. Whatever your opinion may be, reading is a skill essential to everyday life. Reading provides so many benefits to promote healthy brain development and a more relaxed lifestyle. From reading street signs to instructions and warning labels, having the ability to read can help to make life a little safer. Reading strengthens memorization skills, helps to focus attention and promotes analytical, and critical, thinking. Some studies have shown it can even slow the effects of alzheimer’s and dementia. The expansion of vocabulary can encourage better writing and research skills. In turn this can
set the tone for higher self esteem and a well paying job.


Reading comprehension is a skill that can be inspired from the beginning. We spend time talking to our babies in the hopes of giving them a head start to understanding vocabulary. Sometimes we confide in them the struggles we face at work or our concerns about covering our mortgage, other times we may explain what our baby is eating or playfully incorporate silly songs into your daily routine. Our constant communication with our children stimulates their brain and increases their word comprehension but as they grow they need more. They will need more exciting and engaging activities to stimulate their minds. Books are a great and convenient way to keep your little one occupied. They are not powered so there is never hassle trying to find a plug to charge a dead battery. There are no lights and sounds to cause a distraction while out and about. Reading is a fairly cheap and incredibly convenient hobby.

There are books in all genres for ages baby through adult, ranging from picture and story books to chapter books and novels. There is a book for almost any topic you can think of. With plenty of variety there is bound to be a genre that will captivate and excite anyone. A Wonderful aspect of reading is the ability to imagine. Books are a great stress relief mechanism to help take us on adventures around the world, or even to other worlds. As the words jump off the page we are left to create a visual image in our minds, allowing us to think up any creation. Getting lost in a story can give our mind a break from the things that perplex us, by coming back to these problems after a break our minds have the opportunity to rest and recharge. Providing more clarity in addressing the problem head on. Books have an incredible power to help us a relax and get our creative juices flowing.

While movies are a great source of amusement, they do lack some dimension and capabilities provided by books. Books tend to have more details and in depth explanations that are sometimes essential for fully appreciating the story line. Harry Potter is no exception, while the movies are exciting and captivating they lack in detail and further explanation of character backstories. They paint a picture for us to expand on and picture details that are not otherwise available when we watch the movie version. Harry Potter is a very popular well known story line that is full of adventure, mystery and magic. The dark forces that offer a frightful and thrilling aspect are accompanied by some lovable characters to provide seriously needed comic relief. The story goes through a series of ups and downs that take the reader on an emotional roller coaster touching on concepts like love, friendship, loyalty and the much less pleasant concept of loss.

Another great thing about introducing your children to this series is the sense of community, amongst its fanbase. From memorabilia to conventions this story is so popular it pops up all over the place and encourages fans to come together to appreciate this story. If have recently moved your child to a new school and are worried about them meeting friends this is a perfect story to give them. They will not only enthrall and excite your little one, the story is so popular it makes for a perfect ice breaker. Due to its popularity, our child is bound to find a group of Harry Potter fans they can relate to and converse with. The Harry Potter story is meant to captivate audiences of all ages. It touches on some complex concepts that adults can easily relate to while hitting some adolescent and teen struggles. Additionally it provides a fun and exciting story for children. The characters, whose history and ancestry is a little unconventional, carry traits and qualities we can all relate to. Another possible lesson this can teach is learning to be open minded and respectful of all races and cultures. Each identity brings its own unique quality to the story in the same way we can learn something from all customs and cultures.

The headmaster of Hogwarts, a wise old Wizard known as Dumbledore, alongside a team of highly skilled wizard professors, help Harry to master and expanded his powers. Their goal is to help prepare him for a battle to bring down the dark lord. He first meets Ron Weasley, a boy from a goofy and fun loving family. He is not the sharpest but his heart is made of gold and his intentions are pure. Hermione is a girl well beyond her years, her maturity jumps right out upon the first encounter. She is known for being a bit of a know it all and a studyholic but she looks out for her friends and always tries to help them see the error of their ways, before they face greater consequences. They become Harry’s best friends and confidants through the story. While you can’t help but root for Harry, it’s hard not to sympathize with Draco Malfoy. It’s true that he comes across as a bit of a bully, he’s smug and narcissistic but he struggles to live up to the expectations of his father and is always seeking approval. He grows through is own emotional roller coaster to develop character growth that leads him him to find he too has a greater purpose. The intricate story provides a number of plot twists meant to keep the audience craving more.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What are the age recommendations?

A: These books are suggested for audiences ages around eight and up. They do provide a fun story line for adults to follow along with as well. It is important to remember some monsters and beasts in these stories may be scary for younger children and these books may contain vocabulary difficult for children who are learning to read so some assistance and extra cuddles may be required.

Q: Why Harry Potter?

A: This story is well written and full of complexities designed to stimulate the mind. Not only is reading incredibly beneficial to brain function, a story like this has so much to offer in the way of excitement and adventure. It’s supports and promotes the development of investigative and imaginative skills.

Q: Why give my child the book when they can just watch the movie?

A: While movies are a great source of entertainment they do lack in some stimulating qualities and often times can leave out details. These details play an important role that can enhance the story and help the audience gain a better understanding of the underlying complexities of character dynamics.

Q: Does this story promote paganism?

A: There certainly is quite a bit of sorcery and witchcraft. In fact, the reality is the entire story takes place in a magical world with spells, monsters and magic. There are several villainous characters throughout the series and Harry must learn to overcome their powers and defeat them. This story provides so much perspective on the balance of good and evil. While it does shine a light on certain elements of paganism, it also presents these concepts in an engaging and imaginative way to show children the value of good to counteract evil.

Q: Is there a lot of symbolism used in this story?

A: The series contains several concepts including symbolism, imagery, foreshadowing and a number of other plot building grammar techniques. There are subliminal messages scattered throughout the books and it’s full of themes meant to teach a lesson or tell a story. For example, wands are used to represent individuality. Each wizard and witch has a wand tailored just for them. Another example is the eternal battle of good and evil, it occurs throughout the whole series in the same way it is real part of the world we live in.

Q: Why are the portraits one the walls of dead people? Why do they talk?

A: The portraits that speak generally do so in Dumbledore’s office. The reason for this is previous headmasters headmistresses have left a small piece of themselves behind. This piece of their spirit is there to offer guidance and support.


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