Best Holiday Kid’s Crafts

Best Holiday Kid's Crafts

The holidays are all about spending time with the family and having plenty of fun. It’s certainly great to sit around the fire or Christmas tree, unwrap presents, and watch your kid’s face light up when she gets that gift she’s been waiting for.

It’s also tons of fun working with your kids to make simple, at home holiday crafts; it’s an absolute blast for both you and your kids, and you get to stimulate your child’s creative side, which is always a plus. Here are a handful of holiday craft ideas you might want to try out with your kid. Every choice is fun, safe, and guaranteed to bring you and your kid even more holiday cheer. Various ways to craft little at home Christmas trees to use as ornaments
Sometimes, one Christmas tree to put the presents under just isn’t enough. If you feel like you and your kid haven’t had your fill of Christmas trees, you might want to try one of the many options for making a miniature tree right at home.

Cardboard tube Christmas tree

The material you’re going to need is construction paper, glitter, cardboard tube, glue, sequins, and pom-poms.

Go ahead and take two pieces of square construction paper (preferably green; trees are green after all), and fold each piece in half into triangle shapes. To give it the appearance of a tree, put each piece of paper under the other. This way you’ll have two triangle shapes that overlap to form the shape of a Christmas tree.

Go ahead and have your kids decorate the tree with whatever they like—whether that be the glitter or the pom-poms. Put a hole in the top so that you can string it up and hang it later. Go ahead and stick the cardboard tube through the middle of the paper triangles using glue, and you’ve got yourself a solid tree trunk to complete your cardboard Christmas tree.

Stain glass Christmas tree

This one is a lot of fun because of all the unique and pretty colors you get when you hang the tree and let some sunlight come in.


For this one, you’ll need some sticky back plastic or contact paper, a pair of scissors, colored cellophane, some washi tape, thread, and black paper or cardstock.
Start by cutting out the shape of a Christmas tree on your black paper or card. Then go ahead and cut out the shapes of leaves, branches, or other ornaments and circular lights using the cellophane. After that, you should cut two pieces of sticky back plastic paper which will be a little bigger than the size of your tree. Go ahead and peel the back off one of the sticky paper sheets that you plan to use for sticking the tree cutout on top of. Have them decorate the tree with their cellophane, then stick the other piece of contact paper on top to seal everything nice and tight. Cut a nice round hole at the top so you can use a thread to hang the tree.

Tiny tinsel/Pipe cleaner tree

You’ll need ribbon, a pushpin, a wine cork, washi tape, beads, a toothpick, tacky glue, and tinsel pipe cleaners.

  • Cut a 4-inch length of pipe cleaner. Wrap 1 ½ inches of pipe cleaner around a pencil. Then you’ll need to twist the pipe cleaner in order to make it secure, leaving the tail untrimmed.
  • Cut 5, 2-inch length pieces of pipe cleaner. Wrap each one around the “trunk” that you’ve create with the 4-inch length pipe cleaner. Then go ahead and trim the branches with scissors. Dab a little glue on each branch and add some beads. Then you’ll want to mark the width of the cork with some washi tape. Cut the marked cork the knife (don’t let the kid do this). After that, wrap the cork in tape and use a pushpin to create a hole in the center of the cork. Then insert your tree into the hole and you’re good to go.

Popsicle stick sled ornament

You can’t exactly take these sleds for a ride, but they’re still a ton of fun to make. For this neat project, you’re going to need some popsicle sticks, hot glue, glitter, paint, and metallic chenille stems.

Once you have all the proper material, lay out five popsicle sticks in the shape of a sled. Then glue two popsicle sticks in a horizontal fashion across the sled (one on the top end and the other on the bottom end) in order to create cross bars. You’ll then need to glue 2 popsicle sticks across then thin edges of the crossbars so that you can make the runners of the sled. Go ahead and let your child express her creative side and have her paint the sled with any number of her favorite colors. Next, you can go ahead and sprinkle some glitter for some extra flair. Twist the metallic chenille stems together and bend them into the shape of a horseshoe. Then go ahead and hot-glue the metallic chenille stems to the runners.  It’s that simple. Now you have your very own little homemade sled ornament.
Felt gingerbread house
To get this project going you’re going to need some brown felt, craft glue, buttons, sequins, pipe cleaners, yarn, and some cardboard and scissors.

First, you’ll want to use your architecture skills to draw a house on the piece of cardboard. After that, go ahead and cut out the drawing. Then you’ll want to use the cardboard house so that you can use it as a template to cut out a piece of felt that’s similar in size to the cardboard house.

Next, you’ll want to glue the felt onto the cardboard house, and press in between two heavy objects while you let it dry. Once it’s dry, let your kid have at it and let them decorate any way they place using the craft glue and sequins, buttons, pipe cleaners, yard—whatever safe decorative stuff you have around the house that you think your kids might want to put on the house.

Shining star ornament

This one is very simple. You’re just going to need a little tin foil, cardboard or newspaper, a pushpin, and a string.

All you need to do is cut some star shapes out of a disposable tin foil pan. You’ll then want to put the stars on a stack of newspaper or some cardboard and punch some holes through the tinfoil to create some neat patterns and given the stars a little extra shine; do this using a pushpin. Go ahead and place a string in one of the holes on the top and your ornament is ready to hang on your Christmas tree.

Spin-art wreath

For this one you’re going to want to have some paper plates, scissors, red buttons, glue, red ribbon, tape, blue and yellow paint, and a salad spinner (sounds odd doesn’t it).

To get it all going, put the paper plate inside the salad spinner. Then have you and your kids mix some blue and yellow paint (to create the color green), add a few drops of water, close the salad spinner and give it a whirl. Now you have a colorful paper plate.

Let the plate dry for a few hours, then cut out a circle in the center of the plate. Use the ribbons to create some bows, get those buttons ready, then glue the bows and buttons to the plates. Let it all dry, then feel free to hang them wherever you’d like by threading a string through the circle.

Mini snow globe

To create your own mini snow globe, you’ll need some Epsom salt for snow, a clear plastic shot glass, pinking shears, a small plastic figure, tacky glue, metallic pipe cleaners, buttons, and string.

First, you’re going to need to trace the opening of the plastic shot glass, then use pinking shears to cut a circle a little larger than the traced line. Next, you’ll need to use a glue dot to stick a small, plastic figure of your choice to the center. You might want to use a figurine of Santa, a snowman, or a reindeer.

Go ahead and add a tablespoon of Epsom salt to the cup with tacky glue, line the cup’s rim to the base of the card, and adhere the cup the card stock base. When everything is dry, glue the metallic pipe cleaner around the bottom of globe. From there, you can thread string through the button, glue the button in place, and then it’s ready to hang on the tree.