Best Hot Wheels Race Tracks & Playsets for Kids Reviewed in 2019

Since 1968, Hot Wheels have been a favorite toy for boys–and even girls–for years. Combining their imagination with racing, finding their favorite model or just collecting whatever captures your child’s interest with these cars it’s just plain fun. One feature that’s been a parent’s favorite has been the Hot Wheels tracks that offer the ability for your child to customize their own race track. We’ve created a list of the best tracks and playsets that we think will be a perfect gift for that young car enthusiast in your household.

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Hot Wheels continue to be all the craze amongst children. Fuel their creativity and enhance their fun with a race track from our list. We recently updated this list by replacing any out of stock products and reviewing the information to ensure it was still accurate.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Hot Wheels Race Tracks and Playsets for Kids

To find the best tracks and playsets for kids, we had to do extensive research for multiple products through a test to determine which products are the very best Hot Wheels Track items. This research consisted of rating on how fun the track is, the overall size and customization of the track, the developmental aspect of the track – how this can help your child overall, our Amazon rating, and of course, durability.


This one is easy: you’re going to have to ask yourself when purchasing a track or playset: is this going to hold my child’s interest for long. Is it just a one? Is it a multi-functioning super toy? How long is this going to keep my child entertainOverall all, hot wheels have been around for decades. If your child loses interest in playing, they’ll still love having these collectibles to pass on to their own child one day.


Now you must start thinking: what size track should I get for your child. Do you want a small track that won’t take up a lot of space and your child can play comfortably without having to try and maneuver around it. Do you want to maximize your child’s entertainment by getting a larger one, so your child can create and customize the ultimate track for their race cars? When you think of size, you’re going to have to think of storage. The smaller the track the easier it’s going to be to store or even if you’re travelling packing. The larger the track the more difficult it might be trying to find a bin that can hold every piece.

Child Development

We also looked at the theme and specific actions that each track offers to judge whether or not that this toy would be beneficial to a child’s development. The answer to this question is yes. These tracks will help your child with hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and will help your child follow directions.


We looked at the durability of the product and if your child will still be able to use any of these products in the future. The answer to this is: absolutely. While each toy is unique, and some can even be customized, hot wheels products can last for years.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the age requirement to play with hot wheels tracks?

A: Google says ages 3-5, but most hot wheels boxes list themselves at 5.

Q: Are the projectile tracks dangerous to my child?

A: If your child is under the age of 7, there is a possibility of getting hurt from the flying projectiles.

Q: What are the best batteries to use in the power boosters?

A: According to recent studies, the lithium battery seems to be the one with the longest lasting power.

Q: How long could a playset last if kept in good condition?

A: Playset can be kept for at least 2 years without any signs of damage, but realistically a playset could probably last forever if kept in good condition.

Q: Is hot wheels a collector’s item?

A: According to numerous collectors sites, hot wheels is going to be a wanted collectible in the future because of the value.


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