10 Best Kids’ Bed Sets Rated & Reviewed in 2019

Because of the sheer number of bedding sets available for your child’s room, get ready for an extensive, exhaustive search. Or, just check out the top 10 sets we have chosen for you, based on the manufacturer’s high quality, top ratings and positive reviews.

You might think the choosing bedding will entail a quick trip to the local department store, but when you consider that your children will spend a third of their day there, you might consider researching the options a little more thoroughly, especially since you don’t want to have to buy new bedding every year. Most importantly and probably most obviously, keep in mind that your child’s age and personality should influence your purchase. For example, if your child is younger, you will need bedding that is durable and machine washable because of all the wear and tear it will get–no more monkeys jumping on the bed! This bedding will have to stand up to jumping, playing, napping, spills, crumbs, sticky fingers and maybe even pets too. In addition to being durable, the bedding should also reflect their personalities, their tastes and their interests.

If your child is on the older side–a preteen or teenager–they may want be happiest with a more grown-up option. They have probably outgrown cartoon characters, princesses or superheroes. Durable bedding is still important because spill and stains still happen but they may want something more stylish than cartoony. Neutral colors and classic prints will never go out of style and will match many different furniture finishes and any wall decor your teen might choose. We have chosen a wide range of styles for a number of different age ranges on our top 10 list. We are sure that your child will be happy with one of them!

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Bedding sets should be comfortable, durable and also reflect your child's personality and interests. We have gathered the top 10 options on this list, which was recently updated with a number of new products, one of which we are sure will appeal to your child. Additionally, we have reviewed all product information to ensure that it is all accurate, up to date, and that each set is readily available.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Kids’ Bed Sets

Your child’s bedroom is their safe place to rest, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy world. They can have a quiet moment to gather their thoughts, prepare themselves for another day, or just laze around and daydream. It should be their place to unwind, feel safe, and be comfortable.

A Set that Functions Well

There are two key things to consider when choosing the perfect bedding for your son or daughter: functionality and personality. Anything in a child’s room will go through lots of wear so it needs to be durable. The fabric needs to be strong, zippers or buttons need to be sturdy, and the seams need to be well-sewn.

You will also want bedding that is easy to wash, preferably in the washing machine. Kids definitely tend to be a little messy with frequent spills or innocent accidents, so being able to do a quick wash can be a huge convenience. Maintenance-free is convenient as well, sturdy material that you will not need to patch after a tear or iron every time it is washed. Being fade-resistant is nice too so the set stays looking fresh and new.

Sleep with Personality

When choosing a new bed set for your child, you should also consider their personality. Every child is different, so for them to be comfortable it is important for them to have a bedroom that reflects their own personal tastes. Start with the color. What is your child’s favorite color? Are there a few that match? Do they just love colorful things in general? Most younger children do.

How about patterns? Maybe they like flowers or clouds or polka dots? Does your child have a special hobby? Some kids like astronomy or a certain sport or sports team. Do they like a certain character or superhero? They may like a cartoon character, movie character, or superhero. Maybe they have favorite toys, like LEGOs? Or maybe they like a certain animal? Maybe they like horses or cats or even dinosaurs. There are so many different designs to choose from so you can create a stylish bedroom your kid will adore.

Checking Out the Specifics

Bedding sets come with lots of different pieces and each one needs to be good quality. The pieces should complement each other and look good together. Check the fitted sheet and make sure it has nice, deep pockets and good elastic so it is sure to stay on the bed. The flat sheet should keep a good shape, be wrinkle-free, and be made with material that will stay in place when the bed is made. The pillowcases should feel good against your skin and big enough to fit your pillow easily.

The biggest part of your child’s bed set is the comforter or duvet. Duvets are measured in TOGs, which is a measurement of how well it is able to trap warm air around you and keep you insulated at night. One is the coolest rating and 15 TOGs is the warmest. In the summer it is best to have 1 to 7 TOGs, and 10.5+ is best for winter. Getting one around 10 TOGs is a good compromise. The weight of the duvet does not relate to the duvet top rating.

The Warmth in the Filling

There are two types of fillings–natural and synthetic. The natural filling can be made of feathers or down. It is lighter but just as warm. Natural materials are also soft and allow your skin to breathe more easily. The synthetic fillings are hypoallergenic. They can be filled with microfibers which are extra-fine fibers used to make a comforter feel as luxurious as the natural down options.

There are lots of options and lots of choices, so hopefully, the few we have listed here will help. Do not forget to take your child’s age, interests, and personality into account. Make sure the set you are considering has all the pieces you need, made with the desired materials.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the difference between a duvet and a comforter?

A: A duvet is basically a plush quilt filled with feathers or synthetic fibers. They are sized for a minimal hangover on the bed and are designed to be used with protective covers. A comforter is made in about the same way but they tend to be much less thick and fluffy. They are nice because they do not need a cover.

Q: What is a microfiber?

A: A synthetic fiber which is even smaller than a strand of silk, typically made from a polyester-type material. It is used in mats, clothes, upholstery, and bedding.

Q: What does thread count mean?

A: The thread count means the number of horizontal and vertical threads in a square inch of material. The higher the thread count, the softer the material will be and better they will wear through time.

Q: Are duvets okay for kids?

A: They are not really suitable for kids under 1 year old because they may lead to overheating or even suffocation. Children that age do not need bedding. Up until they are about 10 years old, the bedding should be kept light. They should also be cleaned about every three months.

Q: What is the easiest way to fold a fitted sheet?

A: Fold the corners into each other and the sides over to make it flat, then lay it on a table to fold it up the rest of the way.

Q: Why is it important to always use a pillowcase?

A: They are functional and decorative. Pillowcases protect the pillows from dust mites and stains. They also help keep allergens from accumulating on the pillow, and keep things cleaner because they can be stripped off and washed weekly.


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