Best Kids’ Desks Reviewed and Rated in 2018

Just like adults, children need a desk at home to do their homework, study or work on projects. Research shows that having a desk at home for a child to use for artwork, studying, and homework is highly beneficial. A survey of parents resulted in the findings that a desk has a high impact on good study habits, makes children study longer, improves their concentration, is more comfortable than just a table, makes them get better grades, and is good practice for later years in life.

We feature in this informative buying guide for your enhanced shopping experience the best online desks for kids that manufacturers offer. They have the best ratings from customers and the most reviews online. Consumers are overwhelmingly excited and satisfied with these highlighted children’s desks for their kids. Some of these are just for toddlers, while others are for grade-school kids and teenagers. We even feature a lap desk, the LapGear, which is perfect for traveling and doing work on-the-go. There is sure to be a desk here perfect for your child to have for his or her room or play area. They are all suitable for both boys and girls, and a few even offer some choices in color. The Delta Children’s Desk with Storage is decorated with cartoon characters for toddlers in eleven designs they will love. We are proud to highlight these products here for you to make your shopping easier and trouble-free. Here are the best kids’ desks in 2018.

10 Best Kids Desks


1. Delta Children with Storage Bin

With the largest number of online reviews from parents, the Delta Children Chair with Storage Bin is the perfect desk for kids aged three- to six-years-old. It is a spot they can call theirs and includes a removable cup holder in the corner of the desk to hold a drink or markers, pencils, and crayons.
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There is a storage bin under the seat of the desk with a handle, and it can hold art supplies, toys, papers, and books. Offered in ten different character themes such as Disney Frozen Disney Mickey Mouse, Disney Minnie Mouse, Disney Pixar Cars, Disney Princess Friendship, Marvel Spiderman, Nick Jr. PAW PATROL, Nickelodeon Ninja Turtles, and Sesame Street, this amazing desk cleans easily with a wet or dry cloth. It is beautifully decorated with the desired character all over the desk front and back and will hold up to fifty pounds in the seat. Made of fabric for the storage bin and engineered wood for the desk, this item meets all standards of safety of the CPSC. It sits low to the floor, so kids can get in and out easily, plus the finish is scratch-resistant to protect the brightly colored graphics.

Not only is this little desk a great place for your busy child, but he or she can store their extra belongings in the adorable little hide-away storage bin under the seat.

What We Like About It
Kids can choose their favorite cartoon characters with the great assortment that is offered for this lovely desk. There are characters for both boys and girls to pick and enjoy.

Cost and Value
This cute desk is below the average price. Its best qualities are the many colorful graphics to choose from, the tuck-away storage bin, and the scratch-resistant finish that protects the design.

Has a storage bin and cup holder

Will hold up to fifty pounds

It sits low to the floor and is easily cleaned

Meets all standards of safety of the CPSC

Offered in ten different character themes


Was hard to put together for some parents

The seat edge could be a bit uncomfortable for the legs

2. LapGear Black

The LapGear MyDesk Lap Desk is a deep organizer tray and desk that gives stability and comfort because it conforms to the lap. It has the proper angle for viewing a laptop screen because of the cushions underneath that are filled with microbeads for lap comfort.
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The cute designs include plain turquoise, rose quartz, gray, pink, purple, black, blue, a butterfly, a cat, a dino, a fox, a hedgehog, a panda, and an owl. The cushions are made of a very soft fleece material, and there is a curved edge around the desk, plus a handle built in. The flat smooth surface is ideal for a laptop’s need for ventilation and air flow. This adorable desk is great for notebooks, iPads, and laptops, and it allows you to relax in bed or on the couch and still be at a desk. It works just as well in a vehicle or outdoors because it is very portable to go with you anywhere. Included are two small storage sections for accessories such as cell phones and paperclips.

This is a nifty desk that can go wherever you go because it is so portable. Whether you are home, at school, in the car, at a friend’s house, in the yard, or at the beach, you can have a nice little desk all to yourself.

What We Like About It
The solid colors are great for the decoration of this lap desk, but the animal designs are stunningly beautiful. It will be very hard for kids to pick a favorite from this terrific selection. They may have to have more than one.

Cost and Value
This desk is the lowest in price on this list of desks. Its magnificent qualities are its portability, versatility, soft cushions, and two storage bins for the little extra things.

Great for notebooks, iPads, and laptops

Cushions are filled with microbeads

Has a curved edge around the desk

Is very portable to go with you anywhere

Includes two small storage sections for accessories


Does not have a grip for a laptop

Cushions were not comfortable for a few people

3. Prepac Floating with Storage

The Prepac Floating Desk with Storage is a mountable desk that attaches to a wall. It can be put at any height and adjusted as the child grows. Included are side sections with two shelves that can be removed or used for pictures, books, speakers, or electronic devices.
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The top shelf is ideal for photos and books, and this fantastic desk has a large surface space with plenty of room to work. It is easy to mount and install and has a timeless modern design. This item will save valuable floor space in rooms and has a system of metal rails for mounting. Available in white, brown, or black, this superb desk gives added shelf space to a bedroom or playroom in a fun, clever way.

The surface area is large for this terrific desk, and there are plenty of small cubby holes for extra accessories. It even has a top shelf to put items that do not fit in the side sections.

What We Like About It
This desk can be put anywhere and at any height. This is amazing versatility in a furniture item. When the child grows or changes his or her mind about the location, it can be altered easily.

Cost and Value
Being the second highest in price on this list, the Floating Desk saves on floor space, can be mounted at any height on a wall, and has a great design that will match any room décor.

Can be put at any height and adjusted

Includes side sections with two shelves

Is easy to mount and install

Will save valuable floor space in rooms

Gives added shelf space to a bedroom or playroom


Some buyers were missing hardware parts

A few were disappointed with the size

4. ALEX Toys Artist Studio

Colorful, eye-catching, and made of durable wood, the Artist Studio Super Art Table with Paper Roll includes a durable canvas bag and several plastic cups for supplies.
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This makes a wonderful addition to a child’s playroom or bedroom and is an award-winning item. It is also listed on a best children’s products list because of the superiority of the idea. This clever set includes the table, two benches, a storage bin made of canvas, a paper roll that hangs, a paper cutter, three storage cups that are removable, and assembly hardware and a tool. Perfect for kids aged six-years-old and older, this lovely table introduce the creative world to kids and encourages them with colors and designs. It is easy to assemble and can be used as a regular desk for homework and studying also. This fantastic table set sparks imagination in children, as they draw on the paper as it comes off the roll. They cut the paper when finished and start another picture. The table surface is a chalkboard, so kids can draw on it and erase.

Kids love to draw on the table, and with this neat desk, they can. The paper comes off the roll and is placed on the table for children to draw on. When they are finished with a picture, they get more paper from the roll easily.

What We Like About It
Just the gorgeous colors and design alone make us want one of these for ourselves! This is an excellent product that is colorful, exciting, and encouraging to draw, paint, and color for hours of quiet, productive entertainment.

Cost and Value
The Artist Table with Paper Roll is the most expensive desk on this list. That is understandable because it is much more than just a desk. It comes with several accessories to make it a wonderful craft table such as the paper roll, benches, and storage sections.

Colorful and eye-catching design

Is an award-winning item

Includes many parts and accessories

Can be used as a regular desk too

Table surface is a chalkboard


Some buyers were missing parts

A few had trouble with the table legs staying on

5. Step2 Deluxe Art Master

The Step2 Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk is made of durable tough plastic material and features a big work area. It has molded-in sections for storage, includes a dry-erase board on a hinge, and has a light with a push button.
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A New Traditions Chair is included with this set that is suitable for toddlers and preschoolers. This fantastic desk has raised shelves for art supplies and accessories and contains four bins in the desk to hold supplies within reach. The vertical sections in the legs hold larger items such as books and toys, plus this terrific desk is sturdy and long-lasting.

This simple desk will teach children about organizing and keeping their supplies in a neat fashion. Organizing is a valued skill that will benefit them all the way into adulthood, making life much easier for them along the way.

What We Like About It
This adorable little desk has so many places to put art supplies, books, paper, and plenty of other things. It has numerous cubby holes and compartments for everything a child needs for artwork.

Cost and Value
Costing less than the average for these desks, the Step2 Desk is valued for its sturdiness, strong material, the included chair, and many sections and cubby holes.

Features a big work area

Has molded-in sections and four bins

Includes a New Traditions Chair

Has a light with a push button

Has raised shelves and a dry-erase board


6. SHW L-Shaped Home Office

This is a three-piece corner desk with a huge amount of space for all desk needs which saves space in rooms. Made of a steel frame and safety glass that is tempered with a finish of powder coating, the L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk features a bar for a footrest and is easy to assemble.
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Offered in colors of walnut, nickel, and black, this wonderful desk is perfect for older kids and teens to use for homework and studying.

Older children and teens will appreciate this desk in their rooms because it is sophisticated and modern. It has a sleek design and comes in colors that are fitting an older child.

What We Like About It
This fabulous desk allows a large workspace that can hold a desk lamp, laptop, books, and plenty of papers and accessories. It is plenty of room for the person who desires a lot of desk area.

Cost and Value
Average in cost, the value for this product comes from its versatility in room space, portability, and huge space that it offers to the older student or teenager in their room.


Has a huge amount of space for desk needs

Saves on space in rooms

Features a bar for a footrest

Offered in colors of walnut, nickel, and black

Perfect for older kids and teens


It is lightweight, so it twists easily

Some people had assembly issues

7. Lipper International 2-Piece

The Lipper International Child’s Chalkboard Desk and Chair has a chalkboard surface and storage space in the desk for accessories and supplies. Made from a wood combination of pine, beech, and fiberboard of medium density, it has a great pecan finish to go well with almost any room décor.
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The set includes one desk and one chair and is perfect for toddlers to elementary students. This incredible desk has a recessed hold, so fingers will not be smashed in the top and a groove for chalk storage in the top. Available colors are dark brown, light brown, and white.

The lid on the desk would normally be able to pinch and mash little hands and fingers, but this unique desk has a recess in it to prevent this problem from occurring.

What We Like About It
The chalkboard top is a nice touch to this desk that kids will enjoy writing on. Children love to write on furniture, so this way they can and not get into trouble.

Cost and Value
Just under the average price in cost, this amazing wooden desk is made of top-quality wood, includes a sturdy chair to match, and has ample storage space for little extras.


Includes a chalkboard surface

Has storage space in the desk

Has a pecan finish to go with any room décor

Has a recessed hold to protect fingers

Includes a groove for chalk storage


The chalkboard surface is not a real chalkboard

The desk surface can be hard to clean

8. VIVO Height Adjustable

Offered in gray, pink, and white colors with its ergonomic design, the VIVO Height adjustable Children’s Desk and Chair Set is recommended for ages three- to ten-years-old. The height is adjustable to prevent stretching and slouching while sitting.
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The sturdy desk allows comfortable sitting and correct body positioning for good study habits. Comprised of frames of solid steel for added support and PP-grade plastic, it contains tilt stoppers of one-inch height to eliminate the problem of fingers being pinched and mashed in the desktop. This terrific desk features a large pull-out drawer for organizing supplies and accessories. The set will grow with the child because the desk and chair are adjustable for height. The chair seat and desktop are adjustable in size also, plus it is easy to move around once assembled.

Being adjustable is a wonderful quality for a child’s desk. This one not only adjusts for height in the chair and the desk, but you can also change the seating area of the chair and the surface area of the desktop.

What We Like About It
This is a nice sized desk that can accommodate kids for many years. The manufacturer states that it is suitable for kids three to ten, so many years of use can be had from this amazing desk.

Cost and Value
Above average in cost, the Adjustable Children’s Desk and Chair Set is valued for its ergonomic design, solid steel construction, and large storage and workspaces.


Is ergonomically designed

Features a large pull-out drawer

Desk and chair are adjustable for height and area

Allows comfortable sitting and correct body positioning

Is easy to move around once assembled


The chair can be heavy to move for some kids

A few buyers had issues with the chair quality

9. Sauder Pogo White

Including an easy-glide drawer and a storage bin, the Sauder Pogo Desk for Children has a large spacious top with plenty of room to work. There is also room for a lamp, toys, or picture frames, and the storage drawer opens and closes on metal runners for smooth operation.
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The cute bin has an ID tag to organize and identify the child’s things. The whole desk is finished in a soft white hue and decorated with curves in the desk and a solid wooden knob on the drawer. This is a wonderful desk for a child’s room that will last many years and be a great place where they can concentrate on activities and school work.

Kids love to have spaces to put their treasures. This desk includes two places to store things. The drawer can hold things like writing utensils, paper, and notebooks, while the storage bin can hold toys, books, and stuffed animals.

What We Like About It
The huge top of this desk makes it ideal for so many uses. Kids can draw, play with toys, color, study, or do homework with plenty of room left for a lamp or other items.

Cost and Value
This is an above average priced product that is valued for its large surface area, roomy storage drawer, and a handy storage bin. It is a solid fixture that can be used for many years.

Includes an easy-glide drawer and storage bin

Features a large spacious top

Has room for permanent belongings also

Bin has an ID tag

Decorated with curves and a wooden knob


Holes for the drawer were troublesome for some parents

The assembly was not easy said a few people

10. Flash Furniture Adjustable

The Black Pedestal Student Desk and Chair is a popular design for students, as it can be used successfully in classrooms and for home use. It has a pedestal frame in black and legs that are adjustable for a height of up to three inches.
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Both the desk and the chair have floor caps to prevent slipping and reduce noise when they are moved. It includes a box desk that opens for books and supplies, which has a large work space and a pencil groove. This wonderful desk is recommended for elementary to high school students for studying and homework, plus the top of the desk is laminated. The desk has hooks on the side for hanging items such as backpacks or jackets. The seat and back are made of durable plastic, and the slatted back allows for fantastic air circulation and comfort.

The height of the chair can be adjusted to perfectly fit the table for the child. It will adjust up to three-inches, so kids will not have to bend over or stretch to see the top of the desk.

What We Like About It
This desk has plenty of space inside to put many things the student will use and need. It will hold books, notebooks, folders, and writing utensils that the child needs for his or her schoolwork.

Cost and Value
This great desk is priced above the average for these items. Its superior qualities are the adjustable chair, the storage in the desk, and the pedestal frame for a sturdy build.

Legs are adjustable for height

Both pieces have floor caps

Includes a box desk that opens for supplies

Has a large workspace and a pencil groove

Desk has hooks on the side for hanging items


Some people received slightly damaged desks

A few had trouble with assembly because of the instructions

Criteria Used in the Evaluation of the Best Kids Desks

Top-rated and most-purchased items

According to consumers, the best desks for kids are the Step2 Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk and the VIVO Height Adjustable Children’s Desk Set. The most reviewed item is the Delta Children Desk with Storage Bin that currently have over 2,300 reviews. We realize that like us, you only want the utmost best for yourself and your family, so we have taken the guesswork and trouble out of finding the products that will please you the most. Being the best online means having the most reviews and the best ratings from customers. We select the products that meet these criteria for every buying guide to bring you the absolute best of each category we feature. Customers have overwhelmingly chosen these items with their highly positive feedback as the top products that they would purchase again. because of their huge satisfaction rate, we showcase them here for your enjoyable shopping experience.

Sturdy and durable

This feature goes hand-in-hand with the fine quality of materials used to make these desks but will address the possible abuse that the desks can take from children. The hard-plastic desks, such as the LapGear, The Step2 Deluxe Art Master Kids Desk, and the Adjustable Height Black Pedestal Frame can hold a good amount of weight from the child and will take a great deal of punishment without being dented or destroyed. The wooden desks will hold more weight than the plastic ones will, but they can be scarred or marked with writing utensils or scissors. They will last just as long as the plastic desks but are heavier to move and a bit more difficult to assemble. The steel desks are the strongest because of the material, and they can support some of the heavier weights of kids. These cannot be harmed as easily as the plastic or wooden desks either.

Made of quality materials

These kids’ desks are made of the sturdiest of materials such as wood, solid steel, and tough plastics. Even though they do not have to hold much weight from a school-aged child, they must be strong enough to safely support them and the rough-and-tumble treatment that kids can dish out to furniture. With the best materials from manufacturers, these products will last a long time allowing the child to outgrow them. Five of these durable desks are made of strong wood, while the others are constructed of strong plastic or steel framing. They should all outlast the child with their ideal forms of high-quality materials.

Offers a flat surface to work on

Even the smallest of the desks on this list offer the child a solid flat surface to do their work on, whether it is coloring, painting, drawing, using a laptop, homework, or studying. A flat surface is needed to do all of those things well and should be accessible for kids to work when they want to. Some desks on this list have huge spaces to work such as the L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk or the ALEX Art Studio Desk, while others have minimal space to work. The LapGear Desk offers the best in portability because it can be used anywhere the child needs a flat surface to work. The other desks here vary in size and surface area, but they all do provide a smooth area that is flat.

Cost and Value Section

The lowest-priced item is a portable desk, and the highest-priced one is a large permanent desk with added accessories. The prices vary widely among these desks because they are all so different. These differences should be considered when comparing prices in this category. We list the qualities and features that make these items well worth the costs in each item’s section of Cost and Value for your reference.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are any of these desks specific to gender?

A: The only desk that has a choice where gender would matter is the Delta Children Desk with Storage Bin. It comes in many character designs and colors that are suitable for both boys or girls. The choice you make will depend on the cartoon personality that the child likes best. Some of the other desks have a few choices in color, but nothing gender-specific. These are just basic color decisions of which color would best fit the room décor.

Q: What are the best ages for these desks?

A: This depends greatly on the desk. Some of them are just for toddlers, while others are best suited for older kids. The size of the desk, the allowance for leg room, and the materials used in the construction will all determine what age is best to use the desk.

Q: Do they all need assembling when they arrive?

A: Yes, they all need to be put together no matter what the materials of construction are. The hardware is included with all of them for the easiest assembly, as well as the simple guidelines or instructions. A few of them include the tools too.

Q: Do any of these need to be painted or finished in any way other than putting them together?

A: No, there should be no need to do anything but put these together when they arrive. All finishings and paint coatings are already on the desks. Some of them come with tools for assembly also.

Q: Which desks will hold the most weight?

A: The steel-framed or wooden desks would be the most weight-bearing desks. These would include the VIVO Height Adjustable Desk, Lipper International Child’s 2-Piece Set, and the ALEX Toys Artist Studio Set. These would be suitable for a larger child because the chair or seat does come away from the desk to allow extra room for sitting.

Q: Are there any desks here that would be suitable for an older child or teenager?

A: Yes, the L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk is perfect for a teenager or older child because of the huge amount of space and the more grown-up modern look of it. another desk that would be great for this age is the LapGear Lap Desk. It is a wonderful portable desk that would be enjoyed by someone always on the go. It can be used in a vehicle, in a bed or on a sofa, or outside at the beach or park. The versatility of this item would be much appreciated by a teenager or older kid.


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