10 Best Electric Scooters For Kids in 2018

Most of us grew up riding bicycles, with maybe a few crossover cases to the age of the scooter.  And while bikes are still a staple in children’s culture, the scooter is becoming a wildly popular mode of transportation.  More compact than a bike, and easier to ride than a skateboard, scooters offer an alternative for kids who want to be active and cruise through town on a set of wheels, without having to lug a skateboard through the mall, or chain up their bike and hope it’s still there when they return.

The scooter has come a long way, even in the few short decades since its arrival on the scene.  What started out as essentially a skateboard with a handlebar, now has branched out to include a motorized line of vehicles.  Electric scooters are especially appealing to kids. Fascinated by cars and motorcycles but still too young to drive a motorized automobile, the scooter is a happy medium that allows them to practice steering, speed control, road etiquette, and safe commuter habits while learning in a much more controlled environment.  With the quality products we’ve gathered below, you can feel good about sending your children out onto the streets to get some sunshine, enjoy their communities, and gain confidence and independence.

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This page was recently updated with the latest kid-friendly electric scooters. We researched the market and selected the best models that provide optimal balance and a variety of safety features.

Our Top 3 Picks

Razor E300
  • Razor E300
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 40 Min Battery Use
  • Price: See Here
Pocket Mod Razor
  • Pocket Mod Razor
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Reaches 15MPH
  • Price: See Here
Power Core E90
  • Power Core E90
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Up to 120lbs
  • Price: See Here

Our Picks Of The Best Electric Scooters For Kids

Criteria Used to Evaluate The Top Electric Scooters in Our List

Choosing an electric scooter should not be really difficult. However, the products we just presented to you come with electrical parts that can pose a danger to the safety and health and even life of your child. As such, when we tasked our research team to perform the task of determining the top 10 electric scooters for kids, we had one very specific instruction – include only those that have passed the rigorous testing of both federal and third party testing organizations and that these have been duly certified by the same institutions. This is very important because we simply don’t want your kid to be riding in one of these scooters only to have it blow up right under his or her feet. Additionally, we don’t want you to worry about your home getting burned in an electrical short circuit or even an overheating charging mechanism. The safety of these products is a paramount concern for us and we are pretty sure you do to.

One of the ways we have established the safety of the product is by associating it with the brand image of the company that made it. We had to make sure that the company has had no history of product failures. If in case there are, we carefully examined how they were able to handle it because it shows their sense of responsibility to their customers. And their primary customers in this regard are the children.

When it comes to the developmental appropriateness of the electric scooter, technically every product is the same, unless there is an inherent built-in feature that is not found in other scooter systems. If such is the case, then we made sure that our researchers took this into consideration by carefully examining its implications in the overall development of children.

Choosing the top electric scooters should have been easy if we only looked at the customer ratings for each of these products. However, we do have to emphasize the value of product safety. Nonetheless, we also took note of what consumers are saying especially if they ever had any negative experiences with the product. This way, we can create a more meaningful understanding of the overall value of the electric scooter.

Safety in Electric Scooters

Childcare experts don’t necessarily recommend giving scooters to children because of the risks involved. In fact some experts consider these gizmos as particularly dangerous. Similar to learning how to ride a bike, riding a scooter can result in fall-related injuries. This is especially true in kick scooters where balance is an absolute requirement.

But is it the same with electric scooters? One of the major issues raised by concerned consumer groups and childcare advocates is the inherent danger of exploding batteries and short-circuiting electronic components.

With news of exploding batteries and overheating electrical elements being reported right and left, it is not surprising to be particularly cautious in our selection of electric scooters or anything electronic, for that matter. Even tech giants like Samsung has not escaped glitches as what happened to their exploding Galaxy Note 7 units which prompted the tech stalwart to recall roughly a million of its premium unit for replacement. While Samsung is a giant in the telecommunications industry, they do have something in common with the products we have presented in this article – rechargeable batteries.

If memory serves us right, there was a time last year when hover boards or self-balancing boards were a huge hit during last year’s Black Friday madness. Unfortunately, it was marred by incidents of boards overheating and exploding which led to several homes gutted down by fire. This also prompted the recall of those products and a stiff warning against products coming from China. Since then, all batteries and charging mechanisms had to be tested and certified by the Underwriters Laboratories or the UL.

It is therefore important to make sure that the electric scooters that we buy for our children have passed the rigorous testing and certification from credible third party organizations and then reevaluated by federal agencies. This should minimize incidents such as exploding batteries and electrical fires.

It is equally important to follow the manufacturer’s recommended use and charging times of the electric scooter. Overcharging the system can often have disastrous consequences, not to mention an increase in your electric consumption. Failure to use the appropriate charging device can also lead to problems.

Here are other tips you can observe to help your kids have a safer scooter ride.

  • Make them wear their helmets every time they ride their scooters even if it’s only around the neighborhood or even in your backyard.
  • Make them wear elbow and knee protectors as well as appropriate gloves.
  • Make them wear appropriate non-slip shoes with thick outsoles and ample ankle support.
  • Always heed the height and weight recommendations of the scooter manufacturer and never go beyond what is recommended.
  • Teach your child to obey traffic rules.
  • Encourage your child to scoot with friends as it is always better to have someone ride alongside you.
  • Encourage your child to practice stopping on a dime. This should help them avoid obstacles as well as make very quick turns and sudden stops.
The Bottom Line

The electric scooter is one of the best gifts you can give to your child this holiday season or even on his or her birthday. With our list of the top 10 electric scooters, you now have an idea which model to buy.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Safe are Razor Electric Scooters

A: We have all taken that first ride on a Razor scooter, most of the time as a child our first ride is on a manual kick-push razor scooter. Obviously when stepping onto an electric scooter of any kind, or if you are watching your kid get on first one for the first time, you will want to be reassured that it is safe in the first place.

Here are a few factors that it boils down to before taken that ride around the neighborhood.

Rider knowledge of the product: If a user does not understand how the scooter works that is being used, a rider may have falls or accidental crashes that can be potentially harmful.

Furthermore, if a rider does not know how to function the throttle system, a rider may pull the throttle rapidly if he is trying to brake. This could cause a jolt into oncoming traffic, which is very dangerous. A rider should always know how to function the throttle and braking system. In order to start and stop correctly.

Q: What makes an electric scooter smooth as opposed to rough in its ride?

A: The tires are what makes the most difference in the ride or not. If the tires are larger than average and rubber than they will do better on ground that is rough like gravel. If the wheels are a lot thinner and harder rubber, then the scooter will do better on well paved roads, like in the neighborhood.

Each scooter has a specific type of terrain it is built for, that is why it is important to know the elements in which you will be riding your scooter around. Plus, how far you want to go. In order to have a smooth ride you will also want to take into consideration how long you need the battery to last. If you plan for your kid to ride his scooter alongside you for longer distances on trips to work or school, then of course the scooter will need to have a high quality battery that lasts a very long time while in use.

Q: What is the fastest electric scooter for kids?

A: Well, for a kids scooter the top speed is usually at a solid 15Mph, although if you check out the reviews on Amazon, or the makers site you will begin to notice that consumers record the scooter reaching higher speeds than what is listed on the product descriptions.

  • A few of the faster scooters are;
  • Razor E300 electric scooter
  • Razor Pocket Mod
Q: Are there any specific road laws while riding an electric scooter in my neighborhood?

A: Generally there are not usually laws against the use of electric scooters in the United States. It is a good idea to check your states, or countries laws regarding electric scooters. It is recommended as a safety law to wear a helmet and to not exceed the speed of 15Mph while on the road.

The sidewalk is suitable to ride your scooter on as well as the street, out of the way of cars. Remember that your scooter is much slower than a car, even in low activity neighborhoods. You must watch out for moving cars around you.

Q: How does the engine of an electric scooter function?

A: Inside of the engine of a kids electric scooter, or any kind for that matter. Is a very specific wiring, and electric charge, with a very unique system that could potentially make both, or just one single wheel to rotate. This is all worked into and mounted on the platform.

The battery is a significant piece to being able to make an electric scooter move, so important that without it, some scooters wheels do not turn. They will be stuck in a sense, not allowing them to rotate. Then if they do rotate after a battery has died or been damaged. The scooter will be quite difficult to maneuver around, or ride.

Each engine and battery system has a specific set of instructions to care for the system. If you want to preserve your scooter’s engine it is a good idea to read the owners manual. Some engines may not be able to ride in wet conditions. While other scooters have the capability to withstand high amount of moisture.

Upon receiving your electric scooter brand new it will most likely need an extra long charge of the battery, this is to ensure that your battery gets off on the right foot. Trust that you will not want to avoid, or lazily charge the scooter the first time around. It will make a difference in the long run. That said, you will also not want to overcharge your battery unit. The instructions manual will have the exact hours that it should be charged for, initially.

If you have a purchased a children’s scooter that has a tiny light on it, that indicates green for ‘fully charged’ or the color red when it is not yet charged totally. You can just follow this as an indicator the first time that you charge your scooter. Although not all scooters have this feature, on the battery cord, or on the actual unit.

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