Best Kids’ Slippers for Boys and Girls Rated in 2019

Kids love slippers as much as the next person. Who doesn’t love toasty warm toes, and to have something cute on their feet while walking around inside the comfort of their home? One of the best things we do for our bodies is to pamper our feet. We highlight on this page the best-rated slippers for kids with all of the pertinent buying data listed for your review. Not only do slippers increase the life of your socks, but they also play a part in eliminating household accidents such as slips and falls. Wearing slippers can also help stop the spread of bacteria, athlete’s foot, and even the common cold! Whether you are choosing your child’s next pair of slippers based on value, comfort, or if you’re looking for a special character that they love, you are sure to find a pair they will fall in love with on this list. Below are the 10 top-rated and best-reviewed kids slippers in 2019.

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We recently updated this list by reviewing the accuracy of the information for each product as well as replacing any product that was out of stock. Furthermore, we made sure our list included only products that are popular and loved by reviewers.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Kids’ Slippers for Boys and Girls

Each item is made specifically for toddlers or kids

All of these slippers come in sizes most appropriate for toddlers, small kids, and big kids. When slippers fit well, then children can walk confidently in them and not slip or fall. All of the manufacturers of these products provide a sizing chart, so parents can select the best choice for size. The colors, designs, and images of these slippers will appeal to most children. They will delight in the playful, well-known characters, such as the Star Wars personalities, Paw Patrol characters, and the Sesame Street muppets.

All products are comfortable, warm, and safe

Slippers should be comfortable and warm if nothing else. Each selection we highlight is very comfortable, warm, and safe to wear. Makers implemented extra cushioning, soft fabrics, and padded soles so kids will enjoy wearing their slippers and want to use them every day. Several of the featured slippers can be worn outdoors as well as indoors because of the extra effort put into the durable soles.

The slippers are durable, long-lasting, and well-made

Only the best, high-quality materials and fabrics were used in the creation of these slippers. Most of them have traction dots on the bottom soles, which protects the fabric when walking in the slippers. The stitching is tough and sturdy and will hold the slippers together well. The strong sewing will contain the extra stuffing that most of them have for comfort and animal heads. All of these slippers will last a long time for your child to receive the maximum enjoyment from them.

All slippers are easy to care for

Each item featured can be machine-washed, except the Animal Claw Paws, Sesame Street slippers, Ballerina Slippers, Star Wars slippers, and the Silver Lily Pugs. These items have extra embellishments such as pearl beads, face beads, or head parts that would not do well in the washing machine. For the best care and longevity of the product, it is best to hand wash and air dry these items. The other slippers not mentioned here can all be machine washed and tumbled dry. Don’t wring out slippers after washing them because this makes them lose their shape. Just lay them out on a towel to dry. To stop slippers from smelling, try wiping them out with baby wipes to eliminate the odor.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Which slippers are for girls and which ones are for boys? Which ones are for both?

A: The products that specify they are for boys, such as the Doggie slippers or the Star Wars slippers, also can be used by girls. Simply purchase a smaller size than their normal shoe size. The slippers mentioned for girls, such as the Rabbit slippers, would probably not fit the larger foot structure of a boy, so these would be just for girls. The Ballerina slipper does not specify girls, but they are most likely very narrow and would only fit girls. The other slippers here are for both boys and girls.

Q: Which slippers must be hand-washed?

A: We would recommend hand-washing the slippers that have buttons, beads, and extra features for the characters on them. These include the Sesame Street slippers, the Animal Claw Paw slippers, Ballerina Slippers, Star Wars slippers, and the Pug puppy slippers. Air drying is also recommended for these products.

Q: Is there some general advice about sizes?

A: Size seems to be the biggest problem when purchasing footwear for kids. Most of the manufacturers give a sizing chart in their product descriptions. Use this the best you can to match the foot size of your child, while buying a little larger. This larger size should give your child’s feet room to move a bit in the slippers and also some added time to wear them before outgrowing the item.

Q: Which ones can be worn outdoors as well as indoors?

A: The slippers with traction dots or rubber soles can be worn outdoors. Most of these slippers have these features, so the ones that cannot be worn outdoors are the Sesame Street slippers, Ballerina slippers, and Silver Lily Bunny slippers. These do not have protective soles to defend the sole fabric.

Q: What age is too young to wear slippers?

A: Toddlers and babies are never too young to wear slippers. Even if they are not walking yet, they can benefit from wearing slippers on their feet to keep them warm. We only highlight slippers for toddlers and kids on this page. Look on one of our baby pages for our top picks of baby slippers.

Q: Any advice on teaching a toddler how to walk in slippers?

A: Make sure the child has the correct size for their feet and they fit well without coming off easily. If the child can walk on their own, then no extra effort should be needed to walk in slippers. Get some that have traction dots so the child will not slip on smooth floors. If the child is not walking yet, then practice standing them up and let them take a few steps at a time with supervision. Eventually, they will catch on to walking with time.

Q: What are the benefits of wearing slippers rather than socks in the house?

A: Basically, slippers are safer for kids to walk in the house because most of them have some sort of traction on the soles to prevent slipping. They also keep the feet warmer, preventing colds and sickness that is not a protection of socks alone.

Q: Are the slippers with the animal heads or claws on them hard to walk in for small kids?

A: No, these slippers with the extra heads or features should not be any different to walk in that a regular, plain slipper. They may distract kids when they walk if they watch the slippers instead of where they are going, but otherwise, they should be safe to use for any size child.


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