10 Best Laser Tag Toys for Kids in 2019

One of the most well-known, enjoyable games children play to even this day is tag. It is one of the healthiest games that your children can benefit from by promoting physical health and it helps develop their emotions as well. By playing tag it can also help foster a sense of camaraderie which is an excellent foundation to enhance your children’s social interaction skills. From flashlight tag to freeze tag, there are many different variations of the beloved game that your children can play. One of the best and more modern approaches to the game is by using laser-embedded devices. That’s why we thought of choosing the best 10 laser tag toys for your children in today’s market. Your children will begin to design the rules of the game and watch those who will be conquering who.

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We updated our list by adding one new laser tag set that your family will love to play during any occasion.

Our Top 3 Picks

Power Brand Star Wars Laser Tag
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Dynasty Toys Capture The Flag
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Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set Kids
  • Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set Kids
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Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Laser Tag Toys

Laser tag is a game that has been around for several years. These blasters on our list are not the same however from the blasters that parents grew up with. In today’s market, many manufacturers are creating laser set toys that no longer include bulky set ups or heavy guns. These toys also help children know when they have successfully shot their target and if they are pulling the trigger in the correct way.

Laser tag is also a game that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Without the bulky vests, many companies have replaced vests with more blasters. This means more people can play, and the more enjoyable the experience. Most of the time laser sets come in pairs and children don’t like to wait around until it’s their turn to play. Usually, a set of four will let children play for hours without having to sit and wait impatiently for their turn.

These laser sets on our list are lightweight and very well-made. This is great for younger kids starting out because younger children tend to be a little rougher with their toys. Since they are little, it’s not fun trying to shoot a laser if they can’t hold a blaster steady. Having a lightweight blaster minimizes frustration in children and keeps headaches away from parents.

How We Chose the Best Laser Tag Toys on Our List

Form and function were two of the primary considerations in our search for the best laser tag sets to include in this project. Let’s be honest. Gadgets that shoot high-intensity beams of light should really look cool, futuristic, out of this world, and simply amazing. Try to imagine a Browning 9 mm pistol that emits a beam of light instead of a bullet fired off its muzzle. Does it look cool? Absolutely not, right!? This is why we took into consideration the design of each gadget which helped us create our shortlist. Having this helps stimulate imaginative play in your children.

Many psychologists recommend toys that allow for some degree of fiction so that children can use their imaginations by filling in the gaps between what is real and what is fiction. That’s why, as absurd as it sounds, we chose light-emitting guns that do not resemble any firearm in the real world.

While these two parameters, form and function, were the primary considerations in our search, we also looked at the developmental- and age-appropriateness of these toys. We made sure that the recommended age for the use of the product is consistent with the developmental levels of children of that particular age group.

Benefits of Playing the Game of Tag

As we said in the beginning of this article, there are many benefits of playing the game of tag, especially among children. Children and their respective families and friends can benefit a lot regardless of the type of tag game that is being played. In case you’re wondering what these are, here are some of the wonderful benefits of playing laser tag or any other type of tag game.

  • Enhances precision targeting. 

For the most part, visual motor coordination is inherently greater in a game of laser tag than the classic tag game where you have to physically run after the target to tag him or her. In laser tagging, kids will have to aim at a very small section or area on their enemy’s body such as the receiver sensor or the tagger itself. This requires precision targeting which is largely dependent on how well kids can coordinate their visual and motor skills.

  • Improves social interaction skills. 

Whether it is played as a team effort or individually, laser tagging requires communication with other players. Kids must know how to interact with others especially in setting the rules of the game.

  • Focuses on strategic problem-solving. 

When shooting, kids are presented with a lot of challenges. They have to shoot their enemies without risking counterattack. They have to find better ways to conceal themselves and wait for the correct moment to spring into action. This requires strategic thinking and one that involves complex problem-solving processes.

  • Fosters teamwork and cooperation. 

Since a great majority of these kinds of games are best played in teams, children get to understand the value of working together with others in accomplishing an objective. Here, they get to cooperate and collaborate with other players.

The Bottom Line

Playing tag is a very fun activity not only for kids but for everyone in the family. Bring your family a lot closer today by getting any of these 10 best laser tag toys for kids in 2019. We are absolutely positive your family will love it.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Which is better, paintball or laser tag?

A: Laser tag is better, especially for little kid parties. Laser tag is cleaner, safer and enjoyed by people of all ages. Paintballs are messy, can cause severe pain and can only be enjoyed by teens and adults. Laser tag can be played indoors and outdoors while paintballs tend to firm up and solidify during colder weather.

Q: What do kids gain from playing laser tag?

A: Kids get to work on their social skills, learn good sportsmanship and exercise all at the same time. As kids grow up, they can play in laser tag arenas where it becomes more challenging tagging others. It also helps kids get out of their comfort zone and play against other people they don’t know in a dark and scary, but fun and safe, environment.
Parents don’t have to set up an obstacle course in their backyard, unless they want to. But as kids learn to play around trees and corners, they’ll start to naturally want to include their own obstacles. This will give them an opportunity to explore their creativity and keep them mentally stimulated.

Q: How should we engage family members during the holiday seasons?

A: Laser tag is a game that family members of all ages can enjoy. It will help keep guests away from their mobile devices and create wonderful holiday memories. When family members are stuck to their phones, there is no socialization taking place during Thanksgiving or Christmas. Most of us only get to see our family members once a year; let’s create an enjoyable experience by recording a fun game of laser tag.

Q: Is laser tag a safe game? Are there any risks?

A: Laser tag is one of the safer options for game play. This is a sport that requires no physical contact, and brief direct light exposure is not dangerous. If a kid is staring into a laser for long periods of time, then yes that is an eye safety issue. Another risk is a kid having a fit because they lost and end up throwing their blaster at the other kid. But that requires a timeout moment to correct the behavior.

Q: Is it true that the military uses laser tag to train their troops?

A: Yes, the Marines use laser tag as a form of training. They play laser tag to help them learn how to work together in teams and successfully take down enemies. Kids playing laser tag can be considered an early introduction to military training.

Q: Is laser tag safe?

A: Laser tag is an exceptionally safe improvement on the classic game of tag, and it actually encourages children to get more physically active and get away from television and mobile phones.

Q: Should I encourage them to play shoot one another?

A: Children play games of this variety all the time, and while the implications may seem dire, it is a safe and constructive way for them to assimilate information about the harder aspects of life. Imaginative play almost always includes some play-death, you will notice them falling and croaking and pretending at death often among you and their peers. This shouldn’t scare you, however, as it is a natural way for them get used to an idea that they can’t avoid.

Q: Can I use these blasters?

A: Oh yes. Some of these products are advertised for both adults and children, but they will work the same for you as they would work for your children in every case.

Q: What type of batteries do these blasters need?

A: Check each product description, but most use either AA or AAA batteries.

Q: Which is better: vest or no vest?

A: This depends on your personal requirements and taste. Vestless systems offer easier game expansion and require half the batteries of vest systems, but vest systems provide for a more accurate and immersive laser tag experience. If you want to get as many children involved as possible, go vestless. If you are looking for the most realistic game experience, go vested.