10 Best Little Tikes Toys Reviewed in 2019

Little Tikes is an American company that’s very well-known for making molded plastic toys that are considered by many as low-tech because of the simplicity of their designs. Many of these toys don’t have many fancy add-on features like built-in lights and playful sound effects, unlike the toys from other manufacturers like Fisher-Price. However, a closer look at the design philosophy of Little Tikes toys will reveal that it is actually one of the most effective since simple playthings are considered by experts to be a lot more beneficial for enhancing the imaginative abilities of young children. Just take a look at the 15 best Little Tikes toys in 2019 we have prepared for you and you will see just how amazingly simple the design of these toys are yet are considered the bestsellers in their respective categories.

How We Chose the 15 Best Little Tikes Toys and Play Sets in Our List

Choosing which among the hundreds of Little Tikes products we should include in this particular list was definitely not easy. So, we did what any other self-respecting parent would do: look at the functionality of these toys and compare them with the developmental benefits that children will be able to derive from it. In other words, we looked at the different features of the Little Tikes toy and evaluated these in terms of the benefits these will bring to the overall development of children. Of course, we didn’t stop there. We also took note of the customer satisfaction ratings of these products so you can bet that these are either bestsellers or are one of the best in their respective categories. There was no point looking at the quality of the toy since it’s basically designed and manufactured by a single entity. Company credibility-wise, there was no questioning Little Tikes’ commitment to providing young children with safe, highly effective toys to help them grow and develop to their fullest.

Why Simple Toys are Better for Kids’ Development

There is an ongoing notion that the more complex the toy is the better it is for the child. While this may be true for older children for the simple fact that they have already obtained considerable knowledge and experience to form mental abstractions about the true form and function of complex toys, this is simply not possible for younger children as they are still in the process of accumulating a wealth of knowledge with which to build upon.

One of the most striking toy considerations for optimum child development is the use of simpler toys. According to child care experts, the goal of toys is to allow a child’s imagination to flourish, to be developed further. If the type of toy that is given to the child is already very realistic and comes with very complicated processes, he or she will not be enticed to use his or her imagination anymore. For instance, giving a child a simple wooden stick is considered a lot more useful than giving him or her a toy airplane that’s modeled after a real authentic aircraft. Playing with the stick, the child will have to use his or her imagination to think about a cockpit, wings, external fuel tanks, rudders, and ailerons and a whole lot more. This forces kids to think about possibilities which are, technically, the essence of scientific problem-solving. So, giving children simple toys makes them use their imagination to think of ways on how to enhance the image in their minds. This forms the basis for advanced cognitive development from which other developmental milestones emanate from.

Children and toys are an irreplaceable pair. They go hand in hand. Kids need toys to develop optimally while toys need kids to serve their purpose.

The Bottom Line

Little Tikes is known for simple-designed yet truly effective toys. They have truly taken to heart the notion that less is more. With these 15 best Little Tikes toys in 2017, you can also help your child develop further especially in terms of using his or her imagination.


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