10 Best Nursing Bras for Mothers Reviewed in 2019

Finding a bra that fits at any point in your life is a pain in the rear. How much support do you really need? Is the underwire unhealthy? Padded or not? Does your band and cup size transfer across different brands?

If you’re going to be wearing something all day, it’s going to need to be comfortable. But often when we think of underwear, we also want something stylish and cute. At the very least, it needs to be functional and affordable. So when you start nursing, put those lacey numbers in a chest for another day, and invest in a bra that’s going to bring comfort and ease to your daily routine. Nursing bras are specifically engineered to make breastfeeding as hassle-free for moms as humanly possible. Latches on the straps allow you to unfasten one side or the other, giving baby access to your milk without making you take off your shirt and bra each and every time they’re hungry.

Nursing bras also help to deal with problems like discomfort and leakage. Breastfeeding can cause tenderness and can result in leaks now and then. A good nursing bra will act fast to absorb any liquid and keep it from staining your shirts or dresses. With so much riding on a good nursing bra, we think it’s worth doing a little investigating to figure out what brands might best suit you. We’ve collected the market’s Top Ten Nursing Bras for you to peruse. Who said you can’t have it all? We certainly think you can!

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New moms may be reluctant to spend money on a nursing bra, thinking they can get through the nursing period making do with a regular bra in a larger size. If you plan on nursing your baby more than a couple weeks, investing in a nursing bra will make post-partum life a whole lot easier and way more comfortable. We have recently updated our list to include a number of new styles and have reviewed all product information such as fabric, construction, sizing, features cost and availability, to ensure accuracy.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Nursing Bras


It is common for new moms to confuse comfort with a fit, and assume that they are the same thing. However, there are some key differences between the two. The type of material that the garment is made of can have a huge impact on your day-to-day comfort. This is especially true for the clasps and bands that stretch across the back and shoulders. The nursing bras on our list all meet and exceed not only our expectations of comfort but the expectations of hundreds of women. Because a woman’s breasts are extremely sensitive during this period, purchasing a nursing bra that is designed to be comfortable should be a priority. This means that they should be made of a soft fabric material, with easily detachable cups and straps. Don’t make the mistake of buying a poorly made bra simply because its use is only temporary. Although you won’t need it forever, the nursing bra you choose should be high-quality and capable of providing lasting comfort and support.


Many women make the critical mistake of buying their regular bra size when purchasing a nursing bra. This often leads to pain and discomfort because the breasts no longer fit that size. It is common for women to grow a size or two during their pregnancy and during the nursing phase, so it’s important to keep this in mind when you’re making a purchase. Another thing to consider is the thickness of the straps, especially those in the back. A wider back strap helps to support and more evenly disperse the weight in front. The straps should also be easily flexible, so you can shorten or lengthen them when needed. The bra should feel snug, but not constricting around your sides, back and front. A good rule of thumb is that if the bra leaves red indentation marks when removed, that’s a sure sign it’s too tight. The nursing bras on our list are praised for their perfect and flattering fit for all types of women.

Ease of Use

When it’s time to nurse your hungry newborn, the last thing you want to deal with is a frustrating clasp or cup padding that can’t be easily removed. You’ll want to make sure that whatever nursing bra you choose, you are capable of removing it yourself without complications. This is why bras that have detachable front clasps or hooks are the most popular option because they allow the mother to remove one side of the bra cup for easy nursing with one hand, while still holding the baby securely with the other. To find out which type works best for you, it may be beneficial to purchase multiple different styles and experiment with each one during nursing. You may find that you prefer a bra with front button closure or no shoulder hooks at all. Our list features only the bras that are widely known for being easy to put on and take off, with simple fasteners that eliminate any fuss.


Just because you have to change your underwear routine doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your unique personal style! Your bra choices are an intimate expression of who you are, as well as your lifestyle. That’s why our list features a variety of colors, prints, materials, and details that are sure to please a wide audience. From casual to slightly fancy, we have the bra for you. Your typical daily activities will have a significant influence on what style you choose, whether it be a laid-back t-shirt bra, a sporty option, or a sexy lace number. We know that many women, unfortunately, feel that their love of fashion must take a back seat while you’re pregnant and even after giving birth, but this isn’t necessary. It’s easier than ever to find a nursing bra that not only fits well but also lets you express your individual fashion sense.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How soon should I invest in quality nursing bras?

A: This is a very personal choice for many women, and can depend on personal preference. While some may prefer to wait until after the birth, others buy their nursing bras in advance. Each method can have pros and cons; it can often be tricky to choose a size too soon in advance when the breasts haven’t grown into their full size yet, and purchasing a nursing bra too late can be stressful. The majority of health experts recommend buying a nursing bra in the last month of pregnancy, as this is when you will have the best fit.

Q: Are there any benefits to underwire nursing bras?

A: Yes, there are. The wire in the bra gives the garment more stability, structure, and support than most other bras. Although underwire bras have acquired an unjust reputation for being uncomfortable, this is often due to an incorrect fitting size. This is why some women may complain that underwire bras either pinch or irritate their skin, but it’s really due to a poor fit, not the wire itself. Underwire nursing bras can offer the extra foundation under and around the chest that other options lack and many moms prefer them for this reason.

Q: What are the pros and cons of the different materials available?

A: Some fabrics are more stretchy and adjustable than others, which can be a better option for busy moms. This type of softer material may not, however, be the best choice to wear under something more formal, like a dress for a night out. For a more structured and seamless shape that provides a flattering figure, a bra made of polyamide and elastane would be a better choice. Many women like these types of nursing bras because they offer a seamless silhouette, as opposed to a racerback sports bra that has visible straps. But for just running errands and doing chores around the house, you can’t go wrong with an ultra comfortable jersey or cotton fabric nursing bra.

Q: Are nursing bras fairly easy to use?

A: You bet! This type of undergarment is designed to be extremely simple to use on a daily basis for nursing moms. Because most moms need to keep one hand free in order to cradle their baby while breastfeeding, these bras are meant to be easily detached on one side with only one hand. This makes the process easier for both mom and baby because the mother doesn’t have to worry about trying to juggle the baby while wrestling with complicated zippers. In fact, the bras on our list all feature straightforward fasteners like hooks or buttons that can be detached in a hurry.

Q: What is a “sleeping” nursing bra?

A: A nursing bra labeled as a “sleeping” bra is specially designed to be worn during sleeping. It can also be worn when simply lounging around the house, during naps, and resting periods. The material is often much softer and more pliable than day-wear bras, and may not provide as much support. However, they are meant to be extremely comfortable and easy to use in case you need to nurse your baby during a midnight session. A sleeping bra is still equipped with detachable fasteners or removable cups, so you won’t be losing any of those benefits. You can often find sleeping bras constructed of jersey fabric, which is a common material in sleepwear.

Q: What is the best type of nursing bra for an active lifestyle?

A: For women who want to maintain their active lifestyle while nursing, they should look for a bra that is designed to mimic a traditional sports bra with multiple strap support and stretchy material. These bras usually offer additional support in the cup area for when you want to take a brisk walk around the track or in the park. Many women prefer the sportier versions of nursing bras because they are easily adaptable to their busy schedules.


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