Best Kids’ Beach Towels Reviewed in 2019

With summertime behind us, beach towels are the farthest thing from some of our minds right now. Although, others may be preparing for the warm season already, or be lucky enough to live in a year-round summertime climate! Beach towels come in a large variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and designs, and this article highlights the best towels for kids. Our latest update even includes some amazing hooded towels! Below we highlight the 10 top-rated and most frequently bought beach towels for children online.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Personalized Kids’ Beach Towels

All top-rated, most-frequently purchased beach towels online

We seek out only the best-rated, most-bought products for you to review. These items continuously pleased buyers, parents, and kids so much and have the highest online ratings and feedback. This saves you time when looking for the top items for your children. We let you know the best qualities from the manufacturer of each item and what buyers disliked about it also. Our summaries tell you the best qualities of each product to save time in the search for the most excellent items.

Absorbent, soft, and dry quickly

Towels must be soft, absorb water, and dry fast to please you and be glad you have them. These products do all three tasks well and look great as a plus. Most are made with cotton material and one is comprised of microfiber. Microfiber is thinner, stronger, and absorb water three times faster than regular beach towels. A few of the towels come with a hook or loop to hang it up for quick drying. Care instructions for washing and drying are so easy with all of the products being machine-washable and dryable.

Large enough to be used on the beach

Each size is suitable for the size of child intended to wrap in and lie on the beach with ample room. Beach towels must be larger than regular towels because they are used as a clean, dry, sand-free place to rest. They also must be large enough to wrap around the entire body and get the body dried quickly. The sizes of the towels are appropriate for toddlers, babies, and kids and labeled for which age group they are intended.

Have great graphics or beautiful designs

It will be very hard to choose just one beach towel from this list because they are all outstanding! For babies, the hooded animal face towels are adorable, and for toddlers, the Northpoint Hooded towels are fabulous. They make you want to be a kid again just to have one! Some of the regular beach towels have the well-known characters of the Ariel, Moana, Minnie Mouse & Mickey Mouse, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or NFL football teams. Every towel has some graphic, design, or pattern that will excite kids and make them want to get out and show off their great towel.

To remove sand from a beach towel:

1. When you leave the sandy area, shake the towel hard enough to hear it snap to rid it of sand.
2. When you get home, vacuum the towel with an extension or hand-held cleaner.
3. Swirl the towel in a basin of warm water and mild soap. The sand will drop to the bottom.

The two sides of a beach towel:

The decorated side is to provide you with a soft place to rest your body out of the water. It is not designed to absorb water, but to make you comfortable. The looped side has the fibers spaced out apart further so it will dry quickly. This is the side for drying off because it absorbs water quickly.

Remember: For relaxing, turn the soft side upwards, and for drying, turn the looped side inward.

NOTE: Do not put fabric softener sheets in the dryer with your beach towels. They make the towel fibers less absorbent and silkier, thus ruining the magic of a great beach towel.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do you care for most of these towels? Can they all just be washed and dried in the machine? Even the ones with animal heads?

A: Yes, these are all machine-washable and even dryable. The hooded towels can be cared for this way as well.

Q: Do you get more than one towel with any of these purchases, or is it for just one towel?

A: All of the items comes with just one beach towel, except for the velour beach towel that specifies it is two towels. The other one we highlight is just one towel. Some buyers were confused with these two offerings, so we decided to highlight them both. Make sure you notice if it is for one towel or two. The patterns are similar, but the prices are different.

Q: These are not made of the same materials, which is best to buy considering the variety of materials they are made of?

A: Most of the items are made with cotton because of its softness and quick ability to dry. They are also thicker than ones that are not made of cotton. The Dock & Bay towel listed is made of microfiber, which makes it thinner, but three times as absorbent. Which towel to choose depends on the qualities that are more important to you.

Q: Would any of these be good for the bathtub too, or are they just for the beach or pool?

A: These are all perfect for the bath, pool, beach, or anywhere you need a towel for the kids. Children can use them to lay out in the backyard or wrap up in on a chilly night. The possibilities are endless for using your beach towel.

Q: Do these stand up to numerous washings, or will they start to unravel? Particularly the ones with the hoods and animal features?

A: These are high-quality products that are well-stitched and made for longevity and much use. They will stand up to many washings and uses. Some come with manufacturer’s warranties to prove that the company stands behind their product and ensures your happiness.

Q: What is the purpose of the hoods on the hooded towels? Are these safe for babies?

A: The hoods on some of the towels are to cover the heads of babies and toddlers quickly to dry faster. They also offer comfort and a level of safety for these little ones. The kids love to wear them and adore the colorful designs. These are very safe for babies and do not pose any harmful effects.

Q: Which towels would be best for boys? For girls?

A: This would be entirely up to the individual because kids love all sorts of characters, patterns, and designs. To say that Ariel would appeal best to girls would not be entirely correct because boys like these characters too. It really all depends on the child. If looking for a gift, it may be best to stay with a neutral character or graphic, so it will not disappoint the child.

Q: Does age really matter when buying a beach towel for a gift, or are these good for any age?

A: The only ones that are specific for a certain age are the hooded towels that are for babies and toddlers. The hoods on these may not be big enough for older kids. All of the other beach towels are perfectly suitable for any child of any age.