10 Best Pregnancy Tests Reviewed in 2019

Taking a pregnancy test can be one of the most nerve-wracking experiences for a woman. No matter where you are in your family planning, the anxiety of not knowing can cause all kinds of stress. When you have such big news to uncover, you need a product that is reliable. The following ten at-home pregnancy tests are some of the most well-received on the market. Women all over have tried these items and praised their quality. With so many options, we think you can find something just right for your family.

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You don’t need any further frustration when you’re stressing over a pregnancy test. That’s why we’ve used our most recent update to remove any items that were low in stock or unavailable. When you go looking for something this important, it should always be easily accessible and from trusted companies!

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Pregnancy Tests

Becoming pregnant is stressful enough, taking a test to find out if you are should never be. We’ve compiled the list of the top pregnancy tests to ease the minds of you and your family, and about starting one based on several criteria that we think is significant in any family planning.

Ease of Use

There are limitless options when it comes to taking a pregnancy test. They come in the form of a blood test, testing strips, and more traditionally, a pregnancy test stick. Testing should be easy, private, and comfortable, no excuses! All the mentioned testing strips show results in no more than five minutes, with no more than just a few seconds of urine exposure. The testing sticks were no exception, with similar dip times and even shorter wait time for positive or negative results.


You’ll notice that most, if not all, of these tests, have accuracy results of over 97 percent, which leaves a slim margin for error. The error that occurs results from an invalid test, either by testing too soon or not waiting long enough for the test to absorb adequate amounts of hCG hormone.

Extra Added Ovulation Strips

Becoming pregnant can be a daunting task initially, and we’ve taken that into account as well. Ovulation strips to test for LH can both ease the mind of partners, as well as help to map out the best times to try for a baby. We’ve included several different options of test strips that include ovulation strips–leave the guesswork to your gender reveal, when you can get pregnant shouldn’t be a question!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the sensitivity of these tests?

A: Most tests come with an hCG sensitivity of 25mIU/ml, which should be detectable after, if not shortly before, your first missed period.

Q: Does it mean that there’s a positive for ovulation if there’s a red line, but it’s not a dark red line? The package says it’s negative if it is pink.

A: The ovulation tests work by picking up the presence of LH in urine. This means that if there is any LH present in your urine stream, the test strips will turn color–however, the darker they are, the closer you are to a surge of LH (when it is more likely you will conceive). Therefore, the darker the line on the LH ovulation test strips, the better chance you and your partner have.

Q: Are the ovulation tests only good for 30 days?

A: Each package of ovulation strips should have a date on them indicating when they are past the usage date. They are sealed and do not become active until initial opening and usage, but if you are concerned, the best option is to keep them fully sealed until you’re ready to use.

Q: How accurate are these tests? Are false positives common?

A: Most of these tests have an accuracy rating of over 99 percent. False positives are not common but do occur–a positive pregnancy test should always be followed up with a doctor to make sure. An invalid test can be due to insufficient saturation time, too short of a waiting time for results, or testing too early. Always follow the directions for each test for the most accurate results.

Q: Do the ovulation test for LH only show positive on the day you ovulate, or does it tell you when you are about to ovulate?

A: The ovulation tests are indicators of your LH surge (when you are at the peak of ovulating). The strips will turn the appropriate color when you are nearing, as well as currently at, your LH peak. Within 24 to 36 hours, the indicators will be the most readable.

Q: Is it important to use these first thing in the morning?

A: In order to get the most accurate results, the best thing to do is test first thing in the morning, before anything food or drink has been consumed to avoid result interference.