Best Puberty Books for Girls Reviewed in 2018

For girls, puberty can be an especially tough transition and something that’s also embarrassing and nerve-wracking. However, it’s also something that should never need to be any of these things. With puberty come changes that many girls aren’t expecting and some would even say they go through slightly more than boys do. It’s because of this that puberty or “body” books become necessary. These books can help girls understand exactly what it is that they’re bodies are going through, what to expect, and how to deal with it all. With a little bit of encouragement and positive reinforcement from you as her parent, you little girl can begin her wonderful journey into womanhood!

The reason that we recommend body books is that they have the ability to initiate a tough conversation that many parents might be too nervous to start. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that because let’s face it… These things are often incredibly awkward to talk about! Books about puberty can change the game as far as that goes, however, and turn puberty into something normal, natural, and a process that your child can embrace as part of her own personal journey.

10 Best Puberty Books for Girls Reviewed


1. The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls

For everything your preteen (or younger!) needs to know about puberty, the American Girl series is one of the best. Everything will be explained in a simple way without any inappropriate "whoops" moments.
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If your daughter is between the ages of eight and 12 and is just beginning to have questions about her body, then this book must be in your arsenal. It was created by the American Girl brand so you can rest assured that there's nothing in this book that will be explicit, overwhelming, or inappropriate. As far as body books go, this one does it right -- By easing into each subject matter slowly and with the utmost of care in wording, The Care and Keeping of You will help girls to understand what their bodies are going through. By starting off with just the basics about normal body changes, hygiene, and growth, this book won't overwhelm girls and will give them just enough information.

With the use of helpful, hand-drawn illustrations, this body book provides all the necessary information that any girl would need to know when entering puberty. It'll explain things in a positive and uplifting way, encouraging girls to embrace what's to come rather than fear it.

What We Like About It
This book is separated into a table of contents which makes it easy to skip around a bit and only focus on sections that are relevant to your child's age. It's easy to find certain passages that are relatable at the current moment and you can always return to this book as time goes on.

Helpful illustrations

Goes far beyond just menstruation information

Explains things in a positive way

The table of contents is helpful

Created by the American Girl group


Parents thought the book had too many "fluff" filler texts

2. The Care and Keeping of You 2: The Body Book for Older Girls

Just like the previous book, this will provide the same benefits -- But for older girls! It's perfect for both preteens and teenagers.
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From the same people who brought you the first book, this book is intended for older preteens and teenagers rather than younger kids. The Care and Keeping of You 2 provides a basis for preteens who are already in their first stage of puberty and need to know what to expect. The entire book has been redesigned to make it a bit more mature, descriptive, and more informative and in-depth. Your child will read about everything from her period, to how to use tampons and/or maxi pads, and all of the changes that happen between now and then. It's helpful to provide older girls the freedom of learning on their own but gives the two of you a chance to have an open and honest dialogue about what's being read.

This book really goes into detail with that your child can expect during her period. The end of each chapter even includes a question and answer section that allows girls to read an overview that answers any lingering questions they might still have.

What We Like About It
The thorough nature of how each change is explained is something that we applaud. While the chapters of this book are slightly longer than many others, they're descriptive and don't leave any room for confusion.

Much longer and detailed book

Everything is divided into chapters

Includes a helpful Q&A section at the end

Illustrations are descriptive

Encourages girls to embrace change


It contains a lot of text and not as many illustrations

3. The Period Book: A Girl's Guide to Growing Up

While this book does provide a much more in-depth look at puberty, it's honest and open. There won't be any questions left unanswered after reading this one.
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Sometimes, a girl just needs a little reassurance and how-to when it comes to getting her period. It's initially disturbing, somewhat messy, and a little bit scary if you don't know what to expect. All of these feelings and many more are perfectly understandable and okay to have, and that's exactly what this book will teach girls. Not only does it reassure them that this is natural and normal, but it also provides helpful lessons in how to deal with it. With so many tips and advice, there's no way that your child will be nervous and worried after she reads through this book.

This body book features real stories from contributors who have gone through puberty as well. This will only reassure your child and add to her relief and comfort while letting her know that she's not the only one to go through this major life change.

What We Like About It
The one thing any of us look for the most in an uncomfortable situation is a comfort. This book will serve as a guide not just about your period, but about things such as bras and sizing, new feelings, shaving, and it even touches on sexual harassment, which is a scary but important issue to discuss.

It goes beyond a normal body book

Extremely helpful and informative

Includes real-life accounts from other girls

Discusses topics unrelated to periods but that are related to growing up

It'll help girls learn how to handle all the things that are changing


It's very heavy on sexual education which some parents might not be comfortable with

4. What's Happening to My Body? Book for Girls

Anatomy is important and that's a pretty big emphasis in this book. It's appropriate for older preteens and teenagers and includes helpful information that will make understanding their bodies much easier.
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Similar to when boys go through puberty, girls go through it just the same way and have plenty of other changes to deal with. This book was created for preteens over the age of 12 as well as teenagers who are still struggling to understand what's happening to their bodies. Getting your period isn't always a happy experience but this book sheds a unique light on it, offering helpful advice as well as an explanation for why it's a good thing. Girls will also find additional information about reproduction, boy's bodies, sexual organs, how their menstrual cycle works, growth spurts, etc. There are entire chapters in this book dedicated to the process of puberty and absolutely nothing has been left out in this comprehensive guide. While it does jump right into sexual reproduction with an in-depth explanation of how babies are created and born, this is often the type of detailed description that teenagers need to fully understand their bodies as well as the opposite sex.

The one area of this book that sets it apart from others is in the chapter about getting your period. This book specifically mentions the option of birth control which, while some parents might disagree, is a wonderful and modern addition to a body book in today's age.

What We Like About It
The boldness of this puberty book truly stands out with no holds barred. It's much more descriptive and in-depth than other books but provides a look into puberty that's honest and real.

Very detailed and in-depth

Each chapter is devoted to a separate aspect of puberty

Discusses birth control

Details reproduction and everything that comes with it

Excellent for teenagers


Parents can find this book overwhelming and too explicitly detailed

Includes information that's not necessarily "must know" for kids under the age of 15

5. The Care and Keeping of You Journal: For Younger Girls

Journaling is a wonderful way to express emotions and it can be a brilliant outlet for girls during puberty. Not to mention, they'll have a blast with all the quizzes and fun "about me" sections they can fill out in this personal book!
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Not every puberty book has to come in the form of some type of guide or reference. Occasionally, young girls can find help in a place of creativity and expression which is why The Care and Keeping of You Journal is an excellent gift for girls who are just beginning to go through puberty. This book is a wonderful addition to The Care and Keeping of You books that American Girl has created and will allow your child to keep a physical record and account of everything she experiences. It's helpful for her to write down things such as her mood changes, body changes, as well as keeping track of her periods to help map out her cycle every month. This journal isn't just there to keep track of body changes, however. It also serves as a written account for all the things going on in your child's life, as well as her friend circle, hobbies, likes and dislikes, favorites, etc. This journal is literally all about her and her life, in addition to allowing her to keep track of all the changes that come along the way.

A journal such as this is a great thing to be able to look back on years from now. Once your child has gotten through the initial stages of puberty, she'll be able to pull this book out and re-read it knowing that she got through the toughest part and has become strong and confident.

What We Like About It
This book has quizzes! Puberty and growing up don't have to be scary, especially when you have a journal that's all about you and your life. This is a fun way to tackle growing up head-on and will boost your child's overall well-being.

Allows girls to record their thoughts and feelings

Serves as an excellent outlet

Includes fun quizzes

Can be a good distraction from puberty

It's helpful to keep track of body changes and periods


Some kids don't take it seriously and are uninterested

6. The Body Book (The Lily Series)

For Christian families, finding books on puberty can prove to be challenging. This book has all the pertinent information you're looking for and explains the process in an innocent yet informative way.
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For parents who are concerned about puberty books being too revealing or over-the-top as far as explicit or inappropriate content goes, consider the Lily book series. The Body Book contains all the information that your child absolutely needs to know but does so from a somewhat innocent, Biblical perspective. It's great for kids between the ages of seven and 11 and does provide helpful information when it comes to menstruation, lifestyle, and how to care for your body while experiencing all of these changes. It doesn't include details about the opposite sex which can be comforting to some parents who would rather save that for when their child is older. The book as a whole is a very clean rehashing of what your body goes through and does so in a casual and fun way. There are even some humorous parts that add a level of comic relief from subjects that can often be difficult to talk about.

This book doesn't go into too much detail but it goes into enough so that girls understand what they're going through. It's helpful and serves as a loose guide on what girls can expect to experience during their period and body changes.

What We Like About It
The Body Book truly caters to the demographic that it's targeting. Unlike other books that claim are suitable for young kids and preteens but are very descriptive, this book censors just enough to keep a balance between understanding and overwhelming.

Pretty artwork throughout the book

Somewhat censored

Explains things in an innocent yet natural way

Provides helpful advice

Give a Biblical point of view


There's nothing in this book about the potential of TSS with tampons

Some might not like the prayer aspect

7. Growing up: It's a Girl Thing: Straight Talk about First Bras, First Periods, and Your Changing Body

Nothing but the facts here! This book is slightly shorter than the others but it serves as a good beginning and basic guide to growing up.
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This book is exactly what it says it is: straight and to the point. There's nothing censored here and it'll provide only the information that your child absolutely needs when it comes to learning about her period and her body. It's not a detailed guide for reproduction or how to handle anything regarding the opposite sex but it does provide a solid understanding of how a girls' body works and what to expect. Everything from bras, periods, to "inside" and "outside" sexual organs are covered which is helpful for young kids as well as preteens. For a good base knowledge of puberty and what your body goes through, this would be helpful for any preteen girl who needs a little extra information to be fully comfortable.

The text is pretty straight-shooting when it comes to explaining what changes about your body and how it does so. Girls will find valuable information and be able to read it on their own without becoming overwhelmed.

What We Like About It
The conversational aspect of this book is what makes it pretty unique in the vast world of body books. It comes across as casual and takes some of the pressure off of learning about puberty in a medical or formal way.

No extra filler text

Detailed enough to get the point across

Girls can read it independently

There's nothing inappropriate

The conversational style makes things casual


It's somewhat outdated

Some parents thought there wasn't enough information on puberty as a whole

8. Is This Normal: MORE Girls' Questions, Answered by the Editors of The Care and Keeping of You

This is the perfect accompaniment to any of the other The Care and Keeping of You books. In all likelihood, it'll probably answer questions that your child didn't even know she had.
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This is truly a spectacular addition to the American Girl book series The Care and Keeping of You because it will surely answer any remaining questions your child has about her body and the puberty process. This book would be an excellent purchase in addition to one of the other two books (one for older girls and one for younger) because it'll help steer them in the right direction as far as fully understanding and comprehending what is happening to their bodies. The editors have taken the time to sit down and explain the answers to questions that many girls have, some of which may not have been answered in the previous books. This book, as a whole, is the answer that many parents have been waiting for with The Care and Keeping of You books because it includes information the first two might have missed. It answers real-life questions that actual readers have sent in and, chances are, your child has one or more of these same questions.

This book would perfectly suit a girl who has just learned about puberty and is still confused or slightly overwhelmed. Rather than deal with the embarrassment that comes along with asking these questions, she'll be able to read them for herself and have answers immediately.

What We Like About It
With much praise from parents, this book has helped to alleviate some of the pressure that falls on your shoulders. It can be challenging as well as overwhelming trying to explain and remember everything about something you've gone through years ago, and this book is here to help.

Answers real-life questions

Written by the editors of the American Girl series

It's helpful for girls who have learned about puberty already

It can alleviate some of the stress that parents feel

Each question has been asked by a reader


It's not a guide so much as a Q&A book

9. Ready, Set, Grow!: A What's Happening to My Body? Book for Younger Girls

Don't get the idea from the "younger girls" title -- This book doesn't censor anything. Rather, it only provides need-to-know information that won't scare or overwhelm girls who aren't quite preteens yet.
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If your child is not yet a preteen but has already noticed her body beginning to change, you might be panicking. Fear not! Lynda Madaras has penned this brilliant book for just that reason. It was created for girls between the ages of eight and 11, just before they hit their preteen ages. It'll describe exactly what they're experiencing as well as feeling without being overly descriptive in a way that many books often are when discussing puberty. This book is so much fun because it was designed in a way that's friendly, girly, and entertaining to read. Every single change that a girl can expect to go through has been detailed in this book and, while there's nothing super specific to reproduction, it serves as a solid basis for understanding puberty from a girls' point of view.

From head to toe, this body book has covered everything and explained it in a way so that girls as young as eight can understand it. They'll have an in-depth explanation of how all of their parts work, change, and grow.

What We Like About It
This book is just as much fun to read as it is to look through. The author has done a stellar job in presenting a topic that can be uncomfortable and scary and turned it into something positive and uplifting.

The book itself is fun to look at

Every change a girl goes through is in this book

A thorough explanation of a girls' reproductive organs

Great for young girls who aren't quite preteens yet

Fairly innocent and very age-appropriate


Some parents thought the book brought up unnecessary issues

10. The Girl's Body Book: Everything You Need to Know for Growing Up YOU

This book is so much more than a body book. It goes into issues involving family, friends, and life itself, making it the perfect life guide rather than just a book about puberty.
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From the same author who brought you The Boy's Body Book, you can count on that same great quality to make an appearance in this body book for girls. If you're looking for a super comprehensive guide that includes virtually everything your child needs to know about her body, growing up, reproduction, sexual organs, body and hair changes, feelings and emotions, look no further -- This book has it all! The amazing thing about this book is that it's not just strictly for puberty. Yes, body changes are discussed, but it also covers controversial topics that are very modern such as divorce, friendships, diet, lifestyle, and growing up in general. It's a helpful guide for going through puberty but also for going through other situations that many body books just don't cover. The tips and advice found in this book are valuable to many preteens and teenagers and can help to reassure them that everything they're feeling is absolutely normal.

This book goes above and beyond the call of puberty. In fact, it's the only book on our list that truly goes in-depth on other life issues that preteens and teenagers face all the time.

What We Like About It
The fact that this guide is helpful in every aspect of a child's life is truly something that we admire. It can be looked back on for years and has become somewhat of a growing-up staple.

Includes information outside of puberty

Helpful for years after your child's body has already changed

Has thorough explanations for everything

From a reputable author

Reads like a chapter book for preteens and teens


The book includes information for too wide a variety of ages

Criteria Used in the Evaluation of Puberty Books for Girls

Oh boy, so you’ve decided it’s time to have “the talk” with your little girl. We won’t deny it either, it’s a challenging thing to do. Questions will arise such as how do you initiate it? How will she react? Will she understand? While we can’t help you determine how your child will react, we can help you to prepare for it in the best way possible. We’ve done our research not only on the best puberty books that your child can read but also on talking to kids about puberty in general. It was important for us to know what the experts said about initiating a life-changing discussion such as this because the only way we can help you is to know the facts for ourselves. By the time a girl reaches the age of eight, chances are that she’s already wondering things about her own body. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she knows about her period or what she’s about to go through, but questions will come up about body parts and what their purpose is. Some parents think this is too young to talk to their child about puberty, but the fact is, you never really know when your daughter will experience it for the first time. It’s better to be safe rather than sorry and better she should be prepared.

Because of this age factor, we had to consider books that were suitable for children that young. Additionally, we had to look into books that were suitable for preteens as well, because inevitably, more questions will come up when girls start feeling these changes for themselves. Since getting your period is such a major topic of puberty, many of these books are centered around that as well as all the questions that come along with menstruation. The best thing you can do as a parent is to support your child and encourage them to be as open as possible so that they don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed. The more they know that you’re on their side, the more they can be open and accepting when it comes to all of these changes, and the more comfortable they’ll feel going to you when they have a problem.

Additionally, we had to ensure that these body books didn’t cross the line in any way. Since it is a mature topic, many books offer wildly descriptive text as well as pictures to accompany it. While diagrams are fine, some imagery might be a bit overwhelming to girls who are just learning about the changes their bodies are going through, therefore, we had to seek a balance. Each of these books has a rather thorough description of who it’s intended for and that should help parents, based on their own discretion, to decide what’s right for their child. We’ve found that the “look inside” feature of every single one of these books has proven to be more than helpful when it comes to what to expect inside them. In fact, we’ve made sure to include only books that have this feature so that you aren’t stuck with material that is much too mature or not adequate for your little one. It is worthy to note that most of these books if not all of them do include diagrams of reproductive organs. Some describe both boys and girls while others only detail what girls can expect, but it is something to be aware of when choosing a puberty book. It can even be helpful to mentally prepare your child for what she will see in these books as well; if she can hear it from you first and have a thorough understanding of what it is, exactly, that she’ll be reading about, then she’ll be much more comfortable overall. There’s really no easy way to go about telling your child that she’s growing up and becoming a woman but with the help of these books, it can be far less awkward and uncomfortable to do so.

Lastly, we had to consider the fact that girls would have to have a base knowledge of reproduction and all of the puberty changes that boys go through as well. It’s due to this reason that you’ll find some books on here that cater to both boys and girls and give fairly detailed descriptions of each. As long as there’s an open line of communication between you and your child, you can let the book do most of the talking — You’ll be there to answer questions, help explain things in such a way that she’ll understand, and to hear her out when she has her own thoughts and opinions. The book should serve as a guide and a conversation starter, but also as a way for her to explore puberty on her own and read more about it as she’s ready. You’ll also find a personal journal on this list, which is extremely helpful and encouraging when she does start experiencing changes. Being able to write down and record all the things you’re experiencing serves as an emotional release as well as a confidence-booster, two things that your child will definitely need.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should I approach my daughter when presenting her with a book such as this one?

A: In the most sensitive way possible. It’s an awkward discussion no matter what, but as long as you’re sure of yourself and approach with confidence, and open mind, and gentle words, the dialogue should go smoothly. It’s best by explaining to her that she’s growing up and as such, she’ll be going through something called puberty which every grown-up woman she knows has already gone through. Explain that it’s a process but it’s an easy one and you’ll be with her the entire way through.

Q: Are these books very overwhelming if girls read them on their own?

A: They can be. If your child has no clue about puberty and doesn’t know what it is or what to expect, it’s best that you go through these books with her, at least initially. If she already has a base of knowledge from school or a previous talk, then she would probably be fine reading these on her own as long as she knows you’re there to answer any questions that may arise.

Q: How graphic are these?

A: These books are no more graphic than they need to be. You’ll find diagrams in most of them or sketches at best, but nothing that resembles anything wildly inappropriate. These diagrams are there so girls can relate and fully understand and are no different than what she would see in her school classroom.

Q: Is it necessary for a parent to read through these books before giving them to a child, or is all the information appropriate?

A: That’s up to you! While it’s best to know what your child will be reading and looking at before actually giving her the book, there’s nothing in here that should drastically shock her. However, to be on the safe side, it’s worth a gander beforehand.

Q: Are there any other materials that could accompany these books such as educational shows?

A: These books were created to stand on their own. If you want to offer your child other materials then it can’t hurt, but we’ve evaluated these books based on what they offer your child as far as education and comfort go, and have deemed them to be enough of an educational source.

Q: Are they good for teens as well?

A: Of course! Everyone can benefit from learning about their bodies and teenage girls are no exception. If you have a teenager who is just going through puberty or still as questions about her body or her period, by all means, use these books. Just because we put an age range on them does not mean that they’re restricted to those ages — You’re free to use them for whoever needs them in your family. In fact, we encourage it!


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