Best Squishies Reviewed & Rated in 2018

If you’ve never heard of a squishy before, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “what on earth is it and why does it sound so silly?” Well, squishies are responsible for making stress balls a thing of the past while offering a whole new world of benefits along with them. They come in the form of tiny animals (like cute kittens!), shapes, or even foods, and their main job is to be squeezed — But that’s not all. Squishies are a Japanese creation that is formulated to be nearly indestructible. You can squeeze them as much as you want, pull them, twist them, whatever you can think of, and miraculously, they still hold their shape. Each of these little squashable squishes is carefully designed to be cute and attention-grabbing, as you’ll see on our list. There are many reasons why they’re so good for kids, many of which we’ll get into later on, but all you really need to know before diving into the world of squishie is this: They’re great stress-relievers, provide a fun small-muscle workout, and they’re simply adorable!

These tiny guys are fun for adults as well and the great thing is that there’s really no age limit (although some companies recommend not giving these toys to kids younger than seven due to choking hazards). They’re no fuss and required no batteries, additional accessories, or assembly. If you’re not looking for some kind of stress relief for your child, they’d make a good toy as well! When we started out searching for the best squishie toys out there, it was news to us when we realized how many there really were to choose from and how many different options you’d have as a parent or caretaker. Some are bright and vibrant, others muted and pastel, some coming in a myriad of animal shapes, and some were even scented. They’ve definitely gained popularity with the increase of popular Japanese games and products, and since it can be overwhelming to pick out the right squishie figure for your child, we’re here to help. We’ve taken all the work out of it for you so that you’re left with only the cutest, most fun squishable toys out there!

10 Best Squishies Reviewed

1. Oh So Squishy Slow Rising Cat

How much fun is this winky little cat? Oh So Squishy knows how to take Kawaii style and turn it into something that's both fun and functional, and this sassy kitty is ready to help take away all of their stress.
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The company name says it all for this positively adorable cat! Oh So Squishy is one of the top brands out there for all of your squishie needs and this cat is relatively large, so it’s really perfect for any age group. Featuring a bright blue and white design, this cat was created in traditional Japanese manga-style art. With a cute winky-eyed face and a smile that every child will love, who could say no to this precious cat? Looks aside, you can squash this kitty with the best of them; while it is rather large in size, it’s able to be squished down to less than three times its normal size! That makes it a great stress reliever that can easily be placed on a desk, kept in a locker, or even stored on a shelf. This squishie is also scented and smells like fresh berries, which helps with stress by distracting and giving kids a pleasant scent to soothe them.

This proper squishie comes with a bag that can be resealed so if your child doesn’t want their room or backpack smelling like berries all the time, they can seal their new toy right up. This is also great for preserving its shelf-life since it’ll be protected and won’t be exposed to moisture or dust.

What We Like About It
We never thought that squishing a cute cat would be so much fun. Each time this toy is squashed down, not only do you get a waft of that delightful berry smell, but you’ll be reducing your stress each second you watch this cat come back to life.

Expands slowly to help with focus

Able to be reduced three times in size

Cute and adorable design


Safe for children of all ages


The berry smell might be too much for some kids

2. AOLIGE Kawaii Panda

You're seeing that right... This is one giant panda bear! It's a little bigger than some other traditional squeeze pals on this list, but it's perfect stress-relief all the same. Not to mention, it's super adorable.
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This panda can literally be squashed down into a tiny ball, not to mention, it smells positively delightful. With the subtle scent of cream, kids will forget their stress in no time. This panda is also huge, which makes it a great value for all kids with little risk of a child sticking this in their mouth or chewing on it. It’s highly durable and designed to be squashed in more ways than you can count, making it fun as well as stress-relieving. This is great for panda lovers or lovers of the popular Kawaii art style, which is becoming more and more popular by the day. The AOLIGE panda would make such an adorable addition to any child’s room, locker, or squishie collection. Its perfectly round panda shape makes it somewhat of a collectible and something that kids will never really grow out of. We mean really, who can resist those round pink cheeks and that adorable smiling expression?

Since this panda is small enough to fit in a child’s palm but big enough to prevent any potential choking hazards, it’s very age-friendly. Some might find the sweet cream smell to be a bit overwhelming at first, but over time it will eventually air out and become less overwhelming.

What We Like About It
The slow-rising quality of this squishie is exactly what helps kids to calm down when they’re suffering from significant anxiety. One squashed, this toy will take at least 20 seconds to fully expand again, thus holding a child’s attention and forcing them to slow down, breathe, and focus.

Very slow-rising

Cream smell is sweet but not obnoxious

Large enough to be age-friendly

Cute addition to an existing collection

Can be squashed down into a ball


The ears can rip off easily

3. Satkago Mochi

These are great on-the-go squishies or perfect for decorating your child's workspace. They can be squeezed while doing homework, working on a project, or even brought with them to class to improve focus and memory.
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What’s better than having one giant squishie? Having 20 small ones, of course! Satkago is huge in the way of knowing how to make a squishie both adorable, functional, and totally in the Kawaii-style. This brand has created five different choices for all of your squash-Mochi needs, including the 20-piece set pictured, the 10-piece Mochi, slow-rising panda Mochi, jumbo cake 14-piece Mochi, and the owl, panda, and penguin Mochi. Each one offers its own benefits, whether it’s via size, number of Mochi pieces, or animal design. The one we’ve featured contains the largest amount of Kawaii animals, including one many are already familiar with -- Sleeping cats! These kitties can be squeezed, pulled, twisted, tugged, and you can even poke their tummy for added fun. Each squishie is durable and built to last no matter how many times they’re squeezed, making them an excellent addition to a desk, nightstand, or to be carried around in a backpack or bag.

There are plenty of cute Kawaii pieces for your child to choose from in this set and they’re great for siblings or even trading amongst friends. This is the perfect gift for children who might suffer from anxiety-inducing disorders or just need something to fidget with.

What We Like About It
The fact that this set contains so many various animals keeps it interesting and prevents kids from getting bored with it. Not only does each piece look different, but they can all be squished in a different way.

Durable and long-lasting

Made from tough materials

Five different options to choose from

Each squishie is different and unique

Can be used a decor as well


Not safe for kids under seven

4. UMIKU Slow-Rising Jumbo

Any fruit lovers out there? Each of these squishies is fun in their own unique way and can be played with differently. They also smell like fruit which only adds to the fruit-squeezing fun.
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Giant squashable fruit might be the answer to all of your child’s stress needs. This set comes with three delectable fruits for your child to squash, twist, and watch inflate again: a strawberry, a banana, and a peach. Each fruit has a sweet-smelling scent to it which is both distracting as well as soothing. When squished down to their smallest form, each fruit takes just over 20 seconds to rise back to its normal size, making for a long-lasting stress reliever and a great way to deal with anxiety. These fruits have been designed to look more Kawaii than realistic which makes them fun to look at and would be perfect as a cute decor idea. Each one is super soft to the touch which kids will love, and they’re perfect for almost any age.

A squishie like this is the perfect mindless fidget activity for kids while they’re doing their homework or even sitting in class. It promotes slight muscle movement while helping to keep your kids focused.

What We Like About It
These are some of the slowest-rising squishies we have on our list, so if you’re looking for a great stress relief option, these fruits are it. They expand in just over 20 seconds, meaning your child will have 20 seconds to de-stress, breathe, and focus on the slow rise.

Pack of three

Nicely scented to resemble fruit

Super slow rising

Soft to the touch

Great for most ages


They’re not very interesting as far as squishies go

5. Areedy Colossal Slow-Rising

You can't take a bite out of this fruit, but you sure can squeeze it. It even smells fruity so that every time you're child squeezes it, they'll be saying goodbye to their anxiety with each sweet whiff of mango.
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When making this list, we decided to go no holds barred -- Nothing was off limits, even the most monstrous of squishies. This mango is, as Areedy calls it, colossal -- It will probably be almost the same size as your child’s head which is sure to inspire some laughs but also some serious anxiety relief. Just the sheer size of this mango is enough to distract kids from anything that might be bothering them and the bigger the squishie, the longer the rise time. This is what we like to refer to as a “two-handed squish”. Adults might be able to squash this mango down in no time flat, but for a kid, it might take some serious effort! That makes it perfect for distracting them from their stress and holding their attention while they squish this fruit down as much as possible just to watch it puff back up again. It is lightly scented which just adds to the realism of holding a giant mango, and the design makes it shimmer in the light just like a “gold” mango really would.

The creators of this squashy mango describe it as being similar to a “marshmallow” which might sound funny, but it makes for a perfect squishie. Kids will love the fact that it’s jumbo-sized and pretty to look at.

What We Like About It
We love that this wasn’t about creating something super realistic. The gold mango is really a good-looking addition to any collection, and it’ll easily take the place of having tons of small squishables.

Nice-looking design

Fun and brightly colored

Very slow-rising

Requires a two-handed squish

Lightly scented


After regular use, it might have an issue rising to full size again

6. Party Wiz Jumbo 20 Piece

For variety and quantity, these squishies are definitely the way to go. They're great as party favors, large families, or even to share and trade amongst friends at school.
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The fact is, everyone loves a good squishie. It doesn’t matter how old you are or whether you’re a big fan of squishing things or products such as stress balls, it’s just natural instinct to want to squash these. That’s why a 20-piece party favor set is perfect for your child’s parties, friends, or even your entire family. This set comes with a variety goodie bag full of different squishies, all with their own unique design and squashability. They’re cute, fun, and are sure to reduce your family’s stress level at least a little bit. Each one comes with a loop so that it can be attached to a keychain, thus making them extremely portable. They can be extremely helpful while traveling in order to take your child’s mind off of any stress they might have on their trip. Keeping them close to you can also make them useful before big events or in the event of a random pang of anxiety.

You’ll get plenty of great squishies in here for an awesome price. There’s plenty of variety and your child will have a blast being able to trade them and swap with his or her friends.

What We Like About It
Each of these was designed to be travel-friendly, so while it says that they’re “jumbo” size, they’re not nearly as big as some of the other products on our list. They fit perfectly in your hand and are easily concealed.

Variety pack of 20


They each have a keychain option

Great as party favors

Perfect for your entire family


They’re all completely different sizes ranging from small to medium

The smell is rather strong

7. Kiibru English Bread

Is it a loaf of bread? Is it a squishie? It's squishie bread! Not only does this bakery item look incredibly realistic, but it also smells like a sandwich in the making. It's not for eating though -- It's for squeezing!
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This is one squishie that we absolutely love. Not only is it totally random and hilariously but unlike the other products on this list, it is completely realistic! This Kiibru Squishy English Bread is exactly what your child needs if they love baking or just that scent of freshly baked or toasted bread coming out of the oven, because yes, this inedible bread actually smells like a real food. Its shiny exterior gives it that look of a freshly baked loaf which will not only make your child hungry but will give them a laugh as well once they realize this isn’t real. It’s jumbo-sized so this is definitely a two-handed squisher, but it’s totally worth it! If your child doesn’t want an entire bread loaf, they have the option of going with pineapple bread, a pretzel, or even fruit on toast. There’s no stopping this super large squishy bread once you get going; even when it’s squashed down to its smallest size, it still looks real.

The tantalizing aroma of this faux bread is what makes it so delightful and it’s really perfect for the little baker in your life. Bread lovers rejoice, you can now have freshly baked bread any time of the day!

What We Like About It
All joking aside, this is a one of a kind squishie. It’s common to find various cutesy animals and even fruits and veggies, but when it comes to bread, it’s so random that it’s actually enjoyable.

It’s an out of the box gift

Smells like bread

Great for fans of baking

Good for any age

Choice of four different bread styles


Not as slow-rising as many others

8. OVERMAL Slow-Rising Rainbow

This metallic strawberry doesn't look very edible, but it is super pretty to look at. It's a two-handed squishie for sure and would look totally rad on any child's desk or in their locker at school. It's decor and stress relief all rolled into one berry-scented squishie.
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This fancy jumbo strawberry is just waiting to be squished up as small as you can get it. Its unique metallic design makes it interesting to look at and definitely fun to play with. It’s not realistic in the slightest and, instead, keeps with the traditional Kawaii art-style of being bright, vibrant, and bold. This is perfect for Kawaii lovers as an artful decoration or a jumbo stress reliever since it is a slow-rising squishie. It’s good for emotion-control when your child is in school or on a trip and since it’s not too big, it can easily be packed away in their backpack or school bag. The light, sweet scent leaves just the subtlest hint of strawberry to echo that Kawaii theme. This strawberry has a slow-rise time of between 10 and 20 seconds, making it perfect for dealing with anxiety and fidgeting issues.

The bright berry looks like it was literally glazed in metallic paint before becoming squishable. It’s realistic to a certain point, but still fun and creative.

What We Like About It
Have you ever seen a more unique strawberry? We have no doubt that your kids will love this as a replacement for a stress ball because it’s so one of a kind. The slow-rise gives way to allow kids to focus on something besides their stress, while the look of it will hold their attention.

Beautifully designed

Slow-rising squishie

Light strawberry scent

Very Kawaii in style

Great for ages six and older


It’s not the highest quality and can rip or tear easily

9. Outee Mini Animals 25-Piece

More is better than one, right? This squishies are formulated with gel so while they won't have a super slow rise like foam, they'll help in the same way that a stress ball would. Not to mention, they're all super cute!
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This is the largest set of squishies that we have on our list and it also goes for an incredible price. Granted the animals are much smaller than many others on this list, you do get a lot of them and a set like this would be perfect for older kids. Whether your child collects these Kawaii-style animals or genuinely uses them for regular stress relief, this set contains anything they could possibly want out of their squishable pals. With 25 different animals, not a single one looks similar to another, making this the perfect starter set or a great addition to an existing collection. These tiny toys are very well-made and can be squished in any way possible and still maintain their form, shape, and design. They’re also super cute which just adds to why we love them so much! The slow-rise time isn’t as long as some of the jumbo squishies but with so many to choose from and squash at once, we’re sure that won’t be a problem for your little one.

Each squishy in this collection is unique. Even the same animals, the cats, for example, are laying in the same position but are all designed and colored differently to enhance the variety throughout this set.

What We Like About It
We love that this 25-piece set can be used as decoration as well. Each of this tiny animals is super portable but they all look positively adorable when they’re set up on a desk, nightstand, or shelf.

You get 25 different pieces

Each one designed uniquely

They’re durable and long-lasting

Great for Kawaii collections

Very travel-friendly


They’re not super slow-rising due to gel formula rather than foam

10. Rosybeat Slow-Rising Jumbo

This cute cat looks like she hails from another galaxy with her out-there colors and funky ice cream cone. The best part is, while she's off cruising through the stars, your child will be able to squeeze their stresses away because she's a giant squishie!
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We can’t even handle all the cuteness that comes with this squishy cat. Not only do we get some serious Kawaii vibes from this cute little creature, but it’s also a two-handed squish. This cute kitty is featured hold her (or his!) own little ice cream cone, just adding to the cuteness factor of this squish as a whole. It’s great for kids, adults, teachers, babysitters, and caretakers because the slow rise of the foam material makes for an excellent form of stress control. This squishie is scented which some children might really love as it provides a soothing relief to the senses. Another very important feature of this cute cat is that it’s non-toxic and made from environmentally safe materials, so you can rest assured that your child isn’t playing with anything that’s not completely safe for them.

The size of this toy lends itself to improved circulation and minor muscle improvement. It can increase flexibility and help your child with their hand-eye coordination as well.

What We Like About It
The galaxy-effet look of this cat is what really caught our attention. It’s about as Kawaii as you can get and your child will have his or her choice of up to three different galaxy designs and colors.

Slow-rising foam material

Safe and non-toxic

Improves muscle movement

Three differently colored designs available

Great for kids of all ages


It can rip or tear easily so it’s not good for young kids who are rough with their toys

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Squishies

Squishies toys have been slowly making their way overseas for quite some time now. They’re great for relieving stress, but they are in no way “stress balls” — We’ll get into more of this further on down. These squishy toys are designed to promote blood circulation, muscle coordination, and dexterity among children as well as adults, which is why they’re loved by everyone. The design of many of these is traditionally Kawaii, which is another aspect we’ll explain further in-depth in this article — Japanese creations are often colorful, vibrant, bright, fun, and full of life. They’re often designed to be cute but still age-appropriate for everyone, which is why their products are so successful. Japan is a very advanced country when it comes to inventions that can help in your day-to-day life, which is why something with such a simple concept, like a squishy, is so impressive. They’ve taken the idea behind a stress ball and turned it into something that’s fun, incredibly creative, and potentially collectible as well. Let’s dive into a little bit of history and learn some interesting factoids about these adorable squishies.

What Exactly Are Squishies?

Squishies, as they’re known in North America, got their big start on YouTube when people started taking notice of the cute little squishy toys. They originated in Japan, where they’re referred to as “squeeze”, which is what you’re meant to do with toys such as these. Overseas, they’re largely popular mostly amongst teenagers, but they have a fairly wide following of fans all over the country due to how satisfying they are to play around with. The process of how they came to be is rather interesting; the fun foam that allows them to rise slowly as well as be squashed down into half their size is actually polyurethane. This foam allows the toys to be flexible and moldable while still maintaining the naturally-given shape. It’s easily painted on and safe to handle, which makes squishies both natural stress-reliever as well as kid-friendly. Polyurethane was originally invented and intended to use when making seats for cars, but Japan had other ideas for the German-engineered flexy-foam. The material is soft, able to be pulled, tugged, squeezed, twisted, you name it — And it’ll still retain its shape and durability. This truly makes for the perfect toy!

Why Are They Mostly Kawaii-themed, And What Is That?

When many people think of Japan, they think of things such as anime, manga, and video games. While these things are all very popular there and make up much of pop-culture, the Kawaii style is what influences much of it. Kawaii is most simply translated to “cuteness”, which is something that’s plain to see when it comes to much of Japan’s toys and overall style. While not everything is designed in Kawaii, squishies are an excellent representation of what that style means. One of the most iconic and best examples of Kawaii that made its way overseas many years ago is Hello Kitty. This adorable cat and her cute friends are a perfect example of the brightly colored, simple art that goes into designing Kawaii-style art. Squishies have followed in her footsteps, being created in the form of kittens, pandas, bears, sea life, and even food. There’s a long and expansive culture that goes along with Kawaii art which is most prominently seen in Harajuku, which is home to entire stores devoted to the squishy toys that everyone loves so much. The great thing about these is that they come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors, which make them appealing to both girls and boys alike. Each one is uniquely designed so that no two are the same, making them super fun to collect, trade, and play with.

What Are They Good For?

Much like stress balls, squishies are excellent for coping with anxiety. However, they differ significantly in how they’re used. While the same “squeeze” theory applies to both, squishies have the unique ability to do something called a “slow-rise”. Due to the polyurethane foam, they’re created with, theses squishy toys are able to be squeezed just like a stress ball, but will slowly puff back up into their original shape. It’s during those 10 to 20 seconds that your child is watching their squishy, that they’re also focused on their toy and not on whatever is stressing them. This causes an effect similar to what controlled breathing does; by constantly going through the motions of squeezing the squishy, your child is reducing their stress and doing something they can focus on physically. By letting the toy inflate back up into its original shape, they’re focusing on it mentally and thus gaining both physical and mental stimulation that takes away from high anxiety levels. It’s this routine that will help them cope as a stress-relieving method. In addition to that, squishies, just like stress balls, will help them build muscles in their hands, forearms, and fingers. However, since many of these can be used with both hands (we’ve listed several jumbo-sized toys on our list), they’re twice as beneficial as your average stress ball. They can also improve circulation by increasing blood flow, which is great for kids who might have weakened hand muscles or lack some coordination in their fingers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is this product helpful while my child is in school — Will it be a distraction?

A: Yes and no. Depending on your child’s needs and inclinations, squishies might initially be a distraction due to their brightly-colored nature, but will eventually just become a method of focusing. It gives their hands something to do which, in turn, will help them to focus their mind on the front of the class. It’s also great to help with memory because the motion of constant squeezing will increase their muscle memory as well while helping them to find a calm state.

Q: How safe are these for a toddler?

A: We wouldn’t really recommend small squishies to any child under the age of six. The bigger squishies shouldn’t be an issue, but definitely require parental supervision because they’re not completely indestructible.

Q: Could these be given to boys as well as girls?

A: Of course! That’s the beautiful thing about squishies — They’re unisex and make a perfect gift for anyone. Many of these listed can be purchased in various colors and designs and the Kawaii style is open to anyone and everyone.

Q: Will these eventually lose their shape?

A: Over very long periods of time and after many squeezes, some squishies might lose their shape a bit or fail to expand as fully as they used to. There are only two products on our list that are truly at risk for that happening sooner rather than later, and they’ve been listed under “cons”. If you’re worried about a younger child squeezing them too much, you should go for the squishies that are defined as “durable” or “long-lasting”. For older kids, any squishies will be just fine. Before a squishie eventually does lose its shape, you’ll be able to tell.

Q: How strong is the scent on this product?

A: For some kids, any scent is a strong scent. That’s something you have to decide based on how your child reacts toward different smells. These toys can smell rather sweet which can either be lovely or unpleasant, depending on your child’s preferences. We have listed some non-scented squishies on here just in case.

Q: Can these be brought outside, are they waterproof, etc.?

A: Unfortunately, squishies are not waterproof. While some moisture won’t completely damage them, they do best when kept in a dry environment. Over time, the polyurethane will degrade and your squishie won’t expand or squish like it once did.