9 Best Toy Storage Containers & Organizers Reviewed in 2019

Toy storage and organizers can be extremely frustrating when it comes to trying to pick the right one for your space. When there are various ages of children in the home, sometimes that can even make things more difficult to select what style will work best.

Often just placing the toys in a toy box is great for the younger kids but as they get older it is best to improve the system and organize the toys with some method to the madness. We have selected both toy boxes and storage systems that offer great quality and super reviews. Selecting the best functional system for your kids is up to you.

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By Amanda Milewski:

Does it sometimes seem like your children's toys are taking over the whole house? We are coming to the rescue with a number of new products on our recently updated top 10 toy storage containers and organizers list. Maybe even let your child help pick one out so that he or she is invested in the clean-up process. We have ensured that all products meet our high standards of criteria and have double checked all of the product information and updated it where necessary.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Toy Storage Containers & Organizers

Finding storage organizers that are functional and design-worthy is hard. Our goal of this list was to provide you with some great toy storage and organizing systems that were well-constructed and kid-friendly. Why have a storage area for their toys when it is not something that is a good fit for their area? Each of the toy storage systems has a different look or design, plus offer different ways to store the toys as well. The one thing they all have in common is they are constructed from great quality materials and are made for kids. The storage center should not only benefit the parents but the kids as well. They all offer kid-friendly designs.

Each design features things that make it easy for kids to get to their toys while also making it simpler for them to clean up and organize as well. This is an important feature of any toy storage center. We didn’t want to offer any solution that didn’t fit “the bill” when it came to a solid solution to organizing and storing their toys. They all offer a different style of design while all still providing the same outcome. This was an important feature and criteria for this list. Please enjoy our toy storage and organizing solutions.

Selecting the best storage and organizers

When selecting the best storage and organizing center for your kid’s toys, it should be something that actually organizes the toys and just doesn’t add to the chaos. The solution should not only fit the toys but should fit the kids as well. This is why selecting the best solution is so important. Whether it is a bag, a storage center with bins, or storage cubes to become organized, the solutions have to work.

Bin storage or cubes are great for both younger and older kids. This allows them to easily place items in and take items out without causing a huge mess. Often, toy boxes can be emptied in a few minutes looking for that special car. With the bin and cube option, all the similar toys can be placed together making it easy to get to and find. The bag solution is best for large soft items and older kids. Each bag has to be filled and then re-filled each time you want something out. This is not perfect for smaller kids. No matter what solution you select, the most important thing to think about is “your kids” and how they think.

Benefits of organizing toys in the home

The benefits of organizing toys in the home can go on and on, but what we want to focus on is the developmental benefit for the children and the benefits for the parents. As each child learns to play, they are boosting their developmental skills. Crawling and learning to walk focus on gross-motor skills and stacking toys and playing rattles will focus on fine-motor-skill development. These are all important developmental skills just as learning to organize personal property and self-care are as well. Giving kids a place to organize and store their toys in a great way to start building those skills. Then lead by example. This means each time you play with the kids, help them clean up and work with them. Then as a habit, they will start to do it on their own. The developmental skill will seem natural but will be so beneficial to them as they grow.

The other benefit of toy organizing in the home is for the parents. Simply having toys all over the place all the time is not only an issue for safety, but is a functionality issue. When homes are neat and tidy, everyone in the space benefits mentally and physically. This the biggest advantage for the parents. Having a great toy storage solution makes it easy for parents to provide that type of environment while looking nice as well.

Using our list to your advantage

This list has been constructed of the best toy storage and organizers for kids, but it is great for parents as well. This list makes it easy to find and select a storage solution that is best for your family without doing the research. We have already completed that process. All of the solutions that are presented on this list are great quality solutions with a budget in mind. An overpriced and bulky solution is not always best for a family. We focused on creating this list with simple items that solve an issue we all have.

We wanted to make sure the list has a variety of styles and prices that will fit a variety of family needs. Use this list to your advantage by reviewing these great quality toy storage solutions knowing they are the best on the market and have the highest star ratings. Each of the items has been carefully selected to provide you with a complete list of nothing but the best.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When having kids put their toys away should you teach them to match up the pieces to the sets and put away together?

A: It is always a good idea to teach children how to stay organized and clean up their area properly. When children grow into toys that have several pieces, like puzzles or action figures, it is best to use a toy storage center with a container system. This makes clean up easy. Often, placing a picture of the contents on the front can help them organize and keep pieces together.

Q: How do you make sure that taller toy storage containers are not going to fall over on my child?

A: When buying taller toy storage container it is important to think about who you are buying it for. If purchasing for younger children it is important to make sure that it is only a few shelves high. This lessens the chances of the shelves falling over and from them climbing up on them. If you do decide to purchase a taller toy storage center it is a good idea to secure it to the wall. There are several things on the market to achieve this and some even come with it.

Q: Are toy boxes with lids or storage centers best for a 2-year-old?

A: Toy boxes are usually the best for 2-year-olds. It makes it easy for them to reach the toys and super-easy to clean them up. The only thing to keep in mind when buying a toy box with a lid is that the lid can be secured so it does not fall down on their little fingers or if they decide to climb in.

Q: How can I keep the toy storage and organizers themselves clean?

A: Cleaning toy storage containers and organizers is easy. A mild soap and warm water usually clean about anything, even marker or crayon marks from surfaces. It is a good idea to routinely clean and inspects the containers and organizers to make sure they are in the best condition for use by kids.

Q: Are some toy storage and organizers made to grow with my child?

A: Storage containers that have a shelving system and toy boxes are great storage and organizers that will grow with your child. They make clean up and organizing easy and offer lots of storage. This also makes getting the toys out and cleaning up easy.

Q: Where can I buy products listed on the Best Toy Storage and Organizers for Kids?

A: The products listed on the 10 Best Toy Storage and Organizers for Kids can be purchased from a direct link below the picture of the item. The direct link goes to Amazon and you are able to buy the product directly from there.


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