Best Transformers Toys & Action figures for Kids in 2018

What do kids love? Robots from outer space, of course! Recent movies have brought the Autobots we all know and love back to for the big screen so that you can watch their fight for planet Earth unravel right before your very eyes. Because of this, we’ve seen a resurfacing of Transformers fans both new and old and along with that, a new line of toys, clothing, and games. The Transformers have a bigger following than ever and it seems that nowadays every kid has their own favorite character, and nothing will bring a bigger smile to their face than being able to play with them. Whether your child wants to defend the world from Decepticons with their Rescue Bots, look like Optimus Prime in a fashionable yet comfortable hoodie, or be in control of their favorite Autobot in a fun video game, there’s an option for everyone.

Transformers are also a great way to get your kids excited about playing with their friends, as they all collect toys and Autobots it can improve social skills and give them something to bond over. The conjoining of retro Transformers and new from the movies can also strengthen the bonding between parents and kids, as they both love the same thing and can talk about horrible Decepticons, how awesome Optimus Prime is, and how hilarious Bumblebee can be. Below, we’ve listed our Top Transformers toys and items for every Transformers lover and we’re sure you’ll find something great for your little Autobot!

Last Updated: August 10, 2018
By Angela:

This page was recently updated with the newest information about the best transformer toys and action figures for kids. We made sure each item is available, highly rated and one of the best on the market at the moment.

Our Top 3 Picks

Robots in Disguise
  • Robots in Disguise
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • 4 figures
  • Price: See Here
Transformers Grimlock Figure
  • Transformers Grimlock Figure
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Robot to Dino Mode
  • Price: See Here
Playskool Heroes Transformers
  • Playskool Heroes Transformers
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Ambulance to Robot Mode
  • Price: See Here

Criteria Used to Evaluate the Best Transformers Toys for Kids

We use a variety of criteria from entertainment value, educational value and quality of the toy to make our lists. We thoroughly inspect and read reviews, experiences and details about each toy on our list and take all of these factors into consideration when making our lists. We like to think that our toy picks will satisfy your childrens thirst for entertainment as well as expand the minds of anybody who picks them up. Our goal is for you to grow, and have fun in the process.

Entertainment Value

One of the biggest factors that goes into consideration of our toy picks is the entertainment value provided by the toy. It has to be an attractive toy that will appeal to the minds of many. We take into consideration how fun the toy is, if it has a lot of entertainment value and if it was personally fun for us to play with.

Educational Value

For most of our lists, we take into consideration entertainment value as well. We want to provide a product that will not only be entertaining but will also be beneficial in the means of expanding the minds of our future generations. For the transformers page, we enjoyed understanding the background of each figure and learning the roles they play in the movies. There are certain transformers that do not have the most appealing qualities in the movies, and then there are some, like Optimus Prime, that demonstrate courage, strength, and good moral qualities that we would like for kids to notice and pick up on.

Quality of the toy

We also factor in the quality of materials used to produce the toy and how durable they are. The reliability and life of the toys plays a big factor in our choices. We do not want to pick toys that will not last for our customers, we want them to be satisfied for a long time so choosing a durable toy is integral.

Customer Feedback

This is one of the most important factors we take into considerations. We like to know what previous customers truly think of the product. We read reviews, listen to experiences and read the details of each product before we make our choice. This is the most important due to the fact that a lot of information can be inaccurate, but something that is usually very true is the customer’s experience and satisfaction.

What Determined The Top 10 Transformers in Our List

Choosing between and Optimus Prime toy and a Megatron toy is easy, but choosing between Starscream and Bumblebee, was never easy. It all boils down to who you are really rooting for: the do-gooder Autobots or the villainous Decepticons? Unfortunately, doing so is like choosing between good and evil. We believe that the Decepticons are not necessarily evil since all they really wanted is to rebuild their home planet, Cybertron, for themselves of course. But the point is that since it is more of a moral question if we highlight the good vs. bad line of thinking, we must come up with a different strategy to look for which Transformers we need to include in our list.

And then it dawned upon us that since we are presenting gift items for kids for Christmas, then we need to take into consideration the Transformers that kids today are familiar with. This means focusing more on the Transformers characters that they have seen in the 4 Transformers movies of the new millennium. Additionally, we also considered Transformers characters that they often watch in children’s animated TV shows. We are sure they will recognize these transformable robots.

We then looked at the positive responses from customers who have already purchased these items for their respective kids. It is imperative that we understand what other parents are saying so we can also share their thoughts with you.

Why Playing with Transformer Robots is Good for Your Kids

You may not agree but child experts say that there is clearly more than meets the eye every time children play with an Autobot or Decepticon action figure.

The mere fact that they have to follow the sequential steps necessary to transform the robot into its vehicle mode and vice versa can help enhance children’s problem solving skills as well as enhance their ability to follow instructions. They will also understand the idea of consequences as a result of not following the recommended steps. This can have a bearing in their lives as adults as they will be planning for a lot of different activities that require a series of steps, the completion of which is dependent on the step immediately preceding it.

A more important benefit of playing with Transformers toys, however, is in the encouragement of children to use their imagination either in reliving the scenes of the movies and TV shows that they have seen or in writing their own story line for the different characters. Either way, these kinds of toys can help enhance a child’s cognitive abilities as he or she will have to process different pieces of information coming from a variety of sources. These are then translated into more meaningful constructs depending on how the child views his or her world in relation to the Transformers characters he or she is playing with.

When played with friends, these toys can also enhance the social interaction skills of kids especially when they simulate battles between Autobots and Decepticons. While it is perfectly alright to play with these toys by himself or herself, role playing is best accomplished with other characters. This helps define the roles which children will be playing. When they grow up, they will always refer to these situations to help them identify the roles they are going to play in society.

The Bottom Line

This Christmas one of the best gifts you can give any child is a Transformers toy. With our list of top 10 Transformers, you now have the opportunity to really brighten a child’s Christmas day.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old should my child be in order to play with these Transformer toys?

A: Each toy comes with a special rating that addresses the appropriate age for each one. Final discretion is of course up to the parents and/or caretakers of the child, as they can deem what is and isn’t too mature for young children.

Q: Does Transformers have too much violence for a five-year-old kid?

A: There is a lot of violence in Transformers movies, mostly between robots. The movies may be too graphic for them to watch as they become progressively more involved, while the classic television show may be perfect for them because of the kid-friendly approach.

Q: How will I know which one is best for my child?

A: On this list, we’ve included something for everyone. If your child is a fan of action figures, we’ve supplied options for both retro-looking toys as well as the modern-day movie inspired toys. If they’re still too young for that, then perhaps clothing or a thermos may be a better option for them. The Transformers movie as well as the PlayStation 4 game may be a bit mature and better-suited for kids ages 12 and older.

Q: I have a three-year-old who always plays with his older sibling’s Transformer toys. Would these be good for him?

A: Some of these toys have smaller pieces (such as the action figures) that can very easily become a choking hazard for a child under the age of four. Hoist the Tow-Bot does not come with accessories like the others, however, and might be a suitable toy for your three-year-old. Adult supervision is recommended for any toy that can be put in a child’s mouth, but having his own action figure may prevent him from taking his siblings’!

Q: The quality of some Transformers products look cheap and easily broken — are there any that are more brittle than the others?

A: As with any toy, a rough play will always bring about broken toys faster than play that is careful and gentle. All of the products we’ve listed are the highest quality and from the licensed Transformers brand, which makes them good quality and better to give to younger kids as well as kids of older ages. They’d all be great options for kids ages four and up.

Q: Would these be good for group play? My child has a lot of friends and they love to play together.

A: Yes! Any of these toys (excluding the clothing) would be great for group play, especially if your child’s friends have Transformer toys as well. The Rescue Bots four-collection contains four different Rescue Bots and may prove to be an excellent gift option for your child to bring to a friend’s house or have friends over yours to play. The more the merrier!

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