Best Waterproof Mattress Protectors for Kids in 2018

If your child has not grown out of the bedwetting stage yet and you need to protect their mattress from accidents, then a waterproof mattress protector is a smart investment. Not only do these covers prolong the life of the mattress and keep it dry, but they will also keep the child clean and dry also. They do this by absorbing the liquid and moisture on the top layer of soft cotton terry material, while the mattress is protected with the durable strong barrier layer underneath. These excellent protectors will guard against accidental spills, bedwetting, pet urine, and perspiration, and also defend the mattress and bed from harmful allergens, bed bugs, and dust mites. Once these are trapped in the soft loops of the terry material, they are trapped and can be eliminated in the washer. Allergy and asthma sufferers will be relieved of the common triggers of mold, mildew, and bacteria that can be caught in the cover. All of the manufacturers for these protectors offer them in many sizes from twin to king, and two of them even offer a crib size. Each one is highly effective in preventing mattresses from being wet and helping trap damaging substances that can cause major breathing problems. All of these mattress protectors have the best ratings and the most reviews online from satisfied customers who would purchase them again. We are happy to highlight them here for you in our trusted, informative buying guide. Here are the best waterproof mattress protectors for kids in 2018.

1. SafeRest Twin Size Premium

With over 31,000 reviews online and an excellent customer rating, this hypoallergenic waterproof mattress cover from SafeRest is the best online product in this category. Made of cotton terry-cloth material, it will guard against bacteria, allergens, perspiration, urine, fluids, and dust mites and comes with a ten-year manufacturer warranty.
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It is hypoallergenic with a membrane coating on the back, noiseless, waterproof, and machine-washable. Registered as a medical device in the class one field with the FDA, this wonderful protector is free from phthalates, PVC, and vinyl substances. It will not alter the mattress feel for the user and is a fitted-sheet design. Multiple sizes are offered for this terrific cover that will reduce the exposure in the bed to dust mites and provide better air quality. Dust mites cause issues for those suffering from asthma and allergy triggers. Washing the cover often with the sheets will remove the dust mites from the mattress. The smooth soft surface of this cover will permit heat and air to pass, as it absorbs the fluids that come into contact with it. For best use, wash the cover first before using. This allows the loops of the terry material to open up and be responsive to any liquids that get on it.

Whatever type of mattress you want to cover with this protector will not be changed in its feel or comfort level. Your child can still enjoy the greatness of their firm or soft mattress as they like it.

What We Like About It
This soft terry-cloth material will absorb the spills and accidents that occur on the bed. It is great to have for kids that wet the bed, spill thing on the mattress, or suffer from allergies.

Cost and Value
Costing the average price for these waterproof mattress covers, this product from SafeRest is valued for its ability to control dust mites for those with allergies and being waterproof and noiseless.

Is noiseless and waterproof

Will not alter the mattress feel for the user

Permits heat and air to pass through

Free from phthalates, PVC, and vinyl substances

Is machine washable and absorbs fluids


Some said it splits underneath washing a couple of times but still protects

Was thinner than a few buyers expected

2. Twin Size Luna Premium

Made of terry cotton material that is hypoallergenic and made in the USA, this impressive mattress protector gives you better health and sets your mind at ease. It guards against fluid spills, urine from bed-wetting, bacteria, perspiration, allergens, and dust mites and includes a fifteen-year warranty.
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Offered in many mattress sizes, this beneficial Luna product is 100% waterproof and fitted to conform to the mattress. It features the airflow technology of Luna that permits air to circulate through the cover.
The surface of the protector is noiseless and will not alter the substance and feel of the mattress. This fabulous cover helps those that suffer from allergies, eczema, and asthma and does not contain any PVC, vinyl or phthalate materials. It will trap dead skin cells, dust mites, and allergens on the cover surface that can be washed away easily in the machine with the sheets.

No matter what size protector cover you need for your kid’s bed, Luna has you covered. They make this fantastic protector to fit any size of a mattress from twin to king mattresses.

What We Like About It
Dust mites can be a huge problem for those that have issues with allergies and asthma. This protector for the mattress will trap them in the plush terry material, so they can be eliminated in the wash.

Cost and Value
Slightly above average in price, this splendid mattress protector has the great qualities of fabulous air flow, being waterproof and hypoallergenic, and acting as an aid in fighting off dust mites in the bed.

Includes a fifteen-year warranty

Features the airflow technology of Luna

The surface of the protector is noiseless

Helps suffers from allergies, eczema, and asthma

Will trap dead skin cells, dust mites, and allergens


Was warm on the bed for some buyers

A few had troubles getting the water out after washing it

3. Utopia Bedding Waterproof Bamboo

Available in six mattress sizes, the Utopia Bedding Waterproof Bamboo Mattress Protector is hypoallergenic and waterproof to keep the mattress dry. It includes strong elastic all around the edge of the cover which allows it to fit snugly on the mattress. Made of a bamboo blend of viscose rayon and cooling polyester for the best comfort, it gives ideal protection and durable construction.
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This ideal cover can be machine washed and dried and is perfect for kid’s beds or those with pets, eczema, allergies, or asthma. It will provide a great night’s sleep because of the unique bamboo fiber surface of this cover and includes moisture-wicking and thermo-regulating features. This amazing bamboo protector poses a tough barrier against liquids and dust mites but allows terrific air flow to keep the bed cool. It contains a polyurethane membrane backing to increase the waterproof quality and includes deep pockets to fit perfectly around the edges of the mattress. The Bamboo Protector will also prevent any noises you would normally hear from plastic materials that could keep you awake or be uncomfortable to sleep on.

Even children that do not wet the bed will benefit from having a mattress protector on their beds. These products are terrific for warding off allergy triggers such as dust mites that can harm suffers.

What We Like About It
This is a cooler protective cover than most of the other brands because of the different materials from which it is made. The combination of polyester and bamboo make is quite comfortable and less hot.

Cost and Value
With a below-average cost, the Utopia Bamboo Mattress Protector is worth the cost because it is made of unique bamboo fibers and has a strong fit around the mattress corners.

Made of a bamboo and polyester blend

Can be machine washed and dried

Poses a tough barrier against liquids and dust mites

Contains a polyurethane membrane backing

Includes deep pockets to fit well around the edges


May fit too loose on thinner mattresses

Holds a lot of water coming out of the wash

4. Twin 6-8 in. Deep SureGuard

Offered in eight mattress sizes, the SureGuard Mattress Encasement Waterproof Cover is more than just a regular mattress protector. It is a premium six-sided protector for the mattress that will block stains, liquids, bed wetting, and perspiration. This wonderful cover comes with a ten-year warranty from the maker and does not contain any materials of PVC, vinyl, or phthalates.
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It seals off the mattress completely from bed bugs with the technology of SureSeal and Invisi-Zip zipper, plus it is hypoallergenic to guard against mildew, bacteria, mold, allergens, and dust mites. You will not lose the feel of the mattress with this cover, and it is a noiseless terry cotton top that is soft and comfortable for sleeping. The terrific SureGuard Encasement is cool and breathable and deters bed bug habitation and existence. It gives excellent relief for allergy sufferers and washes and dries easily in the washer and dryer. This fantastic product was tested independently in a lab for quality and performance.

It is important that mattress covers be constructed of a soft material that will not make any noise. As kids move in the bed, this protector will be silent and comfortable as it guards the mattress.

What We Like About It
This protector for the mattress does not just enclose the top and sides of the mattress. It encases it completely providing the best barrier against dust mites and other allergens.

Cost and Value
This is the most expensive item we feature on this page of mattress protectors. The cost is well worth it because this cover is six-sided, as it covers the mattress entirely for the ultimate protector.

Is a premium, six-sided protector

Comes with a ten-year warranty

Is cool, breathable, and hypoallergenic

Deters bed bug habitation and existence

Gives relief for allergy sufferers


May take a long time to dry

The zipper can be flimsy

5. UltraPlush Premium Twin Size

The UltraBlock Waterproof Mattress Protector protects against and prevents bacteria, mold, and mildew, as well as ridding the mattress of dust mites. It includes a twenty-year warranty and is available in three sizes for mattresses. This fantastic cover is 100% waterproof and offers you relief from liquid accidents, urine, spills, and perspiration.
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It is comfortable, cool, hypoallergenic, soft, and quiet, plus it can be machine washed and dried. This outstanding product does not contain the harmful substances of vinyl, phthalates, or PVC, nor will it bunch up or slip on the mattress. The superb cover will not change the way the mattress feels to you or even feel like plastic itself. The elastic edging is tight-fitting and strong and will fit snugly on mattresses that are as much as eighteen inches thick. The deep pockets of the skirt are stretchable and easy to place and remove. The user will sleep better and remain cooler with this cover, plus the moisture will be wicked away while the waterproof material breathes.

Mattress protectors, such as this one, are a must for kids’ beds because of the many liquid accidents that can happen on the bed. From bed-wetting to drink spills and perspiration, all beds should have covers on them.

What We Like About It
The pockets on this protector are deep so it will fit great on the mattress. The strong elastic edging also aids in this aspect of the cover, so it will not slip or slide as you sleep.

Cost and Value
This UltraBlock product is just above the average cost for mattress protectors. Its fabulous value is derived from the strong elastic edging, deep pockets, and waterproof seal.

Rids the mattress of dust mites and allergens

Can be machine washed and dried

Will not bunch up or slip on the mattress

Elastic edging is tight-fitting and strong

The user will sleep better and remain cooler


Holds water when washing

Made the bed warm for a few people

6. Bare Home Twin Size Premium

Available in eight various sizes for mattresses and two sizes for pillows, this amazing protector from Bare Home will perfectly contour to the mattress. The elastic runs the whole length of the cover edge and not just on the corners for a better fit. It will not alter the feel of the mattress for you whether it is memory foam, innerspring, or latex.
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The top is soft terry cotton that is comfortable, breathable, and protective. This wonderful protector repels allergens such as bacteria, mold, mildew, dust mites, and bed bugs and is made to outperform other brands of mattress protectors. It can be machine washed and dried and comes with a warranty of ten years. This terrific item does not make noise as you move on the mattress, and it has deep pocket stretchable corners. The waterproof backing repels all liquids from spills, perspiration, and urine for ideal performance.

Most mattress covers only come in a few choices of size, but this fantastic protector has eight choices for the mattress size, plus two sizes of pillow protectors of the same great material.

What We Like About It
It is very crucial that mattress coverings do not make noise as you move on them. This one is silent because of the soft top of terry cotton and the noiseless plastic-type layer underneath.

Cost and Value
This fantastic item is priced below the average cost of most mattress protectors. It is valued for it many choices of size, deep corner pockets, and noiseless performance.

The elastic runs the whole length of the cover edge

Will not alter the feel of the mattress

Made to outperform other brands of mattress protectors

Does not make noise as you move on the mattress

Has deep pocket stretchable corners


Some were not pleased with the overall quality of the material

Was warm for some as they slept

7. CalmNite Waterproof & Hypoallergenic

Made of soft cotton terry material, this mattress pad protector will guard against allergy triggers such as mold, mildew, bacteria, dust mites. It is 100% waterproof because of the protective membrane backing and has a fitted sheet form that is simple and easy to keep clean.
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This ideal cover can be machine washed and dried, and it will stay in one place on the bed and not slide or slip off. It is breathable and lightweight to keep the person sleeping comfortable and cool, plus it is hypoallergenic and quiet to sleep on. There are no worries about harmful materials because this fantastic protector is free from phthalates, PSA, and vinyl substances.

For those kids that have asthma or allergies, this protector can make sleeping enjoyable again. It eliminates the allergens that bother sensitive systems by trapping them in the soft layers of the fabric.

What We Like About It
Often covers on mattresses will move from the original spot you put them. This one will not move, slip, or slide from where you want it because of the superb materials it contains.

Cost and Value
Just under the average for the price, this CalmNite product is great because it is free from harmful substances, hypoallergenic, noiseless, and will stay still when on the mattress.

Will guard against allergy triggers

Will stay in one place on the bed

Is breathable and lightweight

Is hypoallergenic and quiet to sleep on

Free from phthalates, PSA, and vinyl substances


Did not meet the expectations of a few buyers

The protective layer on the back may peel in some spots after washing

8. FRESHFIT Hypoallergenic Noiseless

The FreshFit Waterproof Hypoallergenic Mattress Protector is available in five mattress sizes and two pillow sizes. It is not a hot cover to make your sleeping uncomfortably warm and it does not have to be adjusted all the time to fit well on the bed.
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Made of soft cotton terry bamboo material that is cool, it will stretch and fit the mattress well to prevent water damage. It includes deep pockets at the corners to fit the bed securely and will not affect the feel of the mattress, such as Posturepedic or memory foam. Perfect for bedwetters, allergy sufferers, and those with pets, this wonderful protector will not crinkle or make other plastic-type sounds. It eliminates fungus, mildew, mold, bacteria, and dander, plus aids with eczema, allergies, and respiratory conditions. This superb cover does not contain PVC or phthalates substances. It can be machine washed and dried and comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer

This fabulous cover is made of a very soft bamboo terry cotton material that will feel so good on the skin. You can sleep right on this cover or layer it with a sheet for a cooler experience.

What We Like About It
If you have a special mattress such as a memory foam model or Posturepedic brand, this great cover will not interfere with the way the mattress feels to you. It will add value and not take away anything from the quality of the mattress.

Cost and Value
With an above average price, this item from FreshFit is valued for its great fir on the bed, cool material, and preventive measures for allergy sufferers and bedwetters.

Will not crinkle or make other plastic-type sounds

Eliminates fungus, mildew, mold, bacteria, and dander

Aids with eczema, allergies, and respiratory conditions

Does not contain PVC or phthalates substances

Comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer


Slid off the bed for some people

A few experience problems with it being waterproof

9. LEISURE TOWN Vinyl Free Fitted 8”-21”

Made of cotton material with a Swiss membrane that is 100% waterproof, this Leisure Town mattress pad cover comes with a ten-year warranty. It is in the style of a fitted sheet that will hug the mattress and keep its shape, plus it gives you peace of mind and a sleeping environment that is sterile.
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This excellent cover will deter all liquids on the bed from accidents to perspiration and stay in place and not come off by itself. This outstanding item has the technology of HNN cooling, so the cover is breathable and has enhanced air flow. Air can penetrate through, but liquids are blocked. It will not change the feel of the mattress as you sleep comfortable and cool, nor will it make any kind of disturbing noises, such as crinkling or rustling. The great cotton top is hypoallergenic and will absorb moisture to keep you dry and cool. It protects from bacteria, mold, dust mites, and common allergy triggers. Free from fire retardants, phthalates, vinyl, and PVC, this superb mattress pad protector can be machine washed and dried for easy care. It can also be enjoyed and used against the bare skin because of the soft texture.

No matter what type of liquid comes in contact with the bed, it will be protected well with this 100% waterproof cover. All spills, accidents, bedwetting, and perspiration will not be a problem for the mattress.

What We Like About It
Mattress covers should be soft and comfortable to lay down on, such as this one from Leisure Town. It is made of a luxurious cotton material that will be comfy even on bare skin.

Cost and Value
Priced at well below the protective cover costs, this terrific product has the special HNN technology to keep the bed surface cool and protect your child from harmful allergy triggers.

Will not change the feel of the mattress

Is hypoallergenic and protects from allergy triggers

Free from harmful substances and materials

Will not make any kind of noises

Can be machine washed and dried


Some customers said it is warm to sleep on

The sides may not be waterproof

10. KISSBUTY Cotton Terry

The mattress protector from Kissbuty has a surface area is of soft terry cloth material with a polyurethane anti-mite backing and is 100% waterproof. It blocks any kind of liquid whether it is accidental spills, urine, perspiration, or other bodily fluids. The superb material will not allow the growth of mites or mold that could damage mattresses.
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Offered in many mattress sizes, this product comes with a fifteen-year warranty. This fantastic cover aids with respiratory conditions such as asthma because it blocks harmful substances while you sleep. It works well for problems of pet bedwetting, baby wetting, incontinence, eczema, allergies, and asthma, plus it will not alter the mattress feel. The soft fibers will absorb moisture to let you stay dry all night and will not crinkle or make noise as you move in the bed. This is a fitted cover for comfort and stability that is easy to keep clean. It can be machine washed and dried and does not contain any PVC, vinyl, or phthalates. This fabulous product is perfect for memory foam, latex, or innerspring mattresses.

No matter what type of mattress your kid has, this cover will not take away the ideal qualities and feel of the mattress that they like and enjoy. This cover adds to the value of the bed and does not take away from it.

What We Like About It
This wonderful cover will go a long way to keep your child safe and dry while they sleep. it will not allow the growth of mold or bacteria and absorb any moisture that touches it.

Cost and Value
This is the mattress protector with the smallest price. It has the superb qualities of not containing harmful substances, having a soft surface area, and working with all types of mattresses.

Comes with a fifteen-year warranty

Aids with respiratory conditions

Will not crinkle or make noise

Can be machine washed and dried

Does not alter the mattress feel


Some people claim the surface was scratchy

Did not work on the first try said a few

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Waterproof Mattress Protectors for Kids

Top-rated and most-purchased

This terrific buying guide is all about showcasing the best online items in this category of waterproof mattress protectors for kids, so we only choose the absolute best products that customers love. Each one of these items has the best ratings from consumers and the most reviews and feedback online. In this way, we enhance your shopping experience, so you can see all of the top products in this informative and concise guide. The protector with the most reviews is the SafeRest Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector. There are three items tied with the best ratings. These are the Kissbuty item, the FreshFit product, and the UltraBlock protector. Our summary paragraphs give you all of the prudent details that you need to make the best intelligent decision as to which one of these protective covers is right for your child.

Durable and long-lasting

Made of the strongest cotton terry, polyurethane, and bamboo fiber materials, all of these great covers are long-lasting and durable. They should be effective for many years in guarding the bed against bed-wetting, spills, dust mites, and allergens. The sturdy fibers will withstand a lot of washings in the machine and not crack or permit leaking. Each one of these protectors includes a flexible strong backing to give an extra layer of moisture protection for the mattress and the person using the bed.


What makes all of these protectors so wonderful and effective are the substances that they contain. Most all of them have the soft, cotton terry top that is so comfortable to the skin. This layer absorbs any liquid and moisture that touches it. whether it is liquid spills, perspiration, or urine, this top section of the cover will drink it in. The underneath layer of the protector is a strong plastic-type material that gives the barrier against the moisture for the mattress. Nothing should get by this layer to allow the mattress to become wet.

Effective and purposeful

Not only are waterproof mattress covers excellent for preventing wetness on mattresses, but they also help those that suffer from allergies and asthma by eliminating dust mites. Dust mites will appear and multiply in the dead skin that we shed in the bed. If there is not a protective layer on the mattress to catch these critters, they can bother those with allergy issues. When the cover is washed, the dust mites are trapped and killed in the machine. So, in addition to preventing wetness to the mattress and keeping the human sleeper dry, these protective covers also ward off harmful allergens and dust mites.

Cost and Value

The average cost for these waterproof mattress protectors for kids is $25. The price range for all items featured here is from $17 to $40. Only the twin size of the covers was used in the price comparison to make them equal as much as possible. This is the size parents will most likely purchase for children anyhow. Some of the best brand names in bedding products are on this list, and this should be considered when looking at prices. Each product here has its own Cost and Value section to highlight the best aspects of the mattress matched with its cost value.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best size cover to buy for a child’s bed?

A: The twin size would be the best fitting protective cover for a child’s bed. It is this size that we used for the cost and value comparison for each item. All of the covers listed on this page comes in this twin size for children’s beds.

Q: Are these offered for crib mattresses?

A: Only the SureGuard Mattress Encasement and Bare Home item are offered in a size for crib mattresses. This product and all of the others are offered in a twin size, which is the most common size for kids’ beds. Other sizes such as queen, full, and king are available as well.

Q: What is the best way to keep these clean? Are they easy to wash?

A: Most of these covers can be machine washed and dried, so that would be the best choice for cleaning. Some manufacturers advise against dry-cleaning, so this is not a good option. Washing by hand would be quite an undertaking because of the size and weight of these covers when wet. Wash and dry by machine using the directions given with the protector for the best cleaning choice.

Q: Doesn’t the cloth material of these covers make the bed hot to sleep in?

A: Yes, this was a common complaint as well online. There will naturally be a slight temperature change in the bed because of the soft material top of these protectors. However, with sheets added on top of them to give a cooler layer against the skin, added warmth can be deterred from the skin.

Q: What is the most common complaint about these protective mattress covers?

A: The most common negative remark online about these protectors is the fact that when they come out of the washing machine, they can be quite heavy. The purpose of these covers is to absorb moisture, so when they are washed, they do that. If they are washed alone, then the cover absorbs the water and the machine does not get all of it out. Some people claimed it took a long time to dry them in the dryer or air dry. It is possible that washing and drying with other items, such as towels and sheets will aid in wicking the water from the protective cover in the machines, so they dry quicker.

Q: Do these repel any kind of liquid, even if it is hot or cold?

A: All of these do absorb liquids very well because of the soft terry cotton tops that most of them have. Moisture is absorbed to keep it away from the person sleeping in the bed rather than repelled from the cover. None of the manufacturer product descriptions address the subject of hot or cold liquids on these. It is assumed that all of the liquids will be warm, cool, or body temperature. Hot liquids such as hot coffee or tea would almost certainly damage these covers and make them unusable for waterproof purposes again.


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