10 Best Wii Games for Kids in 2018

Nintendo is well regarded in the video gaming industry as the pioneer in this form of fun and addicting entertainment. Although it has clearly been seriously challenged by Sony’s Playstation as well as Microsoft’s Xbox game systems, it still commands a respectable following especially for its motion controlled input units with fully functioning stereoscopic 3D capabilities in the Wii.

If you are looking for the coolest games for the Wii console of your kid, then look no further as we give you the top 10 Wii games for kids in 2018.

Our Top 3 Picks

New Super Mario Bros
  • New Super Mario Bros
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Multiplayer Mode
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Mario Kart Wii
  • Mario Kart Wii
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Speed-Boosting Flips
  • Price: See Here
Just Dance 2016
  • Just Dance 2016
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • +Karaoke mode
  • Price: See Here

Criteria Used to Evaluate the 10 Best Wii Games for Kids

The Nintendo Wii system took gaming to a level that gave kids the fun of video games while incorporating activity and creativity.  So, how did we go about choosing our picks on this list?  Well in doing so we wanted to cover all the great components that are beneficial in a Nintendo Wii console, and be able to give a parent piece of mind that the video game they are giving their child is one the provides the following components.

Health & Physical Fitness

These days it seems as if kids are more sedate than ever before.  Yes, some would say video games has contributed to this. This is where the Nintendo Wii stands out.   With several of the video games that we chose for this list  it’s required that a kid get up and move in order to operate what is happening on the screen.  The end result a child gets exercise and isn’t even aware of it because they are having fun.  The health benefits will include strengthening the muscles, improving coordination and promoting a healthy body weight.

Cognitive Skills

Turns out that playing video games such as the Nintendo Wii games listed above can actually benefit certain functions of the brain.  Through certain interactive games kids will learn to sharpen their memory skills by being able to follow instructions that are given.  A kid will also be able to sharpen their concentration skills and even how to multitask while staying alert to what is going on around them in the game.  .  All this is done just by being able to navigate through a video game and being able to understand how to get from one point to another.

Educational factors

When it comes to learning and playing video games it would seem that the two couldn’t possibly go together.  But it turns out this isn’t the case with Nintendo Wii.  Several of the videogames of this system including some of the ones listed above have actually been used in a classroom as way to teach physical education and other forms of learning.  Actually, using the video games has made learning fun, but as the kids play along they are learning. This can include how to follow instructions, problem solving and how to do certain activities such as playing a certain sport.

Social Interaction

The Nintendo wii games listed above are designed can be played by one individual or by more than one player, which can lead to fund interaction with real friends and sibling. That way a kid learns more about social skills and interaction with other kids.  Also if the whole family gets involved which is also something that is promoted through Nintendo Wii this can be some great family time.

Encouraging Imagination

There are Nintendo Wii games such as the ones listed above that will stretch a child’s imagination.  A kid can pretend they are one of the Super Mario Brothers, Batman, Luke Skywalker or other fun filled characters.  They can also imagine they are on a dance floor or playing at an actual sporting event.  Kids can also pretend they are driving a car, the possibilities are endless.  These days imagination and creativity seems to be a thing of the past thanks to high tech gadgets that seem to grab kids attention more than actually creating their own fun filled worlds.  Thanks to Nintendo Wii who took something that actually grabs their attention which is a videogame a kid again stretches their imagination further.

How We Chose the Top Wii Games in Our List

How do you choose the perfect game for the perfect gaming console? It’s quite difficult actually. We had to really focus on the features of the Wii particularly its revolutionary motion-controlled inputs and try to determine which Wii games will be best suited for this. Studies have shown that the Wii system is beneficial even to elderly individuals as the motion-controlled units allowed the elderly to use their whole bodies to really interact with the games they are playing. Our thinking is that, if these games can really benefit older people who are already in their twilight years, how much more would these gaming systems benefit the younger generations? As such, we focused on identifying Wii games that are developmentally useful and highly appropriate for kids. We then had to consider the thoughts of countless other people who have already played these games especially those with kids so that we can generate a more valid and more realistic evaluation of the Wii games we have to include in our top 10 list.

Wii Games and Children’s Development

There have been some controversy as to whether computer or video games are good or bad for kids. There are those who say that sitting in front of a TV and game console all day long can lead to significant loss of motor development. Some would even say that it can contribute to the development of obesity.

But if you are going to look at the design of the Nintendo Wii system, it addresses specifically this concern. It actually encourages children to become more actively involved in the gameplay. This is made possible by the systems unique motion-sensitive inputs such that players will have to really move parts of their bodies to interact with these games. This helps provide kids the necessary stimulation for their psychomotor development. This is especially true in games that involve whole-body movements such as dance and sports.

Additionally, there are also games that can help children enhance their problem solving skills as well as imagination and creativity. They learn to harness their planning and strategic thinking skills not to mention their ability to predict consequences of certain actions.

But what is really amazing about the Wii system is that it allows for a multiplayer experience. This can enrich their social interaction abilities and pave the way for healthier social relationships. If the child plays these Wii games together with his or her family, then family relationships are not only enhanced but are also strengthened.s

The Bottom Line

Not all video games are created equal, that much is certain. With the Wii’s innovative game console technology and the equally beneficial games, this is one of the most useful family entertainment systems you can ever get your hands on. So, this season of giving, get your kid any one or two of our selection of the top 10 Wii games especially designed for kids. Don’t worry because these games are good for you, too.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Why is Nintendo Wi so recommended for kids?

A: First of all Nintendo is a trusted name in video games.  Second, the Wi series of video games were designed to actually benefit a child in growth and development. Plus, the Wi  series of games were designed to be family friendly.  

Q: Should I monitor my child’s video game use?

A: In a word yes, video games even those as beneficial as Nintendo Wii game listed here can be addictive, and absorb much of a child’s time.  So, it’s highly recommended to always make sure that a child does their homework, or house chores first then to monitor the amount of time spent on video gaming. This can be anywhere from an hour or two.  It’s important to remind the child that although video games are fun, there is also fun interaction to find in the real world as well.

Q: How noisy are the Wii games when they are being played?

A: Some of the games listed here are more effective with a standard amount of sound. However, another great feature of the Nintendo Wii is that there is volume control.  The volume can be controlled through the systems remote to make the game as loud or as silent as desired.

Q: Does the Wii Games work well on a smaller TV set?

A: Yes, the Wii system and its games work quite well with a small screen.  Between the good graphics of the Wii games and the sharp quality of HD TV’s even a small screen TV can give a strong crisp picture.  Also, don’t worry about the Wii gaming remote not working well, it works just as effectively even with with a small screen TV.

Q: Is there proper care instructions for the Nintendo Wii and its games?

A: The Nintendo Wii is a an electronic device and there are certain care instructions that need to be followed to keep the console in good condition for years to come.  One of the main things to do in keeping the console working well and the games in good condition is to always make sure that the game is removed from the console when finished playing that place back into its proper storage container before putting away.  The console needs to also be turned off and certain components that are openings to the console will need to be free dust, but never ever exposed to moisture.  The Nintendo Wii will come with an instruction booklet that will go into proper care of the unite.  Also, the unit will come with a warranty which should always be kept up to date in case of any issues that may arise.

Q: How do I know which video games are fit for my child to play?

A: The Nintendo Wii helps to take the guess work out of this concern for parents. However, if there is still doubt, all video games now come with a code as to who is the ideal audience for that particular video game.  Understanding this rating system is important and is something a parent can learn online.

Q: Is there research into the benefits that Nintendo Wi provides kids?

A: Yes, as a matter of fact there has been research conducted on the benefits of the Nintendo Wii games.  Researchers have actually determined that playing interactively with Nintendo Wii can actually make exercise fun and even help fight childhood obesity.  There are also research studies into the fact that maybe interactive video games such as the Wii system. that require movement could be used as a therapeutic tool to help strengthen certain muscles in the body.

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