Best Yo-yo for Kids and Teens Reviewed in 2018

With all of the cool new electronic toys invented for kids, it’s easy to forget about the classics. One classic toy, in particular, has been around for centuries. Invented in 500 B.C. but still bringing joy to people everywhere today is the yoyo! It has evolved with the times. Originally the yo-yo was made out of wood and then plastic in the 60’s. It wasn’t until the 90’s that yo-yos were being made out of metal. If you’re one of those people who thinks yoyos are just a couple circles attached to a string. You couldn’t be more wrong. There are tons of cool tricks you can perform that will provide hours of fun. Not only is it tons of fun, but it also stimulates several areas of development. We’ve come up with a list of the eleven best yo-yo toys that will surely foster a new found hobby in your child. There is a variety of yoyos on this list that will appeal to beginners and skilled players alike. Your child will be landing tricks so quick that they’ll be begging you to enter them into the next World Yo-Yo Championship!

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With this current update we bring you new, top rated yoyos for kids that reflect our selective editorial policy. We removed all the items out of stock and replaced them with the best products that will satisfy the kids of the new generation.

Our Top 3 Picks

P.lotor Yoyo
  • P.lotor Yoyo
  • 5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Unresponsive Yoyo Mechanism
  • Price: See Here
Merlin Pro Yoyo
  • Merlin Pro Yoyo
  • 4.5 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Comes with Extra Strings
  • Price: See Here
Yomega Maverick
  • Yomega Maverick
  • 4.3 out of 5
    Our rating
  • Professional Grade Yoyo
  • Price: See Here

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Yo-Yo’s for Kids

We know it can be challenging to get your child to put down their electronics. We also know you may be thinking “it’ll be even harder to replace those electronics with a yo-yo!” Actually, it may be easier than you think for both you and your child. When creating this list we made sure the yoyos would aid in development, were made with top of the line materials, and would be suitable for all types of children. We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect yo-yo for your child from our list.


Playing with a yo-yo stimulates several areas of development. As your child learns to yo-yo and begins mastering yoyo tricks they will be improving their hand-eye coordination. As they work to land the yo-yo on the string they will be improving their accuracy. Tricks that require speed will enhance their coordination. Handling the yo-yo will better develop your child’s fine motor skills. Their social skills will increase as other children crowd around them to see their cool tricks. Your child’s confidence will build with every new trick they master.


In creating this list we made sure the yoyos were made of safe materials. Not only are the plastic, wood yoyos, and aluminum yoyos safe but they have other benefits as well. They all are durable and can withstand countless hits before breaking. The aluminum won’t corrode, so if the yo-yo has a battle with water it will come out victorious. The plastic yo-yos are lightweight and easier for little hands to hold. Many of the yoyos include cotton or polyester strings. Both strong and durable fibers.


We made sure to pick yoyo’s that would provide fun for everyone. There are tons of yoyos on this list that are great for beginners and there are plenty of yoyos that will entertain professional yo-yo players. Responsive yoyos are always a great choice for beginners and will help them learn the basics and a few simple tricks. Unresponsive yoyos are better for skilled players who are wanting to conquer more challenging tricks. Your child will be having fun, reducing stress, and increasing their creativity with every loop, thumb grind, or walk the dog they perform.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the difference between a responsive yo-yo & unresponsive yo-yo?

A: A responsive yo-yo comes back to your hand with a slight tug. Unresponsive yo-yos are for more skilled yoyoers and you will have to do some binding to get the yo-yo back to your hand.

Q: Do both responsive & unresponsive yoyos perform the same tricks?

A: No. Unresponsive yoyos can’t do looping tricks and responsive yoyos can’t do whips.

Q: What are some yo-yo tricks beginners can do?

A: Learning how to string, wind, and throw a yo-yo are the first things to be learned. Walk the dog and the elevator are two tricks beginners can pick up easily.

Q: What is the best string to use for my yo-yo?

A: We recommend using polyester strings as they are very durable and last longer than cotton.

Q: My child is an intermediate yoyoer. Should I buy them one with a clutch system?

A: No! Clutch systems are for beginners as they don’t require the player to tug to get the string back. If your child is an intermediate player, they will not find a yo-yo with a clutch system entertaining or challenging.

Q: Does it matter what kind of axle my yo-yo has?

A: Yes. A yo-yo with a fixed axle is better for beginners. A yo-yo with a ball bearing axle is better for skilled players, as it allows you to perform more complex tricks.


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