10 Best Yo-Yos for Kids and Teens Reviewed in 2019

When it comes to toys, this generation has a way to make even the oldest of toys seem new–like the yo-yo which has been around for millennia! It’s said that the yo-yo was invented back in 500 B.C., and of course, it has undergone an evolution since then. It originally was made from wood and then plastic starting in the ’60s and metal in the late ’90s.

There are many cool tricks that can be performed with a yo-yo. Not only will this help your child’s hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills, but this will also be endless hours of fun for them.

It can be hard to find a toy that is appropriate for your child when there’s so many to choose from. We narrowed it down o the best 10 yo-yo toys that will foster a new hobby for your child. Your child will be landing tricks in no time, they may even start begging you to enter them in the next World Yo-Yo Championship!

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For this update, we made sure that our page was fresh and full of descriptive information regarding the yo-yo and techniques. We hope that you take a look at our fresh, current list, and find the perfect product for your family.

Our Top 3 Picks

P.lotor Yoyo
  • P.lotor Yoyo
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  • Unresponsive Yoyo Mechanism
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Merlin Pro Yoyo
  • Merlin Pro Yoyo
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  • Comes with Extra Strings
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Yomega Maverick
  • Yomega Maverick
  • 4.3 out of 5
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  • Professional Grade Yoyo
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Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Yo-Yos for Kids

We know that for parents it can be super-challenging to get your children to put down their electronics. We also know that you’re probably thinking, “It’s going to be even harder to replace these electronics with a yo-yo!” Actually, it might be easier than you think! When creating this list of the top 10 yo-yos for children, we wanted to make sure that the toys we picked would help aid in your child’s development. We looked at what each yo-yo was made of and what would be suitable for any age. We’re very confident that you will find the perfect toy for your child to play with.


While playing with this specific toy, it helps stimulate several areas of your child’s development. While your child learns to yo-yo and starts mastering all the tricks and tips that come with it, they’re improving their hand-eye coordination skill while having fun. As your child works to land the yo-yo on the string, they’ll also improve their accuracy. Tricks that your child can learn while practicing the art of yo-yo also require certain speeds which will enhance their coordination as well. Even handling the toy will better develop your child’s motor skills. Their social skills will also increase as other children will want to crowd around them to see their cool tricks, and they may even ask your child how to do the trick too which will help your child’s confidence.


When creating our list, we made sure that each yo-yo was made of nothing but safe materials. Not only are the plastic, wood, and aluminum yo-yos completely safe but they also have other benefits to them as well. These toys are durable and can withstand countless hits and bumps before breaking. If your child has one that’s made from aluminum it won’t corrode, so that if there’s a yo-yo battle with water it will come out completely victorious. The plastic yo-yos are lightweight and easier for little hands to hold. Many of these yo-yos include cotton or polyester strings but either option is strong and durable to make your child’s yo-yo long-lasting.


We made sure to pick the perfect yo-yo that would provide fun not just for your child but for anyone who has a love for them. There are a variety of yo-yos on this list that are great for beginners and there are even plenty of yo-yos that will entertain those a little bit more skilled. Responsive yo-yos are always a good choice for beginners and will help them learn cool simple tricks that your child will be able to show off. With unresponsive yo-yos, these are better for skilled players who might want to conquer those tricks that are a little bit more challenging. Whichever type you choose, your child will have fun, reduce stress and increase their creativity with every loop, thumb grind, or walk the dog they perform.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the difference between a responsive yo-yo and an unresponsive yo-yo?

A: A responsive yo-yo comes back to your hand with a slight tug. Unresponsive yo-yos are for more skilled yo-yoers and you will have to do some binding to get the yo-yo back to your hand.

Q: Do both responsive and unresponsive yo-yos perform the same tricks?

A: No. Unresponsive yo-yos can’t do looping tricks and responsive yo-yos can’t do whips.

Q: What are some yo-yo tricks beginners can do?

A: Learning how to string, wind, and throw a yo-yo are the first things to be learned. Walk the dog and the elevator are two tricks beginners can pick up easily.

Q: What is the best string to use for my yo-yo?

A: We recommend using polyester strings as they are very durable and last longer than cotton.

Q: My child is an intermediate yo-yoer. Should I buy him one with a clutch system?

A: No! Clutch systems are for beginners as they don’t require the player to tug to get the string back. If your child is an intermediate player, they will not find a yo-yo with a clutch system entertaining or challenging.

Q: Does it matter what kind of axle my yo-yo has?

A: Yes. A yo-yo with a fixed axle is better for beginners. A yo-yo with a ball bearing axle is better for skilled players, as it allows you to perform more complex tricks.


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