10 Best Youth Football Cleats & Shoes Reviewed in 2019

While your tikes are working hard for those touchdowns, they deserve the support of proper football equipment. A helmet is always a must, as is padding to help cushion some of those falls and collisions. But equally as important, as they dash across the field, is their footwear. Good cleats don’t just help boost athletic performance; they also help keep your child safe while they play. Football cleats are typically designed with a higher ankle to provide important support. Check out our favorite brands and models right here!

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‘Tis the season and we’ve noticed how quickly our top cleats are selling out. In our most recent update, we’ve removed all low stock or unavailable items and replaced them with new up-and-coming cleats. Check out the Under Armour MC Jr, Under Armour Highlight RM Jr, and Adidas Freak Mid MD.

Criteria Used in Evaluation of the Best Youth Football Cleats and Shoes

Contact sports like American football and soccer can be especially contact-heavy at times, making it necessary to acquire the most resilient and efficient equipment that you can possibly acquire for your children as they move forward. They will grow to be much faster themselves, testing their own personal limits, as well as those of the equipment that you have provided for them in these endeavors.

It’s pre-imminent to find them a pair of good, light set of cleats that provide ankle support while still allowing them the sort of freedom of movement they’ll need to have success on the field. With a discerning eye, you can purchase a proper set of cleats for them that they’ll be more than willing to use across several sports. From football to soccer, from baseball to lacrosse, these shoes are selected for their utility to you and your child across the various arcades of their athletic development.

They will need proper protection from the dangers associated with their favorite contact or outdoor sports. They will need light and stable footwear to carry them across the various platforms of imagination and cognitive development that are offered by the world of sport. There are numerous pieces of protective athletic wear that your child will accumulate over the course of their athletic career, but none are more practically universal than the sort offered in this comprehensive review of the best gear for your young athlete.

Proper Foot Protection

It is of paramount importance to you as a parent to ensure that you’ve made the right decision for athletic footwear. Notwithstanding the immediate traction and speed reductions your child will suffer from a pair of sneakers or tennis shoes on a grass field, there are additional dangers to their health and development that make foregoing the purchase of high-quality cleats a risk that you can’t afford. The footwear selected for this article is qualified to help them fight their way through the trenches of the various sports they may be interested in, with football obviously offering the highest amount of wear and tear available to their equipment. The footwear found in this article is designed to handle all the rigors of football, making all of these items a valid contender for soccer, baseball, lacrosse, and other field sports that may interest your child in the future.

The materials chosen for footwear matter and the components used in these shoes are of the same quality as those used for adult and professional athletes everywhere. The shoes in this list are durable and breathable, made for exhaustive use on the field of their choice. From shelled exteriors that provide collision and moisture protection to breathable mesh components that help wick away sweat and ensure stable footing, this list is designed to fit their needs on the field.

With proper ankle support, they won’t face as much risk of rolling or tweaking that most important of foundational joints. They’ll have all the stability for planting and juking that they’ll need in high-contact environments. It can be easy to discount the amount of comfort provided by a layer of protection among the kicking feet of scuffling and tackling athletes, it can be easy to forget how easy it is to roll an ankle in the fray. But the products we’ve selected in this list are either designed for a high-speed running back or forward, who will mostly avoid all the stresses of the trenches, or with high-ankle supports for a young lineman in football. With the variety of products offered in this list, one of the products should certainly fit the needs of your young athlete, whatever they may be.

Personal Style Development

Around the time that your child encounters recreational and academic athletics, they also are interfacing with a strange new world of social interactions that you can’t necessarily help them navigate. They are making new friends and competitors, all of whom will be of crucial importance in the development of their teamwork and team-building skills in the future. And with all social occasions and interactions, personal style decisions are important and fantastic to exercise in the field of sport. The products offered in this list vary from toddler-friendly cleats to professional-grade athletic wear designed for grown athletes, all made to fit adolescent achievers of greatness. From Adidas to Under Armour, this list provides you with the top-notch products that your young athlete might see their favorite athlete wearing while at play.

These small bits of personal flair and freedom can mean the world to your child: giving them a symbolic banner to raise in the arena of their choice. They can employ their favorite color into the footwear they use for a football team, or take on the team colors in show of support for the common cause. They can adopt more casual styles of footwear for lighter involvement, or they can reach for the pinnacle of performance capabilities when it comes to their choice in athletic footwear. These decisions may seem small in the rush and hustle of adult life, but you can remember the sort of importance that style and design had to you as a child when it came to your clothing and personal items. Shoes are an obvious and easily interchangeable aspect of style for any modern human, and these shoes have been chosen with functionality and style in mind for the sake of your child.

Multiple Utilities

If your child is interested in one sport, odds are they will be interested in three or more sports in the coming months and years. As they learn and get better at these new games, they develop new relationships and networks of competitors and allies. With these new networks of friends, your child will soon be involved in sporting endeavors that will fill your calendar. Rest assured, for most of these endeavors, they will need proper protective footwear.

This is where our list comes in: The items described in this list will not only work for your child for soccer or for football, but they will be the perfect addition to any capture-the-flag game at the park or any obstacle course shenanigans at summer camp. The traction, ankle support, and lightweight design attributable to the products offered in this list will be perfect for any athletics occasion for your child, formal or improvised. The products offered here provide a wide range of uses for you and your young athlete, serving them nobly over the years as they grow.


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I use these for more than one sport?

A: Absolutely, these cleats are custom cut to fit the needs of young football players, but they will work well during any outdoor excursions that interest your child.

Q: When should I buy a high top, when should I buy the low top?

A: High-top cleats are designed specifically to improve ankle support and protection, making them a better choice for linemen or heavier football players. The low-top options are aimed more at the improvement of their acceleration and deceleration and are a better fit for the more agile young athlete in your home.

Q: Are these items unisex?

A: Almost entirely, yes. Some of these products are only offered in black or white color schemes, but other products offer a wide and vibrant range of color schemes that will work for young girls who are interested in football or field hockey.

Q: What are my size options?

A: Check the individual products for their offered and available size options. Some of these products are specifically sized for toddlers and children, while others are downscaled versions of adult cleats. The variance in size options varies quite a bit from product to product.

Q: What are some other activities that they can use these cleats for?

A: These cleats are primarily designed for either football or for soccer, but they will work well for your child for any outdoor sport that interests them. Whether for baseball, lacrosse, field hockey, capture the flag, or hide and seek, a good pair of outdoor cleats will be a go-to for them in their athletic future.

Q: What’s the difference between football cleats and soccer cleats?

A: While cleats all serve the same purpose in giving a player stability and grip as they run, not all cleats are made equal.  Functionally speaking, the structure is different: Football cleats have a toe cleat, meant to help them move straight forward, and soccer cleats have removable aluminum cleat caps to improve traction and are created with a raised pattern on the bottom for the same reason.  Football cleats come in three cuts: high-, middle-, and low-top shoes. Depending on which position they run, players prefer different cuts for different reasons. Soccer cleats only come in low-cut due to soccer’s high demand for both agility and versatility. Even the materials utilized are different, with football cleats typically produced with weightier, steadier materials while soccer cleats are lighter.  You can technically cross-pollinate between the two if you don’t have another option, but we’d advise buying the cleat most specifically suited for your sport to avoid injury and allow you to play at optimum performance levels. Crossing baseball and football cleats is an even riskier offense, with the material on football cleats being rubbery and malleable. Baseball cleats, meanwhile, are comprised of tiny solid metal spikes on the bottom of the athletic shoe.

Q: Which cuts are specifically made for different positions?

A: Linemen prefer high-tops due to all of the lateral movement required of them.  Defensive backs, running backs, wide receivers, and quarterbacks tend to opt for the mid-cut shoe due to its simultaneous support and maneuverability.  Defensive backs sometimes lean towards the low-cut, as they are meant to provide speed above all else.


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