Building Confidence by Age: School Children

Read about the ways you can build the confidence of school children.

Your child has finally reached school age and now their life is going to become more social. You have tried your best and introduced them to many new experiences since they were born. You have watched your child grow and learn to build confidence along the way. This is going to be a new experience because the classrooms are going to have more children and the teacher will be someone they have not met yet so they might be having some anxiety about starting grade school. This is where you help them understand how exciting school is going to be with field trips, recess, new experiences, and new friends. All parents want the best for their children so now this is a new world for you as parents to help build your school-age child’s confidence.

Support your child

Sometimes parents forget that through the eyes of a child, the world can still be very overwhelming when they are outside of their comfort zone. Some kids are insecure while others have learning disabilities so the school can look kind of ominous to them. Children feel new pressures when they start school because now they have to study. Some kids are frightened of tests and this puts more pressure on them. This is where you have to guide your child through these experiences and show them the confidence you have in them. This is the time of their lives when children have to learn more coping skills, so it’s important to help them build self-esteem along with confidence. These are the skills they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Not all kids are going to like every subject and some kids are going to struggle in a few areas. Find out what subjects your child shows interest in and if they are animated, you know these are their favorite areas. This is good because this helps you understand that your child will do well in the subjects they adore. The subjects they are not fond of are the ones where they will need to build more confidence in their abilities to succeed in those areas. This is where they need more support from you.

Notice when something is wrong

If you notice your child is coming up with an excuse and saying they are sick, then you know something is wrong. It could be a test in a subject they don’t like, it could be a new substitute teacher they are not used to and this is where you have to decide if it’s their confidence or if they are afraid. If your child has learning disabilities and makes excuses about not wanting to go to school, then you know that maybe they are not getting the attention they need in class to help them understand. This is when you need to talk to their teacher and see what’s going on with your child.

Be able to provide the validation needed

All parents love to be proud of their children so they love giving them compliments. Parents have to be specific on what they are complimenting their child on in order to help them build confidence. If your child does very well in a certain area, then, by all means, compliment your child on their hard work to boost their confidence. People, in general, are not always good at everything they do, some are great with fixing anything and others are academically bright so it’s natural that your child is going to have their struggles. If you are parents with a gifted child, then things are going to be different for you as parents because these children don’t realize how smart they really are. So when you notice your child is doing well at something they chose to do, be specific and compliment them. This helps your child learn that they are talented in the areas you have just complimented them on and if they are struggling in another area, it’s your job to help your child build confidence so they can learn to overcome the areas they struggle in.

Some kids try very hard and still have problems but are recognized as the child that has improved the most. This is where you come in with great praise because even though they struggled through the task, they still made an effort and ended up succeeding with a great attitude. This too helps them build confidence.

All kids like attention from their parents so make sure you listen to your children when they are telling you something important. Give them your direct attention so they know you are listening. Children are smart and know when you are half listening or fully listening so make sure you look into their eyes when they are talking and so don’t get distracted with your responsibilities. Show interest and ask them some questions. Don’t be vague with your responses because kids know then that your not really interested in what they have to say. Maybe you have to take time out to recognize and learn to develop your own listening skills if your child seems disappointed. Listening is an important way to build their confidence.

When kids first begin school, they are learning to make new friends and adjust to following rules. Eventually, as they pass into the higher grades, conferences will scare some children, and there will be more groups for them to join. Small children usually begin with Daisies and Cub Scouts in case your child is interested. If they are offering them some encouragement and make yourself available to help out if your child wants to join a group for a good cause. These groups like Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts build strong character and great confidence so don’t discourage them.

Talk with your kid

Parents still have to love their child and offer them nurturing, as well as talk to them about the importance of school. Be open and tell them they can talk to you about anything that bothers them about school. This will make it easier when they know no matter what, you will always be there for them to talk to. Unconditional love is the best love you can give your child so they feel safe. Make sure they realize you are rooting for them and you are on their side when any kind of struggles occur. This will help them solve problems and come to you when they can’t figure something out. No child wants to feel left behind or lonely so letting them know you are there is a great way for them to succeed.