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Lot’s of fun

Fun for all ages

Tasty treats

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Pair game

Group party game

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Attention to ensuring the crown is adjusted for a secure fit

How it works

Crowns are usually for Kings or Queens but this crown is especially for children from 8 years old and up, all the way to adults. This versatile game is great fun for children, as the crown plays music and challenges children to play and get a nice tasting dangling treat.

This is certainly a game for children’s parties, and it’s guaranteed to have all kids wanting to take a turn at trying to be a Chow Champ. Keep in mind that the crown can be adjusted to fit young heads and older heads and therefore attention must be given to adjusting the crown for fit and comfort.

The twist in this gift is that adults can join in the fun, in fact, Moms and Dads can choose the treats which will be put on the hanging forks which are fitted around the crown. Treats are not provided by the makers of this toy because food treats are perishable.

This is how it works. The crown is fitted with five forks suspended at a height on struts so that the plastic forks face inwards. On each fork can be placed a food-treat, pieces of fruit such as a slice of apple, pear, watermelon, or even small whole fruits such as a strawberry or raspberry. The crown is fitted with an electronic motor which can rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise at two speeds, a standard speed or a more challenging speed.

As the forks swing past the mouth the challenge means can the wearer of the crown quickly and accurately bite and get the treat from the moving fork, the aim is to get all four treats before the music halts and the crown stops turning. Players must not use their hands to grab the forks, they can tilt their heads to swing treats towards the mouth and developing this skill is part of the fun element in this game.

This is a delightful and rewarding fun game which can be played among siblings, groups of friends or the whole family. The game has a high level of interactions and social fun. If a child prefers to play alone with the crown, he/she can set the speed to the quicker mode and self-challenge to see how fast or how many treats can be got each time the game is played.

This is a fun game with high entertainment potential for family or groups of friends of all ages to play during parties.



This fun product is constructed from durable rigid and flexible plastics which are safe and designed without any unexpected sharp edges or parts which can present a risk of harm to children of 8 years upwards.

The forks are plastic, the prongs are rounded at each end to ensure they are not sharp and offer no harmful risks though it does remain that this toy must be used in the context for which it was designed. As the forks dangle low they are generally lined up to face inwards towards the mouth, well away from the eyes. The design method used for suspending the forks means that they cannot push into the face or eyes because flexibility has been designed into the mechanism.

The speed at which the plastic forks rotate back and forth on suspension struts is set at two levels, quick and moderate and to get the treats into the mouth from the forks is achievable with the right amount of focus and movements of the head.

The plastics used in the making of this toy have a good level of durability and will not easily break.

The plastics used are none contaminating and will not shed any chemicals or parts onto the choices of food used during a game. Three AA batteries are needed to power the motor in the crown and these batteries are safely housed in a protective chamber.
Ease of Use & Functions

Ease of Use & Functions

Ease of use will result from giving due attention to assembling and setting up the crown for a game. When assembling, it is important to ensure that the suspension struts are correctly attached and lined-up properly so that the forks rotate on an even level.

This is a game for all ages from 8 years up and therefore different head sizes will be involved, the crown has designed in adjustment features to ensure that it can be adjusted for fit. Players need to ensure the crown is adjusted and placed on the head securely and also be aware that over tilting the head or over vigorous head movements will have an impact on how stable the crown will remain on the head during a game.

Therefore ease of use for playing the game comes from the right amount of preparation. Small bite-sized snacks can easily be placed on each fork but these snacks need to be at a weight which does not outweigh snacks on the other forks or the aims of the game can become more difficult. The best option is to select treats which are similar in size and weight and this means a balanced weight distribution among the suspended forks. Through doing this the player has a crown which will sit better balanced on the head, the motor will perform more smoothly and the fun factor will be good.
This party toy has two speeds at which it can rotate treats on forks back and forth and setting these speeds is easy and user-friendly. Music plays while the crown is in momentum and the aim to get all those treats before the music stops, for ease of use the longer game setting is the perfect way to start playing and up the skills for how to play this game.
Ease of use will be a developing constant, the more the game is played, the more skillful the players will become. The fun element is watching how players develop individual ways such as head movements to ensure they get each treat before the music stops because when it stops, the crown will stop and it is game over.

The challenges in this game are how well a player can master keeping the crown securely on his head when he/she moves the head to try and grab a tasty treat.


The social potential for single playing, playing in pairs, playing with siblings or groups of friends is very good. This is a very social game which easily brings a lot of fun into taking part.


As a single-player and probably new to the concept and actions for this game, a single player can set up the game and select the types of treats she or he prefers. Single players get a chance to practice and develop how they can play with the crown and masters the skills for getting treats. For those that might question a single player gaining social benefits from the game we can suggest that single players develop their game skills so they might be competitive and outperform others players in a pair or group game of Chow Crown.

The main skills to master are how to get those swinging treats as they are carried past the moth, which head tilt actions work the best, how to anticipate the movement of the treat on the fork and very importantly how to get it while keeping the crown evenly lodged on the head. The pressure is on because a single player knows they must complete the treat grabbing tasks before the music stops. Two levels, moderate time which gives a longer musical tune, the crown operates longer and therefore they have less time pressure to get those treats. When they master this speed setting a single player can move onto the shorter setting and practice and hone skills. When they have mastered both the settings offered by the crown, a single player is ready to be competitive in a pair or fun group game.

Pair Game

This is certainly where the competition starts, you are up against a partner player and you want to win because winning means more tasty food treats. Take on each other using the longer moderate crown game settings, or try the more challenging quicker setting. Pair games can get your skills practiced and ready for a group game.

Family party group game

Very social for family party fun, all different ages can have fun competing for the biggest share of tasty delicious treats. It’s easy to use treats such as juicy strawberries, pineapple, cheese, gumdrops, in fact, it’s possible to add so many delicious treats into the game.
Entertainment Value

Entertainment Value

This is a game which offers entertainment to a broad range of ages, children will love this game because being competitive results in tangible tantalizing treats. The same applies to adults, this game will offer lots of fun at parties.

It is fun and funny to watch a person trying to come up with ways to grab a tasty treat as it swings past the mouth. Some can get the treat and others find it very difficult.


The crown is portable as headgear and weighs 1.9 pounds and this weight is firmly on the top of the player, for balance purposes while playing the game it is helpful to sit down on a chair.

How well the crown stays on your head especially if standing or walking is really dependent on how well adjusted the crown has been to fit to the head.


This great game-product has a good solid build from durable long lasting molded plastics and fittings with an electrically operated system for playing two types of music, and for rotating and shifting mechanism which moves and swings the suspended forks. While being worn on the head during a game for the purpose for which it was designed, the use of quality durable materials is good. Though if dropped with force it can damage the toy.

This product is a durable toy when used in the context for which the brand name intended.


Safety is at a good standard for toys, even though forks are part of the toy, the design has safety features so that the forks do not pose any risks.

The crown has a head seating inside it which means it can be adjusted to safely fit different head sizes. After playing games which involved places food on the forks, cleaning is easy with warm soapy water and a light detergent.


The design is based upon a design which replicates a crown, though this crown is made from a variety of durable plastics, and metals for power and mechanized parts. The movable parts in this toy design are designed to be durable, and flexible for moving parts and rigid molded plastics for structural integrity. Adjustment for fit when being used by people with different sized heads is designed into the features and functionality for this toy.
Age range

Age range

The suggested age range is for 8 years up to any age, the suggestion for not being good for under 8 years old is due to the movable parts and the active way in which the players struggle to grab tasty prizes.
Adult Supervision

Adult Supervision

For young children a level of adult supervision or active participation in the fun is a good idea. Getting the crown set up requires some effort and adult guidance will be helpful. Concentration and focus is useful from adults to ensure that the crown is suitably adjusted to stat firmly on a child's head.
Price Range

Price Range

This gift can introduce lots of fun for children, friends, adults and groups at party while being available as a reasonable price.

Bottom Line

There are not many highly enjoyable funny games on the market which can involve all age groups over 8 years old. This is a highly social and funny interactive toy which requires full participation from a player and others waiting their turn.

The concept is straight-forward and the aims of the game will produce a lot of activity and fun. Players are spurred towards achieving a tasty piece of fruit, or other tasty food fitted onto a fork which moves across the face being carried by a motorized engine but you have to work hard to get that food treat.

This is a toy which will pull in family and friends to play, a terrific party toy, pair toy or even for playing alone. This is certainly a gift which will be very welcome and provide a lot of fun whenever the game is played.
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