10 Cool Temporary Tattoos for Kids in 2019

One of the ultimate forms of self-expression is getting a tattoo. While in the adult world, tattoos have always been equated with deviant or antisocial behavior. However, times have changed and these once-frowned upon body markings have become the ultimate expression of one’s sense of freedom and individuality. While we do understand the concerns of some parents about their kids having their own tattoos, it should be understood that there are now safer alternatives to this fantastic expression of individuality. Just look at our 10 cool temporary tattoos for kids in 2019 and you will find yourself wanting to plaster some of these on your skin, too.

Our Ten Best and Really Cool Temporary Kids Tattoos

Cool Dinosaur Tattoos by Fun Express

Cool Dinosaur Tattoos

Among the many animals known to man, nothing captures the fascination of kids in a very magical and almost mythical sense than dinosaurs. While unicorns and Pegasus winged horses, as well as trolls, elves, and dwarves, remain creatures of interest for kids, these overgrown lizards are more real than other characters of children’s stories. As a matter of fact, kids (and adults) can now appreciate how these creatures lived millions of years ago, long before man has ever lorded the planet. It is for this matter that kids are naturally drawn to these animals. And thanks to local children’s TV shows and blockbuster Hollywood films like the Jurassic franchise, The Land Before Time, and The Good Dinosaur, among others, dinosaurs have become one of the favorite animal design inspirations. And if you’ve got kids who absolutely adore these creatures, then the Cool Dinosaur kids tattoos should be an excellent hit. These are guaranteed to be made of the safest, non-toxic materials and are very easy to apply and remove. Furthermore, the designs are true to the animals that they represent, making it the ideal body art for birthdays, costume parties, and other similar events. Regardless of how your kid will be using these body art decals, he or she is sure to be the highlight of the show.

What We Like about It – The Cool Dinosaur remains true to the features of the real animals, making them come alive on your kid’s skin.

Adorable Zoo Animal Tattoos by Oasis Supply

Adorable Zoo Animal Tattoos

If you’re planning on having a zoo-themed or even a safari party just for young children, we’d recommend getting the Oasis Adorable Zoo Animal kids temporary tattoos. These adorable, lovable, and really cute decals portray some of the most common creatures that kids have learned to love every time they pay a visit at their local zoo. Each of these skin art decals is designed in full color complete with an image of their natural environment so kids can have a really great time looking at them right on their very skins. The good thing with the Oasis Adorable Zoo Animals is that everything comes fully sealed so you can bet that you get all 72 animal designs in each package. This should be enough to create a fantastic array of lovable animal body skin art that is so easy to apply and also easy to remove and wash off. The zoo is one fantastic, almost magical place for kids to appreciate these creatures that they most often see only in books. For sure they may have dogs, cats, birds, and other pets at home but they will clearly not be able to get up close and personal with a Bengal tiger, a Grizzly bear, a mountain lion, a laughing hyena, a mischievous monkey, or even an elephant, among others. Getting kids these animal body art decals can give them enough motivation to learn more about their favorite safari and zoo creatures which should spark their imaginative tendencies.

What We Like about It – It’s safe, easy to apply, easy to remove, and a great way to enjoy kid’s favorite zoo animals right on their skin.

My First Temporary Tattoos by Melissa & Doug

My First Temporary Tattoos

Melissa & Doug is well known for their children’s wooden toys. As such, it was indeed a surprise to see that they have also ventured into the world of kiddie body art decals. While the My First Temporary Tattoos may not be the best temporary tattoos in the market today, these fantastic skin decals are nonetheless, bursting with colors and patterns that children between the ages of 3 and 7 will surely love. There are no recurring themes on what you will get with each pack of Melissa & Doug’s My First. What we can guarantee is that it is filled with more than a hundred different body art or skin art decals that are a representation of some of children’s most famous characters, images, objects, persons, and items. There are rainbows that can help toddlers and preschoolers gain mastery of the 7 different colors of the rainbow. There are also fairies and unicorns as well as other fairy tale characters that are guaranteed to help foster imaginative plays. Skin art decals of animals, flowers, and plants are also included as well as stellar bodies like the stars, the moon, and the sun. With so many things in one package, the Melissa & Doug My First makes the perfect gift for kids to have during birthday parties, costume get-togethers, and a whole lot more. And since it’s from Melissa & Doug you can be sure of the quality of these kids temporary tattoos as well as their safety.

What We Like about It – Melissa & Doug’s My First Temporary Tattoos is an excellent kiddie starter package for a more personalized expression of children’s individuality.

Star Wars Tattoos by Disney Studios

Star Wars Tattoos

Young Jedi apprentices or even followers of the Sith and the Dark Force will rejoice with Disney Studios’ Star Wars childrens tattoos. This bag of 75 highly detailed and fabulously designed skin art decals feature some of the more memorable characters of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens film such as BB8, Fin, Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, and Rey as well as the iconic characters of the original Star Wars franchise, Chewbacca, Han Solo, and Princess Leia. The X-Wing fighter and the TIE fighter are also featured in the set as well as the iconic helmet of the First Order’s Stormtroopers. The fact is that these Star Wars body art stickers are designed primarily for avid fans of the franchise. And for kids, this can make for a really excellent imaginative tool which can elevate their role playing activities, pretending to be any of the characters of the media franchise. It is remarkable that the franchise has spanned several generations and with plenty more of “episodes” down the pipeline. The Star Wars set can make for an interesting party favors, Christmas stocking filler, or even as rewards in children’s games and parties. Like all the kids tattoos we have featured in this list, the Star Wars pack are very easy to apply and can also be removed without breaking a sweat. Best of all, these are guaranteed to be safe to be applied onto the more sensitive integuments of children.

What We Like about It – This nonpermanent kiddie tattoo pack from Disney Studios is just right for fans of the most famous galactic story of all time.

Disney Frozen Temporary Tattoos by Frozen

Disney Frozen Temporary Tattoos

Among the many children’s films produced by Disney, very few can command such a strong following such as that of Frozen. Of course, part of the charm of the film is the extensive use of computer generated images that have magically transformed ordinary snow into one majestic ice castle. And who could ever forget the lovable characters Sven and Olaf or even the magical Trolls who have played parents and family to both Kristof and Sven? Many children’s social gatherings today are accomplished with the Disney Frozen theme. Even toys and other forms of children’s merchandise are now designed with a Frozen theme. It thus, makes no sense not to have kids temporary tattoos that are inherently designed after the cute and adorable characters of the film. Too bad, though, these do not have the capability to play the Let it Go theme song. Now that would really be something. Nevertheless, these non-permanent body prints are fabulous to have in birthdays, Christmas celebrations, or even ordinary weekend gatherings of little princesses and young princes as they relive the magic and wonder of the film together with images of Princesses Ana and Elsa tattooed temporarily on their skin. This should get them singing to their hearts’ delight once again.

What We Like about It – The Frozen nonpermanent skin print designs are wonderful gift items you can give to young fans of the film.

Tropical Tattoos by Fun Express

Tropical Tattoos

Planning a huge gathering of children can be daunting. You need to have a fair sense of organizing such events. You need to understand that organizing kiddie events is not really that easy as children have very peculiar behaviors and characteristics that are entirely different from adults. Whereas you can expect an adult audience to adhere to most of the unspoken protocols of such gatherings, children, on the other hand, are not cognizant of such rules. As such, you’d really have to think like a child if you want to have a really fun and meaningful children’s party or gathering. With the Fun Express Tropical Kids Tattoos, you can now create a livelier and truly engaging social gathering of children. The Fun Express Tropical Kids is designed primarily as a bulk order made up of 6 dozen fun kiddie designs of the tropical island theme. It should bid well for similarly themed parties and children’s gatherings. Or, you can use these nonpermanent childrens tattoos in beach outings as well as swimming pool activities so kids can really feel the warm vibe of the activity. The decals themselves are certified to be made of non-toxic materials so they can be safely applied onto the skin of children. Removing the same is essentially easy. But the most wonderful part of all these are the designs on each of these skin prints. They exude with warmth and come bursting with rich tropical colors to get your child’s imagination going.

What We Like about It – The Fun Express Tropical Tattoos are designed in fun colors that remind you of the warmth and enjoyment one can readily associate with a tropical island paradise.

Minions Temporary Tattoos by Despicable Me

Minions Temporary Tattoos

It doesn’t matter if it’s Dave, Stuart, or Bob or even Kevin or Jerry, the fact remains that all of the bespectacled yellows in blue denims are lovable and fun to watch as they do their crazy antics, making their big boss happy and content. It also doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the Minions or not because we can guarantee that your kids adore them. It doesn’t matter as well if you cannot understand a word these yellow bespectacled minions are saying because their eyes and facial expressions say it all. In like manner, giving your kids the Despicable Me Minions Kids Temporary Tattoos is sure to bring a wide smile to the face of your child. They don’t need to tell you “thank you” because you will readily see it from their eyes as it widens with amazement every time they apply one or all of the 24 Despicable Me character skin prints on their integument. The Despicable Me package is perfect for fans, acolytes, disciples, and followers of these lovable banana-loving, tech-oriented, and funny creatures that have greatly improved the lives of Gru, Agnes, Margo, and Edith as well as Dr. Nefario and now Lucy. The Minions have grown in popularity over the years ever since they first graced the big screen in 2010. And when they had their very first solo film providing a backgrounder to their origins, more and more people, especially kids, began to understand just how lovely these creatures are and how their single-minded goal of serving their master is truly admirable.

What We Like about It – The Despicable Me collection makes for a great addition to other similarly themed products for parties and social gatherings of children.

Avengers Temporary Tattoos by Marvel

Avengers Temporary Tattoos

There are fans of DC Comics characters like Superman, Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman, among others. And then there are also those who consider themselves to be die-hard followers of the Marvel Comic Universe that includes the likes of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and The Incredible Hulk, as well as a handful of others. For fans of the Marvel universe, we cannot think of any other superhero grouping that is more popular than the Avengers. Of course, there’s Guardians of the Galaxy but they are relatively new in the eyes of children. Then, there are the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, both groups of which have very fascinating story lines. For children, the Avengers is simply the team to beat. And for that, we recommend getting the Marvel Avengers Temporary Tattoos. These culd easily be the best temporary tattoos. However, it only appeals to children who follow the superheroes that make up the Avengers. Nonetheless, it should provide more reason for your young fan to enhance their imaginative abilities in concocting fantastic storylines using these skin art decals. And even if they don’t actually put it on their bodies, these can make for the perfect gift or reward in children’s activities. The Marvel Avengers pack is excellent for fans of the group of superheroes.

What We Like about It – The Marvel Avengers nonpermanent tattoo pack is a safe and easy way to sport superhero characters that can become useful instruments for improving children’s imagination.

Classic Set of 50 Temporary Tattoos by Savvi

Classic Set of 50 Temporary Tattoos

Just as there are adult who prefer sticking to classic and traditional styles, there are also kids who prefer non-character childrens tattoos. A great example of such a product is Savvi’s Classic Set of 50 best temporary tattoos. This is a collection of 50 of the most elegant, most classic tattoo designs that even adults are not ashamed to put on their bodies; albeit on a more permanent basis. That being said, we guess it would be correct to assume that the Savvi Classic Set is the closest thing we could ever get to the adult ideals of a tattoo. The only difference, of course, is that the Savvi can be removed just as easily as it is applied onto one’s integument. Kids won’t even require the assistance of a tattoo artist nor will they ever ask their friends to apply the tattoo art on their skin. They can easily do so themselves. And with 50 different designs in one convenient packaging, kids can have an entire selection to allow them to express their individuality more frequently and with growing confidence in themselves. Unfortunately, Savvi says that the designs included in the package are randomly selected. As such it is entirely possible that you may have certain designs that are duplicated or even triplicated. Nonetheless, the Savvi Classic Set should help your child establish his or her own brand identity in a more effortless manner.

What We Like about It – The Savvi Classic Set capitalizes on the time-tested elegance and functionality of traditional tattoo designs.

Temporary Butterfly Tattoos by Butterfly Utopia 

Temporary Butterfly Tattoos

If you have a budding lepidopterologist in your family, maybe you should consider getting him or her the Butterfly Utopia Temporary Butterfly Tattoos. The package comes with 5 sheets of realistically designed and vibrantly colored butterfly kids temporary tattoos. There are 25 butterfly skin art designs in every pack with each of these tattoos measuring about 1.75 inches tall. Butterfly Utopia has a collection of 80 different butterfly species that have been ingeniously turned into transferable skin art decals. The 80 can be obtained if you purchase their 16-pack. What is really stunning about the Butterfly Utopia set is the degree of realism of the designs. Each butterfly is bursting with vivid colors while the intricate details simply pop out. When transferred onto the skin, these features will simply stand out as the natural texture of the skin can provide an additional visual interest to these wonderful winged creatures.

What We Like about It – The stunning realism of each of the butterfly decals on the Butterfly Utopia Set is simply astounding.

How We Chose the Cool Kids Temporary Tattoos in Our List

It was not really difficult coming up with a shortlist of the really cool temporary childrens tattoos as there are plenty of useful feedbacks and customer reviews that gave us initial direction in our pursuit. Employing a cut-off customer satisfaction rating score of 4.0 or better, we were able to effectively reduce the number of potential contenders. Of course, if we rely only on this parameter, then the whole activity will only be based on meaningless numbers. We knew we had to support these findings with more objective assessment of the true value of these products. As such, while it did take us some time to complete the activity, we read each customer feedback in an effort to identify recurring themes of positive note. On the other hand, we also considered negative comments and factored these well into the assignment of final scores in these products.

Once we have obtained the top 20 in our list, it was time to further trim the field. Safety and ease of application were two of the crucial parameters we had to consider in our search of the best temporary tattoos. In normal tattoo art, ink or pigments are injected into the skin to produce a permanent shading or coloring of the integument. Temporary skin art materials, on the other hand, rely more on the superficial application of a dye or pigment that should stick on the surface of the skin for a few days to several weeks. It was crucial for us to choose only those that have FDA-approved pigments in their formulation in the light of the consumer update warning individuals that temporary tattoos may put you at risk. With that, we can say with absolute confidence that the kids temporary tattoos we have included in this article have passed the stringent testing of government regulatory agencies.

Ease of application is another parameter that we considered. There are a variety of temporary body art appliques in the market today. These can include henna, metallic jewelry stamping technique, airbrush methods, and of course, the more popular, decal style of tattoo art. Among these, the decal style will be the easiest, the simplest, and the safest for kids to apply on their respective skins.

Lastly, we knew it was crucial to also look at the design. We had to consult with our child psychologist to have an idea of the things or images that will really look cool to a child. For instance, the use of certain characters as well as many colorful elements is almost always an instant hit for kids. It is very rare that you will see children really raving for heavy metal logos, cannabis leaves, and drugs, guns, and sex images being printed onto their skin, even if these were only temporary.

Are Temporary Tattoos Really Safe for Kids?

Nothing can worry us parents more than issues or circumstances that have something to do with the safety and welfare of our kids. Since we’re talking about nonpermanent tattoo solutions or products for use on the skin of our kids, it is inevitable that we ask ourselves, “How safe are temporary tattoos for kids?” In an effort to educate consumers and help allay fears about the possibility of introducing something harmful to our children, we are presenting to you some information tidbits that pertain to the safety of temporary tattoos for kids.

  • Nonpermanent tattoo products are applied in a variety of ways, each one having its pros and cons.
  • Many temporary tattoo products are considered to be safe for children as well as for grownups as long as these are legitimately sold in the US and have the US Food and Drug Administration certify and approve its component ingredients.
  • The ingredients used in the manufacture of the said products must be classified and approved by the FDA as cosmetics.
  • Unfortunately, having an FDA approval doesn’t always equate to zero-reactions. Different individuals will react differently to the same ingredient in the same way that some adults are naturally reactive or sensitive to a particular brand of makeup or any other cosmetic. The same can be said with children.
  • Minor skin irritations can occur which can range from mild redness to moderate swelling. These do not point to a toxic product. Instead, individual child peculiarities can be deemed at play in such circumstances. As such, it is often advisable to go for a test strip first on a hidden area of the skin just to make sure the child doesn’t react unfavorably to the temporary tattoo. If no reaction is observed within 8 to 24 hours, then the product can be applied.

The Bottom Line

Kids need to have a way of expressing their individuality. While tattoos were initially taken as signs of deviancy, these are now expressions of individuality. The 10 cool temporary tattoos for kids will surely provide your child with enough choices to express himself or herself more effectively.

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