Diamond Select Toys Marvel Select: Deadpool Action Figure

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We like

Incredibly detailed and well painted action figure

Sizing and shading give the character a powerful and realistic look

Sculpted by Gabriel Marques with great attention to details

Multiple weapons included for versatile play pretend combat scenarios

16 points of articulation provided for flexible action movement

Street fight themed base included as a great shelf display

Made out of durable, high-quality materials

Affordable price for a charming collectible figure

We don’t like

The sais fall off easily without the rubber bands that come with the product

How it works

Every child has a favorite superhero that they look up to. And while most superheroes are characterized with great looks, supernatural powers, and strong moral compass, there are some that are a little bit messier than others yet quite genuine in their own unique way. Deadpool is a notorious comic book character from the Marvel Universe that captured the hearts of the audience with his witty playful behavior and his tendency to make a mockery out of every stressful situation.

It’s no wonder that most of the teenagers look up to this exceptional human mutate since he is quite loud-mouthed, respects no authority and has no boundaries. Your parental instinct might be telling you that this is not the right role model for your child, as he is first depicted as a super-villain in the comic books, however, that doesn’t make him less than a hero. In fact, he is proud to be known as the world’s most lovable antihero.

If you are unfamiliar with his character, before you jump to conclusions, Deadpool is not a bad guy. He’s just not an average goody two shoes either. He’s ultimately fighting the bad guys just like other superheroes however he does that in his own unique smart-aleck way which leads to him being known as an infamous “Merc With a Mouth”. That is why Diamond Select Toys were inspired to create a very charming action figure of this immortal super-assassin.



The Deadpool character is a product of Marvel’s writers Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld. The most interesting part about this unconventional hero is that he is actually quite familiar with the fact that he’s a fictional character from comic books. Deadpool’s awareness of his larger existence is depicted as a painfully honest and constant hilarious direct approach towards the audience. Not only is he the narrator of his own story, he often talks to himself by presenting two separate different monologues.

His backstory is rather foggy and often vaguely described with little detailing as he suffers from a mental condition that enables him to remember segments from his past. However, he is known to be Wade Winston Wilson before gaining his superhuman abilities and becoming an immortal crime fighter. His inability to die is a result of having regenerative healing superpower that enhances rapid cell regeneration so once he’s injured his whole body quickly composes back together in the original form.

What also makes him quite undefeatable are his extraordinary combat skills that involve next level athleticism and flexibility, expertise in multiple martial arts and mastery in swordsmanship and weapon usage. Deadpool is highly trained when it comes to using weaponry including knives, swords, grenades, guns and other deadly weapons and his level of readiness allows him to perform intense combat routines for an extended period of time without experiencing fatigue or aches.

It is no wonder that Diamond Select Toys decided to include many fighting accessories to the action figure and provide a decent amount of articulation points in order to truly pay homage to this charming superhuman rebel. After all, the comic books and screen adaptations have been worldly recognized, awarded and praised by many critics and fans who identified with the brave and humorous personality of this adorable mercenary. Ryan Reynolds portrays him in the movie adaptations and there is a PG-13 child-friendly version so even the younger audience can enjoy the humorous and inspiring story of this iconic antihero.


The overall design of this toy is actually very well thought out since it comes with a ginormous cement-like grey base and many interesting components. The quite massive display consists of a concrete grey floor and has a grey brick wall in the background. The whole scene seems damaged by a furious fight. Decorated with bullet holes and glass-looking pieces in on the ground, it does appear that customers are witnessing one of Deadpool’s thrilling battles.

Caught in the middle of a fierce scenario, Deadpool comes equipped with 2 guns, 2 swords, and 2 saws as he stands firmly wearing his recognizable red and black superhero mask. The sais come attached with rubber bands which usually means that they are not fixated properly and can start rattling around during battle however they are pretty realistic and go very well with the figure itself.

The pistols, however, seem to fit his hands perfectly since the trigger finger allows him to hold the gun properly. He also holds on his swords with a boss ferocity and each individual weapon is so incredibly detailed that makes the figure even more realistic and powerful. There are knives included in order to make the toy more equipped and even though they cannot be removed from their packs, it does make Deadpool seem more prepared for battle. The action figure was sculpted by Gabriel Marques who seemed to put attention to the slightest details when it comes to capturing the essence of this character.

The articulation is quite decent since there are many figures on the market that are made with lesser movement points for a higher price. Deadpool’s head goes up and down, and it can be turned all the way around in rotation. The shoulders have a decent range of movement as well, going upwards and downwards. Forward and backward hand movements are available as well as a full arm rotation. The cut at the wrist provides inward and outward movement which is essential for sword fighting.

The waist swivel is nicely done so Deadpool can turn both left and right to spot his enemies. The knees, unlike the elbows, are double jointed which allows great bending range and exceptional flexibility. The feet can be rotated as well since there are articulation points in both ankles so there are countless possible pose adjustments. It is definitely a very well-made product that offers multiple movements and fighting opportunities since Deadpool’s job is to save the world from the bad guys and that is quite a challenging and dangerous quest.
Entertainment Value

Entertainment Value

Most of these action figures are meant to be collectible items that sit on a shelf in its original box since fans truly treasure the emotional bond they have created with a certain character and want to have a miniature version of their favorite superheroes. However, because this action figure comes equipped with many weapons and multiple flexing abilities, it would be a quite entertaining gift for children. Kids love to play pretend scenarios with their character toys and imagine they are a brave hero fighting crime and injustice. If they are familiar with the background of Deadpool, they might love to pretend they are invincible since Deadpool cannot die and keeps reviving after being shot or stabbed so the battle alternatives are pretty much limitless. This supper assassin comes with many versatile weapons so the owners can attack their fictive enemies by using Deadpool’s sword skills or shooting tactics. The toy’s flexibility provides different positioning so children can imitate the hero’s movements and put him in many versatile attack modes.

The stand does provide a certain battle scenery which allows for children to unfold their creativity by imagining life-threatening situations in which they must find a courageous way to answer. Overall, the whole action figure set seems very amusing and we highly doubt that any scenery where Deadpool is featured can be boring or dull.


Seems as the sculptor has gotten the overall proportions just about right and the dimensions of the products are calculated at approximately 6 x 7 x 7 inches. The head sculpt is big enough to show Deadpool’s angry look and his facial bone structure. The muscles seem anatomically correct and properly placed giving Deadpool his recognizable slender look. The size is perfect so the owners can even notice the shading details on his iconic costume which makes the figure seem more realistic and powerful.

The deluxe base that comes included with the action figure is truly massive which quite adds to the dramatic effect of the whole scenario. Anyone who ever owned a collectible knows that the moment you unbox your figure, it pretty much has to be placed somewhere and having an appropriate and visually appealing stand is very convenient.


Many collectors would never recommend exposing your action figures to potential hazards since their whole idea of the product is to preserve it as long as possible as a part of a larger superhero collection. However, many customers are looking at this product as a toy for their children who, let’s face it, love exploring it until they discover its full potential.

Sometimes that can result in either getting bored of it or damaging it to the point of no return. This action figure is made from high-quality products and durable plastics in order to withstand many imaginary battles lead by you little rascal. It can be held and play with numerous times whether inside your house or out in the park and it won’t easily lose its original shine.

The tiny weapon accessories might break more easily or get lost around the house during combat scenarios which can represent a choking hazard for smaller toddlers. However, if you introduce this action figure to your child at the proper age, they would know how to properly use them during imaginary crime fighting playtime.
Price Range

Price Range

This pretty fantastic product is actually one of the most affordable larger Deadpool action figures you can get on the market. In fact, collectible items are notoriously expensive and many of these types of action figures might seem small in size but their market value is quite high. If you keep in mind that this Deadpool character toy comes with many combat components and it is designed to move in 16 points of articulation, you might find this toy as rather cheap.

Many parents hesitate to invest in action figures since children lose their parts or damage them pretty easily in pretend combat adventures however if they develop an emotional bond with its character, they might learn to take proper care for their treasured toys. Keep in mind that many adults collect these objects so your little one might be inspired to acknowledge the real value that collectible items hold and end up finding an inseparable friend.


We live in a world that is facing so much injustice that it is very important to celebrate role-models who promote fighting evil and corruption. Superheroes are treasured deeply by children of all ages for their courage, strength, and compassion and they represent all the virtues that we should strive to achieve as human beings.

However, human nature is flawed and unpredictable, so the superhero standards that promote perfect moral creatures are often unachievable. That is why antiheroes that fight the bad guys yet still accept their insecurities and quirky characteristics such as Deadpool are equally important. In fact, you might be unaware that Deadpool is also quite intelligent and multilingual, as he represents communication abilities to respond in a very smart and witty while also speaking fluently in German, Spanish, Japanese, ASL as well as his native English.

It’s hilarious that by being aware of his fictional nature, Deadpool actually uses this advantage in order to gain knowledge of his opponents’ weaknesses by reading his and other’s past comics. He is even familiar with his Wikipedia page which he secretly hopes that his fans will keep it updated, while we hope that if he’s ever reading this he will agree that this is a great gift for your loved ones. After all, owning an action figure that represents a modern day hero who is not afraid to be himself and has a sense of humor in dark and desperate times can be a lifelong companion.
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