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We like

This playset is portable and easy to carry around

The castle does not belong to one princess but incorporates elements from different fairy tales

Great design with many places for storage of snap-in accessories

3 inches dolls from the Little Kingdom line can fit in the castle

We don’t like

The accessories are really tiny and can get lost

How it works

Kids love stories for many reasons among which the possibility of becoming anyone they would like to be -a princess or a prince in a magical kingdom so they can unleash their imagination as much as they like and enjoy playing or re-creating stories. Disney world of stories full of kings and evil queens, princesses and princes, kingdoms and castles, spells and happy endings are one of the most popular and loved by kids. There are no limits of kids’ fantasies and imagination in the world of stories, which is actually very beneficial for the development of kids’ creativity through play. Having that in mind, the manufacturer Hasbro once again has designed a toy that encourages kids to widen their imagination and explore their creativity. Today we are looking at a Disney Princess Castle by Hasbro that is so much more than just a home of the princesses because now kids can put all the princesses inside of this little kingdom together with all the princesses’ and kingdom’s staff and take this castle wherever they go with them and create many magical stories on the go.

What inside this set?

What inside this set?

The castle comes in two pieces which very easily can be snapped together and then you can fold the castle. When the castle is folded there is a cute latch in a form of a crown that can be lifted when you want to open the castle and play with the princesses and their accessories or pushed down when you want to fasten the castle and use it as a carrying case. Although there are 11 princesses from the Little Kingdom line this set comes with Cinderella in her wonderful blue dress and she can stand and sit.

This outfit is removable and if you have more than one doll from this line you can mix and match the outfits with the other dolls. In addition to the outfit of the doll there is a very small bow that can be snapped for example in Cinderella’s dress or it can be put in some of the storage boxes that are part of the castle. There is also a clock and one glass slipper that go with Cinderella’s story.

All these three accessories can be snapped in one of the many holes inside the castle specially designed to hold these and other similar accessories. So there is only one princess with her outfit and all the remaining princesses can be purchased additionally. The castle comes also with a vanity for the Cinderella that can be put inside one of the four rooms of the castle. The castle is with dimension 2X22X13.5 inches, which is a good size since this toy is designed to be portable and makes it easy for storing because there is no need for lots of space.


One thing that is good about the castle is that it is not specifically designed for one and particular Disney princess although it comes with Cinderella but it can become a home to all of them. The castle incorporates designs and decorations that remind you of the many different stories and the characters. The front side of the set is really bright and colorful and combines the typical features of the well-known stories of Cinderella, the Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and the seven dwarfs and many more.

Right next to the handle there is a blue clock that shows the time and the time is almost midnight so this clearly indicates the connection to the story of Cinderella. Under the clock there is a yellowish window that belongs to the tower where Rapunzel was kept locked. Right at the bottom of the house, there are three beautiful roses as a decorative element to the castle and of course for Bell's story from the Beauty and the Beast.

In the middle of the castle there is a cute door that leads the princesses into their home. Above the door there is a nice window with balcony and curtains wide open so you can take a peek inside the castle. In addition, there are three other elements that connect the castle with the stories. On the left side of the door there is an incredibly small window inserted into a red apple part of the Snow White's house in the woods and two other windows of this castle with decorations, one with a small shell belonging to Ariel, the little mermaid and the other reminds of a small cute cup or the character called Chip that many kids love from the castle of the Beauty and the Beast.
The front side is really nice and compact and all the decorative elements are nicely incorporated and represent a whole.

It also features some small windows with crown designs on them and they can be opened but when you open them there is just a drawing and decorative pieces like Cinderella's glass shoe can be hanged on the front part of this window because there are small holes designed for this. The other side is painted in one single color but it still contains many interesting details that feature elements from Disney's stories such as Rapunzel's hair, the towers from Jasmine's castle or Grandmother Willow the talking tree from Pocahontas as well as other decorative elements from the stories of Mulan and Merida.

The playset

The playset

The inside of the castle has a double function to serve - as a playset that will engage the kids into pretend play and will create a world of unlimited imagination and as a storage box for the accessories and the 11 princesses that kids can collect. The inside of the castle is as interesting as from the outside. When Cinderella enters the castle and for example wants to go the balcony there is a small foot stand where you can put the princess in order for her to stand and you do not need to hold her. This stand is actually a chandelier right above the door, that you can turn around and when you put the princess on the stand by turning the chandelier you can actually spin the princess around.

The other inner part of the house features four rooms again with different elements of various stories which really make the castle a home to all princesses and not a home just for one princess. The rooms are decorated with wallpaper that has a range of bright and vibrant colors and pictures of furniture or things that belong to one of the 11 princesses. It looks like all the princess left something behind- there are Snow white's apples on the table, Rapunzel's art studio, Bell's books, Cinderella's bed, Merida's arrows, and many other details.

The pretend staircase that leads from the first to the second floor can be used as a place for storage of the tiny accessories and each staircase is actually a small box for storing. This set comes with a small box for Cinderella and one glass shoe so you can put these in here and all the accessories and outfits from the other dolls in this line - Little Kingdom, can be mixed and matched so when you purchase for example additional set with princesses you get also other accessories.

The storage boxes also have small holes on the front part where you can snap some accessories or decorations. The set also comes with a vanity where Cinderella can sit and there is a sticker for reflective mirror and again many small holes around the vanity's mirror for storing some more accessories.
Portability and Carrying case

Portability and Carrying case

The doll, in this case, Cinderella is a 3-inch doll and all the other princesses come in the same size. In accordance with the space in the castle approximately we can fit around 6 dolls inside and many accessories that can be snapped in and stored in the castle. The product is lightweight and it weighs around 2.5 pounds. After you close the playset this castle becomes a portable case and it is convenient for carrying because there is a handle that is easy for the little hands to grab and carry.

Both kids and parents like the concept of play and carry and many of the users appreciate the fact that this toy does not require any batteries so it does not produce any sounds or music. The Play 'n Carry Castle from the line of Disney Princess Little Kingdom is a castle that now serves more than the usual function -a home for the princesses. It is great the kids can take the princesses’ home and carry it with them so it can be a great playset when you are traveling with kids on longer journeys.
Who is it for?

Who is it for?

The manufacturer recommends this toy for ages 4 and plus since there are many tiny accessories in this set that may represent a choking hazard for the younger ones especially that because of the accessories' size it may be a little hard for little hands to snap these small accessories in the holes that are designed for their storage. It would be nice if all the accessories are snapped in their storage places because this way you will prevent them from losing.

Although this castle comes only with Cinderella this set will be especially enjoyed by kids who may already have or collect the dolls from the line of Little Kingdom. The playset is recommended for kids who like Disney stories and it is great for pretend play so you would enjoy the many benefits that come out of it. It is a toy that will surely attract kids’ attention and it engages kids into independent play and keeps them busy.
Imaginary play and entertainment

Imaginary play and entertainment

Kids can now recreate the fairy tales in their own castle and it is great that this castle can be used for all Disney princesses so this means that they can use the playset for recreation of many stories and for the motivation of inventing completely new stories. Kids can take different roles, act and role-play and in this way develop their creativity. They also can use the different decorations and details for practicing and learning colors, vocabulary and even a fun quiz for guessing which detail is connected to which princess or to which story. So in this way, the castle can be used for entertainment.

There are also some interactive features that can be used for fine motor skills development such as the chandelier that kids can spin, or the many storage small boxes that the little hands can open, snap accessories and open and close the door on the castle. The castle offers unlimited possibilities for imaginary play.

Bottom line

Overall this playset in a form of a castle is great for kids older than 4 and especially for the ones who are already familiar with or possess the dolls from the Little Kingdom and because the castle can serve as a portable case. The portability is a great plus for this castle because kids will surely like to carry the dolls and all their accessories together with their home. The castle can be a home not only to Cinderella that comes with this particular castle but to many other Disney princesses because it incorporates decorative elements that remind us of all the stories and princesses in them.

Cinderella also comes with her own outfit that can be removed and three other accessories that can be used to beautify her. The castle offers many boxes and drawers for storage of the tiny accessories so it will be a nice place for storing small accessories. The castle is made of sturdy plastic and there are very few complaints regarding the quality of this product. This toy will be an ideal gift for kids who love Disney stories and Disney princesses and is a set that inspires kids to create their own stories and develop their creativity through imaginary play.
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