Encouraging Words You Should Tell Your Child Often

Encouraging Words You Should Tell Your Child Often

Is there anything wrong with saying encouraging words to you children as often as you can? Not at all, and do not let anyone tell you any different. Constantly saying encouraging words to you children does not mean you’re being overprotective or clingy, it means that you truly love your creations and want to let them know every day, over and over again.

Children thrive on praise and love from the most important people in the world, their parents. As they grow into teens and then adults, maybe you think you shouldn’t have to use the following nine phrases with your children, but think again. Even if your hormonal teenager doesn’t seem to care one way or another, you can be sure that they still hear you and they will remember it as they grow up.

I love you

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Saying those three little words everyday to your children is never a daunting feat and more than once is even better. Whether you think they know or not, it’s still one of the best phrases you can say to your children over and over. Infants, toddlers, adolescents, and even your adult children can always benefit from hearing you say it as often as possible. One of the best parts of being a parent is being ‘that’ parent that embarrasses their child by loving them too much. Be THAT parent!

I am proud of you

Your child doesn’t have to do anything special for you to tell them that you are proud of them. Telling a child how proud you are can motivate them to do their chores, homework, help you with what you need to do, and is guaranteed to make them smile. Isn’t that what every parent wants to see on their child, is a smile that was caused by them? Pride can be a contagious word, just wait until your little one draws that weird, green alien elephant creature and you put it on your fridge telling them how proud you are of them. They will then take pride in everything they do now, later, and always.

You are unique and special

Every child and person in the entire universe is unique and special in their own way. Letting your children know that they are unique and special everyday can help them with their self-esteem as they grow up and could even help them with their creativity. Many children of all ages suffer with feelings of low self-esteem that can lead to dangerous situations they may find themselves in, but reminding them how special they are and how unique they are can help them in their journey of growing up happy, healthy, and with self-confidence.

You make me happy

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Telling your kids that they make you happy or that you are happy to be their mom or dad, is right up there with telling them you love them everyday. Do kids wonder about this sometimes? Hasn’t everyone felt that way once? Maybe when they get themselves in trouble for making a bad decision they sometimes feel that they no longer make you happy and that you aren’t happy as their parent anymore.

Undoubtedly, thinking that way can happen to a child, so make sure to remind them often that no matter what they do wrong you will always be happy to be their mom or dad and that nothing can take that feeling away.

You are beautiful/handsome inside and out

Going back to the self-esteem issues that children can develop as they grow, telling them how handsome or beautiful they are inside and out can be a big help. Sure, as parents we are biased, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

Children are beautiful inside and out with their innocence and purity of the love they give. Big, small, short, tall, braces, crooked teeth, chubby, skinny, it doesn’t matter to parents, in a parent’s eyes they will always be one of the most beautiful creations ever made. Remind them of this, especially when they are having a bad day, it can help to lift their spirits and show them that everything is going to be alright.

I believe in you

A tried and true fact is that children are going to mess up and make mistakes, it comes with the territory of growing and development. They are bound to make a few mistakes along the way, after all, they aren’t robots.

No matter how big or small the mistake is that they make, telling them that you believe in them will help them keep trying until they get it right. Telling them how much you believe in them can help them to understand that they can do most anything they put their minds do, and to keep trying, never give up.

You make this family whole

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It doesn’t matter if it’s just you and your child or there are three other kids in the family, letting your child know they make your family whole everyday is an excellent idea. Be prepared if you have more than one child to repeat it several times to all of them because each one makes your heart and family whole. A child can never be told too many times that they complete the family from oldest to youngest, they all deserve the praise.

What are your feelings?

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What are your feelings? How do you feel about this…? These two phrases should be said daily to your child because it will help them feel like their ideas or thoughts actually matter to you.

It could be something as simple as wanting to paint their room a different color or theme, but asking them how they feel about this change that you are considering is not only respectful, but it shows them that they are truly part of the family and their input is needed.

How was your day?

While this question may not seem like an encouraging phrase to ask your children, it really is. This works especially well for school aged children. When they get home from school, ask them how their day was, it isn’t very hard to do.

Or in the evening, sitting around the dinner table to eat, is the perfect place to talk about their day and the highs or lows of it. They may not seem to appreciate it as they get older but showing that you care enough to ask and listen will mean a lot.

While there are an immeasurable amount of encouraging words and phrases that should be used often when speaking to children, these nine are some of the top ones that are certain to make an impact on their lives. By encouraging children with theses simple words and so many more, parents can rest assured that they will remember them as they grow and have children of their own. Do you remember the encouragement that your parents gave you as a child? Keep it in mind when using these phrases and words with your children. You remembered it all of these years, and you can be sure that your children will remember it as well.