Evenflo Versatile Play Space

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We like

Durable and will not fall over

Hinges are safe for little hands and fingers

Easy to assemble and quick to assemble

Can be folded up and stored anywhere

Portable and great for indoor use or outdoor use

Feet are multi-purpose and secure the gate into solid ground

We don’t like

Moves slightly when there is a lot of weight put on it

How it works

The designers at Evenflo have created a playpen for the parent who wants to make sure their child is safe anywhere they go. The Versatile Play Space is a gate system playpen that can be assembled and disassembled and stored in one place. The walls are fence-like, which gives parents the ability to see their child at all times, and the pen can be used indoors or outdoors depending on your needs. You can take it to the park, to family picnics, barbecues, other people’s homes, and playdates. With easy to put together pieces and a rounded design that keeps the pen upright and your baby or toddler safe, the Evenflo Versatile Play Space is a must-have for the parent who is on the go and wants to make sure their child is happy, included, and safe. 




The Evenflo Versatile Play Space is designed to be as easy as possible for parents. The gate system is made out of a hard plastic that has been smoothed over so that your child will not cut their hands or their fingers while they are holding onto the gate or playing within the confines of the play area that you set up. The gate comes in a variety of colors which are either teal, gray, white, or rainbow. Choose the color that best suits your needs and your home decor.

The hinges of the gate system are snaps that allow you to quickly and efficiently snap the pieces together quickly so that you can set up the play area however you see fit in a short amount of time. The base set covers an area of about 18.5 square feet, and the sides of the play space are about twenty-eight inches tall. The play area is most sturdy and most effective when constructed in a circular pattern.

The feet of the gates are multi-purposed so that you can use the play area indoors or outdoors, and the holes of the sides are wide enough that you can see your baby clearly no matter where you are standing or what you are doing.


Safety precautions must be taken when you are using the Evenflo Versatile Play Space. A lot of parents will use the play space as a means of keeping their child contained while they are doing other things around the house. As a result of this, your child may get into some mischief if you are not watching. When reading the directions of the play space, the manufacturers have stated the best and safest ways to use the play area in the directions. The biggest piece of advice given by the manufacturers to guarantee safety for your child is to never construct the play area in a straight line. The play space is strongest and sturdiest when it is constructed in a circle. In a circular formation the walls of the play space support each other and are able to withstand the weight of children, adults, and even family pets.

The play space was also designed with durable plastic so that if your child puts their mouths or teeth on to the plastic, it will not come off and they will not ingest any toxins.

The hinges were also designed to be safe for little fingers and little hands, and the designers have made it a point to leave as little room as possible between the pieces so that fingers and hands cannot get caught in the hinges or between pieces. There is absolutely no room for heads to get stuck in between the pieces as well, so parents do not have to worry about turning their backs and their child getting stuck.


Assembling the Evenflo Versatile Play Space is quite easy. The sides are lettered and all you have to do is make sure you click the pieces together in alphabetical order. When doing do, one piece simply clicks into another in two spots. The bottom dome of one clicks into the opening of another while the top hinges click into each other like a snap. To get them apart, all you have to do is press down on the button on the top of the hinge, and the snaps release so that you can pull the sides apart. It takes no time whatsoever to put everything together and pull everything apart. Many parents only unhook one area and then fold the gate up while it is still assembled. The gate folds up tightly and can fit in the backseat of any car or any car trunk.
Motor Skill Development

Motor Skill Development

Because the openings along the sides of the gate system are so wide, little ones can get their hands around the openings and lift themselves up. Many parents have found that when their toddlers and babies are running around or crawling around the inside of the play area, they eventually hoist themselves up by holding onto the gate and using their upper body strength to stand up. The gate has become a tool in helping children learn how to stand and balance themselves as they develop their motor skills and walking and crawling muscles.

Parents have also found that the gate works well for when children are taking their first few steps. Not only does the play space offer a safe and clear area for your child to learn how to walk, but when your child is holding onto the gate, they can then walk side to side while holding onto something, which will enable them to learn how to balance while they are walking, and when they are ready to walk freely from holding onto anything, they will have the space to do so without falling down stairs, or tripping over anything. The sides are durable enough to withstand the weight of your baby,
Indoor/Outdoor Use

Indoor/Outdoor Use

The best part of the Evenflo Versatile Play Space is that it can be used indoors or outdoors. Because it is so lightweight and easy to transport, parents can take the play space anywhere they are going. Parents have found the play space useful on the beach as a means of containing their child in one area for them to play. Many parents set up the play area under an umbrella or tent and their child is out of the sun and in a safe space to play in the sand and be out of the sun.

Other parents take the play area to the park for family picnics or barbecues and it’s a great way to keep their child in a soft grassy area where they can play safely, and if there are dogs or other animals that may jump on the child or knock them over, the gates are a great way to prevent that from happening as your child will be protected. Again, it’s another great way to keep your child out of the way of the sun as you can set up the area in a shady spot where your child will be out of the way of the sun’s harmful rays.

For indoor use, parents set up the play space in an area in the house that becomes the place where they can put all of baby’s toys in the play space and safely let them play and explore their toys and personal area without anyone or anything disturbing them. Babies can learn how to stand and walk all while in the play area. Many parents place their child in their child’s play area so that Mom and Dad can get other things done in the same room while their child is playing. Many parents are able to cook while their child is playing, and Mom and Dad can watch their child through the easy-to-see-through sides and know that their child is safe and not in harm’s way.
The Feet

The Feet

The feet of the Evenflo Versatile Play Space are multi-functional for indoor and outdoor use. When using the play area indoors, the feet are made of a smooth hard plastic that is rounded on all sides so that the feet of the play area will not scratch hardwood floors or tiles. The rounded design of the feet also prevents the gate from slipping or moving. When an adult pulls on the sides of the area, the feet do not move. The sides do have some give, but that’s mostly because the sides are lightweight; however, the sides will never fall down especially since the area is constructed in a circle.

The rounded design of the feet also works well with carpeting. The rounded edges fit nicely in carpet and prevent the feet from sliding or moving as your child plays or if anything like a dog or cat jump on or try to get over the sides of the gate.

When using the play area outdoors, the feet of the gate can be clipped out of the hinge and flipped over. When flipped over, the feet become spikes that can then be reclipped into the hinge and you can steak the sides into sand or dirt for when you are at the beach, in the backyard, or in the park. This extra added security really prevents the sides from moving or being knocked down as you will have the sides firmly pressed into the ground. When you remove the spikes from the ground, you will need to rinse them off and clean out any sand or dirt that may collect in them so that when you reassemble the gates in your home, you will not make a mess.


The Evenflo Versatile Play Space is priced right for what you get. It may be out of the budget for some parents, but for most parents it is an affordable item to have. What you get is quite simple and easy to assemble, but you also get the peace of mind of knowing that your child is in a safe area where they can play freely and learn how to move around without being in harm’s way. The area is large and can be set up over a play mat or carpeted area for extra comfort. It is also a place that your child can call their own and it becomes a great place to put your child down for a nap while you are busy cooking, cleaning, or working from home. The price is not too incredibly high and becomes an investment more than anything because it can be taken anywhere and used anywhere that you go.


The Evenflo Versatile Play Space should be considered by all parents. Whether you are the parent who is on the go or likes to stay home with their children, the gate has something for you. Indoors it provides your child with their own play area that they can call their own with their own toys and stuffed animals, and these precious items are kept safe away from anything that may harm them or damage them. The personalized play area is also a safe space for your child to learn how to crawl and walk, and they can trip and slip without falling into furniture or other items around the home. You can keep your child in a safe area while you are cooking or doing other errands around the home that require you to be hands free, and with a full view through the sides of the play space, you can always ensure that your child is safe.

For outdoor use, the gate can be secured into the ground so that you can take your child to the beach or park without worrying that they will wander off or get into an unsafe area, and since the gate folds up tightly and can be transported anywhere, you can always bring it with you when you are on the go.

The Evenflo Versatile Play Space is something that all parents should consider buying so that their child can be safe, have fun, feel comfortable, and you can rest assured that your child is happy.
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