Fat Brain Toys Original Squigz Starter

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We like

Built from child safe materials

Very durable

Great fun for creative minded children


Offer choices for many types of constructions

Nice buyer friendly price for a unique construction kit

We don’t like

Not for children under the age of three

How it works

Give a toy set to children which has features allowing creativity and a child will come up with countless fun activities.

The Squigz construction gift set is a very interesting concept, 24 pieces which can be used creatively. There are eight different colored versatile shaped pieces in the 24 piece set ( or 50 in the deluxe toy set option) so that a child can redirect the design of whatever they are building into so many possibilities. Here are just a few of the possibilities, bridges, different vehicles, jewelry, robots and many more, let your child’s imagination go and she/he will build and create.

For safety and for being assured child-friendly these pieces are made from top quality silicone-rubber molds which are latex and BPA free, very safe for kids and wherever they are attached they will not leave residue or damaging marks.  This is a toy which encourages children to finely tune motor skills, great for sensory stimulation, promotes experimentation through play, and offers lots of fun filled interaction.

These are the qualities and features parents want from toys because they contribute positively towards whole child development.

Take a look at the criteria we covered while reviewing this excellent gift for children from three years and older.



The brand makers behind this toy give thoughtful planning for the choice of materials used. The materials are fully free from latex and BPA materials which means there are not any potential toxins and gives support to describing this toy as child safe. The parts are predominantly rubberized silicon which has a very high resistance to wear and tear and each piece will retain its shape no matter how much a young child might twist and tug, the memory of the shape is designed into the material, it has to return to the shape from which it was first molded.

Reasonable sources of heat such as bath water will not cause problems with the shaped-pieces and gentle soaps or solutions added to bath water will not impact on the materials used in making this set. The pieces are designed to connect to most surfaces through an attached single, double or triple suction cup, depending on the shape of each piece. This means the possible places where children can play with this set are very extensive, anywhere with a solid surface offers chances for creative play, the garden, anywhere in the home and feedback from happy parents suggests the most popular option among children is during bath-time. Solid wet surfaces potentially enhance suction attachment so don’t be surprised to see your child building a bridge from one side of the bath to the other side.

The materials are safe, the designing of the pieces offers lots of scope for creativity and the choice of colors means that children can blend different colors into their creations. These materials offer so much when they are designed into a very versatile toy set which allows children to create standard shaped toys or go for intriguing abstract constructions. The fun factor is achieved through being creative and even dismantling anything built by a child can be lots of fun as they pull away the suction cups to hear the satisfying popping sound made each time a suction cup is disconnected.

Child friendly materials with a high level of durability, this toy will be a hit among young children.
Ease of Use and Functions

Ease of Use and Functions

Ease of use is a top feature for this toy set, the different pieces in the set will have one suction cup, two or at times three suction cups and the process for building or attaching just requires a gentle consistent pressure for the suction grip to take hold. Avoid surfaces which are non-porous because the suction concept will not be reliable of effective, any other type of surface will be fine.

The choice of what a child can build is only limited by imagination, playing children are incredibly imaginative and they will come up with endless constructions. while at times we might not know what they have built, a child will be very clear about what they have constructed.

Pieces offer three sucker options, three suckers’ means that more can be attached to a single piece, two suckers offer two directions for building and a single sucker piece can be used with others to create extensions for such things as a toy bridge.

The 24 pieces come in a clear strong plastic container which is also good for storing the set when it is not being used.


The social fun from this can be when children share the game with a friend or a sibling and they join their creative skills to work at creating jewelry, various types of toys or build new and interesting designs. This toy set has the capacity to keep children engaged for long periods of time while they explore their creativity and produce all types of things such as jewelry, toys, or just playing around the home seeing where they can attach the pieces to build a bridge or a hanging creation attached to a door or other surface.

The social fun potential may even become competitive as they work hard at outperforming each other with interesting new creations or building something which is impressive and fun.

Imagine a rainy afternoon and two young children at home, the weather is too wet for them to play outside, this is a good time to break out this toy and let the children have fun building wonderful versions of toys or other new creations, they won’t be bored, they will be developing their social skills, creative skills and dexterity while have a ton of fun.
Entertainment Value

Entertainment Value

Nice level of entertainment value, these toys are suckers, they fit together, they stick to most surfaces through suctions, the more imaginative a young child then the more creations he/she will come up with.

Constructing with these is fascinating and very entertaining and the pieces are designed to be able to fit together at all types of different angles which means that the options for what an imaginative child can build are very broad.

The flexibility of this toy means a child may well set out to build a particular toy and can change direction mid-way through to create something different; the pieces cover all types of angles and allow exploitative creation.

This is the type of toy that would be very welcome at a party for young children, they can play and work together and it ma y well be worthwhile considering the 50 pieces version to bring in a lot of children playing together.

Bath time will never be the same if children take this toy with them for entertainment during a bath in fact it might be a challenge to persuade your child that bath time is finished.


The set is easy to carry in the clear plastic storage container which means this toy can come along with a child during long car drives, trips to the park, visiting friends or even on a family holiday.
When a young child has built something special the construction will hold together through the power of suction, this is one of the reasons why kids can create some very interesting jewelry which they can wear.


Molded rubberized silicone is extremely durable, it would be difficult to break these pieces even if you want to, this means the pieces in this gift set will last a very long time. When a toy or other construction is completed the power of suction will hold together really well. The design combined with the materials ensures that durability will be long lasting and reliable.


A versatile toy which offers so many options for a child playing alone or with friends, the power of imagination means that young kids can create all types of toys or other interesting objects which will have a high level of play-factor.

They combination of different pieces with different numbers of suckers and a very broad range of angles means that children can go for building their own version of so many toys or everyday objects.

Because these pieces will stick to walls children can create wall art such as stars and other fun shapes.

The versatility in the design is well designed in to offer children an opportunity to be creative and play with this construction kit almost any safe area, even in the bath during a bath. Kids can create and build their own personal versions of jewelry or a large choice of different toys or figures.


Safety is evident via the materials, silicone at 100% to give a strong rubber structure and the pieces in this set are fully latex and BPA free.
The pieces are of an average size but small enough to present a hazard for chocking for children under three years of age. Adults will need to make a judgment based upon how well they know their 3 and 4 year olds and how much they trust a child to use the pieces for the purpose for which they were designed, rather than to put in the mouth because these pieces do present a risk of choking if they get lodged in the throat of a very young child.


The design of the suction cups means these will stick onto walls, chairs, tables, furniture, baths, tiles etc. Some parents have commented that their children love sticking the pieces even to their forehead, arms or pretty much any surface which is non-porous. One delighted parent pointed out that her young son built a bridge from one side of his bath to the other and it was so strong the child was able to sit his collection of small toy figures along the span of the bridge.

The design of the pieces ensures that young children get creative license to explore and be inventive for what they choose to build. This means endless hours of fun while practicing dexterity and artistic building skills.
Age Range

Age Range

Fine for children over three years though a sensible level of adult observation for four and five year old children. The Brand maker has clearly advised that this toy is not for children younger than three years because of the potential choking hazard, very young children tend to put small toys into their mouths and the pieces in this set though not containing any type of toxins, they are small enough to cause choking in very young children.
Price Range

Price Range

A surprisingly buyer friendly outlay for a very versatile toy which has been well designed, offers a lot of creative construction fun for children and can be played anywhere.

Bottom Line

A nice toy which encourages creativity and imagination, the makers have ensured that there is a good variation for different pieces in the set so that children can experiment at building. Different pieces offer different numbers of suction cups ranging from one sucker up to three.

There are so many options for what an imaginative child will want to build, in a child's imagination they can easily assemble these user-friendly pieces into whatever they wish to create. Just by applying a little pressure and the suction cups will attach to other pieces or almost any type of surface. The pieces can also stick to most surfaces and this means young children can create shapes on tiles walls, ordinary walls and even on furniture with causing any type of damage.

The materials used for making the pieces for this toy are very durable and will last for a long time even in the most playful hands. The design of this toy set ensures a nice range of versatile play which works together with creative thinking while children play.

Very good for promoting young motor-skills and ongoing stimulation of sensory skills, the ease of use for this construction kit is great for young children and the designers have designed in versatile flexible playing options so that creative children can go for endless hours of construction creative play.

A highly entertaining toy set which allows children to create and afterwards dismantle and set off on another adventurous construction project. Interestingly many parents have noted that this toy gets a lot of attention at bath-time and in many situations becomes a very enjoyable part of a bath-time routine. The toy-kit is portable and can stowed away in luggage securely in a clear durable plastic container so that children can take their toy on trips or long car drives and have a lot of entertaining play.

Offered on the market as a 24 piece set, there is an option to go for the fifty piece set which opens up even more options for adventurous construction games.
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