Fisher Price BeatBo Bright Beats Dance and Move Review

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We like

  • Capable of teaching your child for up to three years
  • Colorful lights, sounds, and buttons help develop your child’s senses
  • Motivates babies and toddlers to move
  • Develops motor skills that aid in crawling and walking
  • Helps children learn basic lessons like numbers, letters, and colors
  • Batteries included
We don’t like
  • Battery life can be short
  • Sometimes the robot fails to function

How it works

Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo by Fisher-Price is a three-step learning tool for your baby. The BeatBo comes with three different modes that can be utilized for the few early stages of your child’s motor skill development. Mode one helps motivate and excite your baby to stand and move as the toy plays music and bops and moves, teaching the dance moves to your child. Mode two allows for children to press the buttons on BeatBo’s feet that teach the ABC’s, numbers, and other early learning items essential to baby’s early educational development. The final and third mode is a recording mode that gives Mom and Baby the opportunity to record a phrase or sound and BeatBo will mix it into a song that will be played back to Mom and Baby.

<h2>Educational Development</h2>

Educational Development

Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo by Fisher-Price focuses on the growth of your baby’s physical development and motor skills. The main objective of the toy is to get Baby up and moving as she or he learns to walk and move. The first level of BrightBo’s teachings is to play music so your baby gets up and starts to dance.

The BrightBo robot will make head swings and arm movements that encourage your baby to mimic the robot as he or she learns to move their body to the music. The encouragement given by the BrightBo robot will entertain your baby and allow them the freedom to move about and use their bodies in physical ways for the first time. Every time BrightBo is turned on, your baby will grow to know exactly what to do and they will get up and start to move. The correlation between music and movement can transfer over to other sources of music, which will then give your baby the clue to move whenever he or she hears music.

The second level of Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo is to work on your baby’s motor skills. The stomach of the robot is an LED board that Baby can press to learn the ABC’s and numbers. It will play music along with the lessons and Baby can get up an dance or learn the early lessons of education. With so many buttons to press and sounds to hear, the BeatBo is an all-in-one toy for early stages of learning and development.

The third level of Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo is recording your own voice or your child’s voice and having it played back to you. This level gives children the opportunity to work on listening skills and aural development. Parents can record their voices saying certain words and phrases and those words and phrases will be mixed with a song and played back for the child to hear. This level is essential in helping young toddlers and babies learn early phrases and words. By hearing the phrases said aloud by the parent then played back to music helps the child learn the phrase and sharpen her or his ability to hear words or phrases and learn their meanings.
<h2>Cause and Effect</h2>

Cause and Effect

The first level of the Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo by Fisher-Price focuses on cause and effect. Your child will have the opportunity to press the buttons on the feet of the toy to make the toy move. This will be your child’s first lesson in how pushing a button can cause a toy to play and move. With each touch and each subsequent motion, your child will be entertained for periods of time and will be encouraged to also move and dance. Your child can mimic the actions of the BeatBo and learn how to correlate music and movement.
<h2>Early Learning</h2>

Early Learning

The stomach of the Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo is an LED board that lights up and makes sounds when your child touches the buttons. When the buttons are pressed, the robot will teach your child the ABC’s, numbers, and colors. The LED board and feet are comprised of different textures that help your child with their tactile learning skills. The second level helps stimulate your child’s sense of touch, sight, and hearing. The second level gives your child the opportunity to put these senses together as they learn how touch and sight are linked to hearing.
<h2>Aural Development</h2>

Aural Development

The third level of the Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo by Fisher-Price is the robot’s capability to record your voice and play it back to music. This level will help your child to develop listening skills that will give him or her the ability to learn phrases to music and know their meanings. Your child can also record their own voice and hear their own voice for the first time to music and they can come to understand and learn the sound of their own voice and how they speak and say certain sounds and words. This is an effective way for your child to begin the early stages of speaking and developing the muscles and tones necessary to speak clearly and develop a healthy vocabulary.
<h2>Batteries Included</h2>

Batteries Included

The Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo by Fisher-Price requires four alkaline AA batteries to operate. The batteries are included. After installing the batteries into the robot, make sure the demo switch next to the off button is switched off so that you can use the robot’s full capabilities. When the robot is not in use, it is recommended to keep it switched off to extend the life of the batteries and prevent the robot from accidentally turning on when it is not in use. Some parents have found that BeatBo’s batteries did not last very long and the robot would stop operating or only operate at half speed. It is recommended to have extra AA batteries on hand in the event that the robot stops working.
<h2>Age Range</h2>

Age Range

The Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo is recommended for children 9 months to three years, as these are considered the most formidable learning years for your child. The skills that the BeatBo teaches your child are essential for development during this time. For the babies nine months to 18 months, level one helps them get on their feet and moving as they learn to crawl and walk. Levels two and three help those children aged 18 months to three years who are learning to speak to learn letters, numbers, colors, and listening skills.
<h2>BeatBo Talks</h2>

BeatBo Talks

One of the more helpful features of the Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo is its ability to give children instructions on what to press and when. The BeatBo gives certain commands to children to mimic. These commands allow children to not only hear and understand commands but learn about the parts of the robot and the body and the colors associated with certain parts of the robot. These various skills are all mixed together helping your child make various associations that will help advance their early learning. Parents can also extend the game by using all the different colors of BeatBo to have their child touch where BeatBo is a certain color.


BeatBo has three buttons on his feet. One is for playing music so that BeatBo will dance in the hopes of giving your child the motivation to get up and dance with BeatBo and move around. Another button on the same foot (right foot) is for learning games that teach your child the ABC’s, numbers, and colors. The third button on BeatBo’s left foot is the recording function for recording a word or phrase and having BeatBo respond back in his robot voice while the word or phrase is mixed to a beat that can entertain your child and get them to stand back up and move some more.
<h2>Freeze Dance</h2>

Freeze Dance

One of the games that BeatBo plays with your child is the Freeze Dance. When this game is being played, it helps your child put together all of the skills that BeatBo is teaching them. They must listen to the command, understand what is being said, perform the action that is being asked of them and then continue with the game as BeatBo continues to dance and make sounds.

The positive side of the Freeze Dance is that your baby is further encouraged to be more interactive with the toy, and if a parent is also with the child interacting with them, the parent can play an important role of interacting with the child as well as creating a closer bond. The educational benefits of BeatBo have the ability to be enhanced when a parent is playing with the baby. For children who are two years of age and older, BeatBo can be enjoyed without adult supervision, and your toddler can have time to grow and develop on their own.
<h2>No Assembly Required</h2>

No Assembly Required

When Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo is purchased, the robot comes out of the box fully assembled. All the parent has to do is load the included batteries and BeatBo is ready to dance and play music. Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo also comes equipped with over 40 learning words and phrases that are engineered to keep your baby entertained and keep your baby learning as they grow from a crawler to a walker to a toddler.
<h2>LED Grid</h2>

LED Grid

The LED grid on BeatBo’s stomach is designed to help your baby and toddler learn colors. When the color game is played, the belly will light up with the color that the baby is being taught to learn. When other games are played such as the ABC’s and number game, the belly will consistently change colors according to the beat of the song being played. All parts of BeatBo light up and move in order to stimulate the visual and listening senses of your child in order to develop those senses further. The LED grid also acts as an indicator for BeatBo’s next action, the cadence of his voice, and commands he gives to your child. When record mode is selected for BeatBo, the LED grid will light up red and that is your child’s indication that they can speak into BeatBo and he will record his or her voice.


The price does seem to be kind of high for a single toy, but in the long run, the BeatBo can last about three years and continues teaching your child as they grow from baby to toddler. BeatBo’s capabilities as a learning tool are quite fluid allowing your child to develop their motor skills and their senses of touch, sight, and hearing. Some have found the price too high because there is the possibility of BeatBo’s batteries draining quickly or the robot ceasing to work at all. In all, the price seems in the correct target area for a toy that will last years and continue to help your child learn.


Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo by Fisher-Price is an effective toy for parents to buy. The price can be steep depending on where you buy the toy, but keep in mind the toy is designed to last. It will help your infant move and develop motor skills then it will help your toddler learn numbers, letters, and colors while continuing to play games with them that keep them moving and keep them motivated. Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo focuses on developing your child’s most important skills that are essential for crawling, walking, talking, listening, and seeing. All of that comes in one animatronic robot. For the price and the benefits received from using the games and music and songs of the Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo by Fisher-Price, this is a toy that parents should consider buying for their child.
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