Fisher-Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm

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We like

An Animal farm for little people

Durable animals

Animal sounds to link to animals

Creative play

Interactive learning

Attractive barn facade

Working-movable parts

Child safe materials

We don’t like

For some, the cost

How it works

Watch your child’s face when he/she first sees Little People Animal Sounds Farm from Fisher-Price. This set presents a nicely designed barn where the farmer needs help to bring out the animals so that they can play. When your child opens a gate to let out the animals she/he will hear a tune or a realistic animal noise. Whether it’s the floor in the bedroom or living room, this is an instant playground for the child and these farm animals.

The design and coloring for the sheep, cow, pig, horse, chicken, and farmer are stunning because the design work is clearly done to appeal to young eyes. This is a blend of realism mixed in with cartoon style and is certain to be a hit with children. The size of these toys sit comfortably in small hands, so moving and playing with the different figures is very easy.

User reviews are very positive about the various animals and these are received as very popular among children. The silo building is a nice blend of colors, with a wide opening at the top, so anything put through these doors can drop down inside to the door at the base of the silo, where children can retrieve their play-friend. The actual barn is a front facade with one single gate and a double gate, toy animals can pass through either of the gates. The top roof area of the barn can be used for picking it up to move to other places in the home.

The gate will create fun animal sounds, the sounds cover baa for the sheep, oink for the pig, neigh for the horse, a cluck for the chicken, a sheep bleat and a cow moo. Children can quickly learn to identify which animals make each type of sound. For the farmer, opening a gate will activate a nice cheerful tune for Eddy the farmer. These intriguing sounds will require power from a pair of AA sized batteries. Assembly for this farm toy set will need a standard sized Phillips screwdriver. When it is assembled, the set is free-standing and can be folded up after playing and safely stored in a small area or cupboard.

All children are interested in different types of animals and are introduced to animals through many young children’s songs. Farm animals are especially interesting for children because they stand more chance of seeing these animals in real settings. This toy offers a child a chance to play with and use imagination to create fun games with these very cute and colorful farm figures. Fishers create a huge variety of animal figure sets, this may well be the right toy to introduce a young child to animals and add more animal sets later.

These figures are durable, they will not bend out of shape and this means lots of longevity. The barn facade is a molded plastic. For children looking for a fun activity set, they will not be disappointed with the Little People Animal Sounds Farm from Fisher-Price.

Adult Supervision

Adult Supervision

When assembling the Little Peoples animal farm, the use of a screwdriver is required and this certainly means an adult either assembling the farm-barn or supervising a child to do it. The process is not complex, in fact, it is easy, it just involves attaching parts which require a steady hand and screwdriver. In fact, this is a chance for a child to practice dexterity while under supervision. A child can be guided to do the assembling with some supervisory prompting from a parent and it's easy to imagine the rewarding sense of achievement a young child will feel.

There are working parts designed into the little peoples animal farm, for example operating the gate will prompt animal sounds, and for very young children this operation of the gate can be taught to children. When the gate creates animal sounds, Mom or dad can guide a child to link the sound to the appropriate animal.

The grain tower has a top entrance and parents can show children, that if they drop anything into the top opening in the tower, they can retrieve it through opening the ground floor door.

Another point to explain to a child is that the gate operation produces random sounds, for example passing a cow through the gate will not produce a cow moo sound. The child must be encouraged to identify the sound with the correct animal. This can be a fun game between parent and child, for example, encourage a child to pick up the chicken, when he or she does, you can make the sound for a chicken, this direct association method will help the child learn quickly. There are times when instead of a farm animal sound, the little peoples animal farm will instead play music, Dad or Mom can explain that when music plays, it is playing for farmer Eddy.

Gradually as a child learns to associate the farm animals to the correct sounds and how to activate the sounds, this is a time when supervising can be gradually withdrawn so that a playing child or children will be able to exercise their own creative imaginations.


This little peoples farm game works for a child playing singularly or playing with family or friends. Children playing together will, of course, have a lot of fun and using their combined imaginations they are being social and creative. Children socializing and playing will interact together and also use imagination to get the toy animal figures to interact together as they follow storylines created by the children.

Socializing through play is known as a very good learning method for children because when a child is having fun they are more inclined to remember the learning aims which are blended into the process of play.

Fisher-Price Little People Farm is just one of many sets containing animals, both wild animals, and domestic stock are also available from Fisher-Price and this means that a child can expand a collection of toy figures, they can even look at acquiring farm vehicles and other additional farm buildings.

The more a child expands the collection, the more the choice of imaginative games and the more the number of eager friends or siblings who will want to join in and socialize.
Age Range

Age Range

Looking at the age range we have to consider if these products and the materials offer any hazards towards young children and are the Little People Farm from Fisher price appropriately designed for very young children?

The design and the size of the toy farm animals are such that they do not offer an obvious choking hazard. They are large enough to fit into a child’s hand but somewhat too big to be popped into the mouth. Other parts such as the gate and building facades are certainly too big to offer any sort of choking threat. Though caution is always the best option, therefore a degree of supervision is advisable if a young child is known to be inclined to want to place toy objects into her or his mouth.


This Fisher Price children's farm set offers good educational value when used by children within the correct age range for which the toy has been designed.

Very young kids will have some awareness about farm animals if they have been exposed to children's nursery songs, for example, Old McDonald had a farm which shows farm animals and the sounds made by those animals. The little children's farm works on similar lines but allows much more playful interaction for children. They can be hands-on, handle the animals, play with them and interact with these toy figures.

Many young children would not know what a grain silo or barn is and this toy introduces children to know what these types of buildings are. This little farm for children introduces children to exploration, they can open up the building facades to see a loft, stalls for animals, they can understand these are places where farm animals rest and sleep. More exploration of the silo building will show children, this tower can be loaded through a top opening and whatever is loaded can be extracted through the ground floor door.

When the gate is opened by a child's fingers, an animal sound is played, sometimes a musical tune, this is education for little children, they will learn to identify which animal makes a particular sound. Children will learn that the music is for the farmer and particular animal sounds relate to certain farm animals.

The little children's animal sounds farm offers subtle educational value for young learners.


The design invites young minds to explore and learn through hands-on interaction when they look inside the building facade for the barn, they can see sleep and rest stalls for animals, they will grasp that animals are like people, they need somewhere safe to rest.

The design concept does cover the designers choice of materials and the materials used by Fisher price for this children's animal sounds farm are all clearly child safe and child-friendly. The use of real true designs for the animals and buildings while blending in a cartoon feel and attractive colors is a clever innovative design approach.

The designers have applied a lot of thoughtful consideration into design work to ensure that particular features allow children to interact with this farm set.

A particular design concept which wins points is that the farm buildings can be easily folded up and safely stored away until the next time when a child wants to explore, learn and play.


Maintenance is so easy we can describe it as child-friendly, any part of the Fisher Price Children's Farm set can be cleaned very easily with a damp soapy cloth. Parents can encourage children to do this as part of a routine after each play session.


The children's animals’ sounds farm set is portable, the top of the barn looks lifelike but it doubles up as an easy to use the handle to pick up the building facade and the farm animals are small enough to be easily carried.

This Fisher Price farm toy set is easy to fold, which further promotes the value of portability. The materials used for building this farm are light and the farm animals are durable and easy for children to carry.

The farm includes a cheerful looking Farmer Eddy, a chicken, a cow, a sheep, a horse, and a pig. There is also a tall grain silo with an open top door and a base door. There is a barn facade. This toy introduces young children into interactive learning with the set of farm animals included with it.
Price Range

Price Range

Not a budget price children's farm set, the quality appears to be good, durability is above average, design features are very good, you need to pay a little more to get quality.

Bottom Line

This children's little peoples farm set is a very well designed toy set with great potential for interactive learning for very young kids. Children are naturally interested in animals, the shape and colors of these animals and the sounds which animals will make. This is a good way to introduce children into a toy which offers interactive play and learning. The design and function encourage children to explore and learn and the design of the barn and the animal figures will encourage children to play and interact. Built-in features include a method for children to create animal sounds through operating the gate, the sounds are random so this means that kids will need to learn to connect the sound to a particular farm animal.

The materials used to make this barn, grain tower, farm animals and a farmer are all child-friendly and safe for children, a range of colors are used which will appeal to kids.

Social interaction is a good factor and children can involve friend, older sibling and even include parents who can give supervisory support while joining in the enjoyable play.

For parents looking for a toy set which includes educational benefits blended into regular play potential while allowing a child to enjoy imaginative play, this farm set will meet those aims for young children, they will have a lot of fun time and they will learn about different animals and the sounds which those animals make.
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