Graco Duetsoothe Review: 2 in 1 Baby Soother

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We like

An enchanting swing with a removable rocker

Two different speeds for soothing vibration mode

10 classical music songs that stimulate mind capacities

5 nature sounds that provide a calming environment

6 different speeds for the swinging motion

Adorable rotating plush teddy bear toys on top

Volume control for the sounds

We don’t like

The vibrating sounds seem too noisy

How it works

Being a parent is an amazing experience filled with joyful loving memories and newborns are so cute you just want to spend every second with your little rascal. Babies adore attention and demand nurturing activities however it can get really hard to joggle house chores and everyday tasks while entertaining your toddler.

You have to prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, wash the dishes, do the laundry, take out the trash, feed the dogs… the list seems endless. And it’s really frustrating that almost every time you decide to commit to finishing a chore, your baby starts whining for comfort and amusement.

The Graco Duetsoothe Swing Rocker Winslet is truly a life-saver when it comes to products that will literally hold and entertain your baby for you. It is almost as if you have an electronic nanny playing and rocking your child until it falls asleep.

It functions as two products in one, since it is both a swing and a removable seat. This is very convenient because you can have the flexibility of moving around the house while keeping the baby close by. The overall design of the rocker offers many other possibilities for infant amusement which would ultimately give your child an enchanting playful time and will make sure your absence goes unnoticed while you are working around the house.



There are many rockers out there on the market since there is one thing we know for sure about babies: They adore swinging from side to side. And it is often hard to make the right choice when purchasing a product of this kind since you are not sure how the child will respond to it, yet somehow it is very hard to stay indifferent or dislike the Graco Duetsoothe Swing Rocker Winslet.

Designed as a removable baby seat and placed on a very well put together electronic swing, this product is truly captivating, especially for infants. It is made of high-quality durable materials in soothing pastel colors that will easily adapt to your home’s interior design and has many versatile electronic components that bring this swing to life. The metal frame that holds the rocker in place is in classic mat grey color while the seat is light beige with a tasteful light pattern. There are 3 adorable rotating teddy bears on top to entertain your baby while it is peacefully swaying in the chair.

The electronic component allows parents to adapt to the most convenient speed and sound options for their baby. There are many versatile adventures which include melodies, nature sounds, vibrations and different sitting positions. The seat also has a grey seat-belt that will prevent your child from falling or sliding down the moving chair. It is intelligently well put together to entertain and comfort your infant so you can rest assure he/she is safe and calm while you are moving around the house.

The size of the swing might seem too big however its overall design is intelligently made to look airy and it will not disrupt the open floor plan you might have in your apartment. Its tasteful design won’t seem tacky and will most definitely blend with the surrounding objects.


Is there anything more calming than being gently rocked on a swing while listening to nature sounds? Children will be mesmerized by the whole nurturing experience of swinging from one side to another while exploring the magnificent tunes of mother Earth and all its glory. From the moment they lay their eyes on the rotating teddy bears they will be left hypnotized by their undeniable charm and stare at them for hours.

There are 10 classical melodies so babies can discover mind-bending music without feeling disturbed or frightened by the noise. Studies claim that children who grow up listening to classical music are most likely to develop artistic tendencies and spatial intelligence. The many psychological benefits of this musical genre have been recognized as grown breaking for early development and it’s no wonder that even doctors recommend playing this music while the baby is still in the belly.

The rocker also provides two vibrating motions which would help your child relax and feel comforted while peacefully sitting in its chair. Some parents find the vibrations too noisy however many infants seem to enjoy sitting in a baby massage chair. It is truly a comforting adventure for the most sensitive members of the family which will result in forming an emotional bond with their new swinging throne.
Entertainment Value

Entertainment Value

Babies are naturally curious and enjoy observing the environment. They love being entertained and will focus their attention on moving shapes and colors. This product allows you to place them in a cozy and secure position so they can gaze into the plush teddy bears and listen to the sounds in the background.

It is important that the playful experience is gentle and soothing so they don’t feel intimidated by the movement of the chair or the loud background music. That is why Graco Duetsoothe Swing Rocker Winslet is equipped with 6 swing speeds, 10 classical melodies and 5 nature sounds, a mobile with 3 adorable teddy bears hanging on top of the rocker. There is an electronic plug in charger as well as the possibility to use batteries when you are on the move.

The three seating positions allow the infant to sway side-to-side or swing back to forth in two different directions. There are two soothing vibration modes that make sure the baby gets a little wiggle and experience a mild massage while enjoying the resting time. Once the nap is over, just take the chair out from the swing and feel free to move around without constantly looking for a convenient and safe place to put your delicate little rascal.
Ease of Use

Ease of Use

This product is very easy to put together and use. Some parents might even figure it out without going through the instruction manual, though for some of us who are inexperienced in connecting rockers, the Graco manufacturers have also made step by step YouTube videos for a clearer approach to preparing the assembly. The electronic components are literally just one click away once you plug in the adapter and the chair is easily taken out of the actual rocking frame. The seat-belt is quick and easy to fasten and take apart by using one button in the middle. The electronic control system has simple instructions on it so you can use it just by following the signs.

There is a button on top with a musical note engraved on it that plays the melodies as well as a mute button right under it. Bellow you will find a button with a little birdie on it for the nature sounds. In the middle there is a knob that controls the speed of the swinging going from 0 to 6 so you can manage to find the perfect rocking mood for your little one. Right next to it there is also a volume up and volume down button which is perfect since you don’t want to disturb the baby with a loud noise while its resting yet sometimes you want to provide a louder entertaining environment when its enthusiastically rocking in the chair.


The Graco Duetsoothe Swing Rocker Winslet has so many versatile options that make it truly amazing and worth discovering. Its electronic components offer different adventures that will make sure your little one stays amused long enough so you can focus on other activities. The nature sounds are filled with heartbeat melodies, bird voices or raindrop sounds. The music comes with different songs since we all know how annoying it is to have the same tune played over and over on repeat.

The speed knob allows gentler and faster swinging motions since babies want to be constantly surprised as well as being swayed on the left and right or back and forth. As the name also says it, this product comes as a duet of a swing and a seat you can take with you and feed the baby in it or take it outside. It is definitely a mobile device that allows you to pick up your infant by using the handle and move it from one room to another while being placed secure in a comfortable chair.


The Graco Duetsoothe Swing Rocker Winslet is a delicate machine which requires regular maintenance in order to prolong its capacities however it is very helpful that there are product instructions for care and maintenance which you can download online. You might want to frequently check the overall swing frame in case there are worn parts, loose screws as well as materials that have been torn or damaged. This way you will be in control of repairing or replacing any parts before it’s too late and the products is totally unfixable.

It is recommended that you use the Graco replacement parts since they would fit perfectly with the original design. The seat cover comes with cleaning instructions on its care tag and it is advised that you clean it without using any type of bleach to avoid discoloring the material. The cloth seat pad can be washed in a washing machine however make sure you put it on the delicate cycle, have it cleaned with cold water and line dry as a finishing touch. The metal frame can be cleaned with regular soap and lukewarm water as well as the life-saving baby wipes without making any contact with bleaching detergents. Avoid exposing the swing on direct sunlight as it might cause the parts to fade or warp due to overheating. This way, even if your baby outgrows the chair, it will still be good as new for the next and future addition to your family.
Price Range

Price Range

This product is very fairly priced since it offers so many versatile entertaining and calming possibilities. It is a removable chair you can carry everywhere by its handle, an enchanting swing and an electronic musical toy with multiple features. It vibrates and sways the baby, it plays melodies and it has multiple seating positions. Investing in a Graco Duetsoothe Swing Rocker Winslet means you are also investing in time for yourself and we all know that is ultimately priceless when you become a parent. It is also a great gift for baby showers and future moms will undoubtedly crown you as their hero, not only for buying their baby a fun and comforting gift but also for buying some time for the restless parents.


Have you ever hoped that someone will show up in your living room and hold your infant for a brief period of time while you manage to organize the kitchen or just have a cup of coffee and read the newspaper? Every parent needs a break from their little one yet it is undeniably reassuring to have them in the same room as you. The tricky part is that every time babies notice their parent is in the same room they instantly want their attention and it is hard to focus on other tasks.

If you feel ashamed calling your friends and relatives for the 100th time to look after the baby while you prepare food in the kitchen and you don’t really want to hire a nanny, a Graco Duetsoothe Swing Rocker Winslet will definitely help you out. It is not a regular swing that will sway your baby until it falls asleep. It also entertains it while it's awake and its mobile so it allows you move around different areas of your home while keeping an eye of your infant. It is indeed one life saving swing with a little bling.
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