All Time Greatest Themes for A Kid’s Room

All Time Greatest Themes for A Kid's Room

When choosing the perfect décor to decorate a child’s room, there are several factors one must take into consideration.  First, the age of the child is important, and next is the child a boy or a girl?  Once you have these two answers, then comes the hard part. What theme to go with?


Library in the Clouds

For a child who likes to read, we found the “Library in the Clouds” bedroom theme.  This theme is the inspirations of   Dr. Seuss’ book Oh the Places You’ll Go; crafted from the imagination of designer Felicity Chapman, of I.S. Design of Los Altos, Ca. she designed this theme for the smart and whimsical child.

Under the Sea

“Under the Sea” what future little mariner wouldn’t love this theme complete with a gnarly surfboard headboard and a treasure chest bed? However, what really steals the show is the mural painted on the walls to create an underwater wonderland.

Come Sail Away

“Come Sail Away” is the perfect theme for you future sailor. From the bed that is actually shaped like a sail boat, nautical flags and sketches of sailboats. Your future sailor captain will be sailing away into a ships ahoy dreamland.

Wild Wild West

“Wild, wild west” comes complete with a tee-pee canopy for a bed. This room can feature real life pictures of the Wild West, showing the actual maps of the Wild West acquisition of the states.

Fantasy Fairyland

“Fantasy Fairyland” is the perfect fantasy bedroom theme to delight any little girl’s fantasy of being a princess in a faraway land. The daybed is complete with a trundle bed for when she wants to have sleep-over’s; and the opposite walls features a built in desk area.

Naturally Grown

“Naturally Grown” is a theme made specifically for the child who is about nature and growing plants and flowers.

Brainy Builders

“Brainy Builders” is the perfect theme for the child who likes building with legos. A giant Lego board is covering one complete wall in the bedroom which allows the child to build with or against gravity, which adds to the joy a child will have by building basic architecture in this play area.

As a parent, you are well aware of how children love creating art on the walls of your home; now your child can spend hours each day creating new wall art with all the possibilities that Lego’s offer, and you won’t need any cleanser to wipe it away!

Around the World

This “Around the World” theme will have your child sleeping in a room decorated with globes and maps and designs from around the world. The parents can further decorate their child’s room by placing large maps of the different continents on the walls or painting a huge directional mural of the world.

What Colors to Make the Room

When thinking of a color to paint your boy’s bedroom, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that he likes other colors besides those of his favorite sports team.  Many boys like bright color themes in their bedroom such a blues, greens, and reds, which are energizing colors much like your son is full of energy.


You can paint the main walls with blue, which always a good staying color to start with and then add in hues of greens and reds or orange for accent.  Even when one color is no longer “cool”—the blue will remain in style.

Neutral Colors are Appealing

One can also use neutral colors such as khaki or sage green, these colors will bring color to the room and also permit the furnishings to be interesting to view.
A good color to start with for a girl’s bedroom is usually pink.  When they are a little girl the whole room can be pink or a shade of it; and as they age you can add hues of soft pastel colors to accent their interests and personality.

Extra Storage Space

One thing to keep in mind with any kid’s theme you use to decorate their bedroom, kid’s accumulate a lot of stuff in which they are going to need a lot of storage space for their stuff.  Have plenty of display space in which your son or daughter can line up and show off their collections, while still keeping their room neat and tidy.


Building (or installing) a wall-to-wall bookshelf is one way to do this without the clutter of a lot of furniture.  Lower shelves can be used for storing the toys and books that are in need of easy access; the higher shelves can be for trophies, and prize items that they don’t want to get broken.

Always Remember

The number one thing to keep in mind when decorating your child’s bedroom is to remember it is their bedroom and they are going to have to live in it for a good part of their life.  Therefore, it is important that you allow them to give their input in the colors and theme they prefer.