Grumblies Hydro Review: A Not so Cute Plush Toy

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We like

Interactive toy that responds in an instant

Creative approach to design, different from other cuddling pet toys

Made of child-friendly, high-quality materials

On the Hottest Toys of the Year list for 2018

Undeniably entertaining and hilarious personality

More than 40 versatile sound and movement reactions

The size and the weight are compatible for children as well as pets

Safe and durable synthetic construction

Batteries are already installed

We don’t like

Parents might think it encourages inappropriate and violent behavior

How it works

Almost every pretend pet we’ve seen on the market is an adorable fluffy little ball of cuteness designed to offer your child a comforting and nurture-guiding experience. However, grooming and petting can sometimes be boring when you are looking for a companion who lets you blow off some steam and actually enjoys being angry and having meltdowns.

This is why the Grumblies stay hidden from humanity. They despise cuddling and live like outlaws. The legend of Grumblies might give you a better understanding of these little rascals who hate being nurtured. They are characterized by extremely mischievous and anxious tantrums that are drawn from mother nature’s unlimited power. They embody natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and hurricanes and explode with glorious supernatural powers when you mess with them.

Have you ever witnessed cleaning your whole house and then having your child enter like a tornado, creating discord all around? So why not give your child a taste of its own medicine by introducing it to a fuzzy grumpy little buddy that loves creating chaos and embodies short-tempered behavior. Now getting your child a Hydro toy might seem like introducing a perfect partner in crime, however, it might also keep him entertained for hours while avoiding any further mess in the household.

Hydro is a blue Grumbly that will unleash tidal waves of entertainment in your child’s imagination. If your child loves playing with water and hates being annoyed, then you have found his match. Even adults find its melt-downs hilarious and admit that it’s much more efficient than a stress ball. Shake it, poke it, tilt it and behold the splendor of its vibrating tirade.



From the moment you lay your eyes on him, Hydro will give you an angry annoyed stare. He knows you’re up to no good and he is challenging you to push his buttons! His face is designed to look grumpy but in a looney way, having just one tooth sticking out of his teal mouth. A bellybutton in the same teal color lays right in the middle of his furry body and it’s tempting your child to press it so Hydro can wake up and be mad at mankind!

It’s not easy to be taken seriously when you look like an adorable fuzzy ball of electric blue fur, but Hydro will not give up. In fact, the more you shake, roll and push it around, the angrier it will get and it will lash out on you. He definitely has a distinctive personality which is represented through 40 different custom made reactions and sounds.
To unlock its features, you might have to smack it, flip it, toss it which may lead to a hysterical breakdown. You know, the kind your kid experiences in the middle of the supermarket when you don’t get him the candy he wanted. Hydro’s short-tempered episodes are quite binding and therefore friendship is bound to be formed in an instance.


Hydro’s angry outbursts might be a hazard to his mental health but not your household. It is made out of synthetic fibers which are more heat-resistant to a potential fire alarming situations. Its hidden imaginary superpower is creating tsunamis, therefore, the synthetic materials used for this product are quite better than cotton-made materials since they don’t absorb the same amount of water and are easier to dry up in case there is a wet mess.

These type of materials are essential when it comes to owning a toy that expects you to be naughty with it. Synthetic fibers are more durable and well attached to Hydro’s body, so you can rest assured that there won’t be any blue hair on the carpet once your kid is done shaking it around the living room. It also means that the Grumblie’s fur will retain its majestic blue color for a longer period of time since synthetic hair lasts longer than natural fibers.
<h2>Entertainment Value</h2>

Entertainment Value

There is a vast universe of possibilities with this little rascal. Being given a chance to explore all its features by playing with it, always adds up to entertainment value. Hydro is impolite and despises manners, so his reactions are very funny and unexpected. Children find it goofy and adorable although it seems to have a mad and explosive personality.

Awake it by poking it in the belly and if you are persistent even once it wakes up, it will lead to inappropriate consequences such as gassy sound behavior. When you flip it around and upside down, it experiences dizzy and belching reactions which only make him grumpier. But if you really want to take things to the next level, feel free to shake things up by moving it back and forth, rolling it around, juggling its fluffy body and behold the tidal waves of Hydro’s hysterical meltdown!

This toy really lets your child blow off some steam and get extremely energetic with its new best frenemy. The main rule is that there are no rules when it comes to playing with a Grumblie. You get the opportunity to do the opposite of what your parents taught you which is to be gentle and take very cautious care of your toys. Hydro allows you to break the boundaries, annoy him, be creative and unravel fun supernatural chaos.


If you are living in the 21st century you have probably heard the phrase emotional breakdown, more frequently than expected. Feeling overwhelmed by stressful situations and being unable to function properly might lead to a meltdown. This is why Hydro is a modern day hero because he embodies unstable emotional traits of a villain yet he saves the day by offering you a looney adventure.

He is just like you! He hates being annoyed and his coping mechanisms might seem unflattering but they are rather human. His flaws are the pillars of his undeniable charm. Your child will most likely bond to his noisy vibrating outbursts and feel connected to its impatience.

Each Grumbly comes with a specific voice that yells, rants and laughs hysterically, and its movements are characterized by restless bouncing and unsettling shaking. Hydro does not suppress his negative emotions; he vents them in a grumpy hilarious way that makes mischievous behavior relatable and understandable. You might not realize but this angry friend would be a great toy for educating your child on mental health awareness from an early age.

Psychologists often recommend avoiding medications for children facing ADHD, anxiety and anger management problems as instead focusing on finding another solution for emotional outbursts. Imagine being given an opportunity to be free all any frustration and not be judged by your new friend, as instead accepted and encouraged to release any negative feelings. Hydro will allow for this to happen while implementing humor, appeal, and as contradictory as it sounds, a sense of unusual comfort.


When it comes to owning a toy which expects your child to bully it in a friendly way, durability is an important factor. It has been proven to last longer than other toys which are meant to be groomed and pampered. Hydro is really strong and its components are well prepared for a ferocious and straightforward playtime.

Feel free to introduce it to the other members of the family as well. They weigh around a pound and with product dimensions of 7.5 x 5.3 x 9 inches, you might say it’s a pet-friendly size. Cats and dogs find it very entertaining and it has been quite resistant to being bitten and dragged around. Its electronic components seem to be well protected by its fluffy fur so it will continue to reward you with funny noises even after it has been thrown multiple times. Grumblies take pride in out-lasting electronic toys and they even come with 1 LR44 battery included, which is always preferable for the unboxing experience to be magical and care-free.


As far as maintenance goes, you need to treat this furry little gremlin the same way you take care of all other plush toys that come with electronics in it. Keep it out of the washing machine and remove any spots on its fur with a baby wet wipe. It doesn’t get any easier.

Its synthetic fiber will allow it to dry instantly and you will avoid the long process of drying up the fur. Even though its name is Hydro and its superpower comes from the water, it is not a fan of bathing and grooming so having a messy look really boosts the imaginary role-playing process.
<h2>Price Range</h2>

Price Range

Santa always asks whether the child has been naughty or nice so he knows if he should get him a naughty or nice toy companion. Wouldn’t it be funny to surprise your kid with an equal opponent in his rather messy adventures? You can rest assure your holiday season budget will stay undamaged by overpriced toys if you decide to purchase Hydro as a present. However, keep in mind that this furry monster is already on the Hottest Toys of the Year list and you might want to organize your purchase before the holiday shopping madness begins.

It’s comfortably affordable for a toy with electronic features and promising longevity components. Skyrocket, the toymaker seems to have come up with a Christmas miracle for your child’s wishes and your bank account. It also does not require any further expenses other than regular battery supply. It might sound like a cliché but the look on your child’s face when it meets this little Grumbly and experiences its meltdowns will indeed be priceless.


This toy is meant to entertain children above the age of 3 years old. It is not disturbingly loud regardless of its hyperactive rants. It comes as no surprise that some parents have expressed their worries regarding the ethical aspects of having a toy that might encourage rather violent behavior. After all, your child kind of have to slap and harass the Grumbly for it to acknowledge their presence and respond with what would be considered, a negative behavior.

However, children are famous for being sloppy and brutal with their toys, casually breaking, tossing and pushing things around. They are also known to be fighting with their siblings, annoying their pets and lashing out when they don’t get their way. Wouldn’t it be great if they are amused by a toy which actually creates a safe space for your child to vent its adrenaline rushes?

In a way, this toy might have the same purpose as a martial arts class, where the main goal is to find an acceptable way in which children can let go off their anxiety and restlessness. Having your child learning karate does not mean that he will be violent to other children, quite opposite, he might learn to cope with his behavioral issues in a healthy way.

Even adults have reviewed this toy as a fun and harmless remedy to ease out the stress. This could be a great present for that loud coworker who always lashes out in the office or as a prank gift to your manager that cannot cope with the deadline stress.

Keep in mind that when you meet Hydro, you will fall in love with its flaws and his short-tempered personality. He is the ultimate rebel-toy, different from the rest, burping, gassy, snoring impolite rascal that doesn’t care what anybody thinks. He dares you to try him! The whole point of the toy is to break the rules, not to follow them. And if breaking the rules means breaking less stuff around the house than why not give it a chance?
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