Hatch Baby Grow Smart Changing Pad and Scale

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We like

Measures baby’s weight gain

Compare your baby’s growth to data on the companion app

Compatible with Apple or Android users

Provides accurate and precise measurements

Comfortable, contoured changing area

We don’t like


Only comes in one color

How it works

This product is designed and developed by parents for parents. The Hatch Baby Grow Smart changing pad and scale is a product that provides an insight into your baby’s growth from home. By creating a combination of an essential changing pad and a wireless smart scale, the Grow Smart allows you to track your baby’s growth and development every time you change their diaper. There is also the companion app that is available on both Apple and Android devices. The Grow Smart provides parents with a comforting insight into their child’s development.



Hatch Baby Grow Smart changing pad and scale is a modernized tool for today’s nurseries and parents. We live in an age now where knowledge provides confidence, the tools at our fingertips ar new, innovative, and provide an amazing insight into your child’s development that you may have never had before. The Hatch Baby Grow Smart changing pad and scale has been designed with innovation, intelligence, and ease of use.

Modern design
The clean and seamless design of the Hatch Baby Grow Smart changing pad and scale is a reflection on the increasingly common nursery style today. More and more parents are leaving behind the cheesy child’s designs for a classic and modern looking nursery. This changing pad and scale combo provide that clean and modern look that will fit into your little one’s nursery. The pad itself is a soft grey color with contoured sides and a simple interface.

Simplistic interface
The Hatch Baby Grow Smart changing pad and scale is an innovative tool for parents. The changing pad has a simple and user-friendly interface. The scale syncs with the free Hatch Baby App. As soon as you set your baby down on the changing pad, the scale immediately begins to record your little one’s feeding amounts as well as their weight. The scale is wireless so you don’t have to fiddle with cords or worry about water damage.

Precise system
The Hatch Baby Grow Smart changing pad and scale is designed to be accurate and precise with its measurements. Knowledge gives parents confidence which is why so much time and care was put into designing a precise scale to provide useful information to give parents a sense of relief. The built-in scale is able to measure and calculate a change in weight down to .25 of an ounce which is incredible. The Grow Smart changing pad and scale has been tested and proven to show reliable and repeatable results to give parents an accurate and precise measurement, every time.

Hatch Baby app
The free Hatch Baby App which is available on both the google play store and the apple store as well provides you with an intuitive and simple way to actually watch your baby’s growth. The app allows you to monitor your little one’s weight gain and progression of growth. The app also allows you as a parent to easily share and compare data and growth percentiles with recent data from the app. You can monitor feedings, changing, weight, and growth with other users of the app as well.

Functional changing pad
The Hatch Baby Grow Smart changing pad and scale is not just an innovative tool for measuring and monitoring your baby’s growth. It is actually a fully functional and even superb changing area for your child. The pad itself is soft and comfortable with contoured sides to keep your little one safe. The changing pad is also easy to clean since it is made from a foam material that is wipeable. The changing pad also has rubber feet to keep it in place which makes it safe, stable and reliable when in use. There is also a lap belt like with most changing pads to give you even more confidence that your little one isn’t going anywhere while you get them changed.


Hatch Baby Grow Smart changing pad and scale was designed by two parents, Ann Crady Weiss and her husband David Weiss. They believe in a simple goal, that confidence is gained through knowledge. When the couple had their first child they knew they wanted to breastfeed their little girl. They researched the benefits and prepared by taking classes. However, after their daughter arrived, Ann Weiss quickly decided that she simply needed more support. As a first-time parent, she had so many unanswered questions. Ann was unsure if she was making adequate milk or if her daughter was eating enough. After several trips to the pediatrician's office in order to track her daughter's weight, Ann decided there had to be an easier way to do things.

The concept of the Grow Smart changing pad and scale came from Ann’s personal experience as a breastfeeding mom. She and her husband adopted the mission to make it easier to care for new babies by using innovative data, technology, and engineering to create products that allow parents to work smarter and not harder. The Grow Smart changing pad and scale makes caring for a baby easier and simpler by giving parents the ability to know if their little one is growing and eating in a normal way. Ann and avid Weiss are inspired to perfect their product and continue developing smart nursery products for parents y knowing that they are making an active difference in the lives of premature babies an breastfed babies as well. Hatch Baby is an honest, open, and wholesome company pursuing only the best for parents and babies.
Ease of use

Ease of use

A tool like the Hatch Baby Grow Smart changing pad and scale is an incredible addition to the modern parent's toolbox. The makers of the Grow Smart changing pad and scale took special care in designing and developing an innovative, intuitive, and actually easy to use scale. The changing pad has a wireless scale built into it to provide a convenience of placement. All you have to do is put your baby on the changing pad and the scale immediately reads and records your little one’s weight. That recording is then sent to the companion app which provides a simple to understand and accurate calculation for the weight difference. The app has a user-friendly interface which allows parents to easily record feedings, changing, and growth percentiles and then compare those recordings to other results. Not only does the Grow Smart provide an easy and intuitive way to track your child's growth but it is also a simple and easy to use changing pad as well. The pad itself has no cover or fabric it is made form a very soft foam material which can simply be wiped clean when you are done using it. This is a seamless and awesome design because it saves you from having to do more laundry. Overall the Grow Smart changing pad and scale is simple to use as a way to keep track of your child's growth and it is also easy to use and clean the changing pad feature.
Physical Development

Physical Development

Having a baby comes with a lot of uncertainty for new parents. There are questions about breastfeeding, concerns about premature babies, and in general a million concerns about if your baby is growing right and is healthy. As a parent you will constantly worry about these things, it comes with the job. The Hatch Baby Grow Smart changing pad and scale is designed to help you keep track of your baby’s physical development in a way that is easy, simple, and intuitive. The changing pad has a built-in wireless scale that reads and records your baby’s weight and sends that information to the free companion app. The app then calculates the change in your baby’s weight down to .25 of an ounce which allows it to be extremely accurate and precise and provide reliable and repeatable results. With this scale, you will be able to know whether you are breastfeeding, formula feeding, or have a premature baby if your little one is getting enough nutrition and is gaining weight in the normal way. New moms are under a lot of pressure to breastfeed and to do everything successfully the first time. The Grow Smart changing pad and scale give moms the confidence to know that they are doing a good job without the constant calls or visits to the pediatrician's office. The Grow Smart scale is a great tool because in case your child is not getting enough to be developing physically at a normal rate you will know sooner and can make the necessary changes to help them get back on track. The Grow Smart app allows you to track feeding times and amounts, changing, weight, and compare these details to other data.
Price range

Price range

The Hatch Baby Grow Smart changing pad and scale is on the higher end of the price range for a changing pad, but it is affordable for a smart nursery product. It is the only product of its kind. That provides you with a simple, precise, and accurate way to track your baby’s growth, feedings, and weight changes through a free companion app. The changing pad combo has a beautiful modern and seamless design that fits perfectly into most nursery’s. The changing pad is completely functional, comfortable, and easy to clean which makes it a functional product. As a scale, it is accurate and precise down to .25 of an ounce so you know you are getting reliable information. The price of the Grow Smart changing pad and scale is well worth it when you consider all of the utility you are going to get from it. The changing pad and scale give you an inside view at your child's health and growth so you can have the confidence to know you are doing everything right as a new parent. Information is priceless and so is your baby’s health.


The Hatch Baby Grow Smart changing pad and scale is an innovative and unique modern product that helps parents achieve confidence through knowledge. Designed and developed by a husband and wife who wanted to make breastfeeding easier, the Grow Smart changing pad and scale is an incredible product that helps parents know if their child is growing and gaining the right amount of weight. The changing pad has an innovative design. It features a seamless and modern look that fits perfectly into common nursery themes. The changing pad combo as an intelligent scale that is wireless and reads your little one’s weight and sends it to the free companion app. The app is available for both android and apple users. The app allows parents to record feeding amounts, changes in weight, and overall growth percentiles. It also allows the parent to compare their child's growth to other data on the app.

The idea of the Grow Smart is that it provides a convenient and accurate way for parents to know that their little one is getting enough food to be growing according to standards. It gives parents the ability to breathe easy knowing their child is being monitored and they don’t have to constantly go back and forth from the pediatrician with the same questions and concerns that can leave them feeling confused and a little crazy. Plus the Grow Smart is also a fully functional changing pad, it is made with a soft and comfortable foam material that is safe and easy to wipe clean after use. The bottom line about the hatch Baby Grow Smart changing pad and scale is that it does provide confidence through knowledge and is a smart and innovative tool for the parent that needs that extra boost of confidence when it comes to their child’s growth and development. The Grow Smart is a smart investment and a good option for the family looking for a smart and intuitive option that has multiple uses in a sleek and modern design.
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