How to Be an Instagram Savvy Mom

In the modern age, everyone wants to have the perfect instagram profile. You don't have to be the perfect instagram family and that's totally fine. Read all about it here on Borncute.

Families are picking and choosing the sites on social media that they wish to portray themselves as a family. This could be Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and many others. Some families choose Instagram because they are able to have more followers and display many interests that they do as a family. They are also able to follow other families and see what they are doing and learn about their different cultures and ethnicities. This might include recipes, different foods, their homes, how they raise their children and many other ideas they can gather from searching through this site. The problem is are they truly sincere about what they are projecting to their friends and followers or is this a 21st century way to keep up with the Jones? Technology has made it easier to simplify people’s lives by getting the information they need within a matter of seconds but are parents setting the right examples for their children by portraying themselves as people they are not. Parents can’t raise their children to be perfect or the expectations and stress will be an enormous burden on the backs of their children. Parents can teach their children that they don’t have to be perfect and just be themselves. Honesty is always one of the best qualities any family can teach their children.


Instagram may not be for every family, but if you decide to join this network, make sure you are savvy about the rules and be very careful. Rules are still made to be broken and this is the same with joining Instagram.

Instagram pics to post

When a family decides to post pictures, make sure you post something funny, beautiful and amazing to get an emotional response out of your audience. Just be careful the response is positive and not negative like a jealousy situation. Also, remember to watch how many pictures of food or meals you post unless you are dedicated to being a food blogger. There are some questions you can ask yourself before posting pictures of food that your family enjoys. One question is “ will this make people drool with hunger?” The next question is “ or will they want to throw up looking at the meal? If you think it’s not a good food pic, don’t post it. Everyone has seen cupcakes before but unless yours are 24-carat gold, don’t share the picture. Be careful with coffee as well because Instagram is not the place for it.

Don’t post pictures of silly quotes because no one is interested and be careful of pictures of your family that are stained. If that’s the case try using Pinterest and pin the pic on that site. The last idea is don’t have an ego when you are posting. Don’t post pictures that many people have seen like a circle of feet with shoes on. This might be ok if all the shoes are unique, however; people just think you are doing this to tag others. It’s best to post pictures of faces because your family is going to get more hits on those pics.

Watch how many pictures you post daily

A rule of thumb is not to post more than three pictures daily. There are some situations where you can break the rules. You can post fashion pics of your family, your family vacationing or if someone in the house has a birthday. Then it’s acceptable to break the rules. If you decide to post three photos in a day, your family can’t post any pictures the next day. There is something called “regram”, so if you decide to “regram” a picture someone you know recently posted, this is not acceptable to “regram” the picture at the exact same time. You should wait for a while, a good few hours to be exact. The reason is you probably have the same followers and people don’t want to see the same picture twice in a row on their site.

You don’t have to always use filters

The women in the family might feel they look good wearing a certain designer’s clothing, but please don’t use the Kelvin filter. Filters can be used over 70% of the time and you probably look great in that dress but proceed with caution. The picture might look better with a filter but no one is allowed to use the Kelvin filter with a border. It’s better to stick to black and white filters because they tend to cover up bad skin, fake tans, and the wrong lipstick. There is something called the “no hashtag filter” that is good for pictures that don’t really need a filter but watch how you use it and don’t use it to post pictures of you or your family that aren’t appropriate.

Hashtag dilemma

A good rule of thumb is never to use more than four hashtags for any pictures you decide to post. Remember if you have to write another comment and use a hashtag, your family is doing something wrong. Your posts can add additional details with using a hashtag and that’s ok. Just watch what you post, if your shopping with your family and write something silly with a hashtag, like having a late meal after going to buy makeup from a famous line of cosmetics, then it makes all of you look silly. If someone constantly keeps using the “blessed” hashtag, then it might be in your family’s best interest to stay away from this person.

The likes dilemma

If your family decides to post a picture and it doesn’t get at least eleven likes, then remove the picture. This is a rule of thumb if you have over 100 followers, sometimes Instagram isn’t right for families and another social media site might be better. It’s also not a good idea to be the first one to like your own posts. It’s great if your family likes the picture you posted and that’s why you posted this picture. This is obvious, but people judge and something like this might expose you to judgment from others.

Kids and animals

Everyone loves kids and animals and posting pictures of them is a hit. Just make sure you don’t overdo it and stick to once a week. When you post more than one of these pictures a week, people will start disliking everything you post. Stick to puppies because people think they are cuter than cats.

Gym pics

Stay away from posting pictures of your family working out because no one gives a hoot. Most are only interested in what the fashionistas, rock stars, famous sports pros, models, actors, actresses, etc. are doing.  

Instagram may seem like it’s more for the single person or someone who is famous, however; if you are sold on Instagram for your family, just remember to try and follow the rules so you have a healthy following. Your family doesn’t have to be perfect, but they can succeed on Instagram with a few of these tips.