How to Inspire Children to Read Books

Here are some useful tips for inspiring children to read books.

The American Education System still has a growing problem when it comes to properly educate students and trying to keep up with new technology. Parents expect the schools to teach their children to read, however; the schools can only do so much and the parents have to put some effort into encouraging their children to read. This isn’t something parents can turn on when their child is in first grade, this has to start earlier when their children are even in the womb. It’s difficult with the growing number of single-parent homes to have time to be able to work, shop, and keep the house in order and keep up with teaching your children how to study and read. There is a way to accomplish this and it takes a mere 20 minutes a day. If parents take 20 minutes a day and read or have their children read to them, they will inspire them more to read books.


Many children love to read and with some, it’s hard to make them put the book down, but it’s also hard to motivate kids who hate reading. At times, this may seem absolutely impossible and this doesn’t have to be. Kids who are motivated will actually look for books they like and sit quietly and read. Motivation is the key to becoming a good reader and when kids are motivated they read more. This is how they become successful readers. These children also are able to learn easier and end up becoming successful with anything they do.

Not Every Child is Motivated to Read

Kids that are struggling when it comes to reading hate to read. It takes more effort to get these struggling kids and convince them to take time and read. There is also the problem that they don’t enjoy reading. There are many reasons, kids hate reading and don’t enjoy books but it’s your job as the parent to find out why they hate reading. If you can get to the root of the problem, then maybe the problem can be solved.

Categories of why Kids don’t like Reading

Kids that think reading is hard

The majority of people don’t choose to work hard on their day off and the same goes for reading. A child that has to struggle to read does not feel reading fun. Your child might have trouble with reading fluently or have a problem with phonogram knowledge. They also might be having a rough time because they are guessing at the words or don’t have a full vocabulary yet. When your child is upset because they think reading is too much work, try and figure out the areas where their weakness lies. This way when they start reading better they start to enjoy it more. Reading takes a lot of patience so remember that limiting screen time for your kids might help. The reason is screen time doesn’t take patience.

Kids that find reading boring

Some kids find reading easy but don’t find any fun in it, but it could be they are reading books that are boring for them.  Think about their interests and look for reading material that suits them and encourages them to read. This is a good way to give your child the motivational push they need to increase their reading potential.

Tips to Motivate a Lazy Reader
  1. Make time for them to read and if their schedules are full, reading might be a chore for them to find time for them to relax and enjoy reading.
  2. Schedule time with your kids and reading out loud helps your kids develop an interest in reading. Choose a variety of different books and literature that interests your child. Keep the reading out loud family time going in your home even when your kids start to grow up. Even teens love being read to and you can always try audiobooks as well. These also help one who is a reluctant reader.
  3. Make a special reading place for your child and this might be the special encouragement they need to read more. It’s always fun to kick back in your own space and quietly read.
  4. Don’t get books that are beyond your child’s age limit even if they are interested.  The book will be too hard to read and they will just become frustrated.
  5. Find a variety of reading material because kids love fiction but there are so many other books to learn from. There are different genres to think about and picture books are also a favorite. There are joke books, cookbooks, sewing books, crafts, etc. There are also magazines for kids too.
  6. Try picture books for your stubborn reader and have them read these to their younger kids. This makes time for them to practice their reading but it doesn’t feel like they are struggling.
  7. Children can use the buddy system. Reading with a buddy can help a child become fluent, so they feel more comfortable to read on their own.
  8. Humor works magic and choosing a silly book at your child’s age level and reading this to them and stopping will encourage your child to wonder what is going to happen next. Then they will just have to read it themselves and find out.
  9. Set an example and show them you love reading so when your kids watch you and notice you love to read, they start to learn to love reading all on their own.
  10. Make sure you have enough books for them around your home so they have access to books and you can use your public library. Make sure books are always available so when your child decides to read, the books they like are easy to find.

These are some good tips to help your child begin their path to reading. When some children struggle, eventually they will catch up and learn to love to read and always have a book in their nose. You might come over years later and see your son or daughter with their nose stuck in a book and you can think back to the years of struggling and feel a great accomplishment.